Fallen Movie News: Officially Cam


How hot is Harrison Gilbertson? You know how much I love Cam and I know how much you love Cam. We can all agree that Harrison will be a phenomenal bad boy. I was crazy about his audition tape. I can’t wait for you to see him in action.

Stay tuned for exciting news about Penn and details about the filming dates.


All my love,



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  1. Sorry Lauren but here in Brazil there ir a lot of people that can´t imagine him as Cam…I really hope that he can change our minds about it… xoxo

  2. Ohmygod! Yess! I can totally see him as Cam. Put on some black leather, combat boots and a badass attitude and we’ve got Cam. <3

  3. Honestly?! I’m disappointed… Really… He couldn’t be more ‘wishy-washy, I mean, Cam Briel is a bad boy, and THIS guy… well… it’s not!!!

    I’m your fan, I’ve read all Fallen books, and THIS boy doesn’t fit in… sorry, but, I’m deeply disappointed!

  4. Omg can’t wait till the full cast! Been in love with this series as soon as I saw it at my school library shelf. Can not wait until the movie is finished. At least one of my favourite book series is Gunnar be a movie… So happy!!!!!!

  5. Harrison is VERY hot! This is such great news! I’m so happy about this and I know he’ll be a great Cam. I can’t wait for this movie!!!


    Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

    Lauren, I met you in 2011 at the Sword & Cross Ball in the Sydney City, was such a wonderful night and I’m so glad to have gotten the chance. I’m so excited for the movie and even more so now that we have one of our own in it! Thank you so much for making the last couple years of my life so exciting, this series kept me up until all hours of the morning, in lines waiting for the new books to be released and all those crazy dedicated things. Thanks 🙂 xxx

  7. I was thinking of Cam being more of a Douglas Booth. Nonetheless, Harrison is way too cute to ignore. But why must the main actors be that good looking? We won’t be able to choose sides by the time the movie airs. 🙂

  8. Hmm… I don’t know how I feel with him being Cam. I liked him in Conspiracy 36, but Fallen? I don’t know how this will turn out. -_-

  9. AHHHH!!! I can’t stop screaming! He’s literally PERFECT!!! I’m already drooling, I can’t wait to see him act bad to the bone!;)

  10. Can’t wait for the movie. If it is anything like your books, I will be watching many times over. Thanks for the great reads Lauren.

  11. Ok, if this is Cam i won’t go to see this film. I hate it! I love soo much Cam but he is… an horrible child!!! -.-‘
    Sorry for the mistakes but i’m Italian.

  12. I guess I’m not the only one who is wanting these audition tapes more than anything … and I would think seriously about donating a kidney to have access to one, is for this we have two of this organ , right? To make sacrifices for their favorite books!
    I loved the choice for Cam, I’m so anxious to see him acting and too for new news about the movie.
    Kisses of more one of your (brazilians) fans <3

  13. I’m not sure how to feel about him. He is kinda cute, but he doesnt really look like our bad boy Cam. But, hey maybe he will surprise us. Being my only favored book series I’m a little nervous for the movies in general. We all know what usually happens.

  14. I really didn’t like this choice of actor. I didn’t see him in action though, so maybe he can go beyond the absence of look (he really doesn’t look like Cam for me, because he was supposed to be hot, and bad, and have that malevolus look in his eyes that’s supposed to make your legs tremble) and I sincerely hope that he can surpass this and be a good actor. The choice of Daniel and Luce didn’t satisfied me either, but I’m also hoping that them in action will change my opinion. When I read your books, in the beginning when you weren’t a fever, I was just passing through the store and your book was hidden there, and since I’ve the habit of siting in the middle of the bookstore to take books that are hidden, I found you… so, when I first read the stories I picture my own Daniel, Cam and Luce, and all the actors picked to actually play my dream-characters doesn’t look like my imagination.
    BUT I’m hoping to be totally wrong about this, I saw a picture of this guy dressed like a bad boy and he almost won me as Cam…

    Just an opinion, I KNOW it doesn’t make difference because the casting directors are those who chose the characters, but I know I can disagree with their choices and it won’t change a thing…

    k3 love

  15. Oh wow i think he would be so great! I actually had to double take this pic, because for a seond there he looked a bit like Harry Styles… hehe… (oh i could 1D fans freaking!) Great choice!!!

  16. Nobody liked this guy there, you could have thought of, or have read the Fallen again, you would see that he and Alisson look like the characters.I think if it were -Kaya Scodelario (Luce) Brant Daugherty (Cam) would be perfect.

  17. sorry but where did all greed and sarcasm expressed in the eyes of the Cam? Addison Tmilin has been a disappointment and now Cam too, a thousand apologies but from what I see the film will be a disappointment not only to me but also to all most fans of the series Fallen.

  18. He’s too sweet for Cam, but we’ll see have hr’ll give his 100% on Cam’s character! 🙂 This is really exciting!! I really can’t wait! 🙂

  19. Eu realmente esperava mais da escolha do ator para interpretar o Cam, eu não gostei do ator e na minha opinião ele não parece nem um pouco com um badboy. Estou profundamente decepcionada com a escolha do elenco para o filme. Estou esperando a anos pelo começo das filmagens e escolha dos atores, esperando por um elenco que realmente atenda as expectativas para chegar na data da divulgação e me deparar com isso. Para mim este ator que escolherem para interpretar o Cam é muito “fofo”, e não tem nada a ver com o personagem na minha opinião…
    Ps: Meu Cam é o Brant Daugherty

  20. Not what I was expecting at all! Im definitely keeping my mind open for all the actors and actresses that have already been cast though, not what I was expecting at all. I can’t wait though! Lauren PLEASE tell us when the movie is being filmed and its release date soon!!!!! Btw Jeremy and Harrison are SO HOT! Addison is so pretty too, I’m thrilled!

  21. This is so unfair! I mean, really?? Do you have any idea how disappointed I am?? I wanted someone like Adam Gregory or Brant Dougherty and you say that HE will play Cam?? So far this is the worst cast ever! I REALLY liked the books, but if the rest of the cast is also a disappointment there’s no chance I will see the movie! I’ve no intension to be a ‘hater’ but that’s my opinion!!!

    1. Não gostei de nenhum dos atores escolhidos até agora, a Luce eu achei muito velha, o Cam é feio, e o Daniel nada a comentar! eu sinceramente espero que eles não me decepcionem com a atuação. esperava mais do elenco²

  22. Wow, I’m a fallen fan and I can’t imagine him being Cam. Oh well hope he convinces us all. He definitely doesn’t look like a bad boy more a mummy’s boy, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed for this one 🙂