1. Hi there Lauren… when will the last installment of Fallen Series be released? I’m quite excited to read it. Thanks. :)

  2. I love your books! I have read your book Fallen so far and I’m excited to read your others.
    I really would love to see you come to Toronto, Canada for a book tour.

  3. Hi Lauren,
    I have sent you fan mail before so please ddon’t think I’m like a staker or something I just wanted to make a suggestion for the movie that might be comming up. What if you made te auditions international to give the youth all over the word a chance to live their dream,like here in South-Africa we have so much talent to offer but we never get the chance to show people what we can do. Plus there are some people I know that would be perfect for some of the amazing characters in the books. Thanks alot for actually responding to what we say. Lots of love and support from us in South-Africa

  4. Fallen is a perfect book for a young adult like me. Nice blog by the way. I’ve been tracking fallen’s blog this past few days, nice!

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