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  1. I’m kind off afraid to ask, because UK and America don’t know if movie is coming to them, so I wonder if movie would show up in such a small country like Lithuania, but I still have a hope! Fallen has a fans all around the world, and I hope everyone will get a chance to see it!

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  2. I know a lot of people have asked but When is the U.S. getting the release? We’re planning a huge mom’s day out party to see it!! :)

    1. Yeeehhh… when is it going to come to Spain? I’m impatient to watch all of the movies! Love’em, every single book is amazing, specially the last one!

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    1. Yes!! We want it in Australia been wait years to have this book come to life. PLEASE DONT DISAPPOINT us all.

      Why hasn’t it been released world wide??

  3. INDONESIA PLEASE. Lauren you have soooo many Fallenatics here, I always see them on my Fallen fanpage on Instagram. SO PLEASEEE, don’t break our heart. People here who hasn’t known about Fallen will love the movie!

  4. I know that my country is not big and not important to you. But I would like to know if the movie is going to come to Bolivia.  Always happens that films come here year or year and a half after the release date Here it’s normal that’s why I am so sad about it. I love fallen series. Thanks Lauren Kate

  5. And what about France ?? I’m a little scared when I see that the UK and the USA don’t have a release date yet ^^ Thanks for keeping all of fallenatics up to date :)

  6. When is the movie coming out in US? I live in Poland, but I think in Us or America will be faster…. I can’t wait! :'(

  7. How about Slovakia (Slovak Republic)?
    Really literally “eaten” the books one by one as I got them, and then read them again when I had the whole set. Thinking of reading it again before I get to the movie :) Hoping it be as good as the books itself are :)
    Please say it will come soon to my country too! Or is there a way to buy a DVD/Blu-ray already with it?

  8. Hi Lauren!
    I love your books and I cannot wait for Fallen to come out in the USA! I wish I knew the date because it is so hard to wait :( Please come out with the dates soon?
    Thank you for all your work and commitment to these amazing books!

  9. Please tell me that it is coming to Australia, a soon!!!!!!!! Been waiting so long for it to come out!! Love all the books, hope the movie does them justice!!

  10. Hi,

    Is there going to be an American release? I have read the entire series and I thought it was supposed to release this month. I heard November 11th from some where. Is that wrong?

  11. Can’t wait for this to come out in America! :3 I really hope it’s going to since the books are awesome and movie trailer looks fantastic.

  12. Hello, I would like to know if the movie Fallen if will be released in Canada? I have seen the movie trailer and looks so good. I am eagerly awaiting the release in Canada. Thank you Lauren for writing such an amazing series.

  13. Malaysia 10 November 2016
    Philippines 10 November 2016
    Singapore 10 November 2016
    Thailand 17 November 2016
    Denmark 1 December 2016
    Botswana 9 December 2016
    Brazil 29 December 2016
    Hong Kong 29 December 2016
    Italy 23 February 2017
    Chile 9 March 2017

  14. I hope it comes to America it’s been such a long wait. Would you ever consider releasing it on google play or YouTube like they did with the interview?

  15. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I read the book about a year ago. I just hope it does come to America. Will you please tell us if it’s coming to America? I’m anxious!!! Or do I have to fly all the way to one of the other countries it’s released in?? lol

  16. When is the coming to america? will it be able to come to american?
    the more countries, the more money, the more people will wanna buy and be introduced.

  17. I need this to come out in the US I’ve been waiting since i heard you were making a movie and the trailer was so good!!!

  18. Is the movie coming to Australia cause when I heard that fallen was coming out in as a movie I was searching everywhere to see when it comes to Australia and I couldn’t find anything.

  19. I, like the over 100 before me am looking for when the movie will come to the US/Canada or anywhere it already isn’t really. Honestly, though, what is the point? It looks amazing. The book was good. Of all the comments and questions on here, I didn’t see a single reply with an answer. I am willing to bet, however, I will be bombarded with pointless emails that will just frustrate me until I can order it on dvd from china or something a year from now and then just be inevitably disappointed because I waited that long, it never came to the US, and by this point the build up is so huge… the only thing that can happen is disappointment.

    1. I've stop caring because no one has responded back to my questions about when it's coming to the US. I will say though that you have expressed my feelings exactly! Well said but I wouldn't count on a reply. I'll just wait till I can buy it in DVD. says:


  20. At one point there was a release date to Denmark in here – now it is gone?! Does that mean that it will not be possible to watch the movie in Denmark? Is it then possible through a streaming service e.g. Amazon UK ?

  21. Please come to Belgium! I am dying over here and lots of others like me as well. Please, please tell me it will come to Belgium… PLEASE!!

  22. Will the movie come to America? Yes, I realize everyone has asked this but we are all curious. The movie looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it. I just got the very last two book in your series “Fallen in Love” and “Unforgiven”. I truly love this series and would really appreciate it if you could at least tell is if it is coming to America.

  23. Weren’t the books written and released in the U.S.? Shouldn’t there be a release date at home already? :/ Fans are getting kinda impatient.

  24. I think you all are being a bit childish. Do I love the books? yes. Do I want to see the movie? yes. But why are you all asking Lauren the same question, she has no control over the situation and I’m sure when she gets the update she’ll post it.

  25. Is the movie going to come out in Ireland because I’m in the middle of reading the series and I’m going to die if I don’t see the film

      1. Apparently it’s coming to the UK on March 10th 2017 – unconfirmed by Lauren – but it’s on the BBFC website which is the site that rates all films before their release so should be official!

  26. We want it in Australia been wait years to have this book come to life. PLEASE DONT DISAPOINT us all.

    Why hasn’t it been released world wide??

  27. Dear Lauren Kate,
    Fallen is my favourite book series and I really want to watch movie, but I am from Poland. My friends and I still waiting for adaptation. Can you do something?
    Thanks for wrote this beautiful books,
    Your biggest fan

  28. I’m really keen for this movie and i was just wondering, is it coming to Australia and if so when? ive only just recently found your work but i am already loving it. hope to see it soon!

  29. I would love to know when this is coming to America because I love the books, but I have given up all hope for the movies, it’s obvious by how long it’s taken just to get the first one released that there isn’t going to be any more movies that follow which is sad but I’m still excited to see this one even though there won’t be any more to finish out the story. I just reread all of the books, I got them for Christmas as I asked. I Bought the kindle editions long ago but wanted the actual books because I love them that much. It’s sad that the movies won’t be able to play out the rest of the story, it would have been beautiful.

    1. So true. Same here about giving up on all hopes about the movie coming to Canada. These series are my all time favourite books. I’ve tried all I can to see when it will be released in Canada or US but nothing. I will keep looking without any hope

  30. Please let us know when Fallen is coming to Canada I really want to see this movie so badly and have been waiting soooo long!

  31. Is Fallen coming to America? I didn’t see the U.S. on the list, and I know my friends and I would love to see the movie, as we all love the books.

  32. I really really love the Fallen Series. It is my most favourite of all the books I have read. I would love to say thank you to Lauren Kate. I am very disappointed that the movies haven’t come to Australia, and I have been checking every day, legit, for the movies. Please come to Australia!

  33. When is it coming out in Poland? I can’t wait please, I love your books and I want to see this movie as soon as it possible

  34. I know that my comment might go unnoticed but I’m going to leave it here anyway.

    I realize that so far it has not done amazing in the box office, because of the budget vs what you got back aspect. And I realize that it’s not your fault that you can’t give the fans what they want. Maybe you have a crap director who doesn’t know that by upping the budget just a smidge might actually be better so that you can have a proper releasing world wide. Do you realize how much hype has already been created and there are millions of teenager/young adult readers that love your books and are yearning for the day when they all turn into a movie because you are amazing at story telling and we want to see them come to life? With that noted, it might be a good idea to spend a little extra money, have a world release, tell people about it and we’ll spread the word faster than the plague in the 1800s. You would make your money back in no time at all, I’m sure of it.

    P.S. I might just be speaking for myself but if you were to at least release it on youtube or something, I would be more than willing to rent or pay in any way to watch the movie even if it doesn’t get a big release.

    Thanks for reading,
    An aspiring writer
    – MJ

  35. Please please please tell me this is coming to Australia!!! I need to see this book come to life. It’s one of my all time favourite book series and the trailers make it look so amazing and close to the book.

  36. Will this be coming to America or Netflix? These books were so great and the movie looks fantastic! I would really love to see this!

  37. Hey guys! Im freaking out! I emailed her about America and she said they are still finalizing the movie in certain places! So yeah I’m freaking out!!!!!!!!!

  38. Any word on a release date in Australia? Straight to dvd? Can only buy it online? What is happening??? Im seeing other countries getting it but no word on Australia! I need to see this movie

  39. Taking into account an Australian Director and main character, is there a shot of this being released here? Or is there a remote DVD release date? Just so Australia doesn’t stay this far behind in regards to film release forever…

  40. Will this movie be played in America? I’ve been waiting so long…I heard it was coming out so long ago and to think that I may not even get a chance to see it.. Please I need to see this and so many of us in America want to see it. I loved all the books this story made me laugh and cry so many times…I would love to see it. Please Let It Come Out In America.. I’ve been waiting and I’ll continue to wait….

    Love, An American Fan!

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