1. Hi Lauren!

    Incredible change this cover!, Imagine you wanted to make it stronger, not as romantic as the “Teardrop” and further highlight the eyes of Eureka and the words “wall” and “fallen” separately, perhaps as a tribute to your previous series “Fallen”? I do not know you have come to mind, “angel”, “fallen” and “water” and “fallen”.

    I may be ranting a bit. jajja
    I hope that soon we can say the date for Spain because I want to read them together! so do not start until I posted here are the two 🙂 I then depresses wait haha. And the cover in Spain I imagine not just because it is not just “Cas” and “cada” (Cascade) in my country.

    Hopefully soon come to our country and to post something that reaches others as you do.

    A hug for you and your family (Milo included)

  2. I know that this change was most probably the publisher’s decision and is in no way Lauren Kate’s fault, but I’d like to say that cover changes mid-series are so disappointing, like Across the Universe, Dust Lands, the Hunt or the Rules before this. The other covers were so beautiful in composition and really stood out on a shelf and in the bookstore, but these look so cookie-cutter in comparison. It’s a shame.

    I will hold out the hope of a boxed set with matching covers, or a re-release of the previous book with the new cover. I just don’t like to have to rebuy books because publisher’s can’t decide on a cover.

  3. OMG is this for real I’m sooooooooooooooooooo exited for waterfall and I absolutely love the cover and I’m even more exited for the fallen movis

  4. im getting the other series of the fallen books from my friend brianna and them rianna and I are going to see the new fallen movie which is going to be very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love the new cover! I already have the book with the old cover. Knowing me, I love your books so much that I’m going to go buy it again just for the new cover! Can’t wait! Love you so much!

  6. i love the ORIGINAL cover of Teardrop – so glad i was able to buy it before they changed it. Just wish the cover to Water Fall was similar – this one looks so generic that a person in first year art school could have come up with – disappointed. I am super excited to continue the journey and see what unfolds for the characters.

  7. I liked the first book 7/10, and I also loved to cover of book one 10/10. The cover change is just disappointing, and I wish you could go back to the original cover design

  8. Hmm, the cover change is a shame. I already have Teardrop with the old design and I want them to match on my shelf (I’m not the only one right? :)). Probably not going to buy them until a new cover comes out… sorry.

  9. i cant wait to read book too awesome
    i wonder how eerkea does next as i found her as hard and struggling characters as losing her mohter and blaming herself for it
    and then that strange boy who follows her and her relationship with brooks takes bad turn for the worst

    the moment when they kiss was maybe not what they were planning it to be and then it goes down hill they argue and thats it all over i was hoping they would make up and then that other girl has him now i was disappointed by that i didnt like her as she abit showoff because she had him and sort of rubbing it on face

    that moment kinda hit home i know how that feels when you know you fall for someone and when it happens it doesnt work out the way you planned it you have fallout and i was crying that the moment as reminded me of what happened to me and but it really gets you alot

    lauren you really know to play with characters make them get to moments we all think about romance either works or doesnt
    thx again keep up good work

    thx again

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