1. I loved this book! I love that dress too! Anyone know where I can get myself one? And the one from Fallen is devine! I wouldn’t mind having that one too lol. <3 Lauren Kate!

  2. I love the new cover more than the old. I think the dress is gorgeous and it tells you that she is stressed and doesn’t know what to do, but the old cover looks like it has more mystery.

  3. OMG!… this cover is so amazing and beautiful… can’t wait to buy and read this book and the Passion novel on June 14th…my birthday….

  4. Omg this cover is amazong…. i have read the uk version but i still will get to say i have read the updated version! 😛

  5. Love the Fallen series. Just bought all three books 2 weeks ago and am reading Passion. I bought The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove also, but I can’t start reading it until I finish Passion. But I love the new cover look.

  6. I just bought the book. And from the summary on back it looks amazing. I just saw it and I love your books so I know it will be good. Is it a series as well?

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