1. i have read all of the books
    and i am curious as to when i am able to get the movie
    i am looking!for it everywhere!!!
    i live in Texas and all i am getting are the trailers..
    please please

  2. Cuando sale en México?
    Ya salio?
    Cuantos libros de la saga son?
    Recién acabo de enterarme de la saga, lo siento no se nada.
    Ya esta en todas las librerías de México?
    Respuestas por favor.

  3. What is the song that starts at 2:00 in the movie?? and please could you upload liela avila’s songs? cant find it anywheree

  4. I am so disappointed!! I love these books (even though the ending was bittersweet) however I’ve just gone into Sky store and the Fallen movie is there to rent!!! I didn’t even know it had been released!!! There’s been no trailers or advertising and it was not on at cinemas! Does this mean there won’t be a second one?!

  5. Are there next series of movies coming out in the future?? I already watched FALLEN. It was incredible and amazing!!! :-) So I am wondering if there is the next movie coming out in the future. I cannot wait to see it if it comes out!!!!

  6. When will this be released in the US? All the dates I see on the website are for overseas. Will it ever be release in theatres in the US? What is the date? Or will it go strait to DVD in the US?? If so, what is the release date for the DVD in the US??

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