Fallen Movie: Officially Cast

Dear Readers,
It is with great pleasure that I reveal your Luce and Daniel….
Addison Timlin as Luce
Jeremy Irvine as Daniel
Jeremy Irvine by Hedi Slimane 1
Their audition tapes are thrilling. I know you are going to love them on the big screen.
Stay tuned for a Cam announcement….
All my love,

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  1. When will the movie be released btw i loved all of the fallen series so far you should so do another book of daniel and luces life after the fall and when thwy are human!:)

  2. I am so excited to watch—I’ve read the books and I am so enthralled by them. Best of luck with the movie! I will keep following so I can continue to hear what is going on with the new movie (the books are fabulous) so I know the movie will be too!

    With Love from a fan,

    Meghan 🙂

  3. Hello Lauren okay? good’d like to talk first mind I’m a big fan of his books, and I’m looking forward to the film, most did not like the choice for Luce, in my opinion I’d rather kaya Scodelario. Please she has a lot more features to be Prince Luce, try a change of cast please.

  4. The person playing Daniel is way off. He looks more like her could play a good cam. In the book Daniel is supposed to be dreamy his guy looks more like an ape. It’s hard to picture him as Daniel. I kinda wished he wasn’t playing him and im feeling vary disappointed. Love the books but this is making me sad.

  5. Hello Lauren okay? Well I would first talk I’m a big fan of his books, and I’m looking forward to the film of the Fallen saga, most did not like the choice for Luce, in my opinion I’d rather kaya Scodelario. Please, she has a lot more features to be Luce Price, could try to make a change in the cast please.

    Thank you!

  6. Disappointed in Luce. Shas long gorgeous long hair and oviry skin. It’s a reason why she is so enchanting. This girl does nothing for me I hope your makeup artists can make her half of the enchantment in the book. THis is why I HATE when books become movies because often it does not live up to the characters and authors do not realize how important they characters physical appearance matters to truly become an enchanting tale.

  7. OMG Jeremy!!! I watched him on “Now Is Good” and his acting is brilliant! I’m so glad to hear it! <3

  8. Desde que empeze a leer la saga Fallen visualize a Avan Jogia haciendo el personaje de Cam!!!

  9. Nossa , Tia Laura , desculpa mais eu não gostei da ” Lucinda Prince ” , queria Kiara , mais sei que ela não poderá participar , mas pelo menos escolhece a Luce Haley , eu acho ela perfeita (assim como a Kiara) mais …
    mesmo assim continuuo esperando o Filme >< Te amoo Tia Lauuraaa <3333

  10. Yay! I don’t know them but I can not wait to see the movie., I’m so happy. Greetings from Argentina! 🙂 xo

  11. Sorry, but I don’t like them at all. It’s not the way I imagined them. But I guess for the love i am to the fallen series that I will get use to it…
    Sorry for my bad english, I’m french.

  12. They look exactly how I pictured them! Cannot wait to see the videos and cannot wait for Cam to be announced! Hope you are happy Lauren because I know I really am!

  13. My friends and I were hoping for Alexis Bledel as Luce but Addison looks like she’ll do just fine:)

  14. Eu queria a Kaya Scordelario e o Alex Pettyfer com Lucinda e Daniel. Até mesmo o Max Irons ficaria bom para Dan

  15. Wow, i’m speachless, i didn’t imagine them like that, but i’m sure they will do an excelent job on screen, Congrats Lauren! >)

  16. This is such great casting news! These two are perfect. Jeremy Irvine is gorgeous and I loved him in War Horse. I can’t wait for this movie!!!

  17. Adoro o Jeremy, sempre falei que o Daniel deveria ser britânico. Não gostei muito da escolha da Luce, mas vamos ver o que ela poderá oferecer ao personagem. Ansiosa pela escolha do Cam, ele é o meu favorito.

  18. Perfect…
    They’re just perfect..
    I just realized that Addison is SO similar to the Luce I pictured in my head…
    And I love -LOVE- Jeremy…
    So.. Yes, I’m super-happy!!
    And now I N E E D Cam…
    Seriously, like oxygen…

  19. Not how I imagined them but perfect none-the-less, but Jeremy will have to dye his hair blond. Can’t wait to see Cam.


    Ps.: I know I’m gonna be disappointed with Arriane and Gabbe AT FIRST. (Bc we all know Lizz and Dianna won’t work on this. :/) But yeah, that’s it. I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH THE MOVIE, LAUREN!

  21. For those who are worried about Jeremy’s hair, relax. He did a movie with Dakota Fanning and his hair was blonde (Now Is Good).

  22. God!
    I love Daniel!
    It’s just like I pictured him
    And Luce, it looks great!
    I hope they have “it” on the screan :3

  23. wow I love to daniel 😀 i can’t wait to see them in the movie 😀
    jeremy is perfect 😀 Hugs from colombia Xo! :*

  24. OH-EM-GEEEEE!!

    My sister and me are totally over the moon. I started reading this series then got my sister into it too 🙂

    We both fell in love and we both were ecstatically over the moon when we found out this maybe coming to the big screen *eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk*

    Seriously though, although I love Daniel, I have a soft spot for Cam 🙂 total swoon worthy guy! can’t wait to see who will be playing him and can’t wait for the casting vid’s, if we can see them of course.


    Addison Timlin – Absolutely perfect for Luce, exactly the way me and my sister pictured her, she’s so beautiful.

    Jeremy Irvine – Although he will fit the role (with blonder hair lol) I didn’t expect the casting to be of Jeremy, I thought it would be someone completely different, but no doubt he will do a fab job!

    All the best 🙂


  25. Interesting choice for cast! i wasn’t expect them but i’m sure that is going to be a great movie not equal the books, but some stories are so good that in the end “make up”

  26. I am very disappointed, and I have heard many negative comments about the actors chosen for Luce and Daniel … Of course, much more negative for the actress, because the actor is gorgeous, and she did not.

    1. Gabriela have you watched Jeremy Irvine in the Now is Good? If not, please don’t judge. I don’t think you understand what a brilliant actor he is not, not to mention he is very good looking, he won’t disappoint, he completely suites the character Daniel.

  27. Bom eu acho a Addison Timlin como Luce meio estranha não foi como eu pensava mas aposto que vamos nos adaptar melhor com ela…O Jeremy Irvine como Daniel e tipo perfeito ótima escolha. Esperando pelo Cam Ariane Penn ansiosa rsrs bjs!

  28. Nooo kaya….. I’m too sad now…… this girls is….. she is not Luce Price……noooooooo…..I want Kaya please

  29. I’m so happy with the books and your choice but I expected them to be different never thought either would be your choice! But hopefully it will be good!!


  31. I didn’t like it. Actually, Kaya Scodelario IS Lucinda to a lot of fans. A big part prefer her, but… She could be Ariane, too, it would be great! I hope that Cam and Ariane be better and look like de characters on the book. I apologize about the english.

  32. Daniel looks so young. But I have faith. Would love to see Avan Jogia in this movie. Any talk of a soundtrack yet? I’m sure that sounds crazy when shooting hasn’t begun yet. I heard Stroke of Luck by Garbage and it seems to fit. “Stroke of luck or gift from God. Hand of fate or devils claws. From below or saints above, you came to me…” Love that song. I love these books! Very excited!

  33. Lauren there are so negative commnets but I totally loved them. It’s nice to see new faces (well for me) I know you wanted differents and unics cast! I support you 100% I know you did great! I can’t wait to see they talent on the big screen! I’ll wait for it. You’re so amazing and totally inspiration! Love from Puerto Rico.

  34. OMG, I’m so happy for this cast! I can’t wait for the movie.Oh, and I cannot wait for Cam to be announced! I’m as happy as you, Lauren! <3

  35. This is awesome. I don’t like Jeremy in this part, but we’ll got Fallen Movie!!!!!! OH, GOD, I’M SO EXCITED!

  36. I honestly thought that they would look diffrent. Shes pretty close to what i imagined i guess but I dont think he makes a good daniel

  37. I’m really disappointed in the cast, i just hope they play the parts well, and if they do im sure it will be great 🙂

  38. For the first time ever I’m not going to go to a movie and yap about how they messed up the casting! Big fan of Lauren Kate.. Cam is actually my favourite !

  39. Hola buenas tardes, me encanta que mantengan a los Fans de la saga como yo al dia con los reportes, la chica es muy linda no la conozco, pero espero se luzca con el papel de Lucinda, tiene mucho por expresar, mi Daniel era distinto, sorry, le deseo éxito y suerte al chico pero honestamente no lo Veo como el Daniel que describe la Autora (Laurent Kate) en su maravilloso libro…..

  40. Not exactly how I pictured them, but I like the fact that it’s too famous actors, ’cause sometimes it kindda draws too much attention to the actor if it is a really famous actor, and that kindda ruins the movie :/
    Looking really forward to see who’s gonna be Cam, Arriane and Rolf 🙂

  41. La verdad no conosco a ninguno de estos actores, se que los escogieron por una buena razon, pero definitivamente para mi el no es Daniel

  42. AWESOME! Addison looks exactly his I pictured Luce! Jeremy doesn’t look like Daniel but if he is so handsome and if he is as talented as he is handsome he’ll be the perfect Daniel! I’m so excited to see who will play Cam CAM IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OMG HIM

  43. Love the casting for Daniel. Not quite how I pictured Luce, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m sure they will do the characters justice. So excited!!

  44. They are exactly what I imagined for Luce and Daniel. I super excited for this movie, and can’t stop talking to everyone about the books and the movie!

  45. Omg. I fell in love with these books. I always said she should make a movie
    so happy she did I can’t wait

  46. LOVE LUCE!!!! Daniel, eh I could grow to love. Oh who am I kidding, I’m already in love with him. GOOD ONE LAUREN!!

  47. I DONT LIKE THIS AT ALL. You dont do that to us, especially Luca. Kaya was perfect. Everyone was voting for Kaya, I didn’t even cosider this girl, we dont even know her. As for Daniel. WHAT HAPPENED!?!? *FLIPS WORLD*

    P.S. Cam is our hope now. DONT’T FAIL US. and Arianne too, please. PLEASE. Dont. just dont.

  48. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Lets hope the movie stays true to the beauty of the book!!! And stays close to the store line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Wow!! At last!! and they are incredible! (well, at least the looks that they have in the pictures fits with how I thought Luce and Daniel should be..), but still, they are totally AWESOME and are now oficially my favorite actors! so excited for the movie !! 😀 ^^

  50. You have no idea how happy I am that a movie is coming being made… This is my favorite book sires its such a beautiful story & I just know that the movie will be amazing. <3 cant wait.

  51. A Luce não foi bem como eu pensei que seria, mas o Daniel agradou minhas espectativas. Agora vou ficar cada dia mais ansiosa para o lançamento do filme. *-*

  52. The only thing that we can say right know is: WE TRUST IN YOU. Thanks for give us the information in the first place 🙂

  53. OMG! One of my fave fallen angel series! It’s official! I’m so EXCITED! Love you Ms. Lauren Kate! ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m from the Philippines btw. 🙂

    1. I thought your books were very common and boring but when I actually read it, it was good. I hardly thought there would be a movie about this novel. I’m from Philippines, too. You’re now one of my favorite authors 😉

  54. Absolutely love these books amd i am so excited that we will finally be able to se it on the big screen. Congratulations ms. Lauren Kate you an amazing writer and cant wsit to see what comes in the future xxx

  55. Congratulations Ms Lauren Kate cant wait to see this series on the big screen hope the movi is as good as the books <3 xxx

  56. gosh! I super love your Fallen novels. I spent a lot of sleepless nights reading those. Can’t wait to watch Luce and Daniel in the big screen. So excited for this. Please keep us posted for recent news about the movie. Thank you Ms. Lauren Kate and God bless. Love lots from the Philippines. ^_^

  57. Finally some casting news! I hadn’t thought of either of these actors, but they do suit their respective roles. Can I just say, Jeremy makes a very good looking Daniel! I’m excited to hear who gets to play Cam and the rest of the characters!

  58. I am happy with them. I hope the movie will stay true to the book or at least close. Can’t wait until they finished casting all the characters.

  59. OMFG!! I LOVE JEREMY IRVINE!! This movie is going to be so much better than I thought!! Can’t wait to see who is cast as Cam!

  60. OMG!!!! I’m so putting back the money to go to the theatres to see this movie. And I’m so buying the whole DVD set when they come out in stores. So CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  61. I love Jeremy Irving!! Oh my goodness I’m so happy right now! The girl looks like a good Luce, so I’m happy so far! I CANNOT wait to see who will play Cam!!

  62. Oh no, please! I really don’t like this “Daniel” … It must be Alex Pettyfer!
    And Lucy.. this actor is nice girl, 🙂

  63. Omg, I didn’t know that a movie was coming! It’s going to be grat. Love the books and the new cast for now. Very excited!! Love your work and looking for to this amazing movie 😀 Love from Sofie (Denmark)

  64. OMG!! I really can’t wait for it!! I’ve read all the books!! Cant wait to see it in Malaysia! Welldone Lauren!

  65. wow!!! i love Jeremy as Daniel!! He is just perfect!
    Addison looks like a nice girl so it feets Luce!
    I hope that the movie’s senario sticks to the books!
    Greetings from Greece!

  66. OMG!!! Amazing cast. I think the movie is going to rock.
    Just love jeremy irvine.
    Can’t wait for the movie 🙂

  67. This isn’t the way I would imagine Luce… I pictured her as more mature looking even though she is young…Same with Daniel…

  68. OMG!!!
    They’re the perfect match; just the way I had imagined when I read the Fallen series!!
    I also love Cam, and I’m very excited to know who will play his character!! ♥


  69. These actors are an interesting choice and will be really good in the film. But i am still disappointed that Daniel isn’t being played by Alex Pettyfer! So excited to see who will be playing Cam (he is my favorite character)

  70. wow..OMG !! I love fallen forever ..i’m so thrilled about reading it!!
    and i’m a 100% fan.. LOVE the series so much.. but most of all
    LOVE LOTS Ms.Lauren Kate.. btw.. i’m from Philippines tooooo!!! 🙂

  71. FINALLY! I’ve wanted this book/ this series to become movies for like forever!!! Im so glad that its finally happening! I can’t wait to see the casting for cam.. I hope its zac efron!!

  72. I like so much the choice of Jeremy Irvine as Daniel but I really don’t like Addison Timlin as Luce! She can be Penny, not Lucinda Price! That’s my opinion…:)

  73. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! so excited..I will wait for the big screen…
    now is the time that I can say that I love your books Ms. Lauren..I really really love it. 😀
    I’m a big fan of yours from the Philippines…

  74. Na verdade, eu preferia o Alex Pettyfer e a Kaya Scodelario , eles sim ficariam PERFEITOS como Luce e Daniel! Porque parece que os personagens foram feitos pensando neles !! Mas..

  75. I’m in love for the Cast! Jeremy Irvine is really like i imagine Daniel! Addison is too next of Luce from my mind! I really looooooooove the Cast! *0*

  76. i’m really sorry, but i would prefer Lucy Hale as Luce, and Austin Butler as Daniel.
    that’s my favourite book’s series, so never mind.
    I’m curious to see who else will be in the cast.

  77. Wonder if they will shoot any of the movie in or around Savannah. How cool would it be to be an extra? I couldn’t pass for a student but one of the older characters.

  78. Dear Mrs. Lauren,
    How is our new mom ? Well, I’d like to say that I liked the cast so much, and I hope that they do an wonderful work… but what happened abou Alex Pettyfer and Kaya Scodelario as Daniel and Lucinda ? Did they have done the audition? Well, I’m waiting for the answer.
    Yout Fallenatic.

  79. Being a fan of the Fallen book series since book 1 came out I’m a tad disappointed in who they’ve cast. Neither one of them look like how Luce and Daniel are described in the book and they both look a tad too old for the roles of 17 year olds. I’m still extremely excited though, maybe when I see the trailer for the first time I’ll change my mind about them! I’m stoked to find out who plays everyone else, especially Cam!






  81. They are SO perfect, our Daniel and our Luce * – * And he is exactly like my Daniel, Thank you Lauren, you are the best, I’m so excited about CAM. Jeremy ♥ Thank you Thank You Thank You ♥ I Love You

  82. OH MY GOD, LOVE JEREMY,But I’m doubtful about Addison. She doesn’t look like Luce, at all! Am i the only one?

    1. Yes you are I think jermey isn’t right for Daniel I do like the pick for Luce I will watch the movies no madder what i trust Lauren Kate’s judgment.

  83. Is it a bit extreme to say I cried when I saw on Jeremy Irvine’s wiki page that theres a Fallen film coming AND that he is Daniel… I just can’t explain how excited I am OMG :’D

  84. Tiny bit sad about it not being my dream cast, but this is amazing. In this picture she really does look like Luce and I’m excited to see Jeremy as Daniel. Anxious for Cam.

  85. Iam disappointed about Lucinda so much! Also, i was expecting something MORE for Daniel but Jeremy isn’t so ugly though. Iam waiting to see who is gonna Cam be! I hope that i will love them in the movie. I hope the results will make me change my mind because I LOVE “FALLEN” so very much!

  86. I am very happy about the cast but I am still curious about who’s gonna play Cam, I wish so much that Brant Daugherty would be the chosen to play him, nothing would make me more happier

  87. Oh my good lauren kate , this is sad:(they can not be actors , what happened? it is not the luce, he is not the Daniel, luce is a sweet , Addison is not a sweet, daniel is wonderful , jeremy is not beautiful , 🙁 so sad , what happened??? I’m so disappointed , I love the book , i love you lauren , but this is not right , I hope that does not happen with hush hush 🙁 🙁 , kisses from Brazil

  88. I’m really disappointed. I really don’t see Jeremy as Daniel at all. I don’t really have an opinion on Addison’s casting since I don’t know who she is, but i’m pretty much devastated at Jeremy’s casting. I can definitely see him as Cam, but not Daniel. Isn’t Daniel supposed to be devastatingly good looking? Not that Jeremy isn’t good looking, but… I’ve definitely seen better. Also, I imagined him being taller and blonder. I don’t know, I’m just really, really disappointed. I thought I hated the idea of Alex Pettyfer as Dainiel, but now that Jeremy has been cast, I’d give anything to see Alex as Daniel over him.

    1. If Alex won’t play Daniel then he should darken his hair and play Cam instead. He does got the green eyes 😉

  89. I can’t believe that they are finally making a Fallen movie!!!!! I can’t wait to see who will be playing Cam!!!!!!<3 Him!!!!!! I still can't wait for it to come out in theatres!!!!

    1. Oh yeah i just hope that this movie isnt as bad as the hunger games was love that book too but the movie was just awful and these books are NOT gonna get ruined 4 me

  90. These actors are perfect they definatly look the part great job to the casting director I just hope they also do a great job with cam as he is my favourite character 🙂

  91. Luce should be played by Lucy Hale, Daniel should be played by Alex Flynn, and Cam should be played by Ian somerhalder.. This is my opinion and I’m very disappointed in who has already been casted.. this is my all time favorite book and I expected more.

    1. My fav book too but if we have any faith in lauren Kate to make the movie as awesome as the book we should trust her judgement.

  92. Honestly,I believe Luce is wrong.Kaya is the perfect Lucinda and Alex is th perfect Daniel.In my opinion Daniel’s role is ok…but I tottaly prefer Kaya and Alex.It won’t be the same with out them.Please put Alex and Kaya in,most of the fallenatics want them as Luce and Daniel,because they are so similar as the characters from the book.

  93. They seem perfect….As long as the little things are kept right, such as Luce has black hair and Cam better have green eyes! …. Can’t Wait!!

  94. no, not alex, he’s not the right kind of actor for cam.

    i reckon erm, the brother from lemony snickett a series of unfortunate events would make an awesome Cam! 😀

  95. I am very happy with the choice. I had sent Jeremy as my option to Daniel or Cam on your twitter, Lauren .. I Loved it!

  96. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this! I can’t wait to see the rest of the cast. I will definitely watch this! 🙂

  97. i don’t like Jeremy, Alex Pettyfer like Daniel is better and Jeremy like Cam Although he is very handsome so I don’t care so much

  98. Wonderful news congratulations to Jeremy and Addison and looking forward to seeing who the rest of the cast will be. Excited to see Fallen on the big screen.

  99. Hello people
    I come in peace, but I want you to change the actor of Daniel, Jeremy by Alex. Jeremy I like to Cam. I agree with Rosalie, she be my best friend. She and I had bad when the movie came out “beautiful creatures” and I like it better the Fallen movie, because it’s my favorite saga and not wanting to mourn. As if your broke idea of my Daniel I’m going with Edward Cullen and don’t return to know about me. No, I love Daniel Grigori and I would love to Alex to interpret, he is very close to the Daniel of my imagination.
    My name as the protagonist and I still have hopes of finding my Daniel, this movie help me save my life and I get to the heart.
    Luuucinda 😀

    1. I like really much Luce’s actress but I also think Alex Pettyfer fits more on Daniel’s description

    2. I like really much Luce’s actress choice but I also think Alex Pettyfer fits better on Daniel’s description

  100. Omg!! Seriously can’t wait now. I’ve literally been waiting for the cast to be announced forever. James Irvine is an amazing actor so I’m sure he won’t disappoint 🙂

  101. No, no, no.! This is all wrong. Daniel is a flawless angel! This guy is a derp. And Luce is a beautiful girl with black hair and pale skin. She is not good for the role!!

  102. I’m not quite sure about Addison but. Like Jeremy, and as for Cam part I would love to watch Ian Somerhalder or Logan Lerman

  103. Eu sou fã do livro fallen e não gostei dos atores escolhidos para viverem o papel de luce e de Daniel no filme

  104. I would have loved Alex to play Daniel, but this guy looks like he will be an amazing Daniel! As for Luce, love it!! She’s perfect!! What about the other cast members!? Like Molly, Arianna, Roland, Gabby, Penn, Mrs. Sophia!!!??? And when will we find out Cam!!? So much to say, but can’t wait! When is it expected to come out!!

  105. those of you who wanted lucy hale to play as Lucinda, TOUGH LUCK!!! she is playing as Dabria in the Hush Hush saga movie. i love the books. i wanted her to play as Luce, but we dont get what we want!!!!!

  106. I didn’t like it at all!! Alex Pettyfer has to be Daniel and this girl can not play Luce!! I truly hope that Cam’s choice be better than this! He needs to be perfect!!

  107. Im not to thrilled about the choice for Daniel but if Lauren has faith in him guess it will be alright. I am alright with the choice for Luce and I can’t wait for cam!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. I really like the casting choices! As long as they can play the characters right, there shouldn’t be a problem. I’m actually kind of happy they didn’t choose mainstream actors. Can’t wait to hear the casting choice for Cam!

  109. I like really much Luce’s actress choice but I also think Alex Pettyfer fits better on Daniel’s description

  110. pleeaase. Let Cam be Douglas Booth.. Or the guy in the newest Great Expectations. If he’s not H-O-T, and just handsome, fans will be disappointed. (including mee) but then again, it’s thy book. Go and make it come to life! Good luck, Lauren!p

  111. I ADORE Jeremy for Daniel!Defintelly a great choice!And Timlin seems good too!Cant wait for Cam!He’s my favorite so i’m very anxious about who will play him!!!Hope he’ll be a good choice! <3

  112. I absolutely love the cast for Daniel, although a little surprised Timlin playing luce- I expect Lucinda Price to be a little younger. But still, I absolutely have faith in you, lauren! Can’t find out who’ll cast Cam!

    Best of luck!

  113. I very much hope that exceed expectations! Not very happy with my choice of Daniel, but I hope you change your mind! I trust Lauren! Come on!

  114. I believe the choices were pretty well thought out. I can really see Jeremy as Daniel. I think it’s good that actors were chosen that weren’t household names. I see a lot of people wanting Alex Pettyfer for one of the roles, but the thing is he has been the lead in both I Am Number 4 and Beastly. I think it’s time for new kind of actor to portray our beloved characters. Well done on the casting. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

  115. I imagined Daniel would be a bit more buffer ^.^
    I think that the one who has been chosen for Luce is okay but I think she needs a lot of work on her hair to match up to the Luce on the cover of the books, (Black and almost feathery)
    I hope they change my minds in the movie!

  116. I like Addison as Lucinda, i never heard about her, but she with dark hair and makeup will be great, right now for me and a lot of fans is difficult to see her as Luce because we have different ideas about her, me for example i wanted Kaya Scodelario for Luce but it will not can be and i love Jeremy as Daniel, he has that essence very misterious and dark, and i know too that a lot of fans want Alex Pettyfer for Grigori but for some reason he will not be him, and im happy for that because i dont know why but all the books adaptations that he made like Beastly have been suck! im sorry but its true, and about Cam that gorgeus Cam i will like Landon Liboiron he looks like Cam, before i wanted Logan Lerman but he is too good and inocent for the role.
    So fans please lets going to give a chance to Addison and Jeremy!

  117. Hello Aunt Lauren would ask you not to be afraid if the film goes wrong we will continue loving the series even if it goes wrong but hopefully the rest of the cast: 3

  118. Honestly I saw Alex pettyfer as Daniel but I trust your opinion. I am extremely excited for the movie! Hopeing Jeremy will due his hair blonde!

  119. I’m pleased to see this is happening finally! Love the cast already! Curious to see who Cam will be……

  120. Luce is perfect. Wish you’d cast someone more attractive as Daniel though.. nothing like what I imagined. He doesn’t even have the golden hair. 🙁
    I looked up Jeremy and the first thing it gave me was Jeremy Sumpter. I think even he’s a better fit for the role of Daniel than Jeremy Irvine. I imagined him as a longer-haired prettyboy lol.

  121. I really don’t see Jeremy Irvine as Daniel. He said he didn’t want to be viewed as a teen idol and that’s why he wasn’t going to do Divergent. This will make him a teen idol. I don’t think he deserves the role. I think Daniel should be played by an actor who portrays sex appeal with a brooding force. Daniel never did it for me as a make character. The blond here could be the reason. Cam was a character I liked, minus the hair. I always thought fallen angels should be dark, their features and their personality. Patch in Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is how I believe fallen angels to be. I’m just really, really sad that Jereny Irvine is going to play Daniel. When I read the books I pictured Jake Abel or Jamie Bell. I hope Jake T. Austin or Aaron Johnson gets the part for Cam. Hopefully the movie will be good and it will get more people to read the books because I think people are still stuck on Vampires. I’m excited for Teardrop because it’s a different story. Next you need to make werewolves happen. The Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater didn’t do it for me nor did Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. If there’s one person I know who can make a great werewolf series it’s you Lauren Kate.

  122. i don’t like Jeremy for Daniel. i had someone else in my mind. but i trust you Lauren. I hope you know what you’re doing. love Lucy tho.

  123. In my opinion Jerremy will be a good Daniel even thought it has nothing to do with how i picture him. Now Addison doesnt seem a nice choise to me , i have to see the movie first.Olso i ve been waiting for Cam announcement forever!!!!!! Plz dont torture as eny more… Give as Cam !!!

  124. uh thats gonna be hard considering cam has the dark hair and daniel was the blonde one…this dude has dark hair…nothing like the book…grrrr

  125. Amo Oscuros, de verdas la historia de amor me llego al corazon !!! el ultimo capitulo lo lei llorando. :’) es la novela mas hermosa de todas, una historia de amor preciosa. una sola palabra describe a la novela: HEMOSA

    En mi imaginacion , daniel y luce eran diferentes, pero ellos estan bien!
    No veo la hora de que salga la pelicula ++

  126. I can’t believe. Los fans son una cosa seria vale -.-” Hagan lo que hagan ellos ya son oficialmente los que le darán vida a Luce y Daniel. Peor para ustedes si se ponen con la inconformidad y negatividad. Lo mejor es desear que la película sea todo un éxito. Yo por mi parte al principio no me gustaron, pero a medida que los fui detallando y conociendo llegué a la conclusión de que me encantaban los dos. Yo soy una de las que no puede esperar a verlos en la pantalla grande. Gracias Lauren por estos Protagonistas Perfectos que te buscaste♥ Y yo sé que no me debe entender xD
    Película esperadaaa!! *-*
    Y falta Cam… Y Arriane *O*

  127. I don’t like either. when I first picked up the book I couldn’t put it down and I was hoping for a movie when I looked it up and say the two who got picked I cried I didn’t have anyone in mind but I have seen pictures of other casts for this and I like them better. lauren cate im disappointed. also in the ending of repture I cried for that too. you should not have ended it like that it has kept me up for about 5 days now and I haven’t slept at all. trust me I don’t know why I did I guess I just expected different from it I got excited about it at first when I was nearing the end but then you did that and I could not bear to read any more. yes it was amazing that Lucinda happened to be an angel and she let the outcasts into heaven but come on she JUST got her wings back and then you make DANIEL give his up? no that was a horrible ending im sorry to tell you this but its true I loved them until that point but then I just got super sad.

  128. To be honest, I don’t really like them for luce and Daniel. But if u say I’ll love them on the big screen. I trust you Lauren. I will love them.

    I really like Lucy hale for Luce and alex pettyfer for Daniel. But its just a dream cast. Yea.

    And the cam announcement! Been waiting for years! I hope it’s Nicholas Hoult. He’s my cam! I just hope! Or maybe someone similar to him.

    Cant wait for the movie!

    Love you Lauren! xx

  129. I like Jeremy as Daniel, but indeed, he has dark hair and Daniel has blond… but he is just like I thought he would be, hot!

    But Addison I don’t like very much, she isn’t how I see Luce. But I’m definitely gonna see the film when is coming on the big screen! I just love your books!!

    And please! Announce Cam so soon as possible 😉

  130. honestly, Daniell is perfect, but Luce?.. I hope that you were right and I´ll like her in THAT MOVIE!! :))

  131. Lauren! Please everyone needs to have news from the rest of the cast, I’m freaking out here at my house. Spit it out the rest of the cast …

  132. Is Addison going to dye her hair for the movie because from the pictures she’s a blonde not a black hair just say in, but I totally can’t wait I am totally counting the minutes until the official trailer to the movie and the movie

  133. Honestly I love the cast so far and I love the book I’m so in love with this right now it’s hard to believe.the honestly has made my life to know that my favorite book series in the entire world is getting made into a movie!!!! It is so exciting and yet scary because you never know how the movie is going to turn out hopefully it will be just as amazing as the books!! I love it so much! Life made (:

  134. I agree, i dont see any of luce in addison, however daniel (besides the blonde hair) fits the description fairly well!!!
    I will be seeing this movie however!!! My friebds and i are cery excited!!!!!

  135. I don’t like, I see Chace Crawford in Daniel or other, and Lucy Hale in Luce.
    But it´s just my opinion. I love your books.
    (I’m french sorry)


  136. I don’t like Jeremy as Daniel!! This guy has dark hair -.-” and Daniel is blonde!!
    I prefer Alex Pettyfer as Daniel he’s like you describe him.
    And I don’t see Luce like that…..

    1. I see it like you, Maria! Alex Pettyfer is perfect for Daniel and I think Kaya Scodelario is a very good actor for Luce. And Brant Daugherty must be Cam Briel *—* !!!! Can’t waiting for fallen movie 🙁

  137. Have you casted Abbigale or any of the other fallen angels? I would love to be in this movie! Ill be and understudy for Luce as well 🙂 and I do agree with a lot of others… not just for my own personal reasons, but the lady you have chosen for Luce (Addison)… really doesn’t fit. We will give her a try though. Looovvveee your Saga!!

  138. Hi I’m from Mexico, I really like Addison as Luce, still does not convince me as Daniel Jeremy, I look forward to when it is announced that my beloved Cam interpret. I love the complete saga. 🙂

  139. Cant wait for this movie to come out!
    Pictured Luce different though.
    Well cant wait to see who plays cam 🙂

  140. I don’t see her as Luce I don’t know she don’t convince me….I think Selena Gomez would be a better Luce or the girl who play in pretty little liars Aria real name Lucy hale … idk if you guys agree but hope everything go good and I’m really exited for the movie

  141. I am really dissapointed… 😐 In my opinion neither Luce nor Daniel match with the actress and the actor. I hope with the make up and the clothes will be better. Imean Alex Pettyfer and Kaya Scoldelario are really better. Anyway I hope the movie is going to be as INCREDIBLE♥ as the books! Love yaaa♥

  142. It’s a very good choice, I already love them both! They are like in my imagination. I’ve seen Jeremy play in another film (War Horse) and he’s a very good actor!! I can’t wait to see the film and I hope it will be as good as the book!

  143. Daniel is beyond gorgeous – just as he should be. I’m not sure about Luce though. The actress is beautiful however and I hope she’ll do Luce justice.
    Honestly, I imagined myself playing Lucinda – as all of the other girls that read your books probably have. 🙂 It’s easy to identify with her cause she’s such an approachable character.
    Oh well, never mind… We just gotta move on, don’t we?
    Excited to see who will play Cam and Arriane!

  144. Addison is not how I see Luce aww…
    Jeremy not how I see Daniel but he got some Daniel appeal so be it ♥

  145. Ah! I’m so going to the premiere of the movie. Luce’s actor isn’t really how I imagined her, she looks younger than I imagined Luce,but as long she acts as good, I’m fine with it. Can’t wait to see who’s cam going to be.

  146. Omg so excied until the film comes out!!!! I really wanna see who they will choose for arriane and molly 🙂 😀

  147. I can see Jeremy playing Cam instead of Daniel. Sadly not impressed so far by the cast choices. Oh well. Hopefully the movie will be good.

  148. Not too happy with the cats but I guess we’ll have to see:/ I mean Addison doesn’t seem like a Luce and Jeremy is okay but fingers crossed that Cam actually fitting. Hopefully there acting will makeup for the looks. Praying Hollywood doesn’t ruin this movie like they did w Percy Jackson and City of bones, and the host❤❤

  149. I love the actress they have chosen for Luce. As well as I love the actor they have chosen for Daniel. Can’t wait for the movie!

  150. As long as Addison’s hair is curled and darker and Jeremy’s hair is blonde, I think I’ll be satisfied! And he’ll need violet contacts of course! Really want to see who plays Cam!

  151. Where’s the actor who will play Cam, Kate? We can’t wait anymore.
    With all the love of brazilian fans.

  152. OMG!! They are PERFECT!! Addison is almost exactly what I pictured Luce would look like and Jeremy is someone I would picture being Cam, but he could pull of being Daniel. Ahh!!! I’m soo excited for the movie!

  153. Kinda disappointed in the choice of actors. Addison looks nothing like how I pictured Luce.. I checked more of her pictures and got upset.. Kaya Scodelario would’ve been perfect. And Jeremy looks more like Cam. Hope their acting is good enough though

  154. OMG!!!! I really want to see cam cast…..
    Please let us know….


    Kate if you are using any song for Daniel and Lucinda, should be this one;

    “Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You”

  155. the books ARE amazing im on passion and cant wait to read the others . i would like to see the trailer of fallen i look online but i cant find one i have already seen the mimi trailer of torrent . please make the movie close like in october . i cant wait that long even if i try i am your greatest fan and they seem great casts but please tell us already who will be cam,gabbe,ariane ,milles,shelby,the mo and dad and morw
    -your biggest fan angela

  156. i don’t like Addison Timlin to be Luce. that’s not who I imagine. and the Daniel, maybe he’s good enough. he’s kinda hot, but not who i pictured out while I’m reading it.

  157. Totally disappointed with the decision for Daniel. Alex Pettyfer would have been amazing for Daniel. Addison Timlin seems good for Luce. Hope Cam is not as disappointing.

  158. Physically, not are as I had imagined, especially Addison. She looks bigger than a 17 year old girl. Of course I would have preferred Kaya Scodelario and Alex pettyfer but I suppose it was not possible to choose them.
    I’m very curious to see them on the big screen, Addison as Luce with short hair and blacks and Jeremy as Daniel blonde with eyes purple / gray. When Cam?
    Good luck to everyone.

  159. OH MY GOSH! THIS IS TRAGIC!!! I CAN’T EVEN DEAL!!! This is nothing how I pictured EITHER OF THEM!! I just seriously hope the acting makes up for this. I’m sorry I hate to be so strait forward but this message comes from all my friends!!

  160. I really wish Kaya Scodelario would play Luce! She was such a perfect fit! I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Luce 🙁 well I guess it will have to do. I’m kinda depressed that I won’t be able to see one of my actress in a movie playing one o my favorite characters in one of my all time favorite book series 🙁 I feel disappointed.

  161. I think they both fit the characters so well. I am looking forward to the rest of the cast and obviously the movie. 🙂

  162. OH MY GOD!!! Jeremy Irvine is so frikkin perfect for Daniel! Im a little skeptical of Addison as Lucy but if Lauren Kate had anything to do with it then she will probably be auh-ma-zing!

  163. I thought It would be Alex Pettyfer & Lucy hale? I hope the acting will make up for the looks. Oh well, i’m sure the movie will be great! But who’s Cam?!!

  164. Although I’m truely excited for the movie and I can’t wait to see it! I’am however disapointed that I’m not seeing fimilar faces in the celebrity world. I’ve never seen these people before so it makes me a little nervious. I’ve been looking forward to a movie since I read the first book a few years ago, so let’s hope they do an excelent acting job or I’m going to be rather sad and majorly diapointed if the movie does not come out well. Keeping my fingers crossed big time!

  165. I admit I expected that the actor of Daniel was somebody beautiful and I am very satisfied!! Addison and Jeremy are perfect!!!

    From ITALIY (excuse for my bad english!!) with love

  166. I don’t care how great her audition tape was, that girl looks nothing like Luce. I had my heart set on Lucy Hale and doubt I’ll be able to enjoy the movie otherwise. I will probably not be seeing it now, as the concept has been ruined for me.

  167. I’m really happy that your book becomes a movie, I’m so excited ! But for me, a French the movie will be released much later, it will be simply magical to see Luce, Daniel and the ohters angels on the big screen ! The actors look great 🙂

  168. Awwe . really wanted Jeremy Irvine to play Four in Divergent and Alex Pettyfer to play Daniel . but oh wells, Jeremy Irvine needs to have blonde hair and it would work ! im just waiting on Cam !! 🙂

  169. I absolutely hate this cast, i think Kaya Scoldelario should play Luce not Addison Timlin and Alex Pettyfer should play Daniel not Jeremy Irvine. I hope Cam turns out better then the two main characters!!!!!!

    1. Yo, you can’t force actors to audition or play a role in a movie they don’t want to audition in. It’s not like Kaya and Alex are desperate for money. They’ve got other projects. Don’t judge until you see the real thing!!!

  170. i think we should judge them based on their acting, plus, you gotta remember that lauren kate chose them so she basically imagined and brought these characters to life. If she approves of them, then they’re probably awesome. Cain’t wait to see Cam!

  171. Didn’t expect them both to play Luce and Daniël. I KNOW SOME OF YOU PEOPLE WANTED SOMEONE ELSE. But give them a chance, I know that Jeremy Irvine is just a GREAT actor, he’s got skills, just WOW! A little bit suprised too, because Jeremy Irvine turned to role of Four in Divergent down, because he didn’t want to be a teen-idol and wanted to play in more ‘adult-like’ movies and more serious movies. Fallen is in the same sort category as Divergent, don’t understand why he’s doing this one and not Divergent but OK! Don’t know much about Addison Timlin, but her looks just fit in my idea of Luce. Really excited who’s playing Cam! Can’t wait!!

  172. Didn’t expect them both to play Luce and Daniël. I KNOW YOU PEOPLE WANTED SOMEONE ELSE. But give them a chance, I know that Jeremy Irvine is just a GREAT actor, he’s got skils, just WOW! A little bit suprised too, because Jeremy Irvine turned to role of Four in Divergent down, because he didn’t want to be a teen-icon and wanted to play in more ‘adult-like’ movies and more serious movies. Fallen is in the same sort category as Divergent, don’t understand why he’s doing this one and not Divergent but OK! Don’t know much about Addison Timlin, but her looks just fit in my idea of Luce. Really excited who’s playing Cam! Can’t wait!!

  173. I hate the cast what were thinking she’s not pretty and he’s ugly I thought Daniel was suppose to be gorgeous. I hope you pick a good cam cause this is disappointing

  174. Woooow, good to see actors who are not well known, to interpret these roles .. I would support Adam Gregory for Cam, but anyone will be perfect, I hope! (:

  175. WEWANTCAMWEWATCAMWEWANTCAMWEWANTCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gosh dang it we want cam

  176. There us nothing wrong with these cast.. I think they will act perfectly. I HOPE. I trust Lauren for picking these actors.. Can’t wait for the movie.

  177. Nooooooooo!!!!!! I mean I want a movie version, but I disagree with the actors I do not like! Daniel is suppose to be really gorgeous and attractive…. Oh well…

  178. i dont agree at all with the cast !i believe that lucy hale would be the perfect luce and alex pettyfer would be awesome as daniel <3

  179. OHMYGOD.
    That is not how i pictured Daniel in my head..

    I wish it was someone else. I like this Daniel but ….now the inside of my head is all messed up. Oh well..

  180. Some of you guys are being really rude about who is playing Luce and Daniel I get you wanted other people to play the part of you don’t know I those people even audition for the part of them and Lauren said they are going to be amazing she wrote the books and its her vision of the movie sheesh give them a chance !!!!!

  181. Actually, this is not a bad cast. WHY ARE COMPLAINING PEOPLE? Lauren knows whats best for the characters 🙂
    I wanted to have slex petifer too…but then again, I think it would be absolutly fantastic to see fresh faces. I’m kind of tired of always seeing the same “oh so famous” actors all the time, if you know what I mean..

  182. I think that arianne should be played by Jena Malone. She’s pixie like and has great charisma and wit she also looks alot like arianne. I’m not to sure about the main characters. i’m a bit bummed on how they’ve turned to look like. well we’ll just have to see 🙂

  183. I think she’s a very bad person for Luce. I hope you keep Luce’s description on point but I still don’t think she looks like that innocent 17 year old girl. Daniel I. Can deal with just make sure you’re keeping description on point!!!! They better all be as you physically described them !!!

  184. Não gostei da atriz que foi escolhida para interpretar a Lucinda…quando fui procurar fotos dela no google imagens,vi fotos dela com os seios de fora, e ela não se parece com o a Luce que nós leitores imaginamos…

  185. ■Jake Abel as Cameron “Cam” Briel
    ■Kristen Stewart as Arriane Alter
    ■Amanda Seyfried as Gabrielle “Gabbe” Givens
    ■Miranda Cosgrove as Pennyweather “Penn” Van Syckle-Lockwood
    ■Taylor Momsen as Mary Margaret “Molly” Zane
    ■Sela Ward as Miss Sophia Bliss
    ■Olivia Wilde as Annabelle Alter
    ■Selena Gomez as Callie
    ■Nicholas D’Agosto as Roland Sparks
    ■Cameron Bright as Trevor
    ■Daniel Craig as Harry Price
    ■Rachel Weisz as Doreen Price

  186. O come on it was almost a month ago we found out the last one please I don’t know who is playing either one of my favorite characters (cam and arriane)

  187. I cant wait for the first movie to come out its going to be amazing… come on Lauren Kate please give us an idea as to when we can expect this epic wonder 🙂

  188. So awesome, this is so exciting because I’m in love with these books and now there will be film? AWESOME and so far I just love the cast.

  189. i cant wait for it. its gonna be the most amazing thing in my life i love Luce and Daniel. we all are waiting Lauren……………………..I LOVE YOUR books.

  190. Yay! I was so worried there would be more casting catastrophes this year in regards to books I love. The young lady playing Luce is absolutely stunning! And Daniel? Pfft I’d take a bite out of him any day! Lol oh what a treat it is so actually be pleased with movie production companies for once…now the true test tho….Cam in all his delicious glory …yum

  191. I am as well excited for this movie. I check at least a couple times a week to see if you posted any new casts. So far the Lucinda and Daniel are perfect. Can’t wait…:)

  192. i think they will both work but cam could always be chaming tatum which describes him perfectly yo me and i love all of your books espicaly fallen

  193. I’m going to die from happiness! I almost gave up on seeing the book be turned into a movie! But I just can’t wait! So happy!

  194. OH GEEBUS! I absolutely cannot wait for this movie to come out. I’ve been reading Lauren’s books for the longest I practically the whole series beginning to end
    I simply cannot wait for this movie to come out and no matter what happens I will ALWAYS.. I repeat.. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, be your fan!

  195. I always pictured Cody Liniley playing Daniel. He would be perfect!!!! I never imagined him to look Anything like that guy they picked

  196. I love the books but the cast couldve been like :
    Daniel is Alex pettyfer
    Luce: idk
    Cam: The guy who played warm bodies zombie somethin
    U wrote the book n u chose them as the characters the person who play Daniel dosent even has blond hair the girl dosent have. Black hair i just don’t get it plus no on knows dem

  197. Nice pick for Luce and Daniel. But it would have been even better if Max Thieriot plays Daniel. He very well suits his looks. Lauren, could you maybe consider him?!!! :)…Can’t wait for the movie to be shown in the theaters!

  198. umm i dont know about DANIEL’S characher no offencebut i dont like him. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT i im desperllty waiting for my CAM. Wooooooo please let it be a GOOD one, and the suspenve is killing me.

  199. The Fallen series is hands down, by far the BEST love story ive ever read. I cannot wait to see the movie, there is no way it will not be awesome!!! 😀 AHHHH LOVE IT!!

  200. OMG! Sooooo excited! I am really looking forward to this movie. I hope that it will, maybe not exactly the same with the book for we all know that it wouldn’t fit with the time a movie can have but atleast it will contain all the important and best part of the book. Three cheers for the Fallen! Love you Lauren! <3

  201. I’m actually deeply saddened that Jamie Campbell-Bower hasn’t been cast as Daniel, because that’s who I pictured when I read the books. All the same, though, I wish this guy the best of luck. Am bummed to see Lucy Hale’s not playing Luce like I’d hoped, but Addison is absolutely beautiful and is perfect for the role as well. Here’s hoping I’m not disappointed when Cam’s cast!!

  202. The actor that is Daniel I think is per fect, but the actress that is Lucina …. I think nis better Lucy Hale or Lily Collins … I want Cam !!!! <3
    Sorry if my english is not perfect but I'm Italian XD

  203. oooh. Daniel is hot just as the book described. 🙂 i luv this book. i hope its like the mortals istruments tht tries to follow the book.

  204. So I’m not sure if this is true or not, but according to an article I found on the IMDB website, Harrison Gilbertson is playing Cam?

  205. So I’m not sure if this is true, but according to an article I read on the IMDB website, Harrison Gilbertson was cast as Cam?

  206. Luce is perfect. Daniel is hot and I just saw Cam. I’m really looking forward to this movie. When is it coming out in America?

  207. Expected Alex Pettyfer to be Daniel but I think Jeremy Irvine will definitely do justice to the Daniel I picture when I read the book…. 😀 waiting impatiently for the movie to be out

  208. Luce is right on point but I still think that Jamie Campbell Bower would make an amazing Daniel. Hopefully the rest of the cast will be good. P.S> Cam is perfect!

  209. I absolutely adore Jeremy Irvine. He is an exceptional actor! Saw him in war horse and Now is good. And I’m sure he will do justice to Daniel. Plus hes so cute!! And I like who you picked for cam too I think he’ll be great. I trust your judgement after all you brought us these wonderful books in the first place.

  210. Eu acho que normalmente adaptaçao nao precisa ficar tao perfeito porque realmente nunca sera igual ao do livro entao eu gostei bastantante da escolha

  211. I did not like the actress who will represent Luce, also found that the descriptions made ​​no real features. I believe that most of the readers r
    who really like the books, do not accept the face that the actress has pathetic.

  212. Come on people. Give it a chance !
    Everyone has a different perception of what the characters should look like
    As for the actor not being blonde … Hair color..,, easy fix
    Most actors / actresses are not easily recognized in person. You could pass them on the street and never know it.

    My girls and I are looking forward to the movie because as long as it follows Lauren Kate’s brilliant writing, the movie will be great !

  213. i know that acting has to be great too but i really want something on the appearance too i;m quite disappointed not that i have anything against the two that got pick but its just that my vision is quite different sigh!!! reality stinks 🙁

  214. In my mind Daniel looks nothing like his actor, Luce looks nothing like her actress and it will ruin the whole movie.
    I fell in love with these book and I would hate for the movie to be terrible because they actor and actresses

  215. These two are not too bad. But I hope Jeremy has his hair dyed blonde. Apart from that pretty satisfied with the selection, but Harrison Gilbertson as “CAM” definitely not.

  216. pls I don’t like them!!! she’s orrible! she isn’t my Luce and he’s not my Daniel! I’m crying!
    please change the actors!

  217. 1st of all; Jeremy Irvine is totally hot!
    and also he has great talent , hanen’t you seen the War Horse…?
    He has this sad-romantic face and I adore him…he is cute and I
    believe that he is gonna dye his hair blonde for the movie…So Jeremy all the way…

  218. I think that Jeremy will be fine as Daniel, but I was really hoping for someone like Alex Pettyfer, because he is my first choice and most of the fans. Or at least someone similar to him. It would have been amazing and he was the person I imagined when reading the book. Ahh…just better be a great movie to make up for that.


    1. Harrison Gilbertson will play cam 🙂 btw look for him in videos on youtube not pics remember that , in the movie they fix them and stuff 😛 sooo! yea. and i think harry will do a good job as cam and its a really good oportunity for his carrer.

  220. I am so lame, I’m like a huge fan in my country and I didn’t know they were even having a movie! Love the people playing Luce and Daniel! Can’t wait!

  221. I absolutely love the Fallen series and have been itching for a movie ever since I finished!!! I love Luce and Daniel’s casting, they look just how I pictured them!! I can’t wait for the movies!!!!!

  222. if any Jeremy is going to be Daniel it should be Jeremy Sumpter- he has blonde hair and is gorgeous! i.e.. he looks the part. However I have faith in Lauren Kate and the film people! Cant wait to see the rest of the cast though! xx

  223. Harrison Gilbertson will Play cam : i think its exelent harry is soo cute , Oh! btw dont look for him in pic but instead videos LOL :p

  224. This movie can either be good and give us deatils about the movie that we didnt know LIKE IF THEY DO THE LAST BOOK TOO , WHAT HAPPENED TO CAM or it can suck and cut alot of scene in the book like the mortal instrument :p btw love does books!

  225. i love the fallen books and couldnt wait for the movie but jeremy is good but not “the perfect daniel” thats quite sad:(
    we´ll see …

  226. Pissing me off cuz everyone is upset about the looks of the cast! It’s Lauren’s book let her do whatever I think they’re fine. People who are saying that they will ruin the movie are stupid a’f!! Seriously!! I love lauren and I trust she’ll do the right thing and the movie will be awesome no matter what because the books are amazing and I have been a fan f the series and when I heard there was gonna be a movie I almost died!! I was so happy I almost cried!! :’) (:

    1. Well said! I’m sick of the horrible comments too! I’m impressed with the people playing Luce, Daniel, and Cam and I can’t wait to see who will play Penn and Gabbe and Arriane and the rest of the characters.
      Fallen fans, you need to trust Lauren.

  227. I was kind of disappointed because I imagined Luce and Daniel in a different way. In the book Daniel is blond. But I liked it anyway.

  228. Jeremy is definitely not the Daniel i imagined. I just hope he’ll do a good job to change my mind so I’m pretty excited. I read the series twice cuz it’s so good!

  229. I adored this books. I related to them deeply and they got me though a very difficult part of my life. When is the movie expected to be released?

  230. So excited to watch the movie when it comes out! And awesome job on the characters! I have read the whole series and I couldn’t put the book down once I started! Good luck with the movie!

  231. In my opinion this cast could work and I like it! But I COULD BE REALLY NICE to see Alex Pettyfer as Daniel! He really looks like him! But anyway I can’t wait to see one of my favorite books in the big screen, and that’s what really matters!!!!! <3

    1. Lily collins starrs in The mortal instruments. ..alex pettyfer was gonna play jace wayland in the movie but jamie cambelle bower did instead……how this relates I dont know.

  232. I am so excited to see this on the big screen. I love this series so much! I am so happy it is getting a chance to become a movie! I just know that people who never read it will love it!

  233. Totally Excited – Can’t wait to see one of my favorite series come to life… I’ve been waiting for this for a while now. Thank You to Lauren Kate for this beautiful story.

  234. Oh my gosh, I am so excited for the movie. I am in love with the books and for the most part, the characters. But when I look at the guy playing Daniel, I just don’t feel it….

  235. It lets me down that the characters are not remotely close to what I imagined them to be. Addison Timlin seems to be too pretty looking for the role of Luce, I think the girl on the cover of the Fallen books is PERFECT for the role. And Jeremy Irvine is way off what I imagined as well as the guy playing Cam. I rekon Cam should look something like a younger version of Ian Somerholder to play the perfect bad boy role 🙂

  236. I think they’re perfect. They’ll never find someone who matches the pictures in our heads perfectly, but I can see how they will look great together on screen. She is the right size for him so that he can tuck her in his wings! ahh, I just finished the series and I have never been so excited about a book(s). I am more worried about what will be cut out because all of it was so beautiful. I can’t wait to see the imagery and how it all comes to life! I will be first in line for tickets!

  237. I’m not excited for the movie anymore. Jeremy Irvine doesn’t eevn have blonde hair. Alex Pettifer would look so much better as Daniel.

  238. i’m so excited for the movie my gosh!
    but please oh please Lauren you must change the actor for Daniel, he just doesn’t seem like.. well Daniel.
    other than that the books i just devoured they are beautiful and captivating! x

  239. when i see these caracters I just don’t feel that they are the right people for the movie sorry can you please and isn’t lucy suppost to have short hair and daniel blond i just wonder.

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