1. Cannot wait to see you Lauren! I am counting down the days to the book coming out here in Ireland and when I’ll see you again! Be ready to receive chocolate goodies and maybe something special for Christmas! 🙂 See you in Dublin!

  2. I cannot wait, I live in Rhode Island but I hope to make it to Philadelphia for the book signing. I am a huge Fallen fan, can’t wait for teardrop!!

  3. Lauren, I’m so looking forward to the release of Teardrop I’ve been on pins & needles all night trying to be chosen to read & review the book but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I will just have to be patient & wait for the release date. I wish you were coming to Alabama on your tour but I didn’t see any dates here. Have a wonderful & safe tour.

  4. Nooooo! I missed you in Louisiana! Next time, you should come to New Iberia! And on a side note, I’d like to thank you, Lauren Kate, for Teardrops’ amazing description of the south! I grew up in New Iberia, and I loved how accurate you were, with the setting, historical happenings, even last names! You depicted the small town so pleasantly, as it is, of course! Regardless of setting though, this was such a great book. ThankyouThankyou! <3

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