1. Wow! So jealous! I wanted to head to Chicago but…. couldn’t since I have this horrible thing called school! Still I can at least read Torment a million times!

  2. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s book signing at The Trafford Cantre, Hopefully I wont miss it! :) I loved Fallen and Torment, they are just brilliant! I can’t wait to read Passion. :) Xx

  3. Hey! I’m so glad you had fun on your tour and I’m glad that your book came out so well :). Congratulations on Torment! I absolutely loved it, and couldn’t help smiling when I read your book because it was just simply amazing. Hope you can try coming to Austin later and can’t wait for Passion to come out.
    Have fun at the rest of your tour!

  4. I am an admirer and I are passionate about Italian Fallen Torment and then it’s beautiful. I also love writing but I do not do the writer. I have to mantain a promesssa made to someone who is gone and I’m temtando roamnzo to publish my fantasy, in my case is a quartet, but unfortunately when I get asked a lot of money that I did not, because I have 23 years and just finished studying graphic design I have yet to work (apropos, beautiful covers and Fallen Torment! Very good chart!), but I will do everything to maintain this promise.
    Fallen Torment and even more I liked a lot and helped me to write even though in my case is not about angels.
    Lucinda and Daniel had a troubled relationship, but love each other despite everything and I’m just curious to know how it will end. I am sure that with his talent as a writer will not disappoint anyone.
    I can not wait to come out Passion, when there in America, for example? I created a blog for my novel: THE DEMONS OF WESTMINSTER set in London for the most part, because I love it! Like the rest of England.
    My blog is:


    Keep it up! I can give of yourself?
    Sorry for my English if I’m wrong, I made ono help from google translator but I’m not good alone.

  5. I went to the Nov.11 th signing at barns and nobles and you lifted me speech less. I wanted to thank you for the love they all have, the love they had , and the love that they grow in the end. For I once had a love that was destined for the stars but died on the way to eternity. And I still live for that love for I will always be long to him. I understand how it is to have a love detained and yet have it end in ruins. That was my love for eddy and only the darkness and the shadowso
    will he find his way home to me. I wish he would read your books to understand my love and the Longing I lust for him. He is everything to me and everything I longed to love. And yet he turns away from me as if I’m evil when I am everything he ever needs and wants. How too make him see?? April

  6. I totally missed you on this tour! I just recently found your books from a friend recommendation. Loved them! I hope you will come back to Tennessee. :)

  7. I love your boock: The Fallen, it’s amazing and I want to read the next boock: The Torment, but I’m from Romania and I can’t read the boock now….and. I just wanna say I love you and your books….Xoxo Zipy

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