1. Well Dancing With Myself is the the obvious one 😉
    But, realistically, it has to be All I Ask Of You from the Phantom of the Opera. This is just the most beautiful song I have ever heard and I am forever swaying on my own when I listen to it! I highly recommend you to listen to this song if you haven’t already and I guarantee that you will fall in love with the lyrics!
    P.S Cannot wait for Fallen In Love! Only 1 week 4 days now! Ahhh, excitement! Haha xxx

  2. I just like putting on the radio and randomly dancing to every crazy song (most ive never even heard before!) its good exercise and very good way to deal with stress! haha i cant believe it comes out tomorrow!!!!!!

  3. It changes for me, but right now it’s Titanium by David Guetta and/or Better When We’re Together by Jack Johnson. Kinda polar opposite songs..lol

  4. Dancing to something crazy to try to make you feel better is good. Not something to mope around to, something to give you hope. For me it maybe something old, almost historical lol. Like Bananarama’s version of Venus 😛

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