Our daughter Matilda was born in early February. The past couple of months have been gorgeous, overwhelming, and unforgettable. I knew I was going to love her, but I was unprepared for how powerfully that love would take hold of me. It gets stronger every day.

Matilda is healthy and strong. She enjoys sunrise, her dog, long drives on windy roads, and moments of quiet contemplation. This week she started smiling—and now that’s all I can do, too.

If you’re wondering how Milo is adjusting to the new baby….


Thank you all for your kind words and warm support for our family. If I get to meet you on my next book tour somewhere around the world—chances are you’ll get to meet Matilda, too!

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  1. Congrats! Looks like she will be a reader 🙂 she’s already surrounded by books!

  2. She is beautiful! If I ever get to go to one of your signings (and I sincerely hope I will because you’re one of my favorite authors ever), I hope to meet Matilda as well! Congratulations! Happy that she’s healthy and smiling!

  3. I think she is super adorable! I would love it if you came to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for your next book tour! I love the Fallen books and I’m excited about your next book Teardrop!

    Congrats on having being blessed with such a beautiful baby girl! Would love to meet the both of you if you come to Canada!

  4. Congrats on your little girl, Lauren. She is definitely going to be like her mummy. I love the name. Matilda is such an Australian name. 😀

  5. She is so gorgeous! How precious, congrats to you and your beautiful family! How could she NOT be a reader, her mom is one of the BEST writers, whose books will be loved and cherised Forever, by her passionate fans. No worries here 🙂

  6. Lauren you are such a wonderful Mother, you baby is so beautiful you and your Husband must be really proud parents.. Congratulations 🙂

  7. Oooo shes adoreble 🙂 I didnt even know that you had been pregnant. Congratulatins 😀
    Yeah i think shes probebly gonna be a book lover 🙂

  8. Awwwe she is adorable. Congratulations, i hope for all best for you and your family. Hope to see you when you are back touring Sydney, Australia.

  9. she’s adorable. congrats @ u both. I think Milo’s going to be the perfect baby sitter 🙂

  10. You have a beautiful bub congratulations, my daughter is also named Matilda, she likes to read to but she is a little young for your books yet. I hope maby one day you might come to the south island of New Zealand for a book signing.

  11. I know exactly how you feel. I had my first little girl in December 2012 and the overwhelming love that hits you is something that words can’t begin to describe, even for a writer. I found myself getting teary-eyed at times from just the overwhelming love I have for her. Congratulations and welcome to mommy-hood.

  12. Your daughter is beautiful! I love the idea for the photo since your an author! Also, Milo is cute, too!

  13. krizo15 juin 2011Bon anniv’ à ton petit loup ! Trop drôle que les deux auront quasi la même date de naissance ; juin sera pour toi un mois very busy, entre anniv’, fêtes des mères et pères, fêtes de l’école !!! Bon courage pour nles mois qui viennent en tout cas ! Bizzz

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