1. Lauren,
    Thank you so much for putting your advise out there. i my self have been trying for a year to write though my writers block and have only had small glimpses of clarity every once in a while. although one of the things that i have done to help me is actually reading back through what i have already written, it kind of puts my head a little bit more into the story and i kind of see it how a reader might see it. i also like to look back at how my favorite authors have gotten their characters through a tough situation. 🙂 but hey thank you again soo very much for your advise! i am going to go put it to use right now and hopefully maybe finally get this 1st draft done! lol 🙂 thank you again soo very much! you ROCK!

    <3 Jenny K Duffield

  2. Thank you Lauren! That was the GREATEST thing to read at the moment for me! Your advice is amazing and the point about having a friend was really heart-warming because I have one! Thank you again and that short story I was writing, that I told you about, I finished it! 😀 You are right: Finish your stories! THX.

  3. Thank you for this. It always helps when someone who writes (and writes well) gives advice to those of us who may (and usually do) need it. I have tons of ideas in my mind. Characters who are nameless but have so much life to them. I can sit and write for hours sometimes. Sometimes, not even for one minute.

    Writer’s Block, although some say it isn’t even real, feels very real to me. I try different ideas that I have learned from writers and teachers. They may not all work but some definitely help move me along. Even if it is just a paragraph or two. So again, thank you for putting the time aside to give us your advice.

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  5. Thank you so much!
    I started writing a novel about a year a go and I got inspired by a few things, I just guess the writer inside me was just “turned off” couldn’t write things down. However, I am going to continue my story! And describing the setting really helps to get you through the tough parts of writing!

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