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Yes, in case you didn’t know the good news, Fallen is being made into a movie. The rights were purchased by Mayhem Productions and the wonderful Scott Hicks has been chosen to direct. I am an executive producer for the film and I promise to let everyone know the moment any open casting calls are announced. Lately, I’ve been receiving lots of wonderful casting suggestions from readers. What better way to thank your for your interest in the series than with a casting contest? So here’s the deal: Send in your dream cast and explain why you chose each actor for each character’s role by March 25th to my email Laurenkatebooks at I’ll pick one of your submissions and post it here on the site (and keep it in mind for the real casting, which will be happening soon!).

And if you missed my recent blog post on USA Today, here is my time-bending fantasy cast, if I could have my pick of any actors from any era:

Luce: Olivia Hussey from Zefferelli’s Romeo and Juliet makes the intense vulnerability of true love look magnificent. She’s innocent, hopeful, and willing to give all of herself to Romeo, just as Luce gives herself to Daniel.


Daniel: Steve McQueen from the Getaway is tough and independent. He can be diffident, but is unabashed when it comes to love. And he’s undeniably sexy.


Cam: Sean Penn in Bad Boys would be perfect for the villain we love to love. The rougher and tougher he is, the more we fall for him.


Arriane: Stockard Channing in Grease is sassy, sexy, and surprising enough to make a superb Arriane. We yearn to trust her even as she keeps us guessing what’s behind that knowing ever-present smile.


Roland: Harold Perrineau from another version of Romeo and Juliet (Baz Luhrmann’s) is mysterious and unique. He manages to be loyal without ever seeming too “moral” and his imagination is a wonder to behold.


Gabbe: Alicia Silverstone from Clueless plays the role of the quintessential buttoned-up beauty who still knows how to throw down. She’s intimidating from a distance but happy to befriend the new girl and show her the lay of the land.


Penn: Diane Keaton from Annie Hall is just as charmingly neurotic as Luce’s best pal at Sword and Cross. She’s the kind of girl you can be completely yourself with and never feel self-conscious.


Miles: John Cusack in the Sure Thing is just shy of being too sweet for his own good. Like Miles, he falls in love easily and is irresistible to everyone–except the girl he wants.


I look forward to reading your suggestions!


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  1. Hi Lauren Kate!

    How about this list?

    Victoria Justice – from Funsize
    Ali Cobrin – from American Reunion – down-to-earth looking girl like Lucy

    Alex Pettyfer – from Beastly

    Lacey Chabert – from Mean Girls

  2. Congratulations, Lauren! Super excited! I’m happier knowing that Disney are no longer a part of this and cannot wait to see what Scott Hicks does with it. I’ve got the tingles!

  3. Lauren!!! I am beyond excited for this movie. I can’t wait to see all of it come to life! I can only imagine your excitement at this point. Congratulations! It will be spectacular.

  4. Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel Grigori he has played seroius and thrilling movies, Diano Agron a gabbe she has the flawless looks of gabbe and will fit her rols as a fallen, Ben barnes as Cameron Briel, Rose McIver as Molly, Emma Waston as Arriane, Susan Sarandon as Miss Sophia, and finally Sarah Bolger as Luicnda Price or what i think to be luce is the girl who makes the covers of Fallen should be her

  5. I think Alex Pettyfer would be good as Daniel, Lucy Hale as Lucinda, Cam Gigandet as Cam Briel, Dana Ivey -Miss Sophia, Arriane – Zoey Deschanel, Emma Pillsbury as Molly, Gabbe – Ashley Green. I think that could work.

  6. Alex Pettyfer as daniel, Elizabeth Gillies as Arriane, Indiana Evans as Gabbe, Khleo Thomas as Roland, Jennifer Stone as Penn, and kaya scodelario as LUCE! I cant wait for the movie!!!!!!

  7. that’s a very good news, i have been waiting for the movie since i was able to read the books and i’ve always wanted Alex Pettyfer to be Daniel Grigori 🙂

  8. Congratulation!! If I’m over the moon excited about this film I can only imagine how you must be feeling! I can’t wait to relive Luce and Daniels love story all over again!

  9. Emma Stone as Ariane
    Karen Gillian as Callie
    Brant Daugherty as Cam
    Alex Pettyfer as Daniel
    Lucy Hale as Dawn
    Dianna Agron as Gabbe
    Kaya Scodelario as Luce
    Logan Lerman as Miles
    Momsem Taylor as Molly
    Emma Roberts as Penn
    Samuel Larsen as Roland
    Freya Mavor as Shelby
    Meryl Streep as Miss. Sophia
    Deborah Ann Woll as Tessriel

    It would be perfect :))
    Kisses from Brazil :*

  10. I think Alex Pettyfer should definitely play Daniel! He’ll be absolutely perfect!
    Also, for Arriane, I’m thinking maybe Ashley Greene? She’s how I imagined Arriane throughout the series.
    That’s all I can think of for now!

    And congratulations Lauren!

  11. Luce- kaya scodelario
    Daniel- Alex Pettyfer
    Cam- Drew Roy
    Gabbe- Dianna Agron
    Arriane- Michelle Tratchenburg
    Molly- Taylor Monsen
    Penn- Jennifer Stone
    Roland- Brandon McLaren

  12. Ok my dream cast is
    Luce- Lucy Hale
    Daniel- Xavier Samuel
    Cam- Adam Gregory or Alex pettyfer
    Arraine- Ashley Greene or Emma Watson
    Gabbe- indiana evans or Diana Agron
    Miles- Logan Lerman

  13. i love your books i think Alex Pettyfer would play the best DANIEL EVER i’m in love with the people in your book. I get tears in my eyes sometime because i think it is wonderful! and i think for luce Lucy Hale would be the best cam

  14. Hello Lauren, I think you made ​​a great decision about what are fan’s thoughts of the books.
    These are my suggestions for the characters:
    – Daniel (alex pettyfer or chace crawford: alex is like the choosen by everyone and chace, he has such a sweet look. his eyes convey protection, security. and that’s what daniel is to luce )
    – Arriane (elizabeth gillies: she seems to be funny, a good partner. and in victorious she has a spicy side which makes perfect for the role)
    – Molly (agyness deyn: she is phisically the same as what i have imagined about molly. even she is a model, i think she might be a great actress)
    – Cam (brant daugherty or ed westwick: i have seen ed in gossip girl and he has that personality that falls in love with, and his accent. with green eyes he would be as seem as cam… and brant, i haven’t seen him acting but he is phisically the same as what i have imagined about )
    – Gabbe (indiana evans: she is also phisically the same as what i have in mind. she seems to be sweet, with beautiful clothes, to be always perfect.)
    – Roland (khleo thomas: he is perfect for the role. he is funny and he has a beautiful voice)
    – Mrs Sophia (hellen mirren or meryl streep: both are perfect. are very good actors and are very similar physically)
    – penn (emily browning or ellen page: both are perfect actresess and they can do every single act)
    – mrs price (lauren graham: just a perfect mother)
    – mr price (rob lowe: just a perfect father)
    – mr cole (gary oldman: he seems to be that teacher that is bad at the beginning but at the end of classes, he is like your friend or something like that)

    Well those are some kind that i imagined. I haven’t forgot any character. The one that is missing, seems funny saying like that, but i would like to be me. If i have the oportunity to get an audition, it would be for lucinda. Of course if i do not get the part, lucy hale is perfect for it.

  15. I think Alex Pettyfer would be PERFECT as Daniel Grigori, Elizabeth Gillies or Ashley Greene as Arianne, Momsen Taylor as Molly, Lucy Hale or Kaya Scodelario as Luce and I don’t know who I’d like to play the other characters.

  16. Sarah Bolger as Luce
    Brant Daugherty as Cam
    Elizabeth Gillies as Arriane
    Alex Pettyfer as Daniel
    Max Irons as Todd
    Anna Kendrick as Callie
    Leighton Meester as Penn
    Dianne Keatgon as Miss Sophia
    Logan Lerman as Trevour
    Kat Dennings as Molly
    Dianna Agron as Gabbe
    Khelo Thomas as Roland
    Russel Crow as Mr Cole
    Meryl Streep as Miss Tross
    Susan Sarandon as Coach Diante
    Kate Beckinsale as Mrs Price
    Edward Norton as Mr Price
    Kevin Spacey as Headmaster Udell
    Emma Stone as Annabelle

  17. Cam Gigandet or Logan Lerman would be perfect for Cameron Briel
    Alex Pettyfer- Daniel Grigori
    Diane Agron- Gabbe
    Emma Stone- Arriane
    Momsem Taylor- Molly
    Ali Cobrin- Luce/Lucinda

    That’s all I have for now!
    Congrats on your books I love them so much (I’ve read them three times!) But I am so glad the books are being made into a movie I would love to try out for one of Luce’s past selves

  18. Lucy Hale- Lucinda Price
    Alex Pettyfer- Daniel Grigori
    Chace Crawford- Cameron Briel
    Gabrielle Gillies- Arriane Alter
    Ashley Benson- Gabrielle Givens
    Samuel Larson- Roland Sparks
    Taylor Momsen- Molly Zane
    Charlotte Free(Model)- Annabelle

    Pleas take these Actors/Actress/Model into consideration because I can just imagine them playing in the movie.. To tell you the truth the first time I started reading this book series. The first person I saw in my head as Lucinda was Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars..

  19. Definitely Brant Daugherty as Cam! And as for Daniel, Alex Pettyfer would be good, but I think Matt Lanter could also be a good fit. Anyway, can’t wait for the movies! 😀

  20. Daniel Grigori – Alex Pettyfer
    Lucinda Preis – Kaya Scodelario
    Cameron Briel – Aaron Johnson / Brant Daugherty

  21. Yay! I cant wait!!
    And I think someone who looks like the 17 year old version of Amy Lee should be Luce, and Louise Amanda Harmen should be Arrianne

  22. Yay! I cant wait!!
    And I think someone who looks like the 17 year old version of Amy Lee should be Luce, Louise Amanda Harmen (Lady Sovereign) should be Arrianne, Nicholas Hoult should be Cam, and Chord Overstreet should be Daniel


  23. Since so many posts suggest actors that don’t look anything like the character, I’ll throw my suggestion out there too. I like Josh Bowman who plays Daniel Grayson on Revenge for Daniel. I started reading the Fallen books(and finished them all a long time ago) around the time season 1 of Revenge started and although Daniel is blond, I couldn’t help but envision Josh Bowman as Daniel while I read. The way he blindly loved Emily in Revenge and his eyes and facial expressions were so longing….. I think he would be perfect for Daniel!

  24. Might as well add I like Steven R. McQueen or Michael Trevino for Cam…. and Candace Accola for Gabbe

  25. Luce : Lucy Hale – because she is is good actress , she is pretty and
    i always imagined her when I readed books she is just perfect for that
    Daniel : Alex Pettyfer – he is confident man , he can play nice and
    bad boy also, i think many people would agree , I saw people wishing
    for him as Daniel.
    Cameron : Brant Daugherty – he is mysterious looking man , he is sexy
    and he looks like womanizer there would be chemistry between him and
    Arriane : Shannyn Sossamon – did you saw her with short hair ? she is
    great and she looks like one of those trouble girls who have friends
    Roland : Samuel Larsen – he is that kind of guy who have dreads. And
    he also looks good as ”dealer” 😀
    Gabbe : Candice Accola – she is perfect actress , she is funny but she
    can be serious also , she can make people cry and in same time she can
    make them laugh.
    Penn: Zooey Deschanel – she is the good girl , she is cute and perfect
    for second ”normal” human on Sword and Cross.
    Miles : Chris Colfer – I think he would be a good as Miles , nice
    smart guy with blue eyes , thats what we looking for dont we? 😀
    Molly : Taylor Momsen – she is the real badass girl she would be great
    Molly bully 😀
    Mrs. Sophie : Susan Sarandon she can be nice and mean too. She is like
    coin , two sides.
    Shelby : Freya Mavor – I don’t know why she is just good for that role.


  26. I am so excited for this movie and I loved the books.
    My Cast (for now):
    Luce: Erica Dasher (Jane by design) or Rhiannon Fish (Home and away)
    Daniel: Luke Mitchell (H20) or Grey Damon (Chloe King)
    Cam: Adam Gregory
    Arriane: (Me, I love her role) or Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Penn: Jennifer Stone or Kalia Prescott (I don’t know I saw her and thought penn)
    Gabe: Indiana Evans (H2O and home and away)
    Roland: Khleo Thomas or corbin blue
    Molly: Taylor Momsen or Francesca Eastwood
    Randy: Dot Jones
    Miss Sophia: Julie Andrews or Helen Mirren
    Miles: Cameron Bright or Logan Lerman
    Mr. Cole: Norman Reedus or Gerald Butler
    Shelby: Ashley Benson or Gage Golightly

  27. I think Lucy should be played by Evangeline Lily from Lost. Daniel should be played by Johnny Depp.

  28. Cam – Oliver Goodwill
    Daniel – Alex Pettyfer
    Luce – Kate Bell
    Roland – Samual Larsen
    Arriane – Emma Watson
    Gabbe – Dianna Argon
    Molly – Taylor Momsen

  29. Wish I had the chance to enter this, sadly I didn’t have a good idea of who should play some of the characters… best of luck to the people who did have the chance to submit their entries!

  30. I know I am late, but I just wanted to put my two cents in… I definitely agree to Alex Pettyfer for Daniel, Lucy Hale for Luce, Emma Stone for Ariane and gotta get Cam Gigandet in there for Cam (HOT) or if you can’t get him I believe I could make due with Brant Daugherty 🙂 On another note I’ve got to give props to Allyssa from Brazil–she definitely put up a great line-up, I would change one or two but for the most part, Good Job Allyssa!

    Good Luck Lauren and can’t wait for the selection notices 🙂

  31. i actually think that Alice Englert would be better suited for Luce. kaya has too much edge for me, i see her as Arianne more. Alice would be a better fit, especially when they get to passion. kaya has to much of a modern look to be able to fit within the past era’s, like the Victorian Luce. i see lice as a classic pretty girl, not a modern pretty girl. but i agree with Alex Pettyfer for Daniel.

    well here’s my list of roles i could think of actors for.
    Daniel – Alex Pettyfer
    Luce – Alice Englert
    Arianne – Kaya Scodelario
    Cam – Nickolas Hoult
    Gabbe – Teresa Palmer
    Penn – Anna Kendrick
    Molly – Kayley Kiyoko
    Roland – John Boyega
    Miles – Logan Lermen
    Shelby – Juno Temple
    Miss Sophia – Helen Mirren

    Looking forward to seeing who does get cast .

  32. I’m so exited! I’m reading Rapture now, and I love it, I love it, I loveeeee it!
    To bad I live in the Netherlands, so I can see the movie later ;(

    Xx Lotte

  33. Congratulations! I am probably just as excited as you are! I have recantly just finished rapture and can I say that this series is absolutely amazing it blew me away!!! & actually
    My dream is to become a direct movies one day and I hope I get the chance to create masterpieces like this! But for casting I have a few ideas!
    Daniel of course Alex pettyfer, and Luce kaya scodelario I think kaya would be a amazing choice I’ve seen her in skins and she is absolutely amazing she dark and sexy and beautiful just like Luce she fits her perfectly! Just consider and maybe talk to her about the role!

  34. How about…
    Daniel- Alex Pettyfer from Beastly
    Cam-Nicholas Hoult (also Samuel Larsen from TGP, he would need to cut his dreads, but he would be an amazing Cam, he can be sexy, misterious…)
    Arriane-Scout Compton
    Roland- Samuel Larsen (he is a singer/actor)

  35. Roland: Samuel Larsen
    Daniel: Alex Pettyfer or Chace Crawford
    Penn: Chyler Leight
    Luce: Lilly Collins
    Arriane: Elisabeth Gillies
    Gabbe: Diano Agron
    Miss sophia: Meryl Streep
    Cam: Brant Daugherty or taylor Lautner
    Miles: Logan Lerman
    Molly: Taylor momsen
    Mr. Cole: garry Oldman

  36. Lucy Hale and Alex Pettyfer as Luce and Daniel! I love fallen series… Its the most beautiful love story.

  37. Kaya Scodelario seems like a fit for Luce for me. I don’t have other suggestions yet but this is the girl who was Luce in my head! AWESOME BOOK!

  38. Although I think Ashley Greene would do a good job. I have a wry hard time picturing anyone but Ksenia Solo playing the part of Arrianne. Please look her up if you’re not familiar with her.

  39. OMG this is so cool!
    I love the books so much, and I can’t wait for the movies.
    Would there be a change to audition?
    x Esmee

  40. I think that the roles for the cast should be :
    Luce- Emilia clarke
    Daniel – Alex Pettyfer
    Cam – Nicholas holt

  41. Cast Dream :
    Kaya Scodelario as Lucinda Price
    Alex Pettyfer as Daniel Grigori
    Brant Daugherty as Cameron Briel
    Emma Roberts as Penn
    Samuel Larsen as Roland Sparks
    Dianna Agron as Gabrielle Givens
    Ashley Benson as Shelby Sterris
    Logan Lerman as Miles Fisher
    Elizabeth Gillies as Arriane Alter
    Was it simply the most perfect cast

  42. I think the best cast would be unknown people! 🙂
    I find movies more awesome when I don’t already know the actor/actress. When I see a know actor/actress in a movie I just see them as acting. Or as a previous character. But when the actor/actress is unknown, you could really buy their character. Believe that that person is who they are. I dunno. Just an opinion 🙂

  43. Luce: Nina Dobrev
    Gabbe: Amanda Seyfried
    Daniel: Douglas Booth
    Cam: George Finn
    Arriane: Rachel Hurd-Wood
    Roland:Donald Glover
    Penn: Emma Roberts
    Callie: Kirsten Prout

  44. Eu só tenho uma coisa a falar, o CAM tem que ser PERFEITO, então tenha muito cuidado ao escolher o ator para ele, PERFEITO< PERFEITO e não é do tipo "ele é perfeito" tem que ser do tipo "QUE DIABOS ELE É PEEEERFEITO" *——————-*

  45. Okay, I am, like, so freaking excited for this. This is my favorite book series.
    And, how about this:
    Luce – Lucy Hale or Zoey Deeschanel (IDK i I spelled that right)
    Daniel – Alexander Ludwig
    Cam – Drew Seely (IDK if I spelled that right, either)
    Arriane – Elizabeth Gillies
    Penn – The girl who played Quinn on Zoey 101
    Gabbe – Ariana Grande (with blondeish hair)
    Molly – Miley Cyrus
    Miles – Logan Lerman
    Shelby – Jennette McCurdy
    Roland – The guy who played T-Bo on iCarly

    Just ideas !! Thanks, much love~
    -Morgan xx

  46. Daniel-Alex Pettyfer (Not sure if I misspelled his last name)
    Luce- Lucy Hale or what Lauren Kate said on USA Today
    Cam- Whoever played Percy in Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Roland- Same as what Lauren Kate said
    The rest….I have no idea!

  47. I don’t know who I want to be casted for the characters except for Cam. Logan Lerman as Cam would be PERFECT. He fits the description of Cam and is such an amazing actor. Seeing him play the bad boy would be simply awesome haha!

  48. When I read the books, I imagine Alex Pettyfer as Daniel; Lucy Hale as Luce; Colton Haynes or Adam Gregory as Cam; Ashley Benson as Gabbe; Kaya Scodelario as Arriane; Emma Watson as Penn; Saorise Ronan as Callie; Logan Lerman as Miles; Juno Temple as Shelby. And the other ones I don’t know… Hi, from Spain!!!!!! xoxoxo

  49. Luce:Kaya Scodelario
    Daniel:Alex Pettyfer
    Cam:Andy Biersack
    Arriane:Elizabeth Gillies
    Gabbe:Indiana Evans
    Roland:Corbin Bleu
    Penn:Jennifer Stone
    Miles:Logan Lerman
    Shelby:Dianna Agron

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