Vows Chords

I’ve gotten many emails from fans of Cam and Lilith’s band Revenge, asking for the chords to “Vows.”  I forward all your messages to Cam, and for months heard nothing back. Then last night, this appeared on the table by my bed:
C                                    G
    I give my arms to you, I give my eyes to you
              Am                      F
    I give my scars to you and all my lies to you
         C        G       C
    What will you give to me?
    I give my heat to you, I give the sky to you
                     Am                    F
    But if I give my speed to you I cannot fly to you
         C        G       C
    What will you give to me?
    I give a heart to you, I give a soul to you
             Am                        F
    I give a start to you–do you know what to do?
         C        G       Am  F
    What will you give to me?
         C        G       C
    What will you give to me?
He added these notes at the end:
Play it strong, low, and exhausted, near a river or a pond if possible.
c 2015 Amandavid (ASCAP).  All rights reserved.

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