1. Lauren PLEASE come to Brisban Australia i’m deing to meet u and i apsolutly love your books so please please come to Brisbane Australia

  2. Please come near Toledo OH I would love that. I own all of your books and you are my favorite writer. But sadly the closest you are coming to me in two hours away and its when I am in class.

  3. I love all of your books i have got all of the fallen and tear drop and it would be a great houner to meet u and to get my books signed by u. I live in essex saffron walden. xxxxxx <3 please keep writing cause i love all of ur books

  4. I wish that I could come to one of these- I fell in love with the fallen series in my second year of high school and have been a huge fan of all your work since. Unfortunately I live in the UK: do you reckon you’ll ever venture over here to England for something like this??? It wouldn’t just make my day, it’d actually make my life! Thank you for inspiring my own writing passion; if I ever make it in the world of writing you are guaranteed a place in the acknowledgements! Xxxx

  5. Hi Lauren!
    Are you coming to The Netherlands any time soon? 🙂 I’d really love to finally meet you!!!

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  7. PLEASE come to England or Wales?! My friend and I LOVE your Fallen series and I would love it if you could sign them and to meet you in person… Maybe you could attend the Hay on Wye Festival? Would be amazing to meet you!

  8. Hi, lauren.
    Are you coming to Spain?? Please visit us. We Iove you and your books series here. My best friend and me are always talking about you! Please come here!! Kisses, see you soon.

  9. My daughter is OBSESSED with your books. She’s getting all of your friends to read them and even dressed up as dark and light angels for Halloween.
    I got FALLEN as an ARC years ago when I worked at B&N and the rest was history.

    We have since moved to the UK and rarely get to attend any events. But if you can make it to Birmingham, UK, you’d make at least her group of friends very happy. It certainly seems you’re doing well!

    Best wishes.

  10. oh I love your books .You should come to Brazil there has a lot of brasilians fans
    (Say to Cam that I love him)

  11. It would be such a pleasure if you could visit Munich. I’ve read your books years ago, you’re a great author and it would be a honor for me to meet you someday. <3

    All the love, Noemi

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