1. Hi Lauren!
    If you identify most with Lucinda… And Cam resembles/is based off your husband why wouldn’t Cam & Lucinda be the end game?
    Thanks xo


  2. Hi Lauren!
    I am a huge fan of the Fallen series and I am so glad that the books were turned into a film. I really wanna see the movie but I have no idea when it will be out in America. I was wondering if there will be any news about it in the next few weeks? Also, I hope you’re writing another book about Cam and Lilth, there has to be more to their story and I really wanna read more of your stories. Please let there be updates soon, all Fallen fans in America are dying to see the film too.
    -Thanks, xoxo

  3. Hi Lauren,

    I am a huge fan of the Fallen books and i’m really glad that it has been turned into a movie. Do you know when the movie will be released in the UK??
    Many thanks, Lucy


  5. Hi Lauren,
    I am a huge fan of the Fallen books and i’m really glad that it has been turned into a movie. I really wanna see the movie but I have no idea when it will be out in America.
    Any information about the release date in America would be helpful.
    -Thank you

  6. Hi, I love your book Fallen. Now I am reading Torment. I hope that it comes out in America soon cause I need to see it so bad. I don’t know when it comes out. I’ve search online and all it gave me the trailer. So when does it come out in America?

  7. Hi Lauren,
    Absolutely love the series, super excited they made a movie but no one is telling us anything about when it comes to the US. Which I kind of find shocking, I know you have projects and work your busy with but if someone could just give us fans an answer as to when it’s coming or why it’s not coming to the US, I know everyone would really love to know. I look forward to more books from you, love them all!

  8. Hi Lauren,

    I love the fallen books!!!! Will there be more fallen books?

    Cant wait to see the movie.

    Thank you

  9. i love your books i’ve read all the books. i have a few questions for you. so if daniel and luce are reborn as mortals who are there parents?And does luces’s friends and family remember her? what about daniel’s parents now? I know you most likely won’t but do you think you can write a follow up story after the meet?

  10. Dear Lauren,
    we love your books, now we’re reading unforgiven, and we would ask you if you will write another book about Cam and Lilith like a sequel or a saga next unforgiven.* 3 *

    Would you like to come to Verona in Italy?

    thank you,
    with love Diana and Agnese

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