Fallen Fotos, Part 4

Hi Angels,

This week’s installment of Fallen-inspired photos is totally Rapture-centric. This sunrise shot of Mt. Sinai conjured the scene where Luce, Daniel, and the Outcasts land on the mountain at dawn, awaiting the other angels. It’s so serene and still, I’m instantly taken to that awe-inspiring moment when the sun rises and light spreads across the mountainscape.

When I saw this photo of a lone gondolier in Venice, Italy, I immediately thought of the moment in Rapture where Daniel guides his gondola through the canals of Venice and into choppy open waters beyond, searching for the first lost relic.

This photo of Vienna makes me think of all the adventures the group has here, from the moment Luce and Daniel land upon a green copper dome at night to the battle with the Scale. It’s such a beautiful, mesmerizing city and those clouds overhead remind me of the trouble that’s brewing as soon as the group arrives!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Fallen Fotos! Stay tuned next week for a very special publishing announcement…

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  1. Is there going to be another book after rapture? There’s just so many lose ends! R they making a movie?

  2. is there a movie coming out? and is there a 6th book because theres just so many loose ends? x

  3. i totally agree with mischa. there are way to many loose ends….. i cant stand it anymore i cant believe what happen in the last book…..when i got done i started crying, i thought “omg, i lost a piece of my life what do i do now:( im stuck… HELP ME!!!

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