It’s Official: The Fallen Cast

You have all been desperate to discover who will step into the shoes of your favorite Fallen characters. The wait is finally over. I’d like you to meet the Fallen cast, the students of Sword and Cross!

 Lola Kirke as Penn

Kirke, Lola

 Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Molly

Sianoa Smit-McPhee HEADSHOT 2

 Daisy Head as Arianne

Daisy Head 1 up web cropped

Hermione Corfield as Gabbe


Malachi Kirby as Roland Attachment-1.2

Chris Ashby as Todd


And as a recap, here are the smokin’ leading characters

Addison Timlin as Lucinda


Jeremy Irvine as Daniel


Harrison Gilbertson as Cam

I have more Budapest highlights to share, including pics from my time with the cast and crew. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter for exclusive details. Your support and enthusiasm fills me with gratitude. I can’t wait to bring you along on this thrilling ride.

Passionately yours,

Lauren Kate

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  1. Oh My Goodness! I’ve been in love with these books since the beginning, and had to wait out each book and now the movie! This cast looks so great! I can’t wait to see my fairy tale characters come to life!

  2. Excited to see this story come to life. I really hope that they capture Arianne’s spunky personality:)

  3. I’ve been wondering, what country is this being released in? If it were US I’d think there’d be more info in the media about it, and I didn’t want to get excited about a movie if I can’t see it any way. Just wondering. Thanks.

  4. This is very excited thank you so much! They all look great. I’m very happy with Jeremy Irvine as Daniel; he’s perfect.

  5. I really hope they do it justice. I hate when a book gets slaughtered by screenplay.

  6. this cast is totally unrelatable. i understand having your characters look good but they all have the same “i just stepped off an abercrombie ad” fake model look. they should have a normalness to them so people can relate to their characters more. not every person has to look like a flawless freakin runway model.

  7. I think lyce should have been better and ariianne needs more if her oitgoing crazy well as cam lookung more tough but other tjan that i love it cx

  8. Wow!!! i cannot wait to see the movie!!!!!
    my co-nephilims here in the Philippines are waiting for the whole saga!!!

  9. The cast look great! When is the Fallen movie expected to be released in the US? I can’t wait!

  10. It is me or does anyone else not know these people. Not saying their not good I just never heard of them.

  11. Es un cast perfecto, los actores son bastante parecidos a los personajes.. solo espero que los sepan interpretar bien 🙂

  12. I’m so excited!! I hope it turns out as good as the books or hopefully better!

  13. excellent cast…. that is how I imagined them to look like…. can’t wait for the movie…

  14. Omigod Jeremy Irvine such a hottie! (^.^). And Gabbe is soo pretty,wow! Okay can the movie come out already?? The anticipation is too much. South Africa is sooo ready, we just can’t wait.

  15. They really have the characteristics!!!
    I looooove the cast, and I can’t wait until the movie comes out!! :O

  16. i honestly thought lucinda would have long dark hair and snow white skin as the cover of the book showed.

  17. I’m so excited but I always picture arianne more of like Jeanette McCurdykinda thing I mean she has to be fierce but anyway I hope they all surprise me in the movie. great actors always can act someone they’re not even if they don’t look much like the character you expected

  18. This cast is amazing. I cant wait for the movie. Ive read the whole series about 3 or 4 times and i love them.

  19. I like the cast, but i dont like cam. when i read about him, that actor is not what i thought of him to look like.

  20. omigosh!!!!! lovd all of em.spcly luce n daniel!!!! hope it gers compltd soon n hits the theatres!! thrs gonna b a CROWD waiting”””

  21. I am excited fr the movie but I will have to wait and see if Daisy head is able good Arriane a she is my favourite charecter but I’m sure she is the right one for the job I mean he got the job so she has to be good

  22. I can’t wait to see the film!! I wish they could show it here in the Philippines!! 😀 ♥

  23. We love this book! The fact that its happening and knowing the cast like omgz I can’t even.

  24. Arianne is the character I loved the most! And there you are, Daisy Head— so arriane you are! Good luck!

  25. Seems fine, however I’m hoping the actors playing Molly, Roland and most importantly Luce fix up their hair!

  26. Really disappointed with the cast. Could have done better but on another point, films rarely portray the book. Good luck

  27. so exciting I cant wait for the movie to come out I really hope they follow the books it will be awesome

  28. I’m so excited for this movie!! I’m trying to make all my friends read the books so they can come see the movie with me! I hope they can all portray their personnalities that are so great in the book! If it all works out, will all the other movies be made? 😀

  29. haha molly looks like a hardened disgruntled criminal hahaha and oohhh love gabby and roland! wooo new girl crush lol!

  30. Omg i am not happy with Daniel and Cam!!! They look so small and to ung to be daniel and cam!!! Need to change to bigger more buff actors!! And hotter!!

  31. heey. im so excited for the movie!! 🙂 fallen series is my favourite book evveeeeeeer. I love the cast, cant wait to watch it and fall in love with daniel. Hahahaha! Thanks for writing great books! I love you Ms. Lauren Kate.

  32. That is why “the book is always batter than the film”.
    We pisture everyone as hot as an angel can be (LOL) and then, we get this….

    Do they act well? Because I do not known anyone, just Jeremy (the film with the horse)!

    By the way, looking at it from an international POV: Who are these people?
    They may be known in USA, but they are not known around the world.
    I can already hear people saying: Unknown people, film based on a book= not watching it.

    And that will not allow the other books to “come alive”.

    I just hope that you have a great Marketing strategy. 😉

  33. Really?
    I have pictured Daniel, lean and tall, thin, with straight blondder hair.

    Imagination is such an interesting thing, so personal, hun?!

    Good for you, that Jeremy is perfect for Daniel!

    As for me, I am disappointed.

  34. Everybody suits very well with the characters except Lucinda, I thoufgt she would be more pale and lovely. She looks a bit hard.

  35. Amazing cast I must say! But Alas my hopes and dreams have been crushed before my very eyes in the same sense…. I always dreamt of being a part of this movie since the very first book. I can not wait to see the end results! Its going to be amazingly brilliant.

  36. Lauren Kate, I am so so disappointed with Luce. And can actually.. But Luce In the book is described kinda short and stocky. NOT THIN AND TALL LIKE A MODEL. I was for once so excited for this! I normal girl can indeed have her happy ending. But no, once again media will portray a perfect couple getting their perfect ending. This is not the Luce you described in the book. She’s not pale with freckles. She’s not stocky. I’m so so disappointed.

  37. The cast doesn’t seem that amazinf especially since this movie has been casting for years. I’ll still watch the movie but I hope it’s good. You should have picked some mainstream actors as you’ll be competing with other fandoms such as divergent and hunger games.

  38. Hate it!!! Ugh so not excited for this actually dreading the movie it’s going to end up as a fail like the city of bones movie

  39. They should have chosen a handsome actor for Cam! Cam is way too hot in my head, ya know? But Jeremy Irvine? Damn, I had fallen for him since the premier of War Horse. He’s a great actor.

  40. Great cast! Can’t wait for the movie!!! Hope the cast do justice to the characters 🙂 when is the movie out?

  41. Ohh I am excited nowww! Hope they can get it spot on because the book is great! I just hope Cam can grow a bit of stubble because he’s slightly baby-faced for the role at the minute I feel haha.. BUT SO EXCITED!!

  42. I’m so exited!!!!!!*-* I can’t wait no more;) but I think that Lola kirke is more beautiful than Addison timlin :/

  43. I love them. Espescially Cam and Daniel. I did imagine Lucinda a little differently though. But I can’t wait!

  44. I guess I need to re-read the Fallen books! It has been awhile and it was like my favorite book!

  45. meu Deus! é perfeito… amei o resto do elenco… esse filme… o filme Fallen… vai ser o melhor sem sombra de duvidas… o Filme Fallen vai ganhar mil vezes de crepusculo sem duvidas!

  46. I had no idea this was being made into a movie, finding this out made my day! I can’t wait to see it!

  47. I really hope this movie comes out like the books, it would be a shame if it didn’t… even if they have to make the movie long to make it great. I would watch every minute because Lauren Kate’s book’s are FANTASTIC.

  48. this book is taking me forever to finish it got my attention from the beginning but now its dragging. and they should have picked a different person to act out Lucinda for god sakes she does not even fit the role. no black hair. does not have pale skin or a small face.

  49. Wonderful cast! Some of them look slightly different for what I imagined, but I could definitely see them in character.

  50. OMG OMG OMG OMG Wonderful !!!!!
    Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!
    ♥♥ #BRAZIL
    love it

  51. Some of them don’t seem to fit the image I had in my head, but Gabbe, Luce, and Penn are perfect! I can’t wait to see what they all look like when they’re made up to fit the part! Any movie release dates, yet??

  52. I absolutely adored her in OddThomas and I hope she bring s justice to Luce. she is very talented.

  53. Harrison Gilbertson as Cam is PERFECT! Exactly how I pictured and so charming! Can’t wait to see on set pics!

  54. Been waiting for this film for what feels like forever. Can’t wait. They got Cam and Daniel PERFECT! So exited 🙂

  55. Nossa , Daniel e Cam são perfeitos 🙂 . Daniel igual ao que imaginei *–* . Ansiosa pela estréia . Lauren Kate is a perfect author .

  56. Love it I was worried about penn, Molly and Arianne but it looks like they pretty much nailed them as well as Luce Daniel and cam!!! Can’t wait for the movie!!!!

  57. I think Cam should have a bad boy look not so prepie .. Cause he almost looks like he could be Daniel.. But I am still excited ^.^

  58. I love them all ^-^ yay! I guess it’s time to re-read the series with these actors in mind as I read haha

  59. OMG!Perfect! Looking forward to the premiere! Loved the casting? Harrison will be a perfect Cam, my favorite character!

    Kisses ^ ^

  60. They are all prefect! I’m so excited for the movies… I started reading when fallen first came out I have reread them again and again. 😀

  61. Nao gostei muito da Daisy Head como Ariane, achei que nao combino muito e no Malachi Kirby tambem nao… mas confio em vc tia Lauren <3 bjs

  62. Oh my god, Lauren! I was waiting so long for this cast, and could not be more perfect. Just loved, and I’m already seeing the work of all the cast and much admiring. Congratulations! I hope the film has the same success as the books! I’m from Brazil, and how many of the fans of the Fallen, I’m astonished. Looking forward to the movie!



  63. Is this actually happening?!?! *faints*
    Wow, well I’d switch a few characters around if it were up to me, for example Sianoa Smit-McPhee should play Arianne, she just looks the spitting image of the character I imagined when reading the books. By far Arianne is my favourite character.
    Either way I’m sure it’s going to be great! I shall look forward to it with anticipation!

  64. My Gosh, Cam is so hot, i will have orgarms wathing the movie, but I think that Luce is Addison is too hot to be Luce, but I love the cast

  65. OMG!!!! i have been waiting forever to see this!!!!! I can not wait to see it ahhh i love your cast soooo much (: <3 thank you so much for picking the people that look exactly like i dreamed about (:

  66. Oh my gosh I am sooooooo happy there will finally be a movie I own all books and have waited thank you so much I hope (am sure) this will blow twilight out of the park! Your amazing thank you please continue more books. Love with conflict and supernatural is my all time favorite. As a young mom it keeps me still imagining the fun parts of life. Thanks again. 🙂

  67. Estava ansioso aguardando a divulgação do elenco.

    Agora é só aguardar o tão esperado filme <3

    O jeito é reler a saga enquanto isso …

  68. I like the cast some of them I can see, but others I can’t see. Like Cam I thought he would look a little bit more different than that, but that is just my opinion. I like Daniel and the others but I did think Lucinda would have black hair and not brown… and I thought she would look a little bit different just like I thought about Cam.

  69. Cam’s supposed to be blonde right? and hot…. I don’t think the actor suits the character though I have got to see the acting skills… I mean I love the Fallen series and I’ve gone crazy reading it over and over!! ^_^ I wish the casting wou;d’ve been more on established actors and all…

  70. so happy Harrison Gilbertson is playing Cam, man cant wait to see tis movie ,never heard of the other actors, sorry!!,

  71. Questi attori non rappresentano minimamente l intensitá dei personaggi descritti nel libro! È una vera vergogna! Se dovete fare un film su quel libro fatelo bene senza rovinare tutto!! Silvia e sara ps: ci avete deluso e rovinato una vera serie di personaggi riusciti bene

  72. Why are they all so young :/ I hope this isn’t awful like all my other favourite books that turned into films

  73. Should be Willa Holland as Lucinda! 😀 Lol
    Anyway .. Anyone You’ll choose it will be perfect! Thanks for sharing with us Your amazing book! Love

  74. Addison need to dye her hair darker and im seriously disappointedwith who’s playing Daniel not how I pictured him at all! but cam was a great pic and gabbe where great choices. I even think that maybe Penn would b better suited for Lucinda but we’ll see with the acting who pulls it off

  75. Wow. I loved the books, but the characters I had in mind looked vastly different.. especially Luce, Daniel and Cam. I’m glad everyone else liked the cast, cause I know I’m disappointed, and most likely wont be seeing it.. I always hate when books are made into movies though. It makes it feel less special; like it’s lost it’s value and it’s meaning. I’ve always hated when others watch a movie before reading the book, because they wont understand the impact of the story. I have yet to find a movie that portrayed a book correctly, although I hope you prove me wrong! But congrats anyway!


    Gonna get to re-reading the books n_n *fifth time*

  77. OMG! They are not what I imagine, by the way, I’m in love with this book! Waiting for the movie… Thank you Lauren Kate. _A big braziliana fan.

  78. Sono veramente delusa… senza parole veramente
    Una storia bella come quella di fallen rischia di essere completamente rlvinata. Non ho niente contro questi attori ma sono veramente inadatti nei loro ruoli. Aspettavo solo il film e adesso non penso che ne sarò soddisfatta. Il fan club da me gestito è estremamente deluso.

  79. Eu ameiiiiii!!!!
    Espero amuito tempo isso!!!
    Acomunidade Fallen do Brasil esta anciosa!!!!

  80. Omg yay!!! I just found out about the movie from IMDB and I’m so happy with the cast list.
    I never thought of Roland being black though I thought he was white, but I’m liking the thought of him being black it is so different from what I imagined!
    Great casting!! WOOHOO!!

  81. this is the best time of my life I love her books and I’m soooooooooooo exited for the movie Harrison Gilbertson I soooooooooooo cute and he’s Australian jut like me

    Lauren you have to come to Australia Brisbane please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Cam was a perfect choice. I always thought of him as like a innocent looking sexy rocker boy. He’s my favorite character. Haha.

  83. I have fallen in love with the cast 😀 like said in one of the previous comments, I also didn’t think Roland was black, until I read Passion, where Luce pretended to be a maid in Helston and met the Roland from that era. 🙂 I sort of imagined him differently, but Malachi seems like he can pull it off. Still thrilled with the rest of the cast!

  84. Yes I also thought he was white! 🙂 until I read Passion, (Helston chapter) and from then on, I could totally see him rocking those dreadlocks. Hehe 😀

  85. I don’t think Harrison Gilbertson should play Cam, Nicholas Hoult is way better for playing the roll as Cam in the Fallen movie !!

  86. but I still think that some members of the cast are too old to play the role of a student

  87. Luce, Daniel, & Cam. NO like seriously is THAT how I was supposed to imagine them?! I really didn’t wanna be rude but im actually pretty damn disappointed w/ the cast Penn Gabbe & Molly are the only ones I actually agree w/. & this is my favorite book. I thought Cam would be a hot rocker/band or member kind(like Munro ChambersDylan O’Brianor someone else w/ a hot dark side) a guy & Daniel kinda like Alex Pettyfer or something.

  88. When I’m reading Fallen series I do not see Jeremy irvine as Daniel I see Alex Pettyfer thats why I think that Alex Pettyfer should play the roll as Daniel in the Fallen movie!! Alex Pettyfer is the better choice for playing Daniel!

  89. I am really happy it is being made into a movie but i think Alex Pettyfer and jeremy irons play Daniel asnd Cam like i have to just read rapture but i still look at Cam evil like someone a bit more decicive

  90. I love the choices you and/or Casting Crew have made. It’s going to be an excellent movie, I just love the series. And now I’m starting your newest book/series Teardrop. But anyways, I can’t wait for this movie to be wrapped up and out in theaters, But I could! take your time, don’t rush. If it stick to the book it will be Brilliant!

    P.S Might I just say I love the font of the website!

  91. You’re quick to talk. Harrison Gilbertson may not have the rocker attitude/look on the photo but you know, make-up and styling can do a lot. (and pssh, they actually do that in movies!)

  92. I’m looking forward to the movie and everything but I’m just kind of disappointed in the fact that none of the actors or actresses were requested or recommended by the fans on the Lauren Kate Facebook page. I’m still looking forward to seeing how all of theses actors bring out the characters on the screen. 🙂

  93. Nicholas Hoult is the way way better choice of playing Cam in the fallening movie then Harrison Gilbertson because I don’t picture Harrison Gilbertson playing Cam!!

  94. I like the some of the casr and I really like Roland and i don’t see Addison as Lucinda she just doesn’t fit, Cam looks too young I pictured him with a more dark fresh look

  95. Gabbe is so beautiful too. I hope luce could be more beautiful than Gabbe. And jeremy didn’t seem fit to be Daniel. Gilbertson also less to be cam. but I believe you lauren. hopefully you can make the fallen’s fans in love with the film not only in the novel 🙂


  96. Lauren Kate, eu sou uma grande fã, amo todos os seus livros, especialmente a Saga Fallen, Gostaria de saber quando será a estréia, estou muito ansiosa, e não vejo a hora do filme sair.
    Ah, e a propósito, escreva mais.. estou aguardando mais livros *—–*.

    Um grande beijo.

    Sabrina Latorres.

  97. The only thing I disagree with, I don’t think daisy head would make a good arianne character, she doesn’t look hard core enough for Arianne:/

  98. Tell me I’m dreaming Harrison Gilbertson is sooooooooo perfect for Cam I’m on the edge of my seat for the fallen release date I love that Lauren decided to make this book into a movie

  99. I can not wait when the movie comes out, and that I’ll just start reading the second book, the story caught me.

  100. When i was reading this book i picture the leads totally different cam looks like the good guy not the bad boy type i picture him with this beautiful green eyes that you would never forget and Daniel i just picture him as Alex pettyifer and luce more innocentbut edgy. I just don’t agree with most of the cast .

  101. look i love the series so far i’m almost on the 3rd book in the series but seriously

    Lucinda is suppose to have short or medium black hair and be thin and extremely pale Skin she supposed to be around 5,5 and at least look 17

    Daniel should be buff have bleach blonde hair short in the back and long bangs in the front

    Cam should should be thin and be extremely pale and have shoulder length black hair that goes over one eye

    Gabbe is perfect

    Molly should have really long jet black hair have this affix steer your to her and look fierce she should at least have some piercings on her face and she should at least look really really tough

    Penn should have medium to long lot brown hair that she keeps up in a ponytail wears glasses and wears these really dorky but sexy looking sweaters

    Arianne should have really long blonde hair that ends up getting kind of shortened by Lucinda then she should have this kind of though but playful expression

    Ronald no offense but I’m pretty sure it’s not only me but the way everyone I’m pretty sure pictured Ronald was white tall broad shoulders and had blonde dreadlocks

    Todd was pictured more as maybe strawberry blonde had freckles and kind of dorky but cool look to him

  102. I agree. Nicolas Hoult would be really good at playing Cam. He’s cute too. I’m sure the characters are going to be great though. Can’t wait to see it. Hoping it turns out as exciting as the books were

  103. I just hope they have longer hair for when they shoot the movie because its tooooo short i wish they had Alex Pettyfer play Daniel 🙁

  104. This is SO PERFECT! I love this cast and couldnt agree more with the people they picked. Im so excited!!

  105. the thing is that it is starting with the first book and lucinda has long black hair if you have forgotten and she dies it blonde in the seconf and cuts it in the first but after meeting Arriane

  106. I love this cast and I can’t wait for the movie to come out. Do you know when the movie is supposed to come out. Who is your favorite charchterr, and mine is penn or was since she died.

  107. I’m a really big fallen fan, personally the best series of books ever. I really hoped for a fillm, however i am now doubting on how the film will turn out. theres a big pressure on film makers to make big book series films and because of the success of twilight. Many film directors hope to achieve success like twilight. I REALLY DO HOPE…this does not happen to fallen. yeah fallen has a silimar love triangle to twilight but that is not what the book is about. its more action paked, and self disovery etc. lauren kate if you do read please make sure the film doesnt go down hill!!!!!

  108. Wathever, I do loooove the Daniel’s actor, I only hope he dyes his hair. But despite the other ones the main actors fit perfect in their characters and thats enough for me 🙂

  109. I like the cast especially Luce, Daniel and Cam after seeing the three of them in that picture. Well overall I am waiting for the film to come out. I just can’t wait *screams*

  110. I love Fallen Series so much. I am a big fan. Thank you Lauren Kate. You are very talented and very speacial writer… But i think Lucinda should be “Lucy Hale” Daniel should be “Alex Pettyfer and Cam should be “Brant Daugherty” Thank you again. This is perfect amazinggg ❤

  111. it is the best series that i have read an i just love it!!! Hopefully the movies is as great as the series it self.

  112. I am in love with tour books I mean I fantasize day in day out of can and Daniel and I’m almost heart broken about the cast choice of those two and arianne cam and Dan both need to look angelicly good looking and almost unearthly these two just look…nerdy and pubescent and arrianne is more cat Dennings look only petite I’m sorry but the ones on here will break my heart if there in the movie….

  113. tj you are out of your fucked up brain Harrison I perfect for cm and the gay who will play Todd is sooooooooooooooooooo fucking ugly you should be ashamed of your self for suggesting such a thing

  114. They should have Effie stonum (kaya scoldelaerio) she would be fucking perfect ugh I don’t like who they chose as Lucinda

  115. Well i thought for daniel someone with blonde hair and for cam someone with black hair. But also someone who has that bad-bou face. Like ian somerhalder or something

  116. I love this cast, I dont know about Cam because I can only see a side of his face. The rest will be amazing with just a little bit of makeup!!!

  117. I have been a huge fan and a big supporter of the fallen books since the beginning! I can’t wait to see the film! I love you Lauren Kate and I totally trust you!!

  118. Please tell me the rumours and picture I saw are lies. Does Cam have his hair in a ponytail? If he does someone needs to kindly tell him no we don’t live in the 18th century. Nor was the photo when long hair in ponytails was appropriate:p Otherwise the cast is somewhat spot on from who they portray:)

  119. Aww logan lerman should have been cam and daniel should have been alexander ludwig

  120. Hey I’m sorry to say this but I don’t like the characters for arianne, luce or cam and todd. I thought it would be better characters but it’s not. Cam seems so hotter in the book and I personally don’t believe harrison is suited for it. And arrange sure she’s crazy and fun but that person who’s gana play her is just not right she isn’t suited for her she ain’t pretty not to be rude or look like a crazy party person. Just being honest. And lucinda should not be her she isn’t right either lucinda should look more like the lead singer in evanescence just be honest. …but other than that everything is fine

  121. Honestly, the cast looks alright, but I’m actually really disappointed… I personally think they all look a little too young ish and innocent ? Not really what I had in mind…. still Okay. (: I’m still excited for the movie!!

  122. no actually her hair is cut before she gets to sword and cross. Her mom cut it off after the fire happened with Trevor (I hope that’s his name)

  123. Omg I love this series it’s the best I ever readied I hope they make a movie for every single book!!! Can’t wait tell the first one comes out I’m such a big fan and if any of you guys have any book suggestions just tell me I would love some feed back

    Your number one fan
    Savannah stern

  124. I don’t think the actors that play Cam or Daniel do any justice to how hot they seem in the books. Also the actress who plays Penn should be Lucinda. I love the books but don’t think I will take the time to watch the movie because I don’t want to be dissapointed.

  125. These actors are waaaaayyy different than the character I pictured. I think there are more good looking actors out there. Please do something.

  126. I thought Penn was supposed to be darker, with curly hair. This casting sucks… It’s all terrible…. Penn got shit casting.

  127. i hope and pray this will come out good. Sometimes the movies dont make justice to the book and its a shame as so many vital parts are missed out!! Also the cast has to be good. Not like in Twilight where half the crew couldnt act to save their lives!! I adore the Fallen books, i love Daniel please oh please let this movie be made to perfection!!


    I own every one of his movies and they are all brilliant. He is such a terrific actor and Im so so so so so excited for the movie, I cant wait!

    Well done on an amazing cast.
    They’re all how I visualised them as I was reading!!!

  129. They need to make sure of this:
    Cam’s hair needs to be BLACK
    His hair needs to be long-ish and shaggy
    He has to have CONFIDENCE
    They don’t need to change him from the book, they need to make sure they keep his features the way they are in the book.

  130. Oh my Gosh, I’m just so excited about this movie to come out, I’ve been waiting for this moment so long, you have no idea how happy I am now! While everyone else is fangirling over the newest books, I sat in my room wondering why didn’t they make a Fallen-movie yet. This series is one of the best I’ve ever read and the world needs to hear about those books. Once again a big thank you from a fan. It’s gonna be legendary. I can’t wait!

  131. At first I actually didn’t like the cast but now I think evryone’s great. Just one thing, CAM SHOULD NOT HAVE LONG HAIR!!! Please don’t let the director ruin the movie and the hopes of all those Fallen fans out there!

  132. This series of books is the best that I’ve ever read! I feel so attached to this that I read it over and over…. I can not believe that more people don’t know about this series yet. It is riveting, intriguing and it has kept me on the edge of my seat. Even now, (though I’ve read it nearly 10 times), I can’t help but be so fascinated by it! I love your work and I am a BIG fan. I am an actress, but in my free time when I’m not doing plays, I write stories.Maybe I can star in some of your movies in the future. :p That would be such a big honor.

  133. Im so excited for this and hope it stay true to the book. I hope they start marketing and advertising soon because I want posters and merchandise soon. Can’t wait!

  134. Lucinda’s hair needs to be black it will just ruin the movie since in the books it describes how beautiful her black hair is.

  135. Drew Roy would make a much better Cam
    Harrison is.. the least to come close to the way Cam is portrayed in the books
    Honestly, they could have done better
    As for the rest of the cast, some fit just perfect, like those for Gabbe and Molly

  136. Thank you!! 100% agree! This is how he was in my head, too.

    I don’t want another disaster like Beautiful Creatures.

  137. Cam Needs to have his long shaggy hair. He is the only one out of the entire cast that resembles what the characters should look like (besides Gabbe). I’m sure they will all do great, but I’m disappointed that they don’t look quite how I pictured then to look. Especially Arriane

  138. I honestly would LOVE it if Harrison Gilbertson was Daniel. I dont mind if Daniels hair color is beown. But he is so close to what i imagine Daniel as, and same as Jeremy being cam.

  139. Praise the angels!!!!! Daniel looks exactly as I envisioned him. God I cannot wait for this movie!! 2015 I am ready for you!


  141. Alex Peffyfer should play Daniel in the Fallen movie and Nicholas Hoult sholud play Cam , Nicholas Hoult is a way better choice to play Cam!!!

  142. Man I hate the person they picked as Cam Nicholas Hoult is the best one for this role!!!!!

  143. And Alex peffyfer is best for Daniel those two actually have personality like cam and Daniel

  144. i thought that Roland had rasta hair o.O and Lucinda’s hair was black and short

  145. Im sooo excited! Just finished reading the books which I ploughed through
    One thing, I dont like the casting for Daniel. Im not sure why but he just doesn’t look angelic enough.
    Anyway, sooooo ecstatic!

  146. some work but some do not… they are suppose to have amazing features and well…. most of them do not, and Lucinda (in my opinion) has an older look to her, they need someone with a younger look

  147. Noooooooo!!!!!
    Mrs. Kate, why is Daniel, Cam, Molly… just all, so ugly?! Only Gabbe is pretty. Lucinda, not bad too. But Daniel should play Alex Pettyfer, he is COMPLETELY Daniel Grigori! And Cam… he is ugly too. 🙁
    Arianne should be prettier than Luce. Molly could be Ashley Green, cos’ this Molly is really ugly.
    B-but… Daniel… he must be pretty, sexy and incredible, Mrs. Kate.
    Mrs. Kate, please, change the cast. Fans must be satisfied. I can’t look at it, if there will play these actors. 🙁 I really still and still and still hope, they will not play in movie. 🙁

  148. I thought Roland had dreadlocks…I hope the characters look like how they are described

  149. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Oh my goshh!! I really happy with all the characters. But, arriana should be more beautiful than that. And Cam… honestly i dissapointed that you choose harrison as cam. Cam should be more misterious and cool and sexy and flirty. but most of all iI REALLY LOVE it. AND CAN’T WAIT for this movie to comes out!!! And Jeremy Irvine as Daniel Grigori… nothing’s better that that!! I love you so much Jeremy!!

    And for Lauren, thank you so much for your amazing books and your amazing imagination!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!


  150. They all look amazing. How would we be able to audition for later roles in the series?

    Maybe not Logan Lerman as Cam (the hot guy from Vampire Diaries i think would be better)

    But Alex Pettyfer 100% yes
    and i didn’t think about it before but Kaya is perfect for Luce too

    They all just need to be about 10 times sexier

    One of the reasons why the Twilight film saga was such a hit was because they got every single member of the cast SPOT ON!
    — It really does make all the difference —

    Serve your awesome work justice!!


  152. Okay, so dont get me wrong, i just finished all the books, and I loved loved loved them. I literally could not stop reading them. But im sorry, Luce and Daniel and Cam are all wrong. And Arriane. Like, I feel bad because these are your books, you know? But we, the readers, we see them as we read and we’re seeing them wrong. Luce, imo, has a much smaller face and more shy look. And Daniel, well, he always looked more like a Liam Hemsworth in my opinion. And Cam? No. He supposed to be like, a dark mysterious guy, sexy and just, yes. not cute little boy smile. ew. thats not cam. And then Arriane, in my head she always had a dark, edgy look. kinda like the actor you have casted for molly. not soft.

    Just my input, not that itll matter, haha.


  153. Seriously, I just read the first book but I can not see these actors filling the shoes of the characters from the book that now fills my head. Daniel must be Elegant and muscular yet soft and gentle..I just don’t see it. Cam must be Daring and Devilish with all the charm you can possess. This cast is weak honestly you must see it. I can not wait to read the rest of your books but I doubt I will see the movie if these are the actors to portray your characters.

    I am severely disappointed if this is to be the vision of your literary masterpiece.

  154. Omgggggg Kaya scodelerio as lucinda alex pettyfer as daniel and Logan Kerman as cam pls pls pls change the characters they’re all so ugly and Ariane penny Molly and gabbie need to be so so so so so so much more sexier than this nooooooooooooo
    Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls ms Kate change it

  155. I pretty sure that I almost went into shock. Lauren kate is one of my favorite authors. And I love the Fallen series. Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!

  156. It is her choice about who the cast is. Just because it wasn’t in your vison doesn’t mean you should hate. I’m sure the cast she has chosen will do great as the characters in the movie. This movies will be fantastic just like the books, no matter who the cast is.

  157. Wow cant believe this is happening, i’m pretty excited for the movie. I slightly imagined the characters being played by different actors but thats ok as long as we get a feel that they are the character. But ya I cant wait!

  158. Sooooo excited think cast is pretty much spot on read some were about suggestions for soundtrack not sure if anyone else has come up with or heard these ideas I truly think running up that hill by placebo and a song called glorious by foxes totally match parts of the book and would work within the movie.. take a listen see war u guys think

  159. Not feelin the cast! Daniel and cam have to look a bit older and more gorgeous and Luce does not look all that great the only one who seems to fit is Gabby!!!!


  161. I completely agree! Nicholas Hoult and Alex Pettyfer are exactly who I imagined to play Cam and Daniel

  162. I nearly fainted when i found out fallen was going to be a movie me and my fellow freind are so excited.. Really hope it come to cinemas in england 🙂

  163. Im so excited to see that this is becoming a movue it had been one of my most favorite series that I have ever read and to see its becoming a movie is just amazing♡♡ Lauren is a fantastic writer so I hope the movie will be a great representation of it

  164. Let me know if there is a way to be involved in the next movie! I have a headshot and resume that I can email or mail. Thanks for your consideration!

  165. I love this book series so so so much. Are they just making Fallen a movie or are they going to do the whole series?

  166. Horribly picked these characters look like they are from gossip girl not fallen angels.

  167. I was at the library when I found out, and now I just finished jumping up and down. Can’t wait for it to release!

  168. I though the actor for Luce would have black hair?
    And Daniel is spose to be blond!!!!
    will they dye their hair or wear a wig?

  169. The girl who plays gabbe should play luce and the person who plays arianne should play gabbe . Just saying 🙂

  170. aahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! really? its going to be a movie???!!!!!!! I love love love love this book and its series!!!!!! im going to faint.

  171. Oh my gosh! This is awesome! Duddddeeeee though…..Harrison man who plays Cam…. can you say sexy! Aaahhhh this is gonna be a great movie!


  173. I didn’t really picture Cam or Daniel the way she’s decided on the cast, and I thought Roland had dreads? I’m pretty sure that’s an important detail to include. And doesn’t luce have black hair? Just saying. Other than that, great cast!

  174. I love the cast, but I feel like Michael Fjordback would have fit Cam’s part a bit better, but Harrison Gilbertson won’t let us down

  175. Cam and Daniel are suppose to be strong masculine dark and mysterious beautiful men!! 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Not this!

  176. I’m a great fan of the fallen series books and I’m really excited about the movie.
    I guess the movie is going to be a hit.
    Waiting for the movie with my best friend
    I really liked the cast..

  177. Most of the characters are fantastic for their roles but NOT LUCE!!!!! It specifies in the book hundreds of times that she has hazel eyes and BLACK hair! You could have easily found someone who fit the profile. And all of these actors/actresses are b-rated! I’m very disappointed!

  178. Hey big fan though I only have read one book of yours which is fallen I loved it and no pressure but I really want the movie to be the same as the book please

  179. Ummm I’m sure Luce has black hair and the cast sucks except for Daniel and Todd. You should so change the rest wow disappointed

  180. I’m a big fan of the series, but the people for Cam and Daniel don’t really…suit them. And Luce she has black hair. I just pictured it way diffrent in my mind.

  181. I pictured Arianna tuff! She is my favorite person in the book. Lucinda should have black hair she looks older then she is in the book. And Cam there is just something off I don’t know what it is, that is wrong. I love this book so much I read all the books. I just what it to come out right.

  182. After reading this over and over …this isn’t what I thought it would be like. Daniel and Cam don’t fit neither do any of the others except Gabbe and frankly I’m scared there going to mess up the book with the movie. Plus Lucinda’s character is just too old.

  183. I love the Fallen series, but these actors do not fit the cut at all! Luce looks way too old, plus she is meant to have black hair, Daniel looks way too boyish, so does Cam, Arraine is supposed to be striking, Roland is supposed to have dreadlocks…! overall I am really disappointed

  184. I really like the casting, i always pictured them looking like this… maybe the boys could be a bit more “muscular” but you know… i like the look of them already (:

  185. The cast doesn’t look like I had picture all the characters but I think they will make a good job. I’m only a bit disappointed by Luce because luce’s hair is black and I didn’t imagined that tanned, but hopefully the movie will be awesome. Really big fan of the series.

  186. The cast is alright, but I really think that the actresses who plays Arrianne & Penn should be swapped. I mean, just look!! Besides that, I think Harrison Gilbertson is too baby-faced to play Cam.
    Just hoping the best for the movie *fingers crossed*

  187. I am a really big fan of the fallen series. love the cast but I don’t think that the guy thy choose for Daniel is the best choice. Lucinda is supposed to have very black hair I hope she dies it for the movie. I believe that she could have done better choosing the cast.

  188. I don’t really know the release dates for the Fallen Novel movie. I cant wait to see it but i needa know when it comes out?

  189. I love the choice for Daniel, but I’m really disappointed in the voice for Lucinda. She’s overall a not very dark character in the books, but your choice for the movie, isn’t dark enough. I was thinking more Nina Dobrev or Lucy Hale. But either way I can’t wait for the movie! Please don’t change the book too much.

  190. Oh I don’t like that at all. I know we each have our own view of what they look like, but no.. just no. The three main characters… cam and Daniel, those two actors do nothing to justify the ones in the book. Tragic.

  191. I just found out theres finally going to be a movie because I’ve been thinking for so long that they should make a movie out of the series and they are! I’m super excited. Not happy with the guy they chose for Daniel though.

  192. Seriously, when is the movie coming out!? I’ve been in love with this series since it first came out and I NEED TO SEE IT COME TO LIFE. NOW. Please 🙁 Gah. I’ve re-read these books at least 10 times now. I’m in love with the characters and the story. I don’t want to wait any longer *explodes*

  193. I thought Lucinda should be more pale and with darker hair but other than that seems like a good cast.

  194. There is nothing wrong with the casting. For those saying that addison’s hair isnt dark enough calm down of course theyre going to dye it. And for her skin chances are it will look paler as it contrasts with her with her hair when it gets dyed. I think the cast is perfect and cant wait for the movie.

  195. where is Callie ???? And I think some body like Lucy hale would be a better suit for Lucinda but I love the choice of gabbe

  196. If ever there was a song to go with this film it should be “Mon Ange” sung by Jena lee. Perfect just like the Fallen series.

  197. The song that should be with this film is “Mon Ange” sung by Jena Lee. It is Perfect just like the Fallen series.

  198. i absolutely love the cast for the movie but i kind of wish they picked a different guy to play Daniel and a different girl to play Luce, i feel like the girl cast for Penn should play Luce. idk that’s what i feel but i CANNOT wait for the movie.

  199. OMG!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the movie, I loved the book and I hope the movie is just as great as the book!

  200. Love the cast.
    It would be amazing if the soundtrack for the film would be by, ‘The XX’. As I personally feel it fits in with the story so well, as the music is beautiful.

  201. I can not wait!!!!! Read the books a thousand times and keep on reading them over and over again must know them off by heart now. Already told my friend he has no choice in going to see the film in cinema with me, just hoping it will be close to the book storyline and that it will not be a disappointment as I love the books, they are my favourite book series followed by the immortals and the night house!!!!! When about does it come out? Beginning middle or end of 2015??<3

  202. Just like you, I would have preferred the girl cast for Penn in the role of Luce, a different guy for Daniel and maybe also for Cam… But I hope that the movie will be fantastic as the book.

  203. Is this for real right now? I’VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR A MOVIE. YES. YES . YESYSEYSYEYSYESYYESYYESYYESY!!! I Will watch in a million times over again. Just please, PLEASEEE. Don’t make it super cheesy with the effects and what not.

  204. Okay, I wasn’t expecting like that you could find someone to look like just like Daniel or Luce.. The guy that is you chose for Daniel I could say that he may look like him.. but the girl that is going to play Luce I think it’s a terrible idea ;/

  205. Oh my gosh! If I read one more comment about the cast’s “appearance” I’m going to have a heart attack. Obviously you don’t understand how the new world works, of course they’ll dye Addison’s hair, I mean she’s already cut her hair. Also, yeah sure Harrison has a boyish look, um hello? Isn’t that the point that they’re just teenagers. I want to apologize to the cast and Lauren Kate themselves on how dim witted some people could be. They shouldn’t judge the choices made, I mean if you don’t like how it was casted simply don’t watch the movie. How complicated is that? You don’t need to bash Kate and her decisions. I personally own all five of the Fallen series and can not absolutely wait for the movie, I check every day for the updates, and to see any news on the release date, and trailers. I’m excited and just can’t wait for the movie I know they will do great!

  206. I’m sorry but this is not what I imagined at all, these actors and not what I consider The right faces.

  207. I think that they should change the actors of Luce and Daniel they seem inappropriate to play the part somehow….

  208. But totally u should like change Luce,Daniels OK like I really like the three main twilight actors

  209. Please consider Bastille for OST! They would knock out the perfect ballad/song for Fallen!

    Can’t wait!

  210. AAAAAHHHHHHH! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! I absolutely LOVED the whole Fallen series. It was PERFECT! I can not wait for the movie!!! There is no doubt in my mind that it will be the BEST MOVIE EVAAAA. The cast is absolutely GREAT (especially Daniel, Cam, and Gabbe) Although I do wish someone else played Luce. This is my opinion but I believe that the song WHEN YOU’R GONE sang by AVRIL LAVIGNE is a great fit for the movie. EEEEEEK! I can’t wait for it to come!!!!!!!!!

  211. THE CAST IS AMAZING. THE BOOKS ARE AMAZING. I CAN’T WAIT FOOR THE MOVIE! I believe the cast is wonderful, but I also believe that Lucinda Price’s roll could have been better. Idk, that’s just what I think. Other than that, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!

  212. PLEASE don’t let this series get messed up in the movies like The mortal instruments!!!!!!! I love the Fallen books with a passion and am currently reading the series for the 3rd time. Me and I’m sure everyone else is beyond excited for the movie and hope to god that it will represent the books as well as the Divergent movie did! Lol. I’m can’t wait to see the characters come to life and hopefully make me love the series even more! Your an amazing author Lauren!!!!!!!

  213. I thinkthere should be a song written for this movie. As a reader and a huge fan I think that would be so amazing. I am happy to inform you that i am a young singer/songwriter and would love to do a song for your movie.l Please consider the offer.

  214. Amazing job! I can see each one of these actors playing the characters described in the book. Its been a long time since the cast fit perfectly to the book. I CANNOT wait for this movie !!!!

  215. I’m sorry but I Think that penn is much more pretty than Lucy! How can that happen? I don’t like the cast I Think only gabbe is perfect. I ea y kaya scodelario for luce!!!!

  216. I’m sorry but I think that penn is much more pretty than Luce how can that happen? I don’t like the cast, But Think gabbe is perfect. I want kaya scodelario for luce!!!!

  217. I didn’t like the cast at all. When I read the books it seemed that all the characters looked different. Like for example I imagined Cam with bolnde hair and Daniel to be more manlier and it just seems all wrong. Bout I’m excited for the showmovie. I loved the books so hopefully I like the show to!!

  218. @America herondale if you don’t like the cast don’t watch it. I’m getting sick of people judging the cast. It will just be a repetition of Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter. How many people said they didn’t like the cast for those movies. Yet those are really big and the cast is perfect. So people need to stop judging Kate and her decisions on the cast.

  219. That would just be really dumb. Kristen, Taylor, and Robert, are the faces of Twilight. They could not fit the part as the face of Fallen. Just give Addison, Harrison, and Jeremy a chance people honestly.

  220. Honestly? I’m not trying to point you out or anything but I’m getting really tired of seeing people pick out Addison. Ever since I realized Addison would be playing Lucinda I tracked her past work and all her updates and she has dedicated a lot to this movie. Addison cut her hair, she’s spending time with the rest of the cast. Addison yes doesn’t look what you envisioned, but what you see isn’t what Lauren Kate saw. Kate can do what she wants with her cast and when it comes out you can judge it but until you see it, you will be wrong.

  221. I think that the actors show nothing of the people in the book.
    Roland had LONG dreads.
    Cam had long hair with piercing green eyes.
    Luce had short black hair.
    Honestly, its just an opinion but the people are nothing as they look in the book.

  222. Once I started the Fallen series, it was a vonstant back-to-back reading. I couldn’t put it down. My Aunt gave me the first book for Christmas (I’d started the series at my local library), and the book had the sticker to mark it as a soon-to-be movie. Loved it. Now, I finally decided to find out more. Love the cast by the way. Hope the movie isn’t slaughtered. The Vampire Academy is my favorite book series and they absolutely ruined that when they made the movie.
    Can’t wait for this one!

  223. In my opinion the cast is horrid. I imagined Luce pale, like in the book, with short scruffy hair. I also imagined Cam with big green eyes and shaggy hair no longer than the shoulders. I think she could of done a better job. The only ones that are alright is Molly and Gabbe. I’m really disappointed 🙁

  224. I absolutely cannot wait for this movie to be released! I read all the books in less than a week! I absolutely loved them! I felt as if I was a part of the book and hope that the movie is just as amazing! Now I just need a release date so I can begin my countdown!

  225. Does this movie have a specific date? I adore this series, and I’m dying to know when it comes out!

  226. I imagined Lucy as the girl on all the book covers and it’s so weird to see her as the actress now and only Gabbe and Cam look like how I imagined them but I still can’t wait to see the books come to life. I can get used to the rest (:

  227. I’m very excited for the movie, although I must say I’m very displeased with the casting. “Cam and Daniel” are not as described in the books. I had imagined Roland with his dreaded hair, also. Other than that I’m really excited!

  228. Omg…I’ve been waiting this since forever. Finally!!! Can’t wait to see the movieeee….

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  230. The Fallen series consist in four main novels, a spin-off and two novellas written by Lauren Kate. It’s mainly about a girl, Luce who, sent to an old reform school in Georgia, the Sword Cross Academy, comes across Daniel and finds out that he is the love of her life. He’s an angel, like her new friends Arriane and Gabrielle Givens, these creatures have been in war with the demons like Cam, Molly, Roland since the Fall .

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