The Passion Pastiche

While you’ve been patiently waiting for Torment

I’ve been hard at work on the first draft of Passion. It’s third book in the Fallen series, and a prequel to everything that occurs in Fallen and in Torment. In its conception, this book felt like an impossible project to me: It covers a span of 5000 plus years, dips into a new setting, a new country, and usually, a new century with each new chapter. And it aims to explain just about every important moment that ever passed between Luce and Daniel. Definitely the biggest narrative challenge I’ve ever given myself.

I was nervous before I started writing it. I’d had such a great, fun, charmed experience writing Torment, but I know this book was going to be much more complicated, much more taxing. Just as I did when I started writing Fallen, I turned to books for help. Only this time, in addition to the theological research books I used for Fallen, I also got to look at some of my favorite novels for help with period and setting. Recognize any of these?

Everything a writer reads, loves, and is inspired by eventually sneaks its way into his or her own work, but it isn’t so often that a writer gets to say the books truly become a part of the story. I turned to North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, and A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway. I read books about horse racing, books about the Globe Theater in London, books about the Mayan ball court at Chitzen Itza. If this sounds crazy and disjointed, believe me, there were moments when I felt precisely the same way. But the cool thing about this book, I think, is that Luce and Daniel’s story stays clear and solid across time, place, and history. It’s a survivor.

I still have a long way to go with this book. The first draft is a skeleton compared to all that will be fleshed out by the time the second and third and, cringe, sometimes even fourth drafts are completed. But the book has a shape and a backbone now, thanks in big part to all these texts I had so much fun weaving in.

My computer and I are going to take a break from each other. Just for a little while. This weekend, I’m running a half-marathon in memory of my grandfather. I’m running with a group called Team in Training to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (To those of you who took part in my auction: you helped raise over $2300!)

After that, I’m heading to Berlin for a week for my publisher’s 175th Anniversary Gala. And then—the moment we’ve all been waiting for—Torment comes out on 9/28!!! And I start touring across the US and the UK. Those of you who live near one of the cities I’ll be visiting, I hope you’ll come out and say hello!

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  1. I loved your Fallen book. Such a great storyline!! You are now one of my favorite authors 🙂 Thanks for bring Daniel and Luce into my world!!

  2. Can’t wait to meet you in the UK Lauren! I’ll try not to grill you too much on Torment and Passion 😉 I have to say though, I’ve read Torment and feel there must be more so if Passion is a PREquel, then will there be a continuation of the story after that?

  3. It’s a pitty that You will not visit another countries in Europe. It will be a big pleasure to See You. I am a big fan 🙂

  4. I`m trying to write something like a book and when I got in a crisis I re-read Fallen and the solution just came to me. So yeah, ur book means a lot to me and my works.

  5. Love, loved Fallen!.. really excited for Torment to come out and it sounds like Passion is going to be awesome!.. thanks so much for all your hard work.. love it!!

  6. im wondering is there going to be a foruth book after passion??? i dont want their story to end!!

  7. Good luck this weekend, you are ready and it’s for a great cause. In memory of your grandfather, he and all your fans will be with you. Can’t wait for your book tour & will be there when you come to town. Countdown already!

  8. Your like my fifth favorite author… it goes,
    Kelley Armstrong
    P.C. Cast
    Alyson Noel
    Lauren Kate
    Claudia Gray

    Okay so you are in fourth but I hope you’ll come near where I live! I so would love to meet you and get ideas for my novel-in-process form Torment and Passion

  9. OMG! your such a great writer, i love your book Fallen i am reading it at the moment and i am loving it i am at chapter 11 and i think its great i can’t wait till i finsih it because i know that its going to finsih with the biggest cliff hanger and i can’t wait for Torment to come out because its going to be so awesome. I love your book Fallen and i know i am going to love Torment. <3 xx

  10. oh.. and i wish you could come to Australia because your a great writer and it would be a pleasure to meet you. : )

  11. When i first read twilight i thought nothing could really overcome it. But my friend was reading the book fallen and she told me about it.. I read it in 5 days and am totally in love with it.. You have definatly taken over the twilight spot.. Your works are amazing i cant wait to read Torment!! If they do make a movie from your books i hope they keep to it and not wreck the story line :)..

  12. Hi,

    Am lovingly longing to read your books coz’ I have read so much about them. Have ordered for Fallen and Torment and can’t wait until it arrives! I entirely commend your attempt to write the prequel Fallen and Torment. Good luck with that and yes I recognize most of the book from your table top ; )

  13. You’ve been a great inspiration to me, Miss Lauren Kate. You made me continue writing my stories… it’s actually a Novel Series. 🙂 Pierce Velvet.

  14. Dear Lauren,

    It was only a week ago when a very attractive looking book caught my eye on a bookshelf in a local store- I devoured Fallen within a few days, and I must say that it is one of the best books that I’ve read. I’m an avid reader and I’ve been writing my own book for nearly three years, and this book has really inspired me to trudge onwards with my own work! It’s so beautifully written, I hope my book can be half as good as this.

    I can’t WAIT to read Torment, and hopefully you’ll be coming near me when you visit the UK (I live in Liverpool, hint hint :p)

    Good luck with the rest of your books, I’ll be following you the whole way!

    Love Sam Singleton

  15. It’s a shame you couldn’t come to St. Louis. If I still lived in Portland I would hope on the MAX and be there ASAP! I loved your book Fallen, and I am very excited to see what Torment and Passion have to show me. My husband and I are suckers for a great love story, and we both enjoy a thrilling read. I believe you found a great mixture of both in this series. Bravo! On top of that, you delivered a unique story line, it was unlike anything I have read. I loved, loved, loved it!

  16. I’m so excited to read Torment and then see what you do with Passion. Fallen was a great book, and if these are anything like that, i will read it at least 8 times in a row just like I did fallen. I even made a playlist for it! Thanks for keeping it up!

  17. I really LOVE Fallen and can’t wait for Torment. I already pre-ordered it. Someone mentioned it already, but, yeah, it’s such a pitty that Youl will visit only the UK. And don’t worry about Passion. It’ll be great. I know it. Many greetings from Croatia (hope You’ll visit us one day :)!

  18. Hey, just saying your novel takes me to a dream-place. in a good way. for me, it’s up there with Buffy, Charmed, R&J, & Angel.

    I have a fair few concepts, but can’t find the confidence to begin writing. I can only imagine, though, that the sense of achievement after completing a novel, is phenomenal.

    PLEASE come to Oz if you can! I would love love love to meet you. Daniel (although I still can’t concoct an image of him in my head yet) is.. put it this way – you’ve created the perfect sensitive-new-age-guy crossed with Danny Zuko.

  19. I really loved your first book Fallen! I know you get that a lot, but I’m pretty serious. Your like at the top of my favorite authors. Well, other then L. J. Smith and Cassandra Clare, your in the same category. I can’t wait for Torment and I have been waiting. Since December I believe, when I got your book for my birthday! I hope you can find time to come to Austin later. 😀

  20. I loved Fallen so much! I can’t wait for the release of Torment and Passion. I’m going to go to one of your signings in November. It’s so exciting and I can’t believe I’m actually going. Thank you for deciding to come to Los Angeles!


  22. OMG!!!!!!! Can’t wait for Torment to come out I’m almost dying waiting for it!!! I read Fallen in a span of 6 hrs while sitting in the airport and aboard the plane on the way to a family vacation.

    Can’t wait for Torment and Passion I’d love to read about how you depict there past relationships!!

  23. Wow you are one of my favourate authours and i cant wait for tourment and then passion wow its gunnna be amazing thank you for this amazing book i just drift into it like im actually luce xx

  24. I just stumbled upon one of your books on a bookshop website, then moseyed over here to get some more details. The fact that you mention North and South in this blog post has now officially put you on my list of must-read authors. I can’t even tell you how exciting it is to me for people to even mention the book, one of my favorites, and here you’re using it while you write! I’ll be getting Fallen asap. =]

  25. Can’t wait for the release and would love to go to your signings, but your London times and locations have yet to be posted, even though it is 4 weeks away! 🙂

  26. Fallen was one of the best books i have ever read and i have a hold on torment when it comes to the book store near me and I can’t wait to read it… Daniel and Luce are great and sometimes makes me think of how life would be in that situation… I must have read Fallen like a million times and plan to read it again untill I recieve Torment

  27. I have read Fallen a million+ times, and I can’t wait to see you when you come to Clackamas! I will be waiting with a copy of Fallen and Torment and a pen. I love your books, and you are visiting my home area the day before my birthday! The best birthday gift ever is to see you in person! My birthday is going to be the happiest one yet because I will spend it on my couch with copies of Fallen and Torment, and knowing that you made it all happen!
    Keep writing awesome books,
    Cearah Hiatt

  28. Thank You for bringing Luce and Daniel alive in your writing. Two of my favorite characters.
    I was so intrigued that I was able to connect with emotions of your characters. In your second book I cried a little to know the love between Luce and Daniel and not being able to be together is simply Torment. I love the story line and anxious to finally see them able to be together (if it turns out that way). they are so in love i couldnt imagine being apart as they have. Daniel has suffered great due to loosing Luce so many times. Great Love story. Thanks

  29. Lauren:
    You’re an amazing author! I love your writing. It took me only 1 week to read Fallen and Torment. I devoured them! I simply cannot wait to read Passion, and can only hope there with be a fourth book aswell! Keep up the great work!

  30. OMG!!!!!!! Torment is sooooooooo majorly addictive, it’s fantastic!!!!!! I loveDaniel sooooooooo much, something about Cam though, but Daniel all the way!!!!! In Torment I love the friends she makes, I love Miles, but he kinda puts a damper on the situation with Luce and Daniel :-/. Almost died though when it ended, I mAjorly want more!!!!!! Poor Callie, and Daniel <3. Looking forward to Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. After reading Torment in four days, mid 2011 can not come soon enough. Great unexpected ending. I can’t wait for Passion.

  32. Your a great author. I’ve just recieved Torment today and I’m half – way through it ; yeah, i’m so addicted! Are we going to go back to Sword & Cross anytime soon? I just loved that setting so much and I loved Gabbe, Molly, Arriane – I’d love to read about them too.
    Wow – must be very hard work with such demanding fans xD
    Anyway – I think your books are seriously great, you should keep writing after the Fallen series is finished.

  33. I saw an amazing cover of a book while at the store and i instantly knew i was going to love the book, we bought it.

    Daniel and Luce just instantly make me love them, the way you describe them and everything is amazing.

    Fallen was just so amazing and memorizing and i am very glad i read it! I have lost count of the amount of times i have read it, I couldn’t wait for Torment to come out! But i had to wait a year for it.

    Well worth the wait, I finished reading Fallen in 1 day and i just finished reading Torment, it only took me 2 days (:

    Torment was even better than Fallen! I loved the new characters like Miles, Dawn, and Shelby! I get so involved while reading your books, at the sad parts i cry and the happy parts i smile like an idiot at the book. My brothers call me a nerd and “antisocial” because i love to read and wont stop until i have finished the book. I dont care what they say, i will never stop reading especially your books!

    Your ending to Torment had me hooked on wanting to read the next one RIGHT NOW unfortunately i have to wait for Passion to actually be written. I cant wait!!

    You are one of my favourite authors along with Stephenie Meyer and Alyson Noel.

    Good luck with the book! I will be patiently waiting to read it!

    Love Chloe (: xx

  34. I read torment and i swear i have never loved any book more than this one. It was the best one and i was shaking to read it. eagerly waiting for Passion.

  35. I totally massively love these books! I picked up Torment on the 30th as I’m English and the release date was a few days later than America, I’m pround to say I have just finished it at 3:00am on the 4th oct, I just couldn’t stop reading, I hated having to stop for any reason over the last few days, normal day life became an annoyance I just wanted to get home to keep reading, just as I did with Fallen, I’m such a geek ha!

    I only discovered fallen at the end of august and fell in love with it, the luck of only having a short time to wait for Torment but now the long wait for Passion, the only advantage being it cant distract me for my university degree!

    The books kept me hooked from the beginning none of that dragged out writing that takes a good couple of chapters to get into I was absorbed straight into the story, I think your an amazing writer kate, no writer has ever been able to pull in into a story as these books have, I have raved about your books to many people over the last month or so.

    I can’t wait for Passion, I’m so excited about the book and the summer couldn’t come quick enough!

    love and many thanks
    lindsey x

  36. hye !
    im ur huge fan frm Malaysia , juz bought ur 2nd series !
    although it was hard to fine ur books , but it worth the effort.
    i just love Lucinda & Daniel. cant wait for ur next novel !!
    hope u get all the rest you need & dont pressure urself too much.. =)

  37. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!! I found Fallen, and I loved it! When I heard that Torment was coming out, I got it on it’s release date. Good job Lauren Kate!!!!

  38. Read both books; Fallen and Torment, absolutely beautiful can’t wait and I mean really can’t wait for Passion……..

  39. Ms. Kate,

    I have to say that I was disappointed when I finished reading TORMENT… I wanted to stay in that world forever and never have a reason to put the book down. You have created such a vivid, exciting, and all enveloping novel that envokes a world full of emotion and adventure. The imagery you use elevates the words off the pages where they seemingly play out in front of you like a movie. I wanted to thank you for both FALLEN and TORMENT and getting me enthusiastic about reading again. As some people have said before, I hope with your next book tour you decide Australia is a ‘must-travel-to destination’


  40. i’ve read and i loved the book FALLEN!!!! but im still waiting for the book TORMENT!!!! cause im from TURKEY and torment is not here yet.. very sorry about it 🙁

  41. I loved Fallen and Torment. I’ve been searching the web for some info on Passion. I am really looking forward to reading it. This series has given me inspiration to write. Well, I’ve always wanted to be an author and an artist, but I have got some new ideas now. You are an amazing author. I can’t wait to read Passion.

  42. I read Fallen in a week because it was soooo interesting! I’m now on Torment.I really do hope you continue the sequel 😀 IT WAS GREAT! I Love luce and daniel! this book is (in my opinion .no offense to twilight lovers)better than Twilight! even though I love twilight.I AM A HUGE FAN! 😀

  43. i loved loved loved the fallen series so far. I seriously can get it out of my head…when i am bored at school luce and daniel just drift into my mind. Can’t wait until you write passion but for now i will just keep reading fallen and torment… (not that there is anything wrong with that). love the characters so much…never stop writing books i love your work!!!!

  44. I love Torment , I hated seeing Luce go into the annoucer in the end. i know why u did it . you did it to continue the story. and i remember you saying something about that. I just love daniel Cam and Miles. Deff- miles because He seems so diffferent than Daniel he Protects her but doesnt hide anything and makes her laugh, Daniel is an Fallen Angel with secrets that he doesnt wait Luce to know because he thinks she’ll freak out..
    if u heard of team Stefan Team Damon team Edward team Jacob
    I do love the main couple but i always ruin to for the guy without a chance like jacob Damon and Cam and Miles. I dont know Cam i am confused does he like Luce i know Miles does.
    I am Team Miles all the way !! Cant wait for Passion!!!

  45. i love love love both fallen and torment . i never usually read but every now and then i try to pick up a book and encourage it to excite me . i have reading and writting issue , have done scince a young age , but these books ,i literally spent every moment reading and completed them both in 3 days . you have a way of keeping a mind like mine interested and excited the whole way through , i really cant wait for the next book . what will i do in the mean time? !! twiddle my thumbs i guess. haha !!

  46. See .. this is EXACTLY why I don’t start series until they’re on their last book. Now I have to wait until Summer of 2011 to read Passion?!! Can’t you just lock yourself in a room and go at the keyboard? Just kidding. 🙂

  47. I loved these books and I cannot wait to pick up Passion and just be swooped up again! You have an amazing talent for capturing your audience. The Fallen series is one of my favorite not just because the covers are so beautiful, but because of how strong the love is between these two characters. You really made my heart bleed for both Luce and Daniel. Good luck on finishing the series and I cant wait for that fist glimpse of Passion. 🙂

  48. I’m reading Torment right now and it’s really good. I cant wait till the next book comes out. I’m definitely counting down to summer!

  49. I really LOVE your books. Luce and Daniel are like the perfect couple. I was so surprised when Luce and Miles kissed. I don’t really feel the spark between them two. Luce and Daniel are meant for eachother. I did like Miles but he should just be her friend. kinda like jacob and bella. LOL! i canNOT wait for Passion.=] i am hooked you have inspired me to write. i’ve started my own book=] Keep writing!=]


  51. I loved reading Fallen so much. When I hared that there was a new book Torment I searched everywhere. Only to find that the book hadn’t came out yet. Once i had found Torment and was getting to the very end I was crying. Torment was a very great book. Now when I read nothing can compare to the Fallen series. I am 13 and these books are what keeps me reading so i really can’t wait for the next book Passion.

  52. you book have inspired me to start writting again. i gave is up after my boyfriend died. at the time he seemed to be the only one to believe me. thankyou for your books. i can’t wait to see what else you come out with

  53. I always thought the books Stephenie Meyer wrote were the best(I have all her books) and nothing could be better but after reading Fallen and Torment I’ve realised that you”re the best author ever. I’ve actually always wanted to read this book but as much as I begged my parents they wouldn’t buy me it. (:

  54. Been eagerly awaiting Torment for over a year now, I just started reading it. Sounds marvellous that you have started the first draft to passion, I am wondering if we will find out whether Daniel and Luce will have their happy ever after? Good Luck!

  55. Just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have stumbled across your books. I read both Fallen and Torment over the weekend. I can not wait until Passion comes out next year. What to do until then? Hmmmm, guess I need to find some other books, or maybe write a little.Just mulling the latter around. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and books with us. Wish you were coming to Alabama. Maybe for Passion tour you might make your way to a Books a million here.

  56. I have just read Torment, it only took me a couple of nights to read it but in a way I wish I dragged it out because I didn’t want it to end. I love both Fallen and Torment and I hope they make these books into movies (however I always it feel that books are better than movies but it would still be great to watch it on the big screen!).

    My twin sister is now into these books and I am trying to get my mum to read them, soon the whole of Swindon, UK will be reading them hehe.

    Well I really can’t wait for Passion to come out in the summer next year, it will be good to experience what Daniel has experienced over the past 5000 years or so, I just wish the book could be released sooner!

    Many thanks for giving us this great story and I look forward to many more to come.


  57. out of all my hundreds of books, the fallen series would have to be in my top 10 most read. I hope you would be able to come to Aussie, i would LOVE to meet you in person

  58. Hey i read Fallen and fell in love with your writing and all the characters! Now i have read Torment and fell in love all over again, and all though it’s a while to wait i just can’t wait to read Passion! Also it would be sooo cool if you came to do a tour in Australia.

  59. I have read both Fallen and Torment and I have loved each and every page. It took my two days to read Torment and I just could not put the book down. I cannot wait for Passion to come out. I think your books are amazing and how you describ their love and their story is just WOW.

  60. I love the book series and can’t wait for passion. As a Chridtian, I am nervous about where the series will lead. I hope that stay true to the love for good and not take the story in some scary, freaky direction. Just curious about what research you have done on angels and what your sources are…

  61. Finished Torment today……AWESOME!!….U know how to leave a gal hanging tho….now what am i gna do the rest of the day??? Sometimes I wish these books were never ending and I could just peek in on their lives all the time. U r an awesome author to be able to do that! Thanks so much from a mother of 4 who loves the escape!

  62. hi
    i luv luv luv fallen its the best book iv read i also luv torment i read them both in under 5 days cant wait till passion is in the shops

    luv katie xxxxx

  63. just finished Torment.. it was wicked! loved it (: just wondering what month passion is coming out??! cant believe we have to wait 🙁 oh well hopefully its worth it as much as Torment was!! good luck with Passion!

  64. Passion would really be very interesting! with their I’m getting more excited!
    I hope that Lauren would consider having a fifth book, after Rapture..(I just can’t imagine this series would come to an end..that fast.)

  65. Finally Torment came out but it wasnt what I expected PLEASE dont take this the wrong way but it felt empty like it wasnt leading to anything but it did lead to something. (having trouble explaining what i mean)any ways Fallen is AMAZING but in Torment it just wasnt as whoa as i expected but i like the ending and i want to know more about what’s going to happen and what Luce’s best friend thinks about all this. I think it would be cute if Cam and Cali hooked up. 😀 TEAM CAM!! <3

  66. I wasn’t sure about Fallen, but made myself continue with it. Saw Torment out and grabbed it off the shelf the same day it came out based mainly on the cover, now I’m hooked. I am an avid fan of mythology, history and religion and the dark side of life and this has it all. It’s up there with Ann Rice. Thank you Lauren for getting away from “woo is me” vampires and bringing back a good old-fashioned love story with a twist.

  67. Ahh why does noone ever come to australia?? I love you books!! Was so gald when torment came out! I can’t wait for Passion to be realeased. But i have a question for anyone reading this, do you guys know what month, cause it says summer 2011 but that could mean janurary of december!!! or it could mean summer for america, winnter for us and be in june!!!! Ah!! !

    It’s killing me waiting for the next one

    Love your books.


  68. To me its like Luce doesn’t understand why all Danial wants to do is keep her safe and just love her. He had to lose her since he first saw her, and now that she can’t burn he finally gets to love her the way he has always wanted to. He knows she needs to know more but quickly forgets cause they have had all these lives.

  69. When I first saw Fallen, I was immediately drawn to the cover and I had to read the summary. I clung to the book like a leach after I bought it and had it read in only a few short days. I had read what the next book was titled and I looked for it every time I went to the store because I forgot when it was due to come out. As soon as I saw it while I was with a friend at the store, I freaked out and scared my friend half to death because I clung to the book like a leach.

    I just finished Torment not long ago, and I have to say that I am having a severe fangasm right now! I cried, got angry, and even got rid of my art block when I read this! It’s so compelling and it just drew me in to the point of not realizing that it was two in the morning when I had to get up at four.

    I’m even trying to get my boyfriend to read them! Another one of my friends actually fell in love with them too once she picked up Fallen and read a few chapters while we were at school.

    I love Fallen series, and I’m going to have to fill my brain with lots of other things to keep from counting down the days till Passion comes out!! <3

  70. I curse the gorgeousness of these books’ covers (kidding) xD.

    I grabbed FALLEN off the bookshelf at the bookstore because of the gorgeous cover and just started reading without knowing what I was getting myself into….*sigh*….had I known this was going to be a series I would’ve waited until it was done…..I’m not very patient and cannot express how much I hate waiting for the next installment 🙂

    I’ve never been so EXCITED for winter (ur summer) to roll round! This says alot cos I detest being cold. Luce must be the first female protagonist I did not want to kill for most if not all of the story! Also their love story is to die for <3

  71. I first got Fallen last year and was glued to it the moment i got it. I stopped reading once i finished and it was the last book i read until now, when my mother showed my the new one. I re-read Fallen, to catch up and then read Torment. Equally, it took my about 3 days to read. The ending to Torment, i believe, was fantastic! I am now dying to read the third book, “Passion.” These books have inspired me to continue writting my own book which i started last year but stop writing for personal reasons. Both books were a pleasure and divine to read, and unlike most series, the second one was not boring, or less interesting, in fact, it was more so, unlike books like Twlight or Darren Shan’s books. The images i saw when i read where fantatic and were clear, because the words were put together so well to create them. I was throughly content and happy when i read the books, but now my fingers are twitching to hold the third book. Summer of 2011 seems so far away, and i am dying to read it now. As much as i like a good book though, i enjoy discussing about it, but unfortunately, none of my friend’s have ever picked up the books, so if any of you wish to contact me and discuss the book, my email is

  72. It Really Sucks That I Have To Wait that Lonq . Im Currently Already Waitinq For Two Other Books . Now Three ?! I Dont Say This About Alot Of Books But Maybe When Your Done With The Series For Fallen They Should Make It Into A Movie . i’d Love To See Luce , Daniel , Cam , And Especially Arriane in Almost Real Action .

  73. None of my favorite authors ever come to Memphis, and then one did… the two days before I came home for fall break. Grr!

  74. i loved your new book, i’d been dyingggggg waiting for torment to come out.
    it was just amazing, i LOVED and i mean LOVED the last four lines, definitely my favourite part of the book.
    im loving all the new characters and how things are starting to explain themselves to luce, and how its not all perfect for her and daniel, i think thats a good part of the book because it gives a twist to it.
    im hoping to just, i dont know, hibernate until passion comes out? then i wont have to wait unil summer of 2011!
    i take it, its decemberish, and not january or feburary, though that would actually be amazing if it was.
    dont know what im going to do with myself until passion comes out. :

  75. I’ve read fallen and torment , and can’t wait for passion to come out :), it seems so far away though! I love the way you write, it’s really deep and atmospheric, good luck with finishing the next book, looking forward to reading it 🙂

  76. So I was instantly drawn in by the beautiful cover and thought… why not let’s give it a whirl and see what it is like… Obviously I was a little skeptical due to the whole Twilight hype and millions of other spin off books etc. However I sat down started to read and that was it…. no vampires at last!!! Yessss! Instead something beautiful and deep and also something written and described in detail so well that I actually felt like I was watching the story from afar. I have just started reading part 2 in the series and I absolutely love it, I have even been reading little bits at a time because I can’t imagine waiting until next year to find out what happens. I think you maybe my newest favourite author. Good luck with the new book.

  77. i am reading fallen right now and so far i love daniel! he sounds like the perfect boyfriend for any girl. i like it even though i am only on chapter two! i have to hurry and finish it up so i can read torment and then wait for passion to come out in 2011! love those books!!! :)!

  78. Since it’s a prequel.. It won’t continue Torment right?
    Or is Luce going through time?

    This is a question I really want answered 😀
    Or else I just have to be patient. 😉

  79. Oh man I can not wait for Passion, took me a day to finish Torment! That book was really good and I found a song that fits so so well, Life After You by Chris Daughtry! Check it out if you haven’t already. 🙂

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    I can’t wait for the release of Passion to see if Daniel will find Luce and I’m eager to see the next cover for it. It was this that compelled me to read Fallen in the first place. I guess I judged a book by its cover but it paid off brilliantly.

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    Fallen & Torment were very good, thanks Lauren Kate. I can’t wait to read Passion, I’m a sucker for happy ending so I will cross my fingers for D & L.

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    Daniel is the best and my heart bleeds out for him…Miles is a sweetie-pie, but I don’t think he is made for yes, I’m a total Grigori cheerleader.. I’m dying to see how and what Luce finds out about herself and Daniel…anxiously awaiting Passion. Congratulations on an excellent series, that is just beginning to grow. ^_^

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    I never stopped wanted to read Fallen, and every chance I got, I read a few chapters. When I saw that Torment came out not too long ago, I freaked and felt the craving to buy it. I know it will be as good as the first so I can’t definitely can’t wait to finish it.

    I was saying how amazing it would be if there was a third book, and I just so happened to flip to the back to see the advertisement for Passion. Of course, I got excited when I saw this. 🙂 I can’t wait for it to come out.

    You are an amazing writer with an amazing series. ^_^ Keep it up! <3

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  137. I finished Fallen and Torment in 1 day. But I must confess that I liked Fallen better. In Torment all Luce could think about was me me me, its all Daniel’s fault that I keep dying ,do I love Daniel, Cam, or Miles? I LOVE your series! don’t get me wrong! its just that I kinda hoped that Luce would be stronger and more confident form everything she’s been through, And what happened to the love triangle between Luce, Daniel, and Cam? I rather enjoyed that one! But other then that I loved your books and cant wait to know what Luce is. ( I have feeling she’s the angel thats going to tip the balance. :D) You have tons of fans from the Middle East! WE LOVE YOU! xx

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    I have to say, this series has really taken over my life. LOL I can’t wait for PASSION

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  140. I like that she kissed miles cuz if it had been just Daniel it woulda been boring but i like cam more than miles and i wish something would happen between luce & cam still LOVE THE SERIES

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    Thank you for getting me back into reading with such an amazing and captivating read. Are you coming to London UK again anytime soon? or would the next time be when passion is released?

  142. I was at school when i saw the book Fallen on the shelf, i was really curious so i checked it took me a day, i was sucked into the Drama between luce and Daniel AND Cam. i couldnt wait till torment came out, when it did i made sure the librarian ordered it. i tryed to take as long as possible, i wanted to take my time. im now done with both books and can not wait for Passion. But i have to say to ME it was WAY better then twilight. It was different and unique way better then the regular werewolves and vampires. dont get me wrong i liked twilight but i have to say this was addicting and hard to put down.

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    you are the best author ever!!!
    after i bought the fallen this saturday i finished it the following day then i bought the torment!!
    i love love it!!! i’m just so disappointed that the third book is coming out next year?
    can you make it spring 2011? I can’t hardly wait for it!!!
    please make it better and thicker than the torment,most books don’t take long to read if i was the one reading….
    so any way thanks for writing this super awesome book!!! i met oh-so-hot-guy-in-my-imagination daniel!!! **sigh**
    please do make the passion thicker!!
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    Mon.. Australia


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  148. I remember when i first picked up Fallen. It was around the time of the whole Twilight craze, and i remember thinking that nothing could compare to the Twilight saga. I was sadly mistaken. Your two books are beyond awsome! The details, the excellent grammar, the way the whole story leads you in one direction mentally, then throws you right back into another one, is just gripping. I’ve literally devoured Torment and i cannot WAIT to read Passion and what ever other ones may follow!
    Thank you sooo much for putting these incredible ideas onto paper!

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  150. loved the books so far!cant wait for the next one now. fallen is my faverate book of all time, which is surprissing because i’m a catholic church going person, and realy shouldn’t be so addicted to reading about fallen angles, but i just can’t help it its sooo awesome! i am realy into acting (acting is my passion in life) and love Arriannes charcter so i realy want to audition if they make a movie and i am a very crazy person sometimes, but i live in the Australian countryside so its nearly impossible, but i guess i’d kinda be disapointed if they make it into a movie because it would be no where near as good as the book, and my sister might become obsessed with it as well, and it gets realy horrible when were both obsessed the same things.

  151. Absolutely love the books!!! When is the release date of Passion? I hope you keep writing books for this series

  152. Please please please please please let this series have a very happy Daniel and Luce ending. Pretty please with cherries on top!!!

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  160. I lovvvveddd Torment and Fallen! Your writing and discriptions of the characters are awesome. I have to be honest…I was a huge Daniel fan….until I found out about the whole Shebly and other girls thing he had going on. I don’t care if he was lonely…that was awful. He came off as a player and lost my vote on that one. I’m Team Miles now…..:) Can’t wait for the next book to come out……….

  161. I want to start by saying I am an huge fan. My class mate let me borrow her book and I was so into the bk I bought the torment book and can not wait to see what happens in the next book I have passed the book on to others and have developed a fan club so thank you so much for writing and using your talent so others and enjoy a wonderful book!

  162. I absolutely love these books. I literally cannot wait for passion. I know it will be a prequel but you will continue to carry on Luce and Daniel’s story from the end of Torment right? I need to know what is going to happen. I read Fallen in a day and a half and bought Torment immediately after and read it in 2 days.

  163. OMG!!! I CANT WAIT till passion comes out! I love your books and thank you so much for writing fallen and torment. Such a great author! Cant wait till passion comes out.

  164. Is that a pic of your boxer,I had one but she died this summer,they’re great dogs. Happy holidys can’t wait for your next book

  165. I just want to say thank you for making the series and thank you even more for making Cam! He is my absolute favorite character! Please don’t give up on him and Luce! I’m still rooting for them to be together! =)

  166. I love the fallen books they are soooo great. I can’t wait to read passion I hope it is better the any of them my fav so far is fallen but anyways I love your books so please keep writting more of them. I kind of feel sorry for luce in Torment coz daniel is always keeping her in the dark about stuff but still loved it anyway. 😀 can’t wait for passion to come out thanks for writting such great books I love the series 🙂 thanks again xxxx

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    Beginning this series was just out of sheer luck, as I walked into a bookshop one day saw it, bought it and left not knowing that I was going to fall in love with the characters and the storylines. I’ve always believed in angels so these books are more than ideal! This is an amazing series of books, and I’m glad whatever it was made me pick it up! x

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    Thanks so VERY MUCH.

    By the way, do you know Lucy Hale in the Pretty Little Liars series? I thought if you ever wanted to picture someone as Lucinda (Luce) or … make a movie, that Lucy Hale would be the greatest representation with her black thick hair, and she has this darkness to her, and a little of funkiness and uniqueness that makes her different. And she’s very very pretty 🙂


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  222. These books are truly amazing! Honestly the most addictive books i’ve ever read, thank you so much! Luce and Daniels story is breathtakingly seductive! Cannot wait for the next one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    xo Bridget

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  254. hey
    I just love the fallen books so much and can’t wait for this one 🙂
    I think miles is so cute and I just love Cam so I was little disappointed when that wasn’t so many Cam and Luce moments and at hte ending when Cam dosen’t show attraction towards Luce but towards Cam. I hope Cam still like her and that she still like him they are so cute together

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    Btw URE BOOKS ROCK! I hope there is more series after passion for Luce and Daniel. SO ROMANTIC! Have fun writting
    -Your Biggest Fan!

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    Good Luck and KEEP WRITTING !!

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    My name is Maria :] I love your Fallen Series is quite addicting I must admit.Im 16 haha well just turning this saturday (how cool is that). I really can’t wait till the next one after Torment comes. Keep up the good work ma’am 😀

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    But I get confused cuz you have too many characters. like i forgot who penn and mr.cole were and gabbe.

  275. Hi!
    I just want to say what a HUGE fan i am of the fallen series and slyly mention how I’m withering as I await Passion. I am doing a 5-7 minute oral commentary on Torment, and the poor thing is full of sticky notes and tabs. I love your writing, NEVER STOP!


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  280. Hello Ms. Kate
    im dying to read yor book. but i was wondeing when exactly is it coming out!? i really want to know for i have to know how much money i need to start saving.

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    Ella i have also read Hush Hush and yes it is just as exciting and romantic, so ppl need something to read while waiting for passion to come out this book it is must.

  285. love the books! I have such a soft spot for romances, I love them. Luce and Daniels relationship is so beautiful and I cant wait to find out how Daniel will travel throught the shadows to find his love! But please please please never sign anything saying you agree to a movie being produced of it cause for everyone who has been a fan before the movies like me for example it will cimpletely ruin the way they see the characters and story just like it did with twilight! please please please dont! x

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    They are the best books I have EVER read! I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning with Fallen, and 3:30 in the morning just last night, totally unable to put either down and reading each in less than a day 😉
    I wish this series could just carry on and on and never stop.

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  291. Adorei os dois livros Fallen e Tormenta .Estou ansiosa pelo teriro da séreie e gostaria de saber quantos livros serão da série.

  292. adorei os dois livros da série, Fallen e Tormenta. Estou ansiosa pelo terceiro livro da série e gostaria de saber quantos livros serão da série

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    I live in Holland. Can’t they bring out the book sooner? I mean, really, 2012?
    My English isn’t great, btw (;

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  297. LOVED Torment. I liked fallen as well but Torment really grabbed my attention and I loved the change of scenery in that one. Sword and Cross was such a dreary place :o( but necessary to truly appreciate the new setting in Torment. Will Passion be the final book in the series? Can’t wait to read it!

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  301. edit to that previous book of a comment that I left: I just then saw the release date at the top of your page. Forgive me. Lol. and by the way, I’m sorry about your grandfather. He’s in better hands!

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    I had to wait a litlle longer because I am from Belgium, europe.
    I really loved it and I hope you will write many more books !!!

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  304. I loveeee “Fallen and Tormentt!!”,best books i have ever read about fallen angels the first book i read bout fallen angels was “Hush Hush” i was in love with the series but then my friend showed me Fallen and then Torment im in love with those books sometimes i dream about Daniel! you did a good job discribing him! i cant wait for passion! after summer long way to go but ill wait for ever to read that book i cant wait whats going to happen next 🙂 Thanks for writing these awesome books i one of ur Fans!!! <333

  305. I Love both of the books Fallen and Torment. I’ve falling in love with Daniel and Miles! But it seem to drive me crazy or it seem annoying everytime Luce think about Daniel because there would be his name in alot of pages in fallen and also in torment. Yet still alot of people like Daniel in fallen and part of torment but until Luce changes her ways and break the rules, she then has a new mind. She doesn’t think about Daniel as he is the bestest person ever. But still I think that your books are awesome I have fallen in love with so many books and your books are one of them. Fallen is the reason why not many people read it anymore because my friend I told her to read Fallen and Torment but she doesn’t seem to like the book since it isn’t interesting (Fallen). Normally if it isn’t interesting in the beginning as in the first four chapter ment to be very interesting and then the drama. I mean all of the drama start. I think your should make Daniel do something really nice so that it would get more people to like him. The ending of Torment is sad and so then it make people want to know what going to happen after that. Calm is an awesome character that is why I don’t think when someone did something really nice should be evil. I get it that he is the emerie but still I don’t get why him and Daniel are in the same place. The part when Daniel know that Luce would come every 17 years. It should be better if Daniel were to be in a romantic place so then it would be an awesome start to the story it then would have so much drama. Daniel getting jolous and mad over some guy has alot of drama in it. I guess that if you are the reader insead of the writter, you will wonder why didn’t __ happen or so that the a great start in getting better so then you would be able to understand what the reader would feel and add things that you would want to happen or the reader would want to happen. I guess Luce friend dying is a part to remember that I really like because I keep reading that page non stop. Yet I guess it must be hard getting all the information for everyone. Calm must be every hard because he changed through the story that is why I like him. Just like Daniel he used to be mean yet he is also kind. I’m wondering what the front over of Passion would look like and can’t wait to read it! I’ve started reading novel five years ago and I hope that you would still write more looks like them! Being 13 is awesome! Just so you know you are great at writting romantic books!

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    will he find her. Without question
    will he save her. Always

  309. OMG love torment so much finished it in one day and can not wait for passion

  310. MY heart was shattered when i thought that luce didnt love daniel but I can tell its the whole ”edward bella” concept because even though she loves jacob its not enough to change wat she has with edward xxxxx I <3 ur books lauren kate!!!!!!!xxxxxxx

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  312. those books were genius! Go for TEAM DANIEL!!! i hope your series will go up to six books! 🙂

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  316. can you post chapter 7 through 10 passion i love your books and cant wait till june 14th


  318. when I first read ur books 2 years ago i was amazed of how great they were, i started crying at the end of fallen the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth time partly because it was over, partly because i had gotten so use to the characters. I almost ALMOST cryed during torment it was such a great book and the newer characters were funny, and a good touch. i LOVE ur books they r so heart-wrenching, suspencefully, romanticly, supertasticly, amazing!

    P.S. CAN’T WAIT FOR PASSION I’VE ALREADY ORDERED IT IN HARD COVER, PAPER BACK, IPONE AND ON MY NOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. love “FALLEN & TORMENT” can’t wait for “PASSION”…..your a wonderful writer. congarte on the run sorry for your granddad.

  320. Omg i love your books Fallen and Torment they are so good . I lent the books to my sister after i had read them and she loved them. Afterwards i gave it to my mum to read and she thought it was brilliant. My family and myself cannot wait for Passion to come out and for the films to be produced into films. It is a good book for all ages as i am 11 my sister is 14 and my mum is middle aged . Hurry up and write Passion xxx 😀

  321. hi, i would love it if lauren would put a short plot on her upcoming books specialy passion on a wiki page many authors do this and it is a good way to encourage people to read their books and give them a glimps of the story while they are waiting for the book, thanks.

  322. OMG!! The Fallen series is magnificent!!! Will there be a fourth book? Will the books be turned into movies? I love the past lives and ghosts in it! I couldn’t stop reading it. I read it everywhere!!!! I hope there is a movie!!!!!!! Lauren Kate is the best!!!

  323. I am so glad that Passion will come out soon I love the Fallen series sooo much I read Fallen and Torment six times on my seventh now! But I can’t wait

  324. I am so glad that Passion will come out soon I love the Fallen series sooo much I read Fallen and Torment six times on my seventh now! But I can’t wait

  325. I think Luce should get with Miles! Daniel is a little overborad when it comes to keeping Luce in the dark.

  326. I absolutely love the fallen series! they really mean a lot to me :] Im sure everyone who has read the books adores Daniel, like i do ^^ but i also love Cam! I would love if Lucy would just give into his charm just once haha, then she can get on with making her and Daniel work. Even though Cam has a rather nasty side, i don’t know if even i would be able to deny his charm XD
    Did i hear that these books are going to be made into movies?! that would be amazing!! one thing though, i would hope more care and thought will be put into making them perfect, more than was put into making the twilight movies “/
    Lauren Kate i love you, you are amazing :’] xx

  327. hi! write this review because I feel the need to tell you how much I like Fallen and Torment! ladies are wonderful! I could not help but finish Torment in just 2 days. after exams I started to read them. end of the second book surprised me. clearly characterizes your romance! Why do not I give all the books they read have a bit of style to showcase your happenings! but it is not possible because you are unique!How many books will be read to umpe gap between your books? However when I read the passion will be totally happy! ^ _ ^ Look forward to any book written by you and I hope they are as numerous!I must admit that I do not handle too well to write in English (still learning) and so use a translator on google, I do not know how correct is what I wrote, but I hope you understand. I promise next time will be better written. sweet kiss you and you want all the best! xandra

  328. Im 12 and it took me 5 days to read both fallen AND torment, they are amazing!!! i want the new passion to come out soon!!!!

  329. Omg, I finished reading Passion the other day and I loved it so much and I really hope you write a fourth book. And are they really being made into movies because that would be amazing!! <3 x

  330. I think that your books are amazing, they have such brilliant themes to them, plus i envy all of the dresses on the front covers, cannot wait until i get my hands on a copy of passion x

  331. I almost started crying when i found out passion was already out!! I didnt think it came out for another month :0 im going to get it tomorrow and im not leaving the house till im finnishes reading it, and thats a true fact! X

  332. the fallen series is soooo amazing. I finished Fallen in two day, and Torment in just one day. I can’t wait for Passion to come to my country. there’s something about these books.they arouse feelings in me that I just can’t book ever had such an affect on me.and it’s really strange,because I can’t really identify with any character or with their love story,but it’s like I can feel all the emotions in the book.I even cried once,reading Torment. I just really,really,really hope Luce and Daniel will end up together because I adore them,and I would give everything just to have someone like him.I know they are not real but with them I learned what true love is.
    okey,now I’ll just cut to the chase,the books are truly amazing,I adore them,and I’m convinced that every person who will read these books will feel the same way.
    so I just can’t wait till I get a chance to read Passion,and I can’t wait till you write the fourth book,and of course,I heard the books will be turned into movies.
    I just love the books,I love your work,and all of it had a great affect on me.I’m really glad I had a chance to read the books and feel all of this.

  333. OMG I love this series I read both books in two days. I can’t wait for passion. Torment left me with ma mouth open. Well done. I heard they gonna make movies out of your books please ask them not to leave anything out and the characters remain the same. They making a movie from ur book that is what we wanna see. Can’t wait . Thank u.

  334. Kate, Im a big fan of your writing. I would love to get your opinion on my writing. Just visit my site that is if you have the time. I would appericiate it very much. Thanks a heap Aleisha.

  335. OMG!!!! Your books are amazing, they made me really want to read on!!! I really want to read passion, when is it out?!

  336. are the Fallen series ment to be read in order? Will it make more sense?
    I bought Passion yesterday and found out it was the 3rd book in the series, should i read Fallen first? So far it seems like a good book though 🙂

  337. Right now I’m starting to read FALLEN.. This is just a gift to me but i can tell I have never read other book much better than this. Though the emotions are sometimes dark, there is always a glimpse of sweetness. I hope this becomes a movie, cause this is brilliant. Fallen angels are cool. :]

  338. jus read the third book Passion so heartfelt i cud hav cried. Its way more Spectaculare than the other two. *.* i felt like i wuz right there by the end i wanted to travel way more than i already do..^.^.. RAPTURE is gonna be Amazing. I cant wait!!! 🙂

  339. I just bought the 3rd book Passion and I am VERY disapointed.. It is the EXACT same book of Torment with a different title.. what the heck is up with that? What did I miss?

  340. The only complaint I have is that i wanted to read more after finishing passion and there wasn”t a prologue 🙁 I need a little something until the next book comes out, just a glimpse.

  341. I can’t wait to read Passion!! It took me a few hours to read Torment, I am really loking forward to it. I have recently gained acess to the book and am very exited!!

  342. When’s the release date for the new book? And what’s the title? I’d like to preorder! It’s been so long since I’ve found a series I could really get into. I’m 1/2 way through Torment and have Passion sitting on the shelf above my computer desk waiting. My husband would love these books, if I could only get him to pick one up! Keep up the good work. You’ve become my favorite author (:

  343. okay Lauren me and my friends are always debating on which is hotter Daniel or cam. i always read or get the books befor my friends and start telling them about it, its super funny. im only 13 but these are my favorite books. Also got to say we all agree that Cam is hotter , we all love that bad boy attitude and cam sweetness. Daniel reminds me of my ex boyfriend and my friend Trent. Lauren plz keep writing these books i cant wait for the 4th book. LUV THEM ALL!!!!!!

  344. Lauren! When is Rapture coming out?! I have read all of the other books that are out but I really want to finish the series so that I know what happens to Luce and Daniel!!! <3

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