1. Hi! I read your series when I was in the eighth grade and I am now in my first year of college. Thank you for all the wonderful memories it has provided me and the beautiful story. I even managed to get my mother hooked on it! I was just wondering when/if this movie would make it to the United States. I LOVE this series and I LOVE Unforgiven as well. Please let us know. Thank you.

  2. Dear Lauren,
    my best friend Agnese and I at the moment we’re reading unforgiven and we would ask you if you write another book or books about Cam and Lilith like a sequel o a saga next unforgiven, we love your books and we can’t wait to see the other films.

    would you like to come to Verona, Italy?

    With love,
    Diana and Agnese

  3. Again, I have come here weekly seeing if there is a release date on Fallen in America yet, is it going to come out in America I have been waiting since I heard there was a movie!!!! <3 <3 <3

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  5. Hi Mrs.Kate! My name is Alexis Hawkey and I am an unbelievably big fan of the Fallen and Teardrop series! I started reading the Fallen series because my mother showed me them and when I was finished with the first chapter o the first book I fell deeply in love with Daniel and Luce as a couple. I live in the state of Colorado and was shown by google that the Fallen movie has already been shown in theaters other places around the world. I would like to ask you if the Fallen movie will come out in the state of Colorado and if by any chance you could please tell me when that may be.
    Thank You! -Alexis

  6. Dear Lauren,
    BIGGGGG FAN here!!!! I have read the Fallen Series and i was wondering when the movie was coming out in the United states? please please tell us, Im dieing to know:)

  7. I really loved the film anyone know if there is a new one coming out after it. Well I know it’s new but you know what I mean. I just purchased the audible version of fallen I read 3-4 books a week. The audio is 10 hours something I could read one and a bit books at that point two iff I was reading a lower worded book lol

  8. Will there be a ‘Torment’ movie? I really hope so! I read this book series in middle school and was super excited when I found out about the ‘Fallen’ movie. They actually stuck very close to the book, which I was super pleased with.

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  10. Hi I’m in the 10th grade and I’ve read your books over 4 times already in the past 3 years and they are amazing and i cant stop reading them. I’ve recently watched the movie fallen and i was wondering if there will be more movies about the series. its just as amazing as the books and im hoping there will be more movies.

  11. hello there,

    I was just wondering if there is going to be a second part to the movie being made… I would like to see it in the United State theaters.. The books were awesome and would love them to be made in to movies to really bring to life the book.

  12. I am a big fan of you and I love your books and I really want to buy all of your books that you have written and I want to read every book

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