1. Oi Lauren Kate me desculpa por escrever em meu idioma mais não sei inglês, quero te dizer que estou muito feliz por você ter visitado meu País e ao mesmo tempo estou triste por não ter tido a oportunidade de te conhecer pessoalmente mais espero que você possa nos visitar mais vezes e quem sabe assim eu tenha oportunidade de te ver pessoalmente e também te pedir um autografo, sou uma grande fã sua.
    Um forte abraço.

  2. hi! i’m katia..oh read your three books ( fallen, torment and passin) you’re so great! congratulation.. your lyrics are… very very emoctional… i love your daniel.. he’s my idol…ahm.. something if I wrong..i’m sorry, but i’m 14 years old and i’m italian…i just wanted to thank you for this faboulos adventure…I read many darkfantasy…they’re my world (!!). i love this kind of books…you know, when Luce touched the wings of Daniel, me also I felt under his fingertips was a unique experience, as each book gives you, after all.so.. what i can say? continues to write that we will also follow end of the world if we could. maybe one day I will be a write and I will say you’re my teacher. i have to go.. bye! 😉

  3. thank you ever so much for the talk and signing you gave at the Bath Literature Festival 😀 it was truly inspiring, as i would like to become a writer myself one day, and i would also like to thank you for tweeting me :) im glad you liked the fan-book. <3

  4. Hi Lauren,

    I am so pleased that I got to meet you, one of my favourite authors.

    I met you at WHS Smith Guildford in England and it is a memory I will cherish forever.

    Thanks so much for the chat and for signing my books.
    I still have the photo saved on my phone from the day :)

    From Tash
    in the UK

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