1. Thank you so much for choosing me as a runner-up, well done to Anna this is an amazing playlist! 😀 x

  2. They are beautiful! but I also would have liked some song of evanescence, they always remind me of the saga, for example:
    -Lost in paradise
    -My Immortal

    would be very happy if any song of this band is on the official soundtrack, because they simply belong to the Fallen saga :)

  3. eu tinha quase certeza que (My Immortal – evanescence) estaria ai, assim como todos os fãs brasileiros ^^

  4. I think Ludovico Einaudi”s song fly would be the perfect song for the movie intro when luce and her parents are headed to sword and cross. I believe it would be a great song to open the movie up with.

  5. I have another song, that you could listen to. The 3 Libra’s by A Perfect Circle. It goes quite well with Luce and Daniel’s relationship

  6. This is great! a lot of thought was put into this, and it definitely shows. I love these songs, and I would have never thought of them myself; they definitely reflect Luce and Daniel’s story. great job, Anna!

  7. I just read fallen and I was listening to some music and I heard this song by Evanescene and the track is called fallen and the song (to me) described Luce and Daniel perfectly

  8. I must say while reading the Fallen books, I pictured songs from Within Temptation to be best suited and they would play in my head. I REALLY hope within temptation isn’t overlooked because I couldn’t see them as more perfect for the story. Please consider it. :( It’ d mean the world to me. And I’ve read other comments mentioning Within Temptation. >_<

  9. I do love this playlist. However, some songs do not fit the moments you described for them. But then again, everyone has their own opinion. You have the best vision Lauren, since the Fallen world was created by none other than you.
    I love your work!
    I would like to see maybe some Evanescence<3

  10. Two songs that have to b in the movies.

    Angel with a shotgun by The Cab &
    Going down in flames by 3 doors down

    I think these songs capture the Luce and Daniel love story perfectly angel with a shotgun by Daniels point of view going down in flames by Luces.

    If you check these songs out please comment on my post!!!!!!

  11. everyone thinks that the film’s got to have real gothic music like evanesance but they dont sound like they belong in it because they are too loud. i love this playlst espeshially the music for luce and gabbe but i don’t think lana del ray works,sorry.

  12. I’ve spent the whole last week reading Fallen again, and again, and again… and now comes the soundtrack. This is´… dreamatically perfect. Just cannot explain. There’s this cool song by Molotov Jukebox called Neon Lights which I think could fit somewhere (just seemed like -correct me if I’m wrong-… the same vibe).

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