1. You should come to Australia!! My friends and I would definetly love to meet you! I love Fallen, and am getting Torment today when it’s released here down under! :)

  2. Hello;

    I recently read your novel “Fallen” and I was excited to finally read something worth reading! I want to commend you on your effort. My husband and I collect books signed by authors who we feel are amazing, and I am wondering if you plan to stop in Canada on any upcoming tours?

  3. OMG OMG Lauren, I absolutly loved Torment it had me from start to finish and now Im stuck with the I wait again!!! It is great finding out more about the Story of Daniel and Luce!! LOved it. Bring on PAssion and how about a visit to Australia

  4. Please come to Scotland 😀 I’m currently reading Torment, I don’t think i’ve ever been so engorssed in a book. I’m in love haha.

  5. Hi Lauren.
    Just a few moments ago I finished reading your book Torment…
    I must say I regret reading your books now. I should have waited a couple of more years until they were all finished, because waiting for the next book is -actually- torment.

    How will I EVER cope waiting for passion to release?! I want it in my hands this very moment..
    Your books are like drugs, and I am definitely aching for more.

    Wonderful job with the books, I can’t thank you enough for writing them. Truly a masterpiece.

    Love from Karin in Sweden.

  6. Congrats on making the New York Times best seller list with Torment!
    I really enjoyed it. Luce especially. No passive swooning for her, as she tries to right herself in a contradicting world.
    I also felt an overwhelming urge to punch Daniel for most of the book. I empathised with every ounce of Luce’s frustration at his for your-own- good- imposed-total-ignorance. She has 5000 years worth of feelings but no memories to back them up. That would drive anyone mad. And how is she supposed to know who to trust when she doesn’t know about herself? I really felt for her.
    To add to the self belief issues, she has a boyfriend who appears not to trust her (though fear of her reaction to the truth seems to be driving him?). And who appears not to be trustworthy. He is in league with Demons. He’s had some in-between Luce flings (nicely done). This has to raise the question for Luce – can they both be happy with other people? Shelby was a brilliant twist. I’m interested in her agenda. Is she jealous of Luce? Spiteful of Daniels rejection? Is her father a Demon who’s told her to throw a wrench in the works? Or is destroying the Luce/Daniel love affair her way of rebelling against her heritage. I believe she likes Luce so I’m on tender hooks until this is resolved.
    I was unclear as to what Daniel and Cam expected Luce to learn at Shoreline though. Daniel says she’s at Shoreline to “figure things out”. Cam implies she’s there to learn too. Learn what? And how? Aside from Stephen, they all seem bent on keeping her in ignorance (granted an overload could cause her to burst into flames, but still). If she wasn’t to use the Announcers, why did they show her the demonstration? Without the Announcers how did Daniel expect her to learn anything in a mere 18 days?
    This book is a good sequel to Fallen. I loved the difficulty in discerning good from evil theme. I thought it was an excellent point that the fence sitting cowards are often the ones you really have to watch out for. I think this book is a good spring board for Passion. Luce needs to know where she came from. Her true past does matter. Torment drives this home. Bring on Passion.

    (P.S with Miles in the running, is Cam no longer out to be more-than-friends?)

  7. Lauren,
    It was an honor to meet you at Anderson’s Bookshop/Two Doors East in Naperville, Illinois last night! I LOVED Fallen and started reading Torment this morning (about 50 pages in already)!!! I cannot wait to read your other books, too! Like I said to you last night-I rate Fallen right up there with the Harry Potter and Twilight books (which I absolutely LOVE)!!!! I am a voracious reader and average about 1-2 books each week-most of which are YA, and Fallen just blew me away!!! Thank you SO much for sharing your amazing stories with us! And I really hope you like the bracelet and earrings I made for you.
    All my best,
    Tammy :)

  8. Any chance of coming down to Canada 😀
    maybe even Toronto

    P.s. i dont live there but i will come if you can make it 😀

  9. You probably don’t know this country, but PLEASE come to denmark!!!!!!! (Or England?!) I can take the plane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; D <3333
    I luv your books and I'm SO excited to read Passion!!!!!!!

  10. It would be awesome if you would visit Little Rock, AR. We’d love to have you. Love, love, LOVE Fallen and Torment. Can’t wait for Passion!!!

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