1. Great interview! You are an amazing writer Laurrn. I’m a huge fan of the Fallen series & I’m sure I will feel the same about Teardrop. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet Lauren but I’m a Southern lady from Alabama & I’m sure when we do meet we will become fast & great friends. Have a womderful & safe tour & I look foward to meeting you sometime in the near future.

  2. In the book, Teardrop, Brooks is possessed by ‘Plague’ of which he has called it but the question i would like to ask is “Where is brooks in the end of the book?”, If you don’t mind me asking more but, “Where is ander’s family when the wave of water floods into the lawn?”, “Why is Eureka worried about the police knowing about the relationship between Eureka, Cat and Madame Blavatsky?”, “Where is Eureka, Ander, The twins, Dad and Cat going now?”. When is your next book coming out? How did you find the names of the characters?

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