1. I’m a bit late on noticing the contest sadly, but thats exciting! I’m reading the Fallen books right now.. then gonna re-read Teardrop.
    Magnificent work, your books are absolutely amazing!

    Also, Fallen movie? I’m so in. Can’t wait!

  2. I’m love reading all kinds of book. I will be grateful to you and the universe to be picked as a winner for your new book.

  3. I just love your books. I have read practically everyone in the last six month since I was introduced to your writings. I am just in lo e with all of them they keep me wanting more.

  4. I hope that I win, I love the Fallen Series I have read all 4 books begining to end 5 times and I enjoy them. You area great author and I would love the opportunity to ready your lates book.

  5. How do we send it to you!? I would love to send you what I came up with, but I can;t find an email or a way to attach it somewhere.

  6. so excited your finally releasing the next book I have been waiting al year for this ever since I finished the first one last year I have been desperate to read the next one!! I also love the fallen serious!! You are such an amazing writer please keep the books coming!!!

  7. I love your books so much I’m am just recently reading torment it is very amazing i love to write stories and wish to be an author reading your books helps me understand and come up with new ideas for my own stories thx so much!! Sry I was too late for the contest.

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