Are you Team Daniel or Team Cam?

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  1. All I could think of the whole time is ” poor guy he must be so cold ” lol
    Can’t wait for next book to come out =)

  2. Team Daniel! At first i was Team Cam but you know things change maybe i will like Cam later haha but right now i am TEAM DANIEL! Cant wait till torement comes out and the fallen clothes line! Cant wait lauren!!!!!!

  3. lol. I liked Cam at first but i had a feeling he was evil. Then when he was all cool with the snake i looked at my best friend and said “I think Cam’s in league with the devil.” he’s such a naughty boy but in the end I’m Team Penn! That’s right. Supid Daniel. What kind of true love flips off his beloved? Sux. And if Cam loved her he’d totally treat her better. Jerks. I love them both though. So I choose to remain neutrual till Torment comes out. Then i’ll vote…maybe.

  4. Team Daniel all the way!
    oh, the torment, hope it comes out already. :))) i can’t wait.

  5. Team Daniel all the way!! Even from the start! I am counting the days until Torment releases!

  6. Definitely team Daniel.When i started reading the book i was team Cam but now absolutely team Daniel.Can’t wait for the second book.

  7. team camiel (daniel and cam) i like my bad boys but i like them good too and the way they are described in the book their both my kinda guy lol xxx

  8. i like cam but i am so on team daniel i can’t wait for torment because i love fallen

  9. Too soon to call it objectively. That beach scene where Daniel gives in and kisses Luce, knowing that she’ll probably die again when he does…had me holding my breath in anticipation. But Cam’s reasoning for wanting Luce to stay away from Daniel hasn’t been anything but hinted at yet…and I love to love the bad boy. Will have to wait to call a team after i read Torment. DEAR SEPTEMBER…PLEASE HURRY AND GET HERE!!!

  10. I love both the characters. Cam seems really nice but the whole “She’s destined for Daniel thing” is so adorable. I can’t wait for Torment. Why can’t the days grow shorter?

  11. i am sooooo team daniel!!! cam is all sneaky. luce would have to be mad to go for cam instead of daniel.

  12. Team Cam. I like my bad boys ;D
    I don’t know why but Daniel kind of pisses me off…

  13. The good guys always win…
    TEAM CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hallie x

  14. Team Daniel! I don’t like Cam very much… he’s just… so…. mean? LOL(: loved the book though! It was great! Can’t wait for Torment!

  15. Hmm… at first I was team Cam cos he was sweet and stuff but then later on Daniel started to come out more so i dont know know i like both so Im both team Cam and Team Daniel TEAM CAMIEL

  16. Team Daniel…. πŸ˜› some guy in my school makes me think of him…. so hot and mysterious!! <3

  17. Team Daniel! I love him from the very beginning! Cam’s too clingy! Daniel is the best fit for Luce! I miss Penn! I can’t believe it! Penn was awesome! Great friend to Luce! Why’d u kill her off? That what made me confused.

  18. in the begining i was for Cam but they things changed so im team Daniel all the way!!!!
    lauren your such a great writer!!


    I liked Cam at first but i took daniels word to Luce that he was trouble and he was right! but it must be pretty sad to start a relationship all over every 17 years… πŸ™ poor luce. but she better not die! i will i will too. you watch.

  20. Team Cam all the way!!!!!!! I know he’s bad but detect some good in him somewhere.

  21. TEAM DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!

    I liked Cam first, but when he gave her that snake necklace I knew he was bad. I L
    OVE Daniel!!!!! He’s soo romantic and mysterious at the same time! <3 I feel bad for Daniel how he has to keep going through the same relationship every 17 years. I can't wait for Torment!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  22. Team Daniiel i think…Cam is..oh i dont know wierd or somethin first he is really nice and friendly to luce then all of a sudden he is really wierd and all he wants is her…so for now i will stick with Daniel –hes really hot!, AND sweet……CANT WAIT FOR TORMENT

  23. TEAM DANIEL!!!! I was leaning towards Cam at first but now it’s Daniel all the way!!! And i’m dying for Torment to come out I can’t wait!!!!!

  24. I knew it from chapter 1 that Daniel was soo for Luce. Cam’s evil, how can anyone like him?

  25. Im team Cam all the way, like others i hate it when the good people win,Daniel kinda annoys me and i just <3 bad boys

  26. TEAM DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cam seemed nice and cool at first till he got all suspicous having a black sedan pick luce up at sword & cross and just the whole bit at the bar was crazy so TEAM DANIEL
    cant wait just four more months!!!!!! oh yea!!!!!! lol
    TEAM DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. TEAM DANIEL – WOOHOO! Besides Cam is all about himself, what kind of woman wants someone who thinks about himself more than her? Nope……Its Daniel all the way!

  28. TEAM D (someimes C)
    I Cat Wait For Torment To Come Out… Why Do All Of The Books Come Out a Year at a Time?? I Mean…Dang

  29. i really cant choose at the moment i love bad boys and i never really cared for blondes but daniel seems really HOT πŸ™‚ lol. Im both. cant wait til the next book!!!!!

  30. I am so so Daniel, wats the deal with cam anyway, all he wants is to kill Luce.why was he trying so hard to take Luce away from Daniel ????but i can’t wait for Torment to come out, i know it is going to be just as good as Fallen lol ( maybe better ) πŸ™‚

  31. TEAM DANIEL ALL THE WAY!!!! XD! hahahaha i used to think cam was cool but then again, he did hurt some dudes.. so GOOOOOOOO DANIEL!! πŸ˜€

  32. BOTH!! I can’t make up my mind between daniel -mysterious and perfect.and Cam – bad boy and sexy. Why can@t Luce have the best of both worlds??? choosing between them 2 will be 1 hellof a decision ! πŸ™‚

  33. IDK!!!! they seeem both perfect for her. i wanna say Cam but Daniel seems just as good!!

  34. TEAM DANIEL totally lol i really want to see a guy with those violet and gray eyes


  36. OMG ive been team Daniel the whole book! i figured out the ending by reading the description and the prologue, and i had guessed that Daniel was either an angel or just some immprtal person. i am TOTALLY team Daniel!!!

  37. ohh man that is sooo hard to decide i mean cam is totally badd boyy and Daniel is her love but if it were me to decide id prolly go with Cam because hes ahhhmazin’ But for Luce i think she should stay with Daniel. Yet its too earlyy in the story to kno for shurr πŸ™‚ i cant wait till the nxt book comes out in september. Email me for book chat

  38. TEAM DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  39. i love danile he is so awsome wanting to save luce and everything. the beach was awsome. my favorite part was chapter 19,20 they made me cry. the neckle was so pretty. i am on d’s team @ first cam’s because d fliped luce off but d is awsome!

  40. Can’t pick, Cam is in love with her and so is Daniel but Daniel might deserve her more because of all the suffering he’s been through with her. Cam never gets the girl so he might deserve to win for once as well… >.<

  41. i choose team daniel because hes perfect and mysterious and that even though he avoids the girl of his life hes absolutly perfect. i did like cam in the begining but when he fought daniel i totaly switched sideds

  42. mmm daniel is sweet but cam my god someone call the fire department on this boy cause he is hot!

  43. BOTH!!!
    they both are the perfect person
    i would die for both
    luce must be in torture chosin between them
    both are bad asses that u hav to love

  44. OMG! TEAM DANIEL! Sweet and romantic and mysterious. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  45. TEAM CAM!!!!!! I LOVE CAM!!!!!! daniel is pretty annoying and perfect but cam is more realistic and sexy. who cares if he hurt some people he is badass. i love him. btw team Damon!!

  46. lo que quise decir fue: todo el rato.. XD,
    por favor creen una web en espaΓ±ol, por aca en sudamerica ya llego el libro y me encanto, estoy ansiosa por que llegue la continuaciΓ³n.
    pd: muchas gracias a la autora por crear una historia tan maravillosa

  47. Iam a straight up on team daniel he so sweet and amazing with a secret side u cant say that aint HOT!!!!!!!!!

  48. team danile i want a boy to be that into me. He loves her so much awwww. can’t wait for the next book!!!!! πŸ™‚

  49. OMG…I CAN’T CHOOSE!! I love Daniel YES, but even though Cam is the meaner angel. UGH. No matter how evil Ca, may be I LOVE A BAD BOY !! <3 <3

  50. team daniel….team cam……ugh its so hard to decide i agree with amber about the mysterious&perfect daniel and the bad boy&sexy cam but if i had to choose it would be TEAM DANIEL!!!!!

  51. definitely team Cam. Stories never seem as good when the girl ends up with the “destined” lover. And Daniel is just too perfect. Therefore… TEAM CAM πŸ˜€

  52. team daniel, but the more books that come out, i’ll probably change to team cam. daniel is a bit emo for my tastes, but cam is just kind of jerky.

  53. i say cam! he was there for her. she is being wellll not so smart falling for daniel! cam loves her and was there! daniel was a total @$$!!!!! sorry cam wins!

  54. My God!!! Obviusly TEAM DANIEL!! He is soooo perfect!! Cam could be cool and sexy too, but Daniel is more than perfect!! and he is always in the right moment with Luce, he is like a prince in a disneyΒ΄s stories, like edward in twilight, like dimitri in vampire academy, so well the point is that Daniel is… Daniel!! a perfect angel!!

  55. I loved the book and read it many times…I would have to say Team Daniel…Just the eyes and the warmth of their touch…The love he has for her…The passion…If only it wasn’t only in books…:)…Keep it up Lauren….Can’t wait for the second book!

  56. I liked Cam but then he went all evil badboy but i think deep down i still like him

  57. Team Daniel! In the beginning I was team cam cause daniel flipped her off, but from the moment Daniel started being nice to her (even though it was hot and cold) I totally went to daniels team. They belong together!!! And he deserves her because of all the pain and suffering he’s been through losing her each time. Cam may love her but it’s not the same. I love Zuly’s comparison to Dimitri from vampire academy. There is always that one person that the main character is practically soulmates with, and in fallen, it’s definitely Daniel. So caring, and mysterious, an badass in a way that’s different than cam, and he sounds sexy too. πŸ˜‰ TEAM DANIEL!!! <3 <3 <3

  58. LOL, can I be on team “Cam and Daniel are destined to be together”? Because that’s definitely a v. v. delicious team to support! But you are right, we can’t leave Luce out, it’d do our girl honour no favour! Therefore, I am on team CAN I HAVE THEM ALL TOGETHER, PLEASE? :g:

    A lovely book, can’t wait for book 2! I totally squeed over the finishing scene – I mean how cool and GoodOmen-esque was that? Just lovely πŸ™‚

  59. TEAM DANIEL !!!! in my mind he is the sexy logan lerman and cam is Lucas Till . both hot people . lol . i was so on team daniel right when it said he flipped her off . dont ask why . i was on the verge of screaming when i saw i had to wait 8 months ( because i read it in january ) i was mad . but all i know is that its going to be worth it !!!! GO TEAM DANIEL !!! DOWN WITH CAM CUZ ( no offens to any team cams . ps i talk alot on the computer ) I WANTED TO TAKE LUCE’S PLACE , TAKE A KNIFE , AND KILL HIM ! seriously .

  60. Team Daniel all the way he is perfect for her but i guess we will find out in torment but daniel is the only one right for her because cam is evil and she is caring and kind but i guess she could be mean if she want ed to but daniel is right for her and i hope we see that in torment becaus ethat is definetly what i want to see and i love daniel so tem daniel all the way FULLSTOP.

  61. Totally team Daniel here. Cam is just a basterd with no manners. And pushy. So rather would take hot and cold.

  62. TEAM DANIEL ALLLLLLLLLLLLL THE WAY!!!!!! though i liked CAM at first, i fell 4 daniel the minute i started reading the novel. DANIEL RULES!!!!!!

  63. I can’t deside and with all the mystery at the end ……I kind of like them both!! :p

  64. TEAM CAM!!!! Daniel annoys me for no explainable reason at all. I mean..he’s the hero right? I should be rooting for him…..but Cam’s the one who – wheather he has some sick want to annhilate her or whatever (the last few chapters of Fallen confused me horribly) – has nice and romantic and completely and totally hers from day one! And as far I understand Luce suffers no risk of exploding, or disingrating or bursting into flames or some nonesense if she picks Cam, unlike Daniel who whenever she KISSES him seems have already have one foot in her grave. SMH. Yep Team Cam ALL the way.

  65. That is so hard!!! I love Daniel and Cam…it kind of depends on the next book…because, who knows?

  66. Team Daniel! When luce kisses him, it feels right and perfect and just… REAL! And hellllllooooo! Cam was out to get her the whole time! Cam was just using her for his own selfish reason. I dislike cam very much and am in love with Daniel in the book.


  67. Team Cam all the way! He just seems… dangerous, and I liked him from the start! Daniel, at first, I thought he would have been a side character. Either way, I still love the seires.

  68. I’m totally Team Cam! Daniel really bothered me for some reason I really don’t know why. But then again Daniel suffered a lot losing Luce over and over again so I think he deserves her a bit more than Cam. Can’t wait for the next book though! Maybe we’ll find out why Cam is in love with Luce. When Cam said in the Epilogue “I just want her. you know why.” got me even more interested on what happened in the past

  69. Team Daniel.UGHHH.Cam annoys me soo much.i mean just let Daniel&Luce be together.It’s there destiny!

  70. Cam is nice an sweet…but Daniel is mysterious…i pictured daniel 2 act like Cam nd Cam 2 act like daniel….i’m team daniel cuz i’m all about da mystery…

  71. team cam; he’s more intriguing than Daniel who just pisses me off; it would be a more exhilarating twist if Luce ends up with cam other than the typical ending of this love story where she ends up with Daniel.

  72. TEAM DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] Daniel is the best..he’s hot, mysterious, protective & he just rulesβ™₯

  73. TEAM CAM, definitely. I loved him from the start. He was so alluring and dangerous that I just wanted Luce to get with him.. Plus he seems sexier for some reason. Daniel was extremely annoying with the whole bipolar treatment towards Luce. And at some parts, Luce just pissed me off by rejecting Cam.. I really hope the author pulls a twist in the next book. But overall it was AMAZING! πŸ˜‰

  74. And another thing, like so many were saying before about how its so predictable that she’s
    most likely going to end up with Daniel, I have to agree with that too. I guess its wishful thinking, but Cam is just Sex on Legs. I guess i’m going to have to read some fanfiction to get my Luce & Cam quota filled. πŸ˜‰

  75. Team Daniel, of course!!!!! I adore him. He would do anything for Luce, even if that means that they’ve to be apart. I like Cam though but, come on! All the things that Daniel and Luce have been trough and then don’t be together, well, that’s cruel.

  76. Obviously TEAM Daniel, Oh, My, Gosh. I thought I would pee my freaking pants just hearing that the 2nd book to Fallen is coming out soon. AHHHHH! I can’t want. Daniel sounds to good to be true, but you know us girls always have a sort of waver towards the bad boys, now bad angles sounds even more lush. Makes your mouth water thinking what is going to happen next. You might as well be on your hands and knees begging father time to speed the clock to August. I know I would, and I would totally be all over Daniel like white on rice! ;D (HE IS THE BOMB-DIG-I-TY, SMOKING H-0-T!)

  77. As far as Fallen goes (and probably even after what happens on the other books as well) I am Team Daniel all the way. I cannot even begin to imagine a way she can be more connected to Cam than the way she is connected to Daniel, and that kind of love should be everlasting (especially after all he has gone through). TEAM DANIEL!!!

  78. OMG as of right now i’m gonna go with Daniel!! I change my mind all the time so we’ll see after I read Torment!!

  79. Daniel is just amazin and sexy and mysterious and for the part wer he’s a total jerk he’s just protecting her

  80. Team CAM! definitely, Cam is so open you can’t see who he really is. like, is he showing the real Cam or what? I think Cam is much more exciting, intriguing and mysterious than Daniel <3

  81. Team Daniel for shure:)
    I stayed up till 2 am,so finish the rest of Fallen,
    it has got to be one of the best books ever,because at first everyone likes Cam because he seems nice and all then Daniel:D

  82. So I am really torn about who to vote for in the end. I really wanted Daniel to win, and Cam to be the big time loser, but by the end of the book, I just couldn’t decide. It makes you wonder what could have really happened in the past to make them both want her, and yet they have moments of friendship. What do they really need her for??? I can’t wait to find out!

  83. You know ..At first I really liked Cam, I agree with K4eva – at the start he was really nice and sweet…And then he got dangerous when needed.And here comes Daniel… The mysterious, sad guy…I think he deserves Luce more than Cam , but the again – what happens if Cam got her?The last two chapters really got me confused and I can’t wait until the second book comes up ( If there is a second book ) .I was actually disappointed when Pen died.She was one of my favorite characters.Oh well..I guess it was needed for plot of the book.And to answer the question I can’t choose.It’s harder then it looks.I don’t know how the story would continue, but Sue is right – it would be a more exhilarating twist if Luce ends up with Cam..but only for a little while. Anyway, I really hope that there will be a second book soon! πŸ™‚

  84. Oh.And to add something – I totally agree with you Dria. I wish I could vote for both of them… πŸ˜€

  85. TEAM CAM!!! i love him he is so charming and nice his name always
    catches my attention and the way he is described HOT! And
    he’s a bad boy so WOW! even at the picnic i wish i was Luce
    at that part!

  86. Team Daniel of course! At first i liked Cam more, because he was so open and i saw characteristics in him that i would want in a guy, and i could really place Daniel and what type of guy he is. But after cam hit Daniel in the library i saw another side of cam that i didn’t like, and also that about when Daniel started to open up more. But that mistery epilogue still have me wondering! But yeah, now i am totally team Daniel! πŸ™‚ i cant wait for the next book, i fell in love with the story! πŸ˜€

  87. oh my, i love this book, i say team Daniel, but on the other hand, theres cam, who
    knows! i need to get the second, i cant wait!

  88. I’m soooooooo Team Daniel all the way! β™₯β™₯β™₯

    The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment β™₯β™₯β™₯ I adore this book & i can’t wait till torment come’s out πŸ˜€

  89. Team Cam. Daniel’s a wet tissue. Cam is more mysterious and I like a bit of a bad boy. <3

  90. How is that even a question…Daniel all the way! Cam is a freaking psycho trying to kill everyone!

  91. team Daniel. its obvious they are meant to be together, why else would they keep finding eachother every 17 years? plus, u can tell Daniel cares about Luce more the Cam. Cam seems like he was just using Luce, no actual love involved. but at the end, with all the mystery, i think the author wants us to think the book could go either way. Cam “loves” Luce, but is it real? Daniel is legit.

  92. I dunno but if i had to choose i would choose Cam because i prefer dark hair and i love green eyes but i still vote team daniel
    i think…….?

  93. DANIEL what can I say? for him and Luce its true love! he’s just so cool and i can understand that he was mean because he wanted to protect/save her! poor guy. love the book so much! can’t wait till the next one comes out!!

  94. bello.bellissimo!!!daniel Γ¨ quello giusto Γ¨ quello giusto!qualcuno mi sa dire quando esce il film????grazie

  95. Team Daniel! <3 Cam is just plain annoying, he annoyed from the beginning, and he is always in the way. and Daniel… well just what else can i say? ^_^ <3


  97. I LOVE them both. They both have different qualities that make you wish you knew them!
    At the end of the book it had that little bit of mystery between Daniel and Cam which makes it hard too choose one over the other… At the moment… SOOO cant wait for Torment!!

  98. Yesterday I bought this book. Today I finished reading it. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.
    Obviously, team Daniel.
    This book really excited me .. fantastic!
    I can not wait to read next.

  99. Cam confuses me a lot… I think I’m Team Daniel. no reason -no that I dislike Cam.It’s just that I don’t trust him.
    Just read the book…Found it ‘angelic’.

  100. I love Cam. . . Daniel just made me really mad I know he was protecting Luce from danger but does that mean he has to act like a jerk. . . Plus I love Cam cause he actually shows how he feels and that his a friendly guy even if in the end he was a bad boy which is a plus ;}

  101. It’s a total tie 4 me Daniel can be warm one minute cold the next and Cam can have his crazy moments like when he punched those guys in Fallen but still i guess in a way what i’m saying is i like Cam but I like Daniel more.=)

  102. Team Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!! He is sooooooo Awesome, sorry to Team Cam, but I think he is a jerk.

  103. omg, team Cam all the way. The entire book I hated Daniel but even in the end I still liked Cam waaaaay more. I love how he’s the total bad boy and he shows his feelings. <3 <3

  104. team Daniel because is like Luce true love . but i like cam but he has lots of crazy time

  105. Team Daniel!! Where would the book be without him!? It just seems so right when Daniel and Luce are together!

  106. ok welll i luvvv daniel BUTT it’s like Daniel isn’t real but Cam is i dont know why but daniel seems unreal but also Cam is to violent he dosne know how to be that sweet protectiveness bur Daniel over does it tooo much. in each life time she chose Daniel but she never got to know what happens after that because she dies or is taken away or whatever happens. she says she belongs with him but ” Fate” allways intervines so does that mean they Dont belong together?

  107. Let me think about this… TEAM DANIEL!!!??? I am NOT a very big fan of Cam. And With Luce and Daniel, even though you’re reading, the atmosphere just feels right. It’s not that way with Cam.

  108. Cam! Daniel just annoys me cuz he’s… just not Cam! πŸ™‚ Cam is so nice and romantic and that’s what makes him awesome! he didn’t hide his feelings from Luce like Daniel and I think he’s just better πŸ™‚

  109. Team Cam! He’s such a bad boy…but also Team Daniel, he is so sweet & I find it funny how he flips her off in the book, that was hilarious! So….I’m Both Teams!

  110. DANIELL 4EVA!(: Cam is just annoying to me. I just want him to go away, but then the end of the book confused me. I’m not sure what was going on, so is Daniel bad and Cam good? Totally confusing, but i still absolutly love Daniel.(: <3

  111. TEAM DANIEL<3!!!!! i love daniel i sorta liked cam in the beginning but its seems like he was only using her when luce and daniel r truley in love i mean they find eachother every 17 yrs not her and cam!!! if they don't end up together im 100% goin 2 cry πŸ™‚ I can't wait for TORMENT!!!! <33

  112. Team Daniel of course but I did like Cam at first because Daniel had’nt come into the story much by then. Cam’s just evil now wanting Luce but i wonder what the ending was about?
    Sad that Daniel had to leave Luce for a while..
    Anyway team Daniel cos hes a gourgeous angel!!!:)

  113. well, at first i thought that Cam’s character was Daniel and then that he Cam was the main character. it really confused me for a minute, but right away i liked Cam. then i started reading on and seeing how Daniel was and then i liked both of them. Cam being the sweet romantic and dream guy for most and Daniel the mysterious bad boy that didn’t have any interest a girl that is practically throwing herself at him. i like the bad boys, but they’re all in reform school for a reason and the fact that Cam kept pushing the rules and limits as well as Luce into liking him. I think i have to go with Daniel because no matter where she was he always found her and saved her. by the way I’m glad that Arriane is a fallen angel. she was always my favorite from the start.

  114. one more thing, i agree that there does need to be a twist in every book i have read the good guy gets the girl. i think there should be a twist where Daniel loses Luce to Cam not for good, but long enough to teach him a lesson not to hide his feelings for her anymore.

  115. OMG I am soo Team Daniel all the way. Cam is soo needy and desperate while Daniel is soo real! I personally think that Cam disgraces the green eyes.

  116. when Luce kisses Daniel it aorta feels… wrong to me like its too perfect and i think Daniel doesn’t want to tell Luce the whole truth cuz she might choose Cam. i think cam is better no matter how evil he seems. I like Cam better than Daniel

  117. team daniel. cam iz a asshole,i mean he will not even let luce and daniel b together i mean daniel iz sexy hot and cam iz all lovey dovy and the next hez trying 2 kill everything he cs

  118. Team Daniel! At first I didn’t really care for him because the way he treated Luce, though I did find it hilarious when he gave her the finger ;), And I didn’t really like Cam at the begging, either. He was way too nice! It sort of bugged me, like he was trying to hard to make her his. I love Daniel though! He’s so sweet and just belongs with Luce! The past makes it seem that way, Cam can just get killed by Daniel now, hehe. Daniel wants her for her, he actually shows love and has dealt with lost again and again, i respect that now. Cam on the other hand, didn’t seem to care, really. He just wanted her because Daniel does, but the line ‘I just want her, you know why’ made me anxious and hopefully shares more of Luce’s past life. But Daniel all the way! Their love was meant to be!

  119. AH! team daniel!
    duh, cam is such a jerk at times…!
    argh! i really want to read torment now!


  120. Definitely Team Cam. “Perfect” love isn’t meant to be. Not even in stories. Besides, no one can be that perfect without having a couple centuries worth of lies and secrets. Personally, I’d rather have a boyfriend who’s evil and tells me the truth and loves me than someone who loves me just because I’m “meant for him” who I know nothing about.

  121. 1 more thing if cam winz Luce i am gonna freak out bc cam iz a spoild rotten jerk and he only wantz her for his little plan 2 get daniel 2 bcome a demion person thingy so 1nce again DANIEL ALL THE WAY! YAAAAAAA!!!!!! so if ur not a big fat dumb retard and if u have a prob with that please tex 2072711010

  122. imn totally team Daniel……camneeds to leave daniel and luce ALONE!!!!! he annoyed me through out the book….epecially in the bar…
    But thank god daniel was there to help πŸ™‚

  123. deffo team cam he’s sweet and obviously really cares about her daniel annoys me most of the time cos of the way he treats her no im with cam all the way

  124. Team Daniel, duh!<3 Like really Cam sounds amazing and all, but the guy is twisted. Why would I trust him?

  125. oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is ssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo BETTTTTER than STUPID twilight!!!!!!!!!!! my friends are missing out big time …. cant wait for the next book. Im so in love with this book i even painted an exact picture of the cover. Hopefully i can get my parents to go to san deiago………for the signing …….LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE this book…BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND OF COURSE TEAM DANIEL ALL THE WAY!!!

  126. I am totally from on out forever a Team Daniel fan!!! this book was the best thing ever, dare i say possible better than twilight. i cud relate to characters in away i didnt know i could with other book. i had fallen in love with Fallen i read it in two weeks, and i dont rele like to read. I CAN’T WAIT FOR TORMENT!!! XD

  127. I really like both of the characters but there was always something about Daniel that I really liked ! Cam was always cute, but I think Daniel is more complex and I feel he’s better for Luce. But then again you never know (: & @ Marissa When Daniel smiled then flipped Luce off in the beginning was one of my favorite parts lol ! πŸ˜€

  128. team CAM!!!! i think that Daniel is hiding something…Luce have to choose cam to make the story different from others where the good guy always wins.And btw waht a confusing way to end the book…i mean 18 days for what??? Are Cam and Daniel on the same team now??? someone please explain it to meeeee!!!!!

  129. Well I think Daniel and Luce belong together. I know it seems Daniel doesn’t seem real or whatever and seems like he’s hiding something. But you never know what he may be hiding from her is something to keep her safe. I don’t know all I’m saying is I’m totally team Daniel

  130. TEAM DANIEL! Cam was sweet, but you could tell from the beginning it was always going to be Daniel and i wouldnt have it any other way. @Dakota. i agree though, there should be some sort of twist with Cam making it out on top with her for a bit, but Daniel needs to be the winner in the end. so super excited for the next book!!!!

  131. i’m a total CAM fan ! he is amazing hot and really cares about luce.I get a bad feeling about daniel no one is that perfect not even an angel . . .

  132. totally team Daniel!! please he’s so cute! and this book it’s very very sweet.
    I can’t wait for the next book, I love it.. I wish Daniel and Luce will be together in the end xD

  133. I’m like 100% team Daniel!! He’s sweet and caring, romantic and loving. He’s all the good things… Cam is just too violent and I just don’t like him!!!

  134. team daniel cause he cool but then there cam i mean i like him cause he almost remined me of jacob but more bad boy style i mean the fight at the bar was good but that scare lucy away.

  135. OMG, defo Cam! he’s all dark and mysterious, in a very sexy way, he makes my heart bleed everytime he says something in the book!!! Though Daniel is strong sweet and cute 2!! luv both of ’em!!!xx camiel!!

  136. I dont really like any of em :S Daniel never grew on me and cam is evil! I suppose if i had to choose it would be daniel though, even though he is a mopey bastard lol. But then cam sounds cuter so if i was being completely superficial i would pick him πŸ˜›

  137. when i started gettin into the book i was a cam fan but after he went for that bloke in the bar i changed my mind but it took me a bit 2 be come a daniel fan but by the end of the book i was a daniel fan defo cont wait for the next book hope its jst as good its bettter than twiligth im sick of seein it everywhere

  138. Im Team Daniel all the way i love daniel so much he is so sweet and i love the way he is with luce i love how he loves her so much <3 TEAM DANIEL <3

  139. Erm, it’s a bit too early to tell, I think. I read a summary on Torment and it says Daniel’s hiding something from Luce…and I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Cam, though, is so totally NOT good enough for Luce, as Daniel puts it, so Team Daniel for now…?!

  140. at first i liked cam cuz he was like thaat kind of bad boy and daniel was just some dude but now im all TEAM DANIEL i mean he just sounds so rite for luce and i mean they find eachother every 17 yrs i mean there must be something there saying their ment for eachother i hope they stay together TEAM DANIEL

  141. and the end was like cam and daniel were going to work together to keep luce safe from the shadow things that are trying to get her thats y in the end it was like the shake hands or somthing while she was sleep a promise to keep her safe

  142. Team cam i just love him he seems to love luce too he’s just misunderstood daniel gets on my nerves

  143. From the exclusive extract of torment thats out, i think i’m going to start to like cam alot more in this book (he’s starting to remind me of damon in vampire diaries because of his funny little “i-don’t-care” comments haha) but i’m defooooo team daniel!!!!
    I’m so scared incase she goes for cam in the next book instead because of what i read in the synopsis of “Torment” on website, but i hope in the end she ends up with danile!!! You can just tell hes lovely and they are “destined” for eachother! :’)

  144. Definitely Team Daniel!! I love how he thinks Luce is his whole world. Its really sweet. I so can’t wait for Torment!!!

  145. I am team Cam for sure. He is just so sweet. And Daniel just really ticks me off. I mean if he knew he couldn’t help Luce falling for him then why the need to be so mean

  146. Team Cam! iLike him. He is so reckless & off the edge! Cant wait till Torment comes out!

  147. I am team Daniel, and I feel pretty sure Cam is no good at all. Of course, there will be some misunderstanding. Cam reminds me of the Snake in Eden- he should be the Snake. He is so nice he can’t be honest. When I tried to figure out what Cam stands for, I found out that there was a fallen angel named Camion. So that fits. Now, about Daniel, well I found nothing in particular. Only that there was that story about Lucifer(I am not sure?) who,There is an old legend that at the time of the earth’s creation, Lucifer fell in love with some beautiful woman. According to this legend, he absolutely burned with desire for her. There was just one slight problem, Lucifer being confined to a bottomless pit, was not allowed to leave it in order to romance this fine lady. So Lucifer sent some of his demons to plead with God to let Lucifer out of the pit, so that he could be with this woman. God initially said no to these demands, but the demons persisted in begging God for mercy on their master. God finally agreed to let Lucifer out of the pit, but shortly after he arrived on earth, the woman he loved died. The legend then says that in order to teach Lucifer a lesson, God allows him to wander the earth every hundred years in torment for his lost love. (All these are taken from a site about seraphim). Well, althought I cannot understand the exact connection, I think it somehow fits with the story…

  148. OK i love Daniel dats just duh kind of guy i like so hell ya in team Daniel duh && i juss luv the story its interesting && i love angels ssoo team Daniel

  149. The thing is I love both of them.
    Cam isn’t evil he just seems that way because..LISTEN ALL DANIEL FANS!!!…daniel hasn’t
    told luce everything he may be hiding something that is kinda making cam look like the bad
    guy.Cam is just making a fight about it..wouldn’t you fight for the one you love.
    So Daniel’s Hiding Something BIG which might be MAKING him look like lucinda’s true love.
    BUT cam is just making a huge FIGHT so he can have lucinda but he does love her and
    he’s not evil just misunderstood.But daniel does loves her too but he’s hiding something
    so nobodys perfect……just misunderstood

    Also i Love Both their personalitys only that one is a little more quiet and secretive
    while the other tells it like it is but makes a big fight about it

    Now you see……. everyone has their own view of things.

    The epilogue is where Cam Shows that he does love her….and so does daniel
    they even made a deal about it.

  150. Team Daniel all the way !!! He had me from the start of the book like the way he is so protective of Luce is so nice. Every time cam came i was always like emm weres Daniel!!
    Every time Daniel was mentioned in the book it make me smile and get all excited lol . But cam i thought i he was nice at the start but i got worse later on in the book didnt like it he beghan to get needy of luce and got in to many fight didnt really ever turst him . team Daniel XD

  151. OBVIOUSLY team daniel, luce and daniel are meant for each other, cam thinks he can just interfere with their lives. hes got some crazy idea in his head that if he kills daniel, luce will just suddenly want him. as if. WOOOOOO DANIEL, I LOVE YOU!

  152. I cant really choose…at first Cam seems really sweet and flirty and just plain awesome, and i loved him. And I thought Daniel was really rude. But then towards the end, I loved Daniel and really started to despise Cam….But in my book Cam and Daniel are a tie. IM BOTH TEAM CAM BRIEL AND TEAM DANIEL GRIGORI AND IM PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Hey!!! Im from Argentina THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!! I totally love ittβ™₯ Im TOTALLY TEAM DANIEL!!!β™₯ he is soooo sweet i fall in love with him jajajaaj Kisses!

  154. I was on team Cam at first, but then he turned out to be a oig, the bad guy, but all through the story I liked Danile, he sounded hot and sweet, it just angered me that he kept flipping her off and stuff like that, but at the end when she ran away from him cause she didn’t believe him, I cried.

    I am totall a team DANIEL…..

  155. I was on team Cam at first, but then he turned out to be a pig, the bad guy, but all through the story I liked Danile, he sounded hot and sweet, it just angered me that he kept flipping her off and stuff like that, but at the end when she ran away from him cause she didn’t believe him, I cried.

    I am totall a team DANIEL…..

  156. Are we really going to take teams here? *sigh* That really irritated me about Twilight. It was a good book and I am forever Team Jasper (cuz he’s awesome) but I just really didn’t like trying to take sides and it was like Book: I’m team Edward Movie: I’m Team Jacob. It was so confusing and piontless to me. But if I have to choose…..Lets see. Cam is very nice in the beggining. He had that sweet popular bad boy aura around him. But then he was all evil. I have to say I like the way he’s sarcastic and stuff in the end of FALLEN kinda reminds me of me. >.< But also. Daniel is perfect for Luce. They have belonged together forever. He makes her happy. She is most happy and in a state of bliss when she's with him. They were meant for each other. Thats how it was, thats how it has to be. I don't really like the way Daniel sort of hides things from her. Its too Edward Cullen style for me. But I still love him. He's Sexy and Fascinating and I get the feel theres–excuse the Transformers cliche–"more than meets the eye" with him …I don't know. more to learn I guess. But I guess I can't say anything because if anyhting there's definately more to be learned about Cam. But….for now at least….I am Team Daniel. Sorry it took me a while to decide there. Hard choice.

  157. OH i’m team Daniel! eventhough i loke poor Cam, i don’t know. Daniel has been through alot, i mean everytime he loses Luce and he blames himself for it…poor imaging loving a person but not being able to be with her because you always end up killing her…that sucks

  158. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hw cn any1 choose team daniel??????????????
    he ws a sad sack losar….sooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he annoyed da crap outta me!!!n luce ws da worst……………….
    Cam totally deserves better credit!!!!he ws 100 tymzz bettr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    totally TEAM CAM 4 EVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. I was team cam but then he ended up being the bad guy so i am definately team daniel(:

  160. Team Daniel, even if he is hidiing something. I can’t stand guys that fight and that really turned me off Cam. Sorry Cam fans but Daniel is my fav. Can;t wait to read Torment and i hope they turn the books into films after Twilight dies down.

  161. Team cam cuz he is soo sweet and mysterious! i also love daniel cuz he sounds hot and Cam and him love lucy! but i think daniel is hidding something…. Cant wait till torment!

  162. i liked cam first… but after i have finished reading fallen… welll… i really LOVE CAM!!! no contest to that!!! but.. im also n luv wth DANIEL… i love both of them!!! but as of now.. im with DANIEL!!! (he’s like EDWARD, a bit.. juz a bit..) daniel daniel as of now…!!!! but..we’ll see.. maybe in TORMENT… i would love CAM more.. we’ll never knw… im definitely torn… hahahaha!!!! both fallens are drop dead handsome!!!

  163. God thats a tough one. Hmmm, I’m all team Cam cos’ he has this air of mystery about him which is pretty sexy ^.^ Also I think that he was kinda misunderstood and he genuinely loved Luce. But I’m also kinda team Daniel cos’ he and Luce are just perfect for each other, like yin and yang. But Daniel needs to explain more about himself cos’ methinks that he’s hiding something BIG! So I’m team both. I know Cam’s bad but I’m sucker for bad boys! XD

  164. I am SOOOOOOO team Daniel! He’s a HAW-TEE – N.O. 1 with a bullet! I love me some BAD-BOYS!!! DANIEL….

  165. Team Cam! Daniel’s nice and everything, but everyone knows that nice guys finish last! TEAM CAM FTW! Plus, he’s just so sarcastic and uncaring. How could you not pick him?

  166. i am totally team Daniel!!!!! He is awesome and he clearly loves Luce. He’s perfct. Cam seems like he would try to kill Luce.

  167. I am team Daniel all the way!
    He’s sweet and nice and absolutely perfect!
    Even though Cam is has a great sense of humor…. Daniel is just better.
    I can’t wait for Torment!! =)

  168. Its so hard.. i love the bad boy thing..but Danielis kind and not so ..evil.. idk its difficult.. but if i was luce i wouldnt be complaining either way!

  169. personally, i would totally go for cam. The whole innocent but bad boy (kinda like Damen from the Vampire Diaries) gets me all the time! But for Luce its gotta be Daniel, kinda like in the ‘Immortal Series’ by Alyson Noel they are just destined to be together!!!! so im TEAM DANIEL, but for ME personally <3 TEAM CAM <3

  170. Team Cam ALLLLL the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s just something about Cam that you gotta love! Whether it’s his charming personality at the beginning of the book, his gorgeous green eyes and black hair or just the fact he’s a total bad boy! Cam just blows goody-two-shoes Daniel out of the water! ^_^

  171. I think I’m team Cam, I mean, I like both of them, but Daniel gets on my nerves and his realtionship with Luce it’s pretty much Edward&Bella’s and i’m getting tired of that kind of romance.
    Cam its a bad boy, i have the feeling thats he’s with the Evil angels, but still, he’s direct, sexy and he does not get on my nerves, and i like that

  172. Team Cam *-*
    I looove his green eyes… but Daniel is cool, too…but he could be more
    sarcastic and not soooo good (in my eyes he is a real goody boy)

  173. 100% Team Cam!!!!!!
    because Daniel is like “Edward Cullen” and sorry but I HATE twilight!
    Cam is more individual!!

  174. team cam! daniel is like okay but came seems misunderstood, cool, sorta nice, and really hawt!

  175. I’m team Cam…I mean he’s like Ash in the Night JAcob in Twilight…Like DAMON in the Vampire Diaries and like Nick in the Secret Circle…he’s the 2Β° “meal”…let’s say..;) can’t wait till october! ARG!

  176. team daniel all the way!! i wasn’t sure at first when he flipped off luce when he first saw her but how he confessed at the end that he did it to protect her and he saved her from all the bad angels etc… when i read the chapter of torment and how he couldn’t see her and how he protected her by killing them men – luce is very lucky and she should stay with him, i hope she does!!

  177. Team Daniel !!!!!!! i dont care how charming cam is hes such a bad guy i cant belive that he tried to kill her well i cant relly say that cuz he is the bad guy. I wish it could be easyer for angels to kill angels but its not!!!! anyway TEAM DANIEL ALL THE WAY!!!!! love him <3 <3

  178. Ahh, who to pick? The ever so protective and perfect Daniel or the alluring yet mystifying Cam? Hard to say since I love them both! So how about Team Nothing since I can’t decide which side to choose. c : Yeah, I like that choice the bet.
    Make it a tricky course to pick Mrs. Kate but I’ll stick with being neutral. ;D

  179. haha at first i thought this was another vampire story cause cam is like jacob and daniel is like edward and because i like edward in twilight i vote daniel in fallen haha

  180. after reading the sneak peak i have to go with daniel, cam is so flippant with luce’s life and it all seems to be a game to him he enjoys killing a bit too much…were as daniel is so concerned about the love of his life it will be interesting to see what happens when luce remembers…….im not spam!!!!! im a person

  181. Team. Cam. Daniel annoys me, and he is like Peeta in the Hunger Games series. I just, he annoys me, and Cam is TOTALLY someone I would go for πŸ™‚

  182. team daniel DUUUHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! cam seem wayyyy too clingy when he’s trying to win over luce. daniel is so mysterious and hes hot! on top of everything, daniel is an ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!! cam is a fallen/evil angel. good vs bad?!?! good always wins!

  183. omg!! team daniel of course!! cam was to clingy but really really really nice!! hes aslmost to perfect on the other hand daniel was rude to luce at first but they are soul mates for cying out loud….,…..and daniel is super uper hot!! im in love with him!!! πŸ˜€ lol daniel is so romantic but cam eh… soooo i go TEAM HOTTIE DANIEL!!!

  184. Team Cam!!! I love Cam, he just seems so misunderstood. He’s a guy i would totally fall for.

  185. Team D.As in for Daniel.OMG he is just so caring, and will do anything toi protect her.Move over Edward,Stafon,Patch,Dimitri,Jacob,there a new hero in the world of the supernatural and its starts with a Capital D.DAINAL……………………….P.S. Cam is a psyco….and if book #2 gives us a moree insight on him I may change my mind about him πŸ™‚

  186. Team Daniel all the way! They’re soulmates for cryin out loud! (My friend is on team cam. shame.)

  187. Team Daniel!!! Cam is just trying to get in the way of true love. He’s a villain. Sure, the bad boy imagine is alluring, but the hot guy who can kick evil’s butt and only has pure love for the girl has to win. It’s an epic battle that he’ll never win. (Then again, this is FICTION…)

  188. Course… I’m the Daniel Team… But i like cam too… but daniel come on he soo Mysterious… and i dont compare him like edward cullen jacob, daimen stefan… wall the guys to oder books… Daniel is unique and Love Luceeeeeeeeee Ariene and Gabbe


  190. Team Daniel!!!! He’s just so amazing!!! I love how protective he gets of Luce near the end of Fallen and in the first chapter of Torment!!! Ahhhhhh I love Daniel!!! Can’t wait for Torment to come out!!!

  191. omg! Team Daniel or course, Hes meant for her! Cam is like dangerous and not good for her! Daniel was trying to protect her, and hes perfect, I sorta love him myself(: But Cam is just annoying, stupid, selfish, and thinks he can get what he wants!

  192. Team Cam. Daniel is just boring. Cam is sexy, hot and mysterious. Daniel just lays out his whole life story in one go, it’s just, ugh. Ew. Cam’s character just makes it so much more interesting, he spices up the book. Would you seriously want to read a book where Daniel and Luce just fawn over each other without interruption?

  193. I am mostly team Daniel but in a way i do feel for cam………………….. i hope torment gives us more about him

  194. Team Cam of course!!!! It’s a little bit boring the ideal love scene with Daniel and Luce. I think that Luce does have feelings for Cam, but she doesn’t really understand them yet. Moreover, the always protective character (like Daniel) doesn’t have to be the only and true love, soul mates etc….etc…..I think that it would be a nice twist if we have a love story between Luce and Cam, because it would be different from all the other endings so far!
    Cam is a mysterious character that it could be well advanced in the scenery, it’s not predictable…..but he does love Luce… seems that those two had a history together but at the end, Luce always ended up with Daniel….how about ending up that time with Cam? I loved fallen series and i think that the second book will be great and that it will have many twists. I think that angels will be the next trend in a good way, not at all like vampire stories. Sorry for my english! πŸ™‚

  195. Team Daniel! i don’t care is sweet…charming…or a total bad ass. It’s team daniel all the way πŸ™‚

  196. D-A-N-I-E-L ALL THE WAY! Luce loves him to death, and always has! AND ALWAYS WILL! Yeah daniel can get a bit annoying at times…I admit…and other times Cameron just mystifies me…BUT I STILL NEED DANIEL AND LUCE TO BE TOGETHER! F.O.R.E.V.E.R!

  197. I’m going with daniel I mean I liked cam in the beginning especially when I found out he had black hair and green eyes all the things I want in a guys looks but dudes got major anger issues and danial sweet and understanding and he can also be undpredictable u never know what your gonna get and he is’nt trying to sweet talk u like a guy that wants to get in your pants but he acts like he can be your best friend πŸ™‚

  198. TEAM CAM!!!!! I like Daniel too and I think that his love story with Luce is sooo romantic and great, but I LOVE Cam!!….

  199. TEAM CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what is up with all the team Daniel really people he is too perfect you can even read that at the end Luce has not bin telling the entire truth that Luce may be with Cam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. i cant decide yet atm im leaning more towards daniel because cam was the bad guy but i will have to judge when i read torment to really decide πŸ™‚

  201. I really think daniel is amazing, but cam is such a freaking-sexy badass! I think its super hard to choose. i really like how cam is so up forward with his feelings for luce while daniel is just like ew get away from me… but daniel is so mysterious. that makes him amazing… so… even though cam is super alluring, im team daniel.

    DANIEL!!! I love hopeless romance!!!

  202. Well it’s a pretty easy decision for me
    1. He avoided Luce at the start = hard to get = hot
    2. cam was clingy and insistent = little brother = weird
    so in total Daniel is romantic dreamy and mysterious and cam is like the little brother you really don’t want to babysit and anyway he’s EVIL

  203. TEAM CAM. He has this dark, mysterious side that gave him edge over Daniel. Good guys doesn’t seem real anymore. I mean, Daniel’s too perfect that’s why i find him boring.

  204. Definitly team daniel he just sounds so fitttt and luce is really lucky to have him. i cant belive in torment he cant talk to her because he has to protect her. AWWWWWW so romantic cant wait to read it xxx

  205. It’s really hard to choose! They both are really amazing guys who I love, but I say TEAM DANIEL <3

  206. Team Daniel for sure!!!! I mean, he’s been with this girl for centures and every time she disappears, he finds her and is still in love with her. What devotion!!! You Rock Daniel Grigori!!!

  207. Daniel is amazing. His and luce have a really strong love and i think he is perfect. Daniel loves luce more than anything and they have been through so much. They are the perfect couple. I want to know sooooo much more about all the times luce and daniel have shared together!!!


  209. Team Daniel for sure!! Cam is a fun character even tho a bit evil. but the luce daniel story is interesting i love them togather! i loved daniel especially as the first book went on. this book comes out 5 days after my b-day so getting it when its comes out!!! theres just something about daniel i like better.

  210. DANIEL!!!! Although Cam is described alot similar to some other hot guys, Daniel is mysterious but sooo romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. team danile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is sooooooooooooo goood to luce she is so lucky! cam can go back to hell! y was he ver an angel…………? NE way TEAM DANILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANILE MARRY ME!!

  212. team DANIEL!!!!! all the way!
    “the only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment.”-Daniel G.

  213. team daniel all the way!
    fallen angels kick vampires asses.
    cam is just really annoying and tries too much, but it doesnt always work..
    but daniel never really tries and always gets her attention.
    theyre meant to be.

  214. DANIEL,DANIEL,DANIEL,DANIEL,DANIEL!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (daniel soooo belongs with luce but in retern i also get cam <3)

  215. cammmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole evil thing is totally hot and it’s obvious he loves luce. besides, im into dark haired guys.

  216. team daniel they are meant to be together. cams okay but i think he is just pretending to be nice to luce so she will like him more than daniel

  217. Team Cam , because he has that misunderstood attitude, why does he act like that.
    And i do like daniel But hes hot and cold all the time, and he has secrets . Cam i just like him i always did in the beginning, he just a little crazy haha.

  218. I’m going with Team Daniel. I liked him since the beginning of the book. I’m hoping that doesn’t change in the next one. Though I am open to change if he ends up being all sinister and evil or something.

  219. Daniel all the way am a sucker for the romance although I do like cam
    he’s a bad boy but a dnt think he loves luce a think he just likes the idea of having her or winning her.. We shall see waiting for next book just over a week god help me it’s too long!! πŸ˜€

  220. Daniel!! How could you not love a guy that spends centuaries, lifetime after lifetime, keeping one girl safe? He is prepared to DIE for Luce. It’s no competition!

  221. OMG Daniel!!! Hello hes the good guy> ya know the non-evil one. lol. But anyways Daniel is so much better!

  222. team CAM!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S A HOTT BAD ASS FALLEN ANGEL LOVE HIM 4EVA!! I LOVE HIS PESONALITY i wish i were luce when he almost kissed her at the picnic

  223. daniel, duh, i mean, he needs this after all that terrible waiting. so what if cam’s bad, its not like he really loves her.


  225. at first i liked cam because daniel kept on giving luce the cold sholder but as the book whent on you start to see what cams really like; that daniel does care and that him and luce are ment to be together.

    team daniel all the way

  226. Team Daniel, all the way, he is the best! I HATE CAM!

  227. TEAM CAMMMM !!
    – i just like him better than daniel , daniel just gives me the creeps !!! daniel is hot and cold which is annoying me . AND LUCE , why cant she see that cam is there for her , and that cam never flipped her off !!!

    TEAM CAM 4EVER !!!!!!

  228. omg! theres really no contest cos its daniel grigori all the way!!!! he and luce have been together for like ever and its really sweet! so romantic wish he was real!!!!!! daniel grigori is so darn good!

  229. Danielalltheway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. Team Daniel! He has waited for Luce and the fact he wanted to stay away from her to keep her safe he shows he loves her. Cam just wants to hurt her and use her to hurt Daniel. Daniel is just the perfect knight in shining armor.

  231. DANIEL ALL THE WAY!!!!! Cam is fun and its obvious that there’s something between him and Luce, but Daniel’s loved Luce for like…EVER

  232. I’m not sure. Cam doesn’t try to hide how he acts he has nothing to hide, and then Daniel is all mysterious, and maybe being too mysterious is a bad thing, a lot of hidden secrets!!

  233. Team Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All The Way!!!
    He’s the gorgeus and good one!!!

  234. Team Daniel but I really like bad boys too so Cam but now I’m not sure how to proceed! Cam or Daniel? I can’t choose I love them both!

  235. Every girl loves herself a little bad boy in Torment Daniel shows he has it in him. Making him even more yummy……Though I could always flop I mean Cam…we all have a little demon in us right? Just no Miles for me

  236. Team Daniel.

    He is love devoted, loving caring and romantic! <3

    I do love Cam as well even though he is sort of evil. The way he acts at the start of Fallen was adorable and cute πŸ˜€

    But, still definitely team Daniel.


  237. CAM!!!!!!!! CAM!!!!!!!!!!! CAM!!!!!!!!!! He’s just Cam, he doesn’t change himself – he’s not hot one minuite and cold the other. Besided no one EVER wants to see a girl get together with the good guy, when she can get together with the sexy bad boy – who’s willing to show her his SENSITIVE side! We don’t want a predicted ending we want a CAM ending! πŸ˜€

  238. cam all the way, i always love the evil characters in books. but i think that cam should have blonde hair and daniel black, i would have worked so much better. TEAM CAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. well duh Daniel he’s the love of Luce pasts lives too
    why wouldn’t you go for the lover to love,he’s so in love with Luce and cares about her
    i mean like he put in her in a plane with the history teacher so she could be sent away to a island-tell that’s happen that happens when a guy likes you-no when a guy loves you so much he’ll wants you safe,and of course he tells you that he’ll will come for you

  240. wow i know i already posted but y y y y y Y would n e 1 wanna b team cam? he is bitch and he doenst even care about luce! daniel is cute funny handsome protective and careing! he is my future husband! look out luce! there is another human girl in town!

  241. It is so hard to pick!!! They both make my heart waver also they have many mysteries and un-answer questions about them. Cam is so cool and a bad boy, but Daniel is very sweet but is very very careful. So for right now I love them both and I be a neutral team. ^^

  242. Team Daniel…for now. I was Team Daniel after I finished reading Fallen…but after reading Torment, I think I might be rooting for Cam now..Cam does have that hot and dangerous bad boy persona going on. No matter, Daniel is still way sexier and nicer than Cam.

  243. At the moment I cant choose I will only be able to make my mind up after i read more there is still too much to go and so many answers needed before there can be clear winner. Daniel seems to love her but I cant help feel that there is more to Cam.

  244. Team Daniel….at first i was all like oh yea cam is sooo cute and romantic but then near the end when he took Luce out to that pub it made me change my mind, it changed the way i saw him, i started to dislike him for what he did…daniel however had always had that certain charm which pulls the readers toward him. He is so nice and a dream come true for many people, and he is so protective of Luce which makes him even hotter πŸ˜€
    TeaM DANIELLL!!!!!!!!!! <3

  245. Dont make me decide. I love them both soo much. For luce’s sake im team daniel but cam is soo dangously sexi and i love it

  246. Team Daniel! Im a sucker for the ultimate love, and the line”Ill always catch you when you fall” I think I almost cried when he said that I was so happy. I just feel like Luce will never love anyone the way that she loves Daniel.


  248. Personally i think miles should just jump off a bridge!!! NO ONE likes him!l! Im Team Daniel All The Way!!!!!

  249. at the moment im 100% team Daniel but im about to read torment and by the looks of it that may change! i cant wait for it to arrive!!!!!!

  250. wow!!! Sooo team Daniel hes hot and romantic and loving and sweet and amazing i like cam in the beginning of the first book, oh and Anastasia you can have miles all to yourself i call Daniel

  251. are we all forgetting that cam shot her !!! i mean surely flying after her would have been a better choice . daniel is lovely and hasn’t really done anything wrong but baby sit her a bit too much . i go for daniel mainly because i want to believe in a love like that even if its only in a book it should prosper and make little angel babies!. i like to live in fantasy for a while . dont we all .

  252. I was afraid they’ll have this team thing going on, its so twilight :I
    But I’ll choose Cam over Daniel. Just cause Cam is THE badass angel.

  253. Team Cam! He’s sooo much hotter then Daniel and let’s face it who doesn’t want the smocking hot bad boy? I mean no offense to Daniel fans but Daniel just annoys the heck out of me! I mean he tells Luce what to do ALL the time, he complains to her about her hair, he thinks he knows what’s best for her ALL the time, and when he first saw her what did he do? Oh ya he flipped Luce the fricking Bird. I mean I know he wanted her to stay away so they wouldn’t fall in love then kiss then have Luce burst into flames but Seriously dude? Anyways thats why I’m team Cam but if I couldn’t choose Cam I’d totally pick Miles. I mean he’s so sweet to Luce; not to mention he saved her life from the bad guys =). So I’m kind of tied between Cam and Miles but if I had to choose one….

    Cam it would always be Cam. πŸ˜‰

  254. daniel, all the way.
    he is mysterious, handsome, romantic, yet he has this dark edge about him πŸ™‚
    id tap tat πŸ˜‰

  255. team cam, i was daniel but cam is so dangerously sexy and he is just beautiful, he is soooo awww hes just sexy and feriosious and we all like a guy who has abs and so that means CAM!!! but im,not ditching daniel, believe me he is sexy but i never go for the bad guys so cam it is.

  256. OMG
    I dunno i like daniel but i also like cam!!!!
    daniel has pure love for luce but ther’s this side to cam which shows a fondness of love toward luce!!!
    who to choose??

  257. Team Daniel all the way! But the bad boy angel does have it goin on. hmmm…..Im just a fool for those angels!!!!!!

  258. Team Cam he’s hot, suductive, sexy, and bad he’s like Jacob from Twilight except hotter!!!!

  259. Ohmygosh.. I’m absolutely in love with Daniel. Though Cam can be charming in his own way. But I think Miles is gonna be added to the team list. Even then, Daniel can take me flying any day<3

  260. definitely think Daniel is better for Luce—LOVE him!–…. but, think Cam is more my type(except the fact that he’s on the bad side) so…. You can’t really decide if the characters are that AWESOME!!

    It’s my love forever!!! WW The team Cam!! I like yours green eyes.. <3<3<3

  262. Team Daniel all the way =D he makes mistakes but who doesn’t and he more than makes up for them

  263. team daniel but u got to love cam as well but luce is ment for daniel so ill have cam xxxx but move over team edward and team jacob ur old news now who wants vampires when u can have angels

  264. Team danie? NO!
    Team cam? NO!

    Team Miles is where its at!!!!
    (if you dont know who that is READ TORMENT!)

  265. Cam all the way <3 he's bad and cool and after reading torment , level-headed ! He shows he cares for luce by thinking ahead for her while daniel when something dangerous happens just stares and does nothing like hes sitting on a bench. Plus daniel is way too over-protective and hes hiding something BIG. Maybe Daniel isnt destined for Luce, after all 17 year gap ? Theres no way daniel could have done nothing in that time. But Cam has been around just as long as Daniel. What if Cam had fell in love with her too and the pair have been fighting over her for 5000 years ? Cam and daniel are' two sides of the same side coin' maybe daniel is bad or cam is good … i cant wait to find out what happens next

  266. Cam.
    Daniel might come off as the “good guy” but he just pisses me off with his lack of speaking to Luce about, well, anything. Hes too caught up in the past that she doesn’t even remember.
    Cam is the shit! He is defiantly misunderstood.
    I sooo so hope he a least gets a little love story with Luce. Even tho Luce will obviously end up with Daniel in the end. Unfortunately.
    Please Lauren Kate! Give Cam some action! Pleeeeeeeeease!

  267. TEAM CAM!!!!! i LOVE him! it’s all about the bad boys with the gorgeous black hair and beautifal green eyes who don’t take shit from anyone!!!!!!!

  268. Hi, I need help, because in Brazil only the fallen book was translated, even just reading this book, I became involved with the story because I have an almost equal to not be at workhouse …
    I’m in doubt, I love bad boys and Cam is perfect for this choice, but I have a certain connection to good boys, and Daniel is the guy for this problem!
    Somehow I feel that Luce will freak if you have to choose.
    But I am completely open to a team where the two part!

  269. I love Daniel but I love Cam more!!!!! Daniel is to protective. But while were talking about who is better we should throw team Miles in to! If it was between Cam, Daniel, and Miles I would choose Miles.

  270. Team Daniel i love Daniel i am so happy to being reading fallen all the all book and i think cam is cool and lcua is going to Daniel and i hope cam had lcua too and love the book. goooooooooooooooooooooo Team Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. Team Daniel! Though personally if I were in Luce’s position I would’ve fallen for Cam πŸ˜›

  272. I loved Daniel at the start, but now, all he is, is a lying jerk who hides things and won’t ever tell Luce what’s going on. where as Cam is really protecting her, and telling her the TRUTH

    i still like Daniel, but I’m going for TEAM CAM!!!

    p.s I am Kinda starting to like Miles!

  273. Oh jeez. Daniel loves her so much..but Cam seems like he wants to be with her, and that way she won’t spontaneously burst into flames or whatever. You know what? Team Miles. Because he’s flippin adorable. (;

  274. TEAM DANIEL! because he is that awesome A.K.A epic A.K.A deliciously sexy fallen angel. Cam is good in his own way but he has chosen his side. But he fine too lol. Miles is a good guy and sweet but honestly i think he meddles and pushes himself into situations he isnt needed in.


  276. Why would anyone be team Cam? He’s proven himself to be evil, even if it’s not towards Luce herself.. I’m all up for team Daniel since he seems to really love her. And let’s not forget he’s good πŸ˜€ But! Why does it say that they’re all fallen angels? Cause then… Idk. The last part confused me so much! Maybe Cam is actually good… But then why would he be the demons?

    Idk… ARGH! I hope Torment is going to end happily with Daniel <3
    [for the sake of my heart, since I take all I read to my heart]

  277. I LOVE CAM!!!! he is the bad boy type. i think he’s misunderstood and that he’s also in love with Luce and in battle with Daniel for the love of Luce. i choose Cam instead of Daniel. but Miles would definitely beat both of them. but i know i Daniel will win in the end. GO CAM AND MILES!!!!!

  278. Team Daniel but maybe theres a story behind him and Cam but still team Daniel!!!
    I want my own angel!!!!! x

  279. Definitely team Daniel! I feel bad for Cam and everything, but Daniel is still so much better!

  280. team Daniel….!!! <3
    he is soooooooooo sweet n most caring angel i've ever read about……
    can't get enough of him……
    luv u daniel………
    n m surely on TEAM DANIEL………!!!!
    <3 <3

  281. team daniel!!!!

    he is perfect..he is awsome!!..he is so protective and i believe that
    he has the best character!!he makes some mistakes but everyone makes mistakes..
    he is beautiful..he is such a good guy…i love the way he express his love for luce..
    CAM SUCKS…daniel is cute,beautiful….i can’t express what a nice person daniel is..
    he has the best character of all…i like ”the bad boys” but daniel makes me to
    change my opinion…now, i like the ”GOOD BOYS”

  282. Team Daniel all the way! He’s so cute especially in Torment. I love Cam too, he really seems down to Earth and he too clearly cares for luce but I also get “player” vibes off of him. So totally Team Daniel! <3

  283. omg!!! i love daniel but he is so over protective….so if i had to choose it would be cam!!!

  284. Team Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamam
    I like both but if I had to choose absolutely cam he is the cool guy I like guys

  285. I would have to defenately go with daniel..they are meant to be..i love the books i read both of them in 2 days! i just had to see what was going to happen! i can’t wait for passion!

  286. This is a very hard decision. I feel so incredibly sure that Daniel is hiding something big. Cam you can tell from the start isnt all good. I say they both know alot more than they tell Luce. I’d say on the scale they are equal in good and bad. I really cant choose!! I dont know enough!!

  287. team cam all the way. please lauren kate make at least a little action between luce and cam in the next book. maybe a kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. I think I would pick Cam since he is so sweet to Luce and all and I felt sorry for him in Fallen when Luce ran from him to go with Daniel in the car but then I would also pick Daniel cause he is so mysterious and all I like green eyes and guys like Cam but I also like guys like Daniel and I think he’s eye color is cool………………….. WOW this is so HARD to pick okay I’ll say I’m in the middle I need to get Torment soon I’m not even done with Fallen yet I said yet I’m gonna finish it this week

  289. Team Daniel. when i read about him and the connections with Luce i can personally feel that connection. πŸ™‚ x

  290. ZOMG I don’t know yet. I’m halfway through the book and I just got it like.. a few hours ago.

    I’m saying.. Team Cam for now.!!

    but yea, I love <333 Fallen.
    Can't wait to read it all!

    AND I LOVE YOU LAUREN KATE(not in a creepy way)

  291. Team Cam,
    he’s just … such a bad guy, gorgeously dark with humour. I liked daniel until the second book, he got so possesive and moody (i know he has good reason to.. but it got kind of repetitive)

  292. Cam~
    He is gorgeous! Green eyes, black hair! Thats just amazing!
    He is misunderstood! :[
    I would go for Miles too… He is just really nice and sweet~
    I just find Daniel over protective and always hiding something big from Luce. I know that Daniel cares for Luce a whole lot, but….. dont you think its hard for Luce to actually love Daniel? She is expected to wake up in this life and fall in love with someone she doesnt entirely know.
    I would go for either Cam or Miles!
    They are the best choice in my opinion~!

  293. although daniel id definately HOT and the good guy, something about cam appeals to me with his dark beauty and the fact that he is protecting luce- im so jealous (i know, i cant be believe im jealous of a fictional character)- means that theres more to him than what luce first thought.
    in the end im team cam.

  294. as much as i love both daniel and cam it has got to be team MILES! the custest guy ever!!

  295. How can you read the book and not be Team Daniel? Team Daniel all the way.
    So now it goes:
    Team Harry Potter (Harry Potter Series)
    Team Edward (Twilight Series)
    Team Daniel (Fallen Series)
    Team Jacob (Twilight Series)
    Team Chase (Raised by Wolves Series)


  297. I was always for Daniel but i know he’s hiding something! After reading torment and seeing the secrets he keeps hiding from her im starting to lean towards Cam!! Cam doesnt hide who he is, daniel sometime does. I dont know!! this is a tough choice!! Maybe she should choose Miles! GRRR I just dont know!

  298. team miles all the way guys πŸ™‚ but i would have to pick cam, daniel is to over protective and treats her like shes four,

  299. OMG i love these books <333 all time favourite πŸ™‚
    its so hard to pick. daniel is so carring and loves luces so much, but he is also so secretive but he does have reasons for it
    miles is the sweetest πŸ™‚ he is like her best friend but loves her and saved her life in the end :)) nawww
    and cam… well cam, he is was so sweet in fallen but in the end we see and other side of him. but i stil love cam just as much as the others
    i reckon luce should pick daniel… or miles… oh gosh its so hard. i love them all <333
    i just really hate how the third book doesnt come out till the end of next year πŸ™

  300. Im sorry but ur wrong team Cam is the best ever. yes Daniel has the whole sweet,knight in shinning armour thing going on. And Miles is the boy next door, but really Cam is the man.

  301. Team . . . . . Neither!
    Once you read Tormen you will agree with me . . . .

    Cam is hot and sweet but is evil and it kind of makes me feel bad for picking him . . . . .

    Daniel is rude and mean and moody and never there but at the sametime clingy and possesive and just plain desperate and mysterious and is annoying and honestly if he didn’t have blonde hair and violet eyes he wouldn’t even register on my radar . . . .

    But Miles . . . . Miles is sweet and kind and forgiving and really really hot . . . I just love him and would pick him over Daniel or Cam everyday . . . and he’s Nephillim!!!! Tha is so cool!!

  302. What’s wrong with y’all? Daniel is her one and only eternal love, and she, and you, will all accept that when their past is revealed and understood…which I’m waiting to understand myself. I can’t wait….literally. I’m totally dying to know.

  303. It’s so typical, you know – girls choose Daniel because he’s THE love story (just like Edward from Twilight), but they never think it through. I mean – he’s possessive and over-protective and oh-just-so-typical… While Cam is more than a bad boy – just a guy with different principals… and he always knows what he wants and what he should do next… Daniel is just another kid who wants the cute girl… And if I could chose – I would def. pick Miles. Only one sane there. πŸ˜€
    Btw, you can’t chose a team by someone being hot – it’s a sign of ignorance and superficiality . :))

  304. Cam. Think about it, Cam is going against his whole evil dude just because he loves Luce. Daniel’s whole..I didn’t want to lose you is just old. Seriously , Cam has been straight forward from the start. Daniel has been all’I want to tell you but i can’t’. It’s ridiculus. I totally understand why people would go for Daniel-the one and only love-but I can’t understand wy Luce doesn’t just wake up and realise that Cam is the one for her. I would kill for a guy like Cam adn Luce doesn’t even appriciate him, all she does is flirt with him when Daniel makes her feel unwanted(fallen)and lead him on just so she can feel special. I am team Cam and although I want him to get her it’s for his sake not her’s, SHE doesn’t deserve him.

  305. I’m from Italy….
    and I love CAM…..
    he’s dark and charming….
    I’m for cam for ever….

  306. Team Miles, because Daniel never tells her anything and Cam is evil.

    ***SPOILER*** (Fallen+Torment)

    Also, Daniel does not even listen to her friends at the very end of Torment when they say they want to help. He just rushes after Luce on his own.

    Aaand: Why did Luce not look up her history in one of the many books in angel-school? I mean, everyone besides her knows the stories, and she doesn’t even ask the others?
    Or, she could at least have askes Daniel after the fight, now that the outcasts have lost interest and they finally can spend some time together….

    What do you think?

  307. ok so 1) twilight sucks 2) Daniel forever !!!!!!! although he needs to learn to trust Luce more Cam is also ok so that i can understand that some of you prefer the danger guy thing but Mills please he so NOT!!!!!!!! and if you love this you have to read the wings searies it is so great team Tam all the way !!!!!!

  308. You know, Daniel might be possessive and over-protective, but he is her true love, obviously since they have found each other century after century. Cam was my choice until i found out what side he was on, but I don’t know I think there is more to him than being on the wrong side. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Miles might be nice but I think he is a huge WHIMP, I don’t care if he saved her, because Daniel and Cam both save her, and so do a lot of the other characters, does that mean she should fall for her friends too?
    So I am team Daniel all the way!

  309. duh!team daniel readin d bks just made ma heart melt away 2 daniel hes so cute n sweet <3 danielllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!daniel 4 eva:)

  310. No doubt about it, I’m sticking by my baby, Cam. Sure Daniels handsome and plays the tortured lover and that’s real sexy and all but-
    Cam is adventurous and funny and romantic and light as air. Who would give that up? I was never interested in Daniel he’s a buzz kill for sure. The part in Tormented when Cam holds his hands out to show Luce the blood.. “Killed ’em with my bare hands” and he smiles all sweet.. Yeah.. that’s the guy I want on my side.
    Cam has my heart and my vote πŸ˜‰

  311. OMG i love this book and i am sooooo team daniel they have a very romantic past that makes you go awwww and i think thay you are really really smart for writing these books and are you going to have these books made into movies cause if you are i think that i will go crazy and i will get really excited ily tons cant wait to read torment

  312. at first I’m so in love with Cam.and then I realized i”m also in love with Daniel..hhm. it’s hard.but i think i’m going for team daniel.

  313. Please dont do this team crud. It’s annoying. Enjoy the books, talk about the books, but remember they’re ficticious characters… we dont need to obsess over them and cause a HUGE influx of annoyed hatred like those annoying twilight books did.

    PS. Yes I love the Fallen series and I will say only that I am not the age nor the mentality targeted by the publisher. Please enjoy responsibly… and maturely.

  314. I really like Daniel, but he turns into a real jerk. Obviously it couldn’t be Cam at the end of Fallen, but in Torment, he was totally amazing. Looking out for Luce and all. Then her friend Miles is sweet. But i just feel like GET OUT OF THE WAY BOY, GO HOME, GIVE UP, SHE WAS MEANT TO BE WITH AN ANGEL! Though, they’re all good choices. I’d have to say Cam, though. I seem to have a thing for the bad boys. I mean Damon Salvatore. *shutter* He’s so damn fiiiiiiine! And Kalona from House of Night. He’s the bad guy and I like him. Though, I’m on team Stark in that series. I feel like I’m rambling. Sorry, it’s my thing…

  315. Well…
    I just don’t know. Cam is so handsome and the kind of men that we call evil (I like it), but Daniel is so cute and perfect. I can’t decide between them. Even so continue writing this incredible book, and things about these two guys. And how the love of Luce will be developed. I’m very excited to read the next book, but here in Brazil the second don’t was published yet… this is very sad…

  316. Team Cam all the way[;
    Honestly, Daniel started getting a little annoying.
    He kept way too much to himself, and he never even visited Luce that much while she was at Shoreline.
    And also, I love rockers[:

  317. Team Cam!
    He’s bad, amazing, good looking, mysterious and sexi πŸ˜‰
    I would like to read about him and Lucy connection. Of course THAT connection πŸ˜‰
    I cannot help that I love bad guys πŸ˜‰
    Och Cam…I love him! ];->

  318. TEAM ROLAND!!!! and team Arrianne…Even though they’re technically on “different” sides…they’re still a team within their own wacky uncomplicated world and seem to have a private truce with each other. LOVE THEM!

  319. do u think dimitri vankerkoven should play Daniel, enrique iglesias as Cam and kaya scodelario as Luce in the movie?
    Tell me what u think

  320. team cam,theres always something i love about that bad guy,expecially when they open up and change <33333 plus they are hotter.
    team damon on vampire diaries-stefan bores me
    team eric on ture blood he is soooo ffing hot,and he opens up
    team edward on twilight-he's so intense,jacobs too easy going and 'normal' for me

  321. Team Cam!
    He’s WAY more amazing and WAY more gorgous than Daniel! Plus, he has the added benifit of not being annoyingly secritive!

  322. CAM, sorry but he’s a proper bad boy and the description makes him a bit fit. Plus, he has green eyes. I like green eyes πŸ™‚

  323. I’m team Cam at least for now. He is a rocker and as I pictured him, he is amazing. Daniel seems to be very correct and perfect.

  324. Totally team Daniel, He still has the choice of which side he wants to take, and he has loved Luce for thousands of years, Nothing beats a love that strong, not even her death’s.

  325. I am not all the way through the book but the way cam is… Is so not cool! All the fights he gets into! Plus Daniel is so much cooler and hotter! He has that sexy secretive bad ass thing going on! Plus he kicked cams ass when they fought over Luce in the library!

  326. OBVIOUSLY TEAM CAM. Daniel is a whiney little boy, and after reading Torment, I only grow to dislike him more, as well as Luce. (Most annoying female character on the face of the planet) & Cam is unpredictable and REAL and probably the most diverse character in the whole story. Cam is sexy, confident, and charming while Daniel on the other hand… yes, he may be good looking, but he is so flat. The only thing keeping me slightly interested in him, is to figure out who Luce really ends up being with. & I really dont understand why Luce keeps shutting down Cam, when he’s not the enemy at this point. Get real. I would take Cam any day.. whether he was drunk at the bar.. or sober and smoldering. πŸ™‚

  327. All I know is cam is a major jerk!!!!!! I can’t believe he is this evil! At first I thought he would be one of the good guys! But no he has to try to kill Luce I really don’t like him now!!!!!!! I’m also really mad at stupid Luce for not believing Daniel! God this book is exciting! I’m all for team Daniel! For now at least until I get into the second book? GO TEAM DANIEL!!!

  328. I Just feel like rambling on.. so here we go! πŸ™‚ & staying on the topic of Luce…. there were many times throughout this book where I literally felt like pitching it in a bonfire because of Luce’s utter STUPIDITY. I honestly think my blood pressure raised every time she spoke. She may be written as a “book smart” character, but she has no common sense in my opinion. I mean her rationalization for jumping through space and time, and leaving shorline on multiple ocassions makes me want to throw acid on her face. & Yes, although Daniel will unfortunately end up being with her (so predictable) they can atleast not be such an overpoweringly dumb couple. (if you didnt get it the first time: I HATE luce as well as Daniel)

  329. Team Daniel; I’m a little skeptical about Cam. The only thing he has going for him is that charm of his.

  330. Out of the 2, I’d have to go with Cam… he’s not as annoying as Daniel & does seem to make an effort, however slight, to fill Luce in on what’s going on. Everyone KNOWS that she’ll end up with Daniel which is for the best since Cam can do so much better. And then there’s Miles…poor, sweet Miles…He has true & deep feelings for this idiot girl (God only knows why). She should consider herself LUCKY she snagged a kiss from him as he is entirely too good for her. Honestly, forget the other 2, I’m TEAM MILES!!!

  331. As much as i love Daniel, im going with team Cam. I love Daniel but i LOVE Cam even more. He is just so sexy and i dont know the bad guy is always the one i usually choose the amazing hot bad person and anyways after i read torment i wanted to slap Daniel soo hard. He is so annoying but Cam was sooooooo much more amazing in the first book. GOOO TEAM CAM!!!!!!!!

  332. I like Daniel, Cam and Miles πŸ™‚
    Cam is a evil boy, Luce could be happy with Miles, but she doesn’t love him.
    I think Luce should be with Daniel, because they’re in love. True Love.


    Team Daniel πŸ˜‰

  333. i dont know what team i thought i was team cam in book #1 but then in torment i really couldnt decide because i dont know alot about cam in that book so right now i am team…miles!…well not really still undecided haha

  334. now i want to chose cam but then i think about how he “enjoys” killing and daniel is just to annoying at times but the fact that luce feels so much more love for him makes me want to pick him so again i am undecided

  335. Team Miles! He truly loves Luce and in the final battle of Torment he’s the only one who really does something concrete for Luce, he succeeds in saving her life only thanks to his pure and sicere love! I hate Cam ’cause he prefers to kill Luce rather than to fight for her and Daniel doesn’t seem so desesperate when cam kills the false Luce…

  336. uhh team CAM all the way. Daniel was kinda cool in Fallen and then was just plain stupid in Torment. Trying to control Luce and change her into someone she isn’t. at least Cam treated her all right and protected her several times in Torment XD oh i’m also on team MIles!!

  337. OMGGG! They both remind me so much of Vampire Diaries, because like Cam is like played off as the evil guy in the begging but he flirts with the main lady at first ( just like damon!! ) and daniel is just like stefan, the good guy whose in love deeply with the main character. Anyway, aside from that theory…i’d have to say im mostly team both, but i like cam a BIT more πŸ˜€ I mean Cam is soooooooo HAWT =3 !! And so is daniel, but like Cam is just amazing =) WE NEED MORE CAM LOVERS!!

  338. omg im so team daniel i can picture him in my mind but cant wait to see what he actually looks like….

  339. im kinda team cam as he is bad and i like bad boys i cant help it im also team cam because of his hair colour i love dark hair on men x

  340. oh btw im
    team cam ( fallen/torment, lauren kate)
    team patch ( hush hush/crescendo, becca fitzpatric)
    team zed ( finding sky, joss stirling)
    team alex ( angel, R J Wetherly)

  341. Daniel. Cam is evil and would sooner kill luce himslef then let her be with daniel, and what is wrong with people and bad boys? HELLO?! this is the twenty first century people, if they’re bad, more than likely, THEY WILL NOT CHANGE NO MATTER HOW PRETTY YOU THINK YOU ARE.

  342. None *rolls eyes* Daniel is a self-absorbed asshat who got the girl he loved killed thousands of times over and evidently DIDNT REALIZE THE CONNECTION! Also he thinks he owns her which is just not right. Cam is funny, but he doesnt do it for me. Miles all the way πŸ˜›

  343. C’mon people, what’s not to love about Cam!!! He’s dark and mysterious, has gorgeous eyes and even his NAME is sexy!!!!! Cam, Cameron. He’s just tooooo hot!!!!

    And Daniel’s cool too I guess, I like him and all……….I just think Cam’s better ;D

  344. Hi, I’m back, believe it or not but still could not choose between Daniel and Cam .. I read the book for the 1st time in a week, and I was so thirsty for more and more of the book that I reread 10 times … I stopped only because my friend asked borrowed still got a fear of something happening to borrow and book -“My precious”- which lent only after she swears that nothing would happen to him! I can’t wait to arrive soon Torment, because with this delay is a torment even have to wait! Somebody help me I’ll die if I did not read urgent !

  345. TEAM DANIEL ALL THE WAYYY :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Can NOT wait for Passion this summer!!!!!!!!!! So totally, psyched!

  346. Ohh, I like Cam, but yea, he is evil so….maybe he’ll find someone else! I don’t know! It’s just so hard! Yes, Cam’s name is very sexy, but Daniel’s is too! Oh my, I just can’t choose….Ahhh, although I kind of prefer Daniel, I just feel like Cam needs a chance too!

  347. TEAM DANIEL! Well in Torment, when Miles made a reflection of Luce just to save her from Outcasts, Cam shot an arrow on Luce’s reflection (though they thought that was really Luce). Then Cam told Daniel that it was a better end for her. If Cam really loves Luce, he’d never do that even if it’s really a better end for her. GO TEAM DANIEL! Can’t wait for Passion. Daniel’s gonna look for Luce! ^^

  348. I think Cam and Daniel have their up sides and down sides.
    I am team Miles, he is so cute and he totally loves Luce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. HELLO PPL! it obviously going to be team cam… Bad boy, Dark hair, not over protective ( like daniel)…

  350. Cam all the way baby! He has the bad boy image I always wanted, he’s also a rocker. But I love Miles too. In Fallen team Cam & in Torment team Miles! Cant wait for Passion coming out this summer!

  351. hhmmmm ima have to go with hmm….DANIEL i mean seriously wuts not to like about him expestially in falllen the begganing is awsome well.. atleast to me but then the middle even better how he just keeps leaving her at that lake… u just never exspect wut hes going to do next whitch is totally awsome to me ..ohh an plus hes super sexy ;););)

  352. I have to say i do like dark hair on men, but I’m going to be Team Daniel all the way… theres just something about Daniel that calls to me… cams cool and everything, but Daniels so much more mysterious…. gotta love that about a guy…

  353. Cam. No contest. There is always something so much more fascinating about the bad guy. Cam is a very interesting guy. Sure, I love the fact that he has black hair and green eyes but there is more to him than just his looks. I really hope that Cam still loves Luce. They didn’t portray him as a love interest to her in Torment, which was kind of a downer. When I read the inside of the front page when they said maybe she was made to be with someone else, I thought for SURE that she was supposed to be with Cam. I think that Daniel is definitely hiding something having to do with Cam. Maybe Cam had fallen in love with her and he had fallen because of it and they had a life together but then Daniel fell in love with her too and somehow this whole thing started with the reincarnation and her loving Daniel. Maybe, the whole bursting-into-flames thing with Luce being with Daniel is a curse because the person she was made to be with is Cam. Hasn’t anyone wondered why Luce always burst into flames when she kissed Daniel? I think it is a serious possibility that she was made to be with Cam.

  354. Team Cam, all the way 101 percent! Daniel just stinks of goodness. Can’t he just live life? =) Cam, on the other hand, is the perfect bad boy for all girls.

    Cam Rocks, Daniel Reeks and Miles can be either! =)

  355. ofcourse team daniel….cuz he is damn hot….n he can sacrifice himself just to keep luce alive…..i kinda like cam too is damn hot….but i prefer good angels… <3

  356. dude totally Daniel. But i gotta amitt they are both gorgeous. Damn. But still i would go for Daniel.

  357. I’m actually rooting for Cam. dark hair + green eyes; such a great combination that goes with the name Cam :))

    well, daniel is fine… i guess

  358. Cam..I can’t help myself when it comes to the bad boys and especially since he has dark hair (always irresistible)!! I had hoped Cam had a bigger part and applied to the quote “What if Luce is really meant to be with someone else?”from the inside of the cover of the book, Torment. Oh well I loved the book anyway:))

  359. Cameron all the way!

    In the next book I would really like to find out why did Cam try to seduce Luce and how long has he been in love with her, or was he really in love with her….

    More Cameron in the next book and lighten up his and Luce’s relationship a little bit more…

    I think it’s amazing what a wonderful character he is ( my number 1 favourite from all the rest of them) and I would like to see him and Luce have some interesting past and future πŸ˜‰

    Prettttttttty pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  360. uughh a tie between cam and miles!!! i dont like daniel…. but since it’s out of cam or daniel cam all the way!!

  361. daniel. i totally agree with the ” unknown person” wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if there bad they stay bad!! cant wait 4 passion πŸ™‚ lauren kate rocks

  362. wll cam is sexy and dangeros which is both good and bad and daniel is hot but keeps to many secretts frim luce they are both trying to protect her but which one would ir be i need ot read the 3 book i nedd to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so bad

  363. Team Cam πŸ™‚
    Dark hair is way sexier.
    But mainly because she’s “supposed” to be with Daniel. Which makes me want her to go in the OPPOSITE direction. Where’s the fun in doing what you’re suppose to do all the time?

  364. OH! And I wish Cam had been more in the picture in Torment…not Miles. Miles just doesn’t do much for me. Probably because he’s not an angel…

  365. Team Miles. It used to be team Cam. But then he got evil. It used to be Team Daniel, but then he got possessive. Miles all the way. πŸ˜€

  366. Team Daniel!!!! He is going into their past lives to find her! and TEAM CAM! because he is the sexy, dark, and dangerous boy that is to yummy to pass up. πŸ™‚

  367. Um Daniel all the way. He is so cute how he always tries to hide from her so she doesn’t have to die! Also how he would do anything to keep her safe. He is also so mysterious, caring and sweet. He might have some flaws but you can tell that he will love Luce forever <3.

  368. for cam it should be andy sixx from the band of black veil brides hes perfect bcuz cam is in the darkside .mostly wearn black all the time jjust like andy sixx(black veil brides πŸ˜›

  369. To anyone who hasn’t read the second book in the series yet… your thoughts on Cam and Daniel may drastically change. I don’t think I’m on a team anymore… if I had to pick… I’m on Team Luce! Just tell her what she doesn’t know already guys!

  370. TEAM FRICKIN DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cam and Miles get onmy nerves. Though I kinda give Miles credit in Torment!!

  371. I honestly can’t decide! In the first book Daniel practicly didn’t want anything to do with Luce till the end of the book,and Cam seemed like the best one. Its hard to choose =)

  372. i love Daniel he is the best, so sweet but i hope read more about him in passion.
    team Daniel of course !!!

  373. OMG team Daniel! He’s the type of guy every gurl wants!
    On the other hand Cam is dark and mysterious!
    (But, he shot Luce … and he says he “loves her”)
    But, Miles is really sweet!
    Come on, so many good choices!
    Any way like i said TEAM DANIEL!!

  374. Team Daniel, ’cause as told by Cam himself, for him, Luce is JUST a game, while for Dan, it isn’t the same way, he would give up his own ‘life’ to save her.

  375. Do I have to pick a team?!?! I really can’t decide! I mean both of them are SO HOT! In fallen i loved everything about Daniel,but thought Cam was way more intersting. Then in Torment, i thought both was being abit of an asshole.IDK maybe i’m more team Daniel just because he’s the good angel that’s willing to do anything for luce. Plus i love the thought of purple eyes it’s just so different and sexy all at once!

  376. Oh, I love Cam. He is my favorite character, but I don’t think him and Luce belong together. I couldn’t care less about Luce and Daniel – Cam all the way (:

  377. LIKE omg DANIEL alll the way he is like a total dream come true. Cam tries to win luce by charm and power but.. But it is always love at first site.. MIles on the other hand Gets to involved with luce and irritates me because he knows that daniel and luce are meant to be so..

  378. TEAM DANIEL!!!! come on guys!!! cam is evil! he practically controls darkness in an “i want to rule the world” kind of way and daniel practically controls light in an “I want to protect the world” kind of way! Its like choosing evil or good? which one is it? all you seem to care about is loooks and the whole “bad boy” act!!!!!

  379. Team Daniel, Never ever Cam, but Miles is so much worse, I hate Miles forever, Daniel just loves her so much I think they are destined for eachother, The best couple I have ever read of. They are amazing I love the books.

  380. totly team cam hello hes hot th green eyes n dark hair n him n luce wud be better together
    i luv cam xoxo

  381. TEAM DANIEL all the way he dosent care if he breaks the rules gets demoted fron his high position in heaven all he wants is luce.and hes super hot.but cam is sexy dark and totally bad but i still like daniel best

  382. Hmm.. well I honestly cant decide. I adore Daniel and Cam .. for 1, Daniel.. he loves Luce. But I dislike how he’s keeping secrets from Luce, then again.. it is for her own benefit, for he’s afraid if she is told too much she may burst into flames. 2, I’d say Cam.. but I still dont know if he truely did love her. For instance, he did try to seduce her.. and in the novel, Torment he did shoot her reflection, not knowing it was her.. But I suppose.. I am on team Daniel.. Also, Lauren Kate, you’re an astonishing author. I love your books and I cant wait until Passion comes out. <3;'

  383. Okay so a lot of people like Daniel, but Daniel needs to spill the full truth and stop lieing. I am team Cam, what can i say. I have a soft spot for Bad boys. Also Cam has NEVER lied to luce, maybe he skipped around the truth but he didn’t lie like Daniel is. I can’t wait to read Passion, im team Cam/Miles both of them could make Luce happy.

  384. I like Daniel’s personality and i love that he is prince charming over and over again but i like Cam’s hair color<<<<3

  385. Team Daniel!! I think that this book is soo good that it sould become a movie!…except that i would have to buy a ticket to audition for Arriane…she is so cool that i would love to play her!

  386. by buy a ticket i mean an aeroplane one so i can get to USA…even though i’ve been there before!

  387. I like Daniel and everything, i think him and Luce are cute but…
    TEAM CAM all the way β™₯β™₯β™₯.

  388. cam, Cam, CAm, CAM!!!
    He was intrested in Luce in the beginning and Daniel wasn’t. Giving Luce his Guitar pick how romantic is that(L). I want a guy like that where can I find him(L).
    xxx me

  389. Team Daniel. He’s the one who’s loved her from the begining and cam is a bad guy. I do think that Daniel is a bit self absorbed but he dose genualy love her as cam dosnt love her as much and probobly couldn’t ever. But that’s just my opinion. Can’t wait for passion to come out.

  390. I don’t know because just when you think you can trust Daniel luce seems to find out more about her past . But both Daniel and Cam are stuck in like th 19th century and treat luce like some damsel in destress. I know Cam doesn’t really treat Luce the way he should but I’m a sucker for a bad boy. So team Cam

  391. cam, the sexy beast!! :*
    bad boys all the way & tbh, I wouldn’t want him any other way πŸ˜‰
    daniel is just pathetic.

    and btw, WHY wasn’t cam in torment?? :O Biggest. Let-down. Ever.

  392. Neither :/
    I like Miles!!!!
    Although, in Fallen, I guess you could say I would be for Daniel….. But I’m team Milles all the way :3
    Hes not the bad boy (Like Cam) and hes not the over protective- Must- be- with -Luce- in every- life -she- has- Kind of guy.(Daniel)
    Love Ya Milesβ™₯ ;3

  393. team Cam. idk, i like mysterious guys+guys with dark hair.. and daniel just seems too perfect to me

  394. Cam is and always will be my favorite. Daniel is okay but I think he is a selfish jerk for always making Luce burst into flames. She has FAMILY who LOVES her just as much as he does. Imagine how they feel about her death! Daniel should have let her live her life! She never even made it past 17! I can’t even talk about Miles. He pisses me off. He makes Daniel look like an angel (no pun intended) to me. He knows full well that she is with Daniel and he goes and kisses her. What the hell? He’s trying to be with a girl who already has a guy! Again: WHAT THE HELL? Sorry, I just can’t stand the guy…If there is anything you should know about me it is that I always fall hard for the bad guy. ALWAYS. Doesn’t matter who he is or what he has done, the bad guy always catches my interest and pulls me in. So obviously, I was immediately drawn to Cam. Black hair and green eyes is a perfect combination. But looking past his features, Cam is freakin’ bad-ass! He is confident, cocky, dark, evil, mesmerizing, and alluring. Now that is one hell of a combo. I have a gut feeling that Luce was never supposed to be with Daniel. That maybe she was supposed to be with Cam. Here is my theory: Cam was an angel. Luce was a human way back in the day when she was first born (before all of the reincarnations). Cam fell in love with her and fell from heaven to be with her. They had some kind of powerful, loving, romance (can’t go into all the details. It would go on ALL day. Yes, I imagine their life together). It was absolutely perfect. She fell for him too. They were madly in love. He proposed to her. All was well. Then somehow she gets fatally injured. Cam holds her in his arms before she dies and tell her that he will never forget her. The angels thought Cam and Luce had such a heart-rending romance that they decide to keep reincarnating her so that Luce and Cam can reunite. The next time she reincarnates and before Cam can find her, Daniel has his eyes set on Luce. He falls just like Cam and they fall in love before Cam finds her. But since she was only reincarnated to be with Cam, she bursts into flames every time she falls for Daniel. Eventually, Luce can’t ever remember being with Cam and she only can vaguely remember being with Daniel now. That is why Cam hates Daniel. He is furious that Daniel has the love of his life. He sided with the devil because of his anger. It makes sense. On the inside cover of Torment it says that when searching in her past she will find that Daniel is hiding something. That maybe she was supposed to be with someone else (*cough cough* CAM!). When she first went to Swords & Cross, Cam was staring at her and introduced himself and she felt a pull towards him. Obviously, Cam loves her. What reason does he have to love her and have his eyes set on her if he never knew he before then?I think he’s fighting for her because he wants, no, needs, her back. It all makes sense! I believe with every fiber of my being (yeah, I’m being dramatic. Deal with it) that Cam and Luce belong together and that Cam hates Daniel for taking her away. I stick by this theory! Why would Luce want Daniel or Miles when she can have Cam? CAM AND LUCE ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!

  395. Yes, I’m back after my long comment including my theory of how Cam and Luce should be together. I just want to point out that is seems painfully obvious that she will end up with Daniel and that they will live happily ever after. It’s just too obvious. I have a gut feeling (yes, another one) that maybe Luce will throw us all off guard and she’ll end up with Cam! πŸ˜€ Yeah!……… that’s just me hoping she won’t end up with Daniel or Miles (God, I hate Miles so much. SO. MUCH. Thought I’d just point that out xD). IT’S JUST TOO OBVIOUS THAT SHE WILL BE WITH DANIEL. SHE NEEDS TO END UP WITH CAM!!!!! I really hope that there is an interesting (and hopefully romantic) past between Cam and Luce. I’m crossing my finger! Bad boys for life! πŸ˜‰

  396. Definitly Daniel, no doubt about that. IΒ΄ve understood that situacion where your drawn to someone like Cam for his charm but in the end the right guy is Daniel. Daniel is loving and athough it sometimes seems differently he does it because of his strong love for Luce. And him being an angel, you canΒ΄t understand his type of love because I imagine it to be beyond human understanding!!! Plus the way you imagine his wings its kind of irresistable!!

  397. Cam and Luce are meant to be together. It’s that simple. Any argument is invalid! Daniel is hiding something big as in that Luce and Daniel aren’t supposed to be together. He knows she’s supposed to be with Cam. In Passion I really hope there’s history between Luce and Cam. Oh please let them be meant for each other. (By the way, Miles can jump off a bridge for all I care!) A guy who kills people with his bare-hands and can be uninjured after and smile about it is my type of man. I have a feeling that Cam and Damon Salvatore would get along so well….if you haven’t noticed, I’m Team Cam! Forever and always! and Luce, PICK CAM!

  398. I am soo team Daniel!!! I am currently reading Torment and it is awesome!!!!!! I am about half way through the book and I am constantly sitting on the edge of my seat!!!!

  399. I love Lauren Kate she is a true inspiration <3
    I can't decide between Cam and Daniel D:
    But I'm deffo Team Arriane πŸ˜€

  400. TEAM CAM!!!!
    ok, so daniel is luces true love, always be together, match made in heaven blah blah blah. daniel is a selfish d*ck, come on, how is it true love. he always ends up killing her, she doesen’t even live past 17 for GOD’S sake. she has FAMILY and FRIENDS that love her way more than daniel does. everyone knowe’s the saying, “IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING SET IT FREE” did he get it mixed up with “IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING KILL IT SO NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE IT” or something. then there’s the looks, personily i prefer the bad boy, black hair, green eyes look. still, blond hair, and grey/violet (not sure which) eyes sounds hot too but daniel needs to cillax and have a laughth like cam, he’s too serious. THEN THERE’S MILES oh GOD don’t get me started, he is seriously enoying, and when he kissed luse HOW DARE HE, everyone knows she is with daniel (but should be with cam) and that they are (apparently) in love and are (not) meant to be together blah blah blah. anyway deffently team cam. but it’s painfully obvious that luce is going to be with daniel because she is soooooo anoying (infact mabye she should be with miles) and stupid. and she thought cam was anoying, the stupid b**ch, he was being sweet and thoughtful. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr she gets on my nerves aswell as miles and daniel. BUT cam’s not perfect either, man, i carn’t believe, in torment, that he shot the prodjection/holligram/watever thing of luce. he didnt really know that it wasn’t her and he could have killed her. well, compare that nearly killed her once to the THOUSANDS of times daniel has actually killed her. SO yeah i wouldnt want to date a murderer. i would prefer a NEARLY murderer.
    so back to the point, TEAM CAM no IF’S about it.

  401. Team Daniel all the way! I love the idea that there really is a soul mate out there for you that you meet over and over again in each new life. It’s not Daniel thats killing Luce. It’s the powers above who aren’t happy with their love. I think in one way it’s sweet and romantic that they always meet even when he’s tried so hard to keep away from her to save her and himself, she somehow finds him even though she doesn’t know she’s actually looking.

  402. What happened to Team Miles? Not that I’m on his team, just curious. I am torn. I can’t pick at all. Cam is like my dream guy except for the being a demon part, I think he’s better looking than Daniel. Daniel is so in love with her and tormented (ha ha see what i did there? tormented.) and you can’t help but swooning over him cuz he really cares and is gorgeous. Then there’s Miles. He’s too sweet for words and cute. He loves Luce for who she is presently and doesn’t pressure or question her. Huh. . . They’re all amazing.

  403. Team Daniel all the way! I mean all of their past and how much he has gone through to just be with her. They are so in love you can feel it through the text in both books. It’s so adorable it makes me want my own Daniel! <3

  404. Cam he is definitely a huge cat, very romantic, and educated other than Daniel. Cinceramente can not think of Daniel. I think I agree with the girl above Cam loves Luce and they must stick together

  405. i was deff goin for cam at the start cause he was sooo sweet and daniel was being such an ass…but after the insident at the bar and all the fighting i was goin for daniel!!!!! but it was obvious that daniel and luce were goin to end up together..but still the books are great and i culdnt put em down!! cant wait for passion to cum out!!!

  406. Nononononn….. I am neither…. Don’t make me choose and DONT MAKE IT SOUND LIKE TWILIGHT!!!!!

    I want her to be either with Miles or Daniel…

    Daniel because they’re destined for one another but there are twists.. It’s like, maybe this time Luce and Daniel are better off without each other… And there comes Miles… =D

  407. I like both. Actually, I like everyone from the book. I love this book and I can’t wait for the movie! Here in Brazil we love Lauren Kate! We can’t wait for Torment!

  408. I love both of them but if I have to choose … Cam! he is the perfect guy. I love Daniel too but heΒ΄s diferent

  409. cant decide
    probley CAM!!!!!!!!!
    out of the girls though..
    always Arriane!!!!!!!!!!!

  410. I don’t know… πŸ˜€ Ilike both. No no no Danielll… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Because they have very long history. And i don’t like Miles… Actually i like Miles but i don’t want see together Luce and Miles.. πŸ˜€

  411. Both!!! don’t make me pick πŸ™ i can’t choose! just not miles though- i love cam and daniel! πŸ˜€

  412. team CAM all the way. the only reason i would choose team daniel is so that i can have cam all to myself

  413. OMGGGG TEAM DANIEL ALL THE WAY!!!! I love your books and iv read all of them and this series rules. I loved fallen cause there were so many danile and luce moments. Cam is hot, but not for luce, maybe another girl. Daniel and Luce are like the perfect couple. Miles just ruined it but you can’t blame him. TEAM DANIELLLLLLL!!! <3 πŸ˜€

  414. I’m so TEAM DANIEL!!!! He cares for her so much and you can just picture them being together!

  415. I pick Daniel. Becasue Daniel is good and makes choices with his hear and wants the best for the world and Luce.

  416. This is a difficult decision. For one, I have a compliant. Where was Cam in Torment? I mean, I understand she was off at school and he wasn’t with her…but why is Daniel there every freaking second? Don’t get me wrong, I love Daniel. I just feel as though Cam should be able to get “in there” as well. Also, why so much hate for Miles? I think Miles is nice, and cute. I don’t think he should end up with Luce, but I like him. I have a little thing for bad boys…I admit this to be true. But the whole protector thing is hot as well. I like Cam. A lot. And I like Daniel a lot too–but he was really annoying me in the latest book (Torment). So as of now, I’m not so sure. I do want there to be more scenes/action with Cam. I feel as though we don’t know him well enough–or at least, that Luce doesn’t. Once that occurs, I can make a definite and final decision. But as of right now I am still aboard the fence, being able to sway in the wind with the future book releases and the information within those.

  417. Team Cam. Only because hes so mysterious. I still think Daniel is hot though. But Cam was hardly in Torment!!! πŸ™

  418. the first time i read the book, its was a great novel., and for the team?., i think i would love them both πŸ™‚ as long as they want the best for Luce πŸ˜€ but if ever, Luce would ask me who would she pick?., i’ll tell her its daniel πŸ™‚

  419. pfft team Cam. duhh hes the sexiest man alive!! i could care less what side he’s on πŸ˜‰

  420. I really don’t mind here! I love Daniel because he is so sweet and kind and beautiful but Cam sounds so sexy and mysterious and he is is bad ass! Every girl in the is in love with a bad boy! I hate Myles he does my heading!!

  421. Team Daniel. And anyway is there even going to be a movie. Everyone who loves the fallen series, check out the halo series. Its so good

  422. For Luce, I would have to say Daniel and the same for me:)
    He seems sweet and clean cut, but he still has a mystery to him that makes me think of him as ‘perfect’. It’s just the picture in my head that I have of him:)

  423. Neither. I’m team Miles. If you consider the story though I think there is a good chance that Luce may actually deserve to be with Cam! I just think there is something huge we don’t know about Cam and Luce. And something huge Daniel is keeping from her. However I also think that maybe Luce and Daniel really do deserve a proper chance to be together. After all Daniel does really love her and would do anything for her. So all in all I’m indecisive about Cam and Daniel until I know more. I also do really think Miles is awesome with Luce!

  424. i really hate to choose but Daniel oh wow… he is just so amazing gosh i dream about him 24/7 and he is in a book but he is every girls dream right a good angel with wings and he is hot….

  425. At the moment I have no idea who to choose!
    Daniel is the protective one, he has loved Luce for eternity (and probably will keep on loving her). But his habit of treating her like a child is really irritating. I know there are things he can’t tell her, and that she has to find out on her own. But, why not just tell her that or something. He obviously can’t go into any details but…
    And why does he always act surprised by the fact that she will pput herself into danger. If he has known and loved her for thousands of years, you’d think he would know that without a damn good explanation, she won;t just sit by and do nothing!
    Although on a more positive note, he does have his good moments πŸ™‚
    I just think theres more to the story, like with her and Cam. You can’t really get much from him cos he has that mysterious thing going on. But its obvious theres a history there and I’m really excited to find out what it is.
    Can’t wait til next year πŸ™‚ Lauren Kate, your an amazing writer…thank you πŸ™‚ xxx

  426. i am soooo team CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though i prefer Daniel for Luce.. and Cam for ME!!!! ^_^
    luvluv Fallen!!!!

  427. I totally think daniel Is amazing, he’s hotmazing!!!he’s soo mysterious and honest and sooo filled with passion!!!!! soo I have to say TEAM DANIEL ALL THE WAYYY!!!!!

  428. TEAM CAM!!!! Danial pisses me off. hes wayy too urrgh, idk how to explain it, he annoys me -.-
    cam has the perfect combo for looks and i love his bad-ass edgy personality. luce can have dan… GIMME CAM <3

  429. I am totally on Daniels side. I am 13 and i think fallen and torment are the best books i have ever read. Dont stop writing!!!

  430. OMGOSH, what kind of question is that? Team CAM of course.
    But I also wouldn’t mind Luce choosing Daniel.
    As for Miles. I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He stands in the way. I perfered the Cam-Luce-Daniel triangle. Not the Daniel-Luce-Miles.

    But yea. I cast my vote for CAMERON BRIEL<3

  431. DEF. CAM BRIEL<<33

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    team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM
    …………………….don't get me wrong, ILOVE Daniel too, but I like C.Briel alittle more As for Miles, he can dissapeatr for all I care. I HATE HIM SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. He stands in the way between CAM and DANIEL ever having to be together…………so yea…………………………………………………
    team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM
    team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM
    team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM
    team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM
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    team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM
    team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM team CAM

    team Daniel? WHY NOT
    team Miles, HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    team CAM? DEFINETLY ;D

  432. I’m totally on TEAM DANIEL!!!!!!!!!! I would live and fight for as long as I can if there’s any guy out there like HIM… I LOVE DANIEL and I hope Lauren Kate gives them a FANTASTIC happy ening !! muah!!! Go Team DANIEL!!!!

  433. Team Miles! Daniel is annoying. Everything Miles said about relationships was true. Also, he’s really sweet. But then again, the nice guys never get the girls.
    Daniel- O gosh. idk i never really liked him. from the day he gave her the finger, i wanted to jump in the book and whoop his ass for her lol. STOP KILLING LUCE DANIEL! πŸ™‚
    Cam- *swoons* lol … I loooove him… I started off liking him more than Danielle but then I was confused whether he actually liked Luce or not. In Fallen, he started off making it obvious that he wanted her, then he went all evil. Now that the truce is up will he whoop Daniels ass and make Luce fall in love with him, or will he try to kill her again? =/

  434. i’m team Daniel, i wouldn’t go with Cam… becuase didn’t he try to kill luce, even though it was miles. DOES THAT NOT MAKE YOU THINK! lol πŸ™‚
    I love Daniel!!!

  435. The thing im having the most trouble with is that we dont know the whole story. Daniel is sweet and loves Luce so much, you can tell but he acts as if we doesnt know her at all, hes surprised by so much that Luce does but yet hes supposed to have known her forever.
    But yet theres Cam, and as cocky and arrogant his character sometimes be it kind of seems like an act and that theres an underlying kindness and that hes hiding it because hes been hurt. I feel that we dont know everything about him and that theres probably a history between him and Luce.
    ahah so i think im team Cam, but that could change i guess.

  436. Before Torment, I would’ve told you Team Cam, but now I can tell he is the wrong choice. I can’t decide between Miles or Daniel, the best friend, or the perfect guy?

  437. wow, hard to chose, cam is so sweet and romantic, but daniel is so clever and passionete, hmmm honisty i have to chose cammy

  438. Of course team Daniel! Their history together and actually having a chance to be together now? SO romantic!!! Cam is just TOO full of himself! Daniel actually cares and is just wonderful all the time! πŸ™‚

  439. Neither!
    Team Miles :DDDD
    He`s nice, has the best personality, good looking, willing to risk his safety for Luce`s and totally has the whole boy next door thing going on πŸ™‚
    Him and Luce are sweet together.
    Don`t get me wrong, I think the epic love story of Daniel and Luce is beyond sweet, its just in Torment he really annoyed me. He was always so judgemental and forceful. It was all for Luce`s protection, but I took a serious distaste to him doing it.

    Cam, is the bad boy, the hotty, but I have to agree that there perhaps is a backstory where Cam and Luce were together? Apart from that he and Luce [unless theres some twist of fate/ magic] are not a good mix.

  440. Team Daniel All The Way.!!!! He Wuldd Rather Die Then See Luce Die Like All Her Other Past Lives….Nd Plus Ii Thnk Its Interesting How Luce Has All These Past Lives Where Daniel And Her Are Always 2getha Its Sooooo Romantic

  441. Team Miles all the way. He’s dependant, nice and a lot more honest than Daniel or Cam. He also did everything he could to protect Luce while Cam didn’t, and Daniel has killed her 1000’s of times.

    All in all, it’s a pretty easy choice. Why stay with the guy who says you’re his ‘true love’ but couldn’t, not for one life time, stay away to protect you from a fiery death?

  442. Go away Miles. You are getting on my nerves. How many men does Lucifer, I mean, Luce need? I love Daniel! but she doesn’t deserve him, at this point. Cam is hot & I love the struggle between the two of them. But, in the end, it has to be Daniel. I hope Cam ends up with Callie. Daniel & Cam……..HOT & HOT! Miles = NOT.

  443. I’m really sad cuz they made Cam bad. I still like Cam but Luce likes Daniel So she can have Daniel. But if Cam was a real person…. MINE

  444. I come from germany and I read the book Fallen (in germany Engelsnacht)
    and I say Team Cam ,because he`s verry interisting and he`s so sweet to luce

    Team Cam !!!
    love from germany

  445. Team Cam o.f. I love him. <3 Daniel is.. ok. But only in Fallen. I don't like him in Tornament, but I don't know why. ;p I love Cam becouse he is a bad boy, so he is ma choice. πŸ˜‰

  446. Oh wow that’s so hard! I like em both for different reasons but I would have to side with Daniel. The relationship between him and Luce makes my feel 14 all over again lol

  447. Team CAM!! Gotta Love the sexy bad boy!! Why would anyone want danial when you could have cam? <3 Cam!!

  448. TEAM DANIEL! maybe that’s why he is so mysterious, and I highly associated with one person. but overall I liked the threads about him! (sorry for my clumsy English) πŸ™‚

  449. DANIEL all the wayyyyy …. they were made 4 each other …….. cam needs 2 bak off tho in torment he pretty cool πŸ™‚ <3

  450. TEAM DANIEL ALL THE WAY!!! I mean dont get me wrong CAM is hot 2 but i think that Daniel is better for her i mean he waited so long 4 her its so romantic so im sooo…….. TEAM DANIEL!!!!!!

  451. I would have to choose Cam because not only does he have a dark side but he also has good looks for a demon.

  452. team Cam all the way. i mean Daniel is cool and all but seriously? he has to many secrets….Team Cam

  453. I know everything there is to know about love. And DANIEL AND LUCY BELONG TOGETHER.


    – peace out

  454. Team Daniel, are you kidding me? Now, I’d vote team Miles but that’s not an option is it? Cam tried to kill her after protecting her for eighteen days, who does that? Daniel HAS killed her many times. You know who hasn’t killer her? Friggin’ Miles! Miles for the win!

  455. I have to say Daniel all the way!!!!!!!!! I hate miles so much I think he should have never been there in the first place. I do like Cam and I do think it would be ironic if he and Callie were together, but she didn’t seem interested. I think the whole love forever thing I amazing, but I don’t understand why so many guys are into Luce, why is she so special?
    Team Daniel!!!!!!!!

  456. TEAM BOTH! lol i am half way through the torment book… i finished fallen… but im kinda on cam lol but u have to admit that Miles is a hot sexy beast!

  457. Team Daniel.. even though Cam is good…you should have put more of Cam in Torment πŸ™‚ But team Daniel

  458. Team Daniel. Completely and forever. They are made to be together, if she ends up with Cam… I’m going to cryyyy. Daniel loves her so much and she lloves him too, even if she doesn’t always realize.

  459. team camiel! lol cam-daniel.
    i’m only halfway throuhg Fallen! it’s soooo good!!!! Danileis just so intruiging, and cam is just so interesting and cute( not that daniel isn’t lol πŸ™‚ )

  460. Omg love fallen still reading it so interstin cant stop reading it I want to read all the series just so cool!!!! Well thnx lauren kate for writing these books cant wait to read torment btw daniel all da way!!!!!!!

  461. Team Dancam! Eww, nevermind. Cam started hitting on Callie. That was a big shocker for all of the Team Cam fans. I didn’t like it, but, that’s just how Cam is… right? For now, Im team miles. I like the idea of making daniel jealous. Tehehe.

  462. Im totaly tea CAM!!!
    He’s a bad boy with good looks and he has his sweet moments.

  463. I’m in love with cam and he’d be the one that i would fall for in the first place, but i think luce and daniel are made for each other. Cam doesn’t even enter luce’s thoughts as someone to be with all the way through Torment. It would be sad for Miles if he didn’t have a happy ending too he’s so sweet , he should have an unexpected love.

    TEAM Daniel for luce
    TEAM cam for me LOL

  464. Cam. He is being more honest with her. But who knows, maybe once Daniel realizes he is being dumb i will switch πŸ˜‰

  465. Cam?…Daniel?…. Thats like asking Edward?… or Jacob?…..good? …or bad?
    I quote from the new book “Torment”… “its not that simple”
    Then LK had to through some spice is with Miles…..way to go

  466. Team Daniel ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  467. CAM. Is this even a real question? CAM, because he’s actually likeable from the start. I don’t have any problem at all with Daniel, but I HATE Luce with a flaming burning passion for the way she acted. She is annoyed with Cam for being sweet and there for her, and then she falls in love with Daniel…. when all he did was flip her off, glare at her, was occasionally nice, only to shut her down β€” and yet she does nothing but moon over him.
    (Obviously I’m addressing the first book only here, when she doesn’t know anything about either of them… which is basically my case and point. Based off of their initial meetings and interactions, WHY the HECK would she choose Daniel??)

  468. I can’t choose between Daniel and Cam! daniel has everything that i look for ina guy but there is just something about Cam that drwas people to him!!!

  469. OMG!! team Daniel all day!!! at first i kind of love Cam because he was bad and handsome , but i realize how much daniel has suffered to be with Luce!! i just want them to have a HAPPY ENDING!!! together!!! 4ever!!!

    Ps. Cam should be with Shelvi, thats girl from Shoreline!!

  470. its really hard to pick so these are the good points and bad
    daniel: because he’s so romantic but he is also over protective
    cam: cous he’s a bad boy hotty he is like so yummy but also on the dark side nd not good
    miles; cous he is so sweet and easy to be with but also he wont be able to protect you

  471. If i had to pick one I would have to go with Daniel ! who wouldn’t pick true love and even more so with a hot guy…but Cam is a hot bad boy and who can’t go for that

  472. Definitely Daniel, because he’s more of a reliable lover. However, Cam is irresistible with his bad boy nature, but I’m gonna stick with Daniel.

  473. I like Daniel…but Cam..WOW. He’s something else, something awesome and amazing πŸ˜€
    I love CAM [: even though he’s..the bad guy 😐
    I want Fallen to be a movie…so dang badly πŸ˜€

  474. I hate to see a good and sepreate book from Twilight, acting like Twilight. I have read Twilight and have enjoyed the book but I feel Fallen is waaaaaaaaaay better written than Twilight… Now we have teams for Daniel and Cam??? This i must say is sad πŸ™

  475. OMG! Why just cam and daniel??? why cant it be miles too???? to be true i like both but i LOVE Miles so I would pick Miles by a landslide.<3

  476. doesn’t really matter since i bellieve there’s a huge surprise comming on the next book… i don’t think she is quite wath we all think she is and both guys still have a lot to show for themselves

  477. OMG!!!!! i luv the fallen series!!!! i luv luce’s character and personality!!!!gooooo TEAM DANIEL!!!!! daniel is sooooo HOT!!!!!! LAUREN KATE; YOU ARE AN AMAZINGLY TALENTED AUTHOR!!! I CREATED THE PERFECT SERIES EVER!! EVEN BETTER THAN THE TWILIGHT SAGA’S!!!!!

  478. TEAM CAM ALL THE WAY!! he rocks the series plus hes waay better than daniel and he was there for luce the whole time and she went for daniel…i hate her

  479. Team daniel I just love him he’s sooo cute! I used to like cam but then found out he’s a bad guy so…yeah. Plus Daniel has had to wait for luce for like forever I mean come on he deserves her also they are such a cute couple but I don’t like the way he talks to her in torment it’s like he thinks she’s someone he can just boss around. I love the fallen books they’re amost as good as twilight.I only read fanticy book I like how they send you off into a brand new world!

  480. Team Daniel!!! Duhh
    Yes he may be bossy but he’s just trying to protect her!
    He loves her for who she is and what she is!

  481. OMG!
    this is like edwars, or jacob?
    i love, really, i love DANIEL!
    but CAM, mmmmm… is sou misteriouus and
    i love too!
    DANIEL is white pure good
    CAM is black dangerous bad
    THE BOUTH but i think:
    49% TEAM CAM

  482. TEAM MILES ALL THE WAY!!!!! maybe a little of Cam and Daniel, but Daniel pissed me off in Torment.

  483. I am definitely for Team Daniel! I was once with a guy who has his protective and mysterous qualities! Daniel is like my perfect guy and such a beautiful name! I’d love to be with someone like him (again)! XD

  484. I love Cam <3 He's just great and I love his personality. In real world I don't like bad boys, but Cam is … amazing. He should have more situation in book. I want more Cam!

  485. Trick question?

    Daniel is sooooooo cute ! But Cam.. Mmmh! He’s handsome !

    So maybe.. Lets say.. 50.5% Daniel and 49.5% Cam !

  486. Well i havent read the 2nd book yet but i would be team daniel. Though i get why you woud pick cam…. Daniel was only being that way so she wouldnt die cause he loved her the whole time

  487. Can I have both of them??? Lol. If I had to chose I would chose Daniel because he sounds like my dream guy. Cam is all badass and mysterious but daniel is to…I <3 them both. Plus daniel is on the "good side". He loves luce more than anything. He watched her die countless times and still protects/loves her. He is just so amazing.!!!! If I was her, I would love him with every ounce of my being, which she does. She is so lucky!! Can't believe that I'm jealous of a fictional character…hehe. πŸ˜‰


  489. I am team Daniel. But I donΒ΄t like name Daniel xD Because I met a lot of Daniels xD and anyone was so beautiful, good and atractive. πŸ™‚

  490. I think Cam is gorgeous and fun, but Daniel is the soulmate and intoxicating and he leaves you breathless and you can never get enough. But I havent read Torment yet

  491. Probably cam I think cam is kinda cute lol is that weird??? I cant belive daniel flipped luce off!!! Why?!? Hahaha!

  492. OMG i love Cam!!! Serious bad boy, and i love a boy with green eyes!!! Smexy! I love this books!!! A fun break from vamps and werewolves (not that they arent gret!)

  493. Duh its definitly team CAM. he is just has a great personality. Sure he might be on the “bad” side but come on its so Cam!

  494. TEAM CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ugg i love guys with green eyes and dark hair
    if he had glasses he would be my dream guy
    πŸ˜› πŸ™‚