Want to read “Daniel’s Gift,” an exclusive Fallen short story?

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  2. I cant wait to read Daniel’s story!. I loved Rapture so much!. xo from Colombia

  3. I would like to read everything you have on the fallen books.
    I have read and re read all of them! So this would be fab! πŸ˜€ x

  4. Just finished Rapture. . .and it was bloody amazing. I sat in bed all day and read page after page after page, taking in all of your words and the story along with the characters. The ending was simply perfect. . .wait no- perfectly perfect! {And somehow more than perfectly perfect} The end left me in tears {Happy tears!} From which I then went and ate some Nutella.
    So, thank you for writing your books, and thank you for keeping me entertained and just. . .well THANK YOU! πŸ˜€

  5. I love the Fallen Series.I’ve been a devoted fan and its bitter sweet the adventure is over.I would love to read Daniel’s Gift.

  6. I’v e fallen in love with these books and my heart broke when it ended making me wish there could have been more. Thank you for bringing my imagination to a stunning world. I can’t wait to read “Daniels Gift”.

  7. Wow. Loved all the books. Wish there was more of cam in the last book but still loved it. : )

  8. BEST BOOK EVER! Have been waiting! πŸ˜€ You should write another book on daniel and Luce’s human life-love story.

  9. Cant wait. You should write a seprate book on luce and daniel’s human love story.

  10. I would love to read it but i refuse to have a facebook account . I love the Fallen seires but I guess i will have to miss out on this short story.

  11. I love the fallen series!!!!! And I can’t wait for the movie fallen to come out this year, (I hope, fingers cross!).

  12. hihi ^_^ I love reading Fallen Novels!!! Hope you’ll visit Philippines!!

  13. Don’t read the last few chapters of rapture in public I could not stop sobing. Love these books!!!!!!!

  14. I don’t have facebook but I love this series so much! Is there any other way we can get it?

  15. so excited for this! rapture was amazing!!!! thank you so much lauren i love your books and will never forget how much strength your books gave me when i was having some issues <3 THANK YOU LAUREN KATE!

  16. Rapture was such a bittersweet ending to the Fallen Series & i will truly miss the unconditional love between Daniel and Lucinda. I can’t wait to read about Daniel’s gift.

  17. I have enjoyed reading all the Fallen Series books about Daniel & Luce. I got lost with time while I was reading your books. I hope you write another book to let us know how their life continues. I would like to also know how Miles and Sheilb’s child turns out to be boy or girl if they name it Daniel or Luce? I hope to get the short story of Daniel’s gift. I hope to read my of your books maybe a couple more of them from the Fallen Series more about Daniel & Luce or about Miles or about any of the other Angels.

  18. You should write a seprate book on luce and daniel’s human love story. just finish all the fallen books and wow what a lovely story about unconditional love, and the chooses that love can make us make. i think i might read the books again.

  19. I loved Rapture I sobbed at the end, I can’t believe its over I mean WOW I am so sad that it’s over. Lauren can you pretty pretty please do a short story on Cam PLEASE! I am so stoked for Daniel’s Gift as well!! I can’t wait to read your next series πŸ˜€

  20. I would love to read this short stoy because I love the series but the share button won’t load on my computer inableing me to register I was wondering if you would post it on your blog?

  21. Hey I am signing up!!! I love Lauren Kate and I just finished Rapture. Best book!! I would love to meet her!!

  22. OMG, this was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Rapture ended is such a peaceful way I was crying. But, I can’t help but hope you might make a spin of series for Luce and Daniel mortal love life, having Lucifer in the back ground always like an old friend she loves. Just so many ways you could go with how you ended the book. Though I wish Cam could have been included just a little bit more. I don’t have a Facebook, and I’m not allowed to get one… But is their someone way you could maybe send the me, “Daniel’s gift” PRETTY PLEASE. just send it to my email. THANKYOU SO MUCH, FOR MAKING THIS BOOK I AM COMPLETLY IN<3 . thankyou so much

  23. I would love to read Daniel’s Gift I bet it would be really sweet and up to Lauren Kate’s usual standard too! Have finished the whole series now, such a sweet ending, poignant and kind of sad too. Downside, I don’t have facebook…

  24. very sad the adventure is over πŸ™ loved all the books. Would love to know what happens with luce and daniel on there first date, and does Cam get up to?

  25. i would just love it if there was another book after Rapture, cause i finished the series already and i really want to find out what happens with Luce and Daniel on their first date etc and their lives after that…and where did Cam disappear to???

  26. I’ve read the Entire series and I can’t believe their story is already over! I love your books, Lauren, and you did an Amazing job with the Fallen Series…ever think of possibly doing a short story about what happens with Luce and Daniel after the end of the last book…like ***SPOILER ALERT*** their lives together as mortals, starting a family….anything like that? I’m kinda curious…I bet they would make beautiful babies πŸ™‚ lol

  27. does any body know how does rapture and fallen in love come out :/ i hope any body can help me please this books make me crazy and here in germany noones know anything about it

  28. I really want to read Daniels gift but I’m not on Facebook πŸ™
    Can anyone help please?

  29. i must be the only one who was disappointed.
    What about Cam?
    Should have known to leave it when Fallen for You came out
    What about Daniels Gift – its been over a month – you haven’t made 10,000. whats going on?

  30. I just read it this morning it’s good to have a refresher but i’m more and more excited to hear what you have got in store for us next project!!

  31. Liked the last book in series but I recon you could tell us what happens next love your books

  32. i just love these series!! i think Lauren Kate is an amazing author her books should be turned into movies!

  33. I love the books and am now kicking myself for not having facebook I really want to read the short story. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  34. Loved the series but would love it even more if we knew more about Luce and Daniel relationship. What ever happen to cam

  35. Does anybody know what happens to daniel and louce?please if you know,would you mind to tell to me??!!!

  36. I absolutely LOVE the Fallen series. And I hope the series continues. I have read all the books but I wish there was more to read so I wouldn’t feel like the whole ending just stops like that.

  37. First off i loved the series never read books quicker. Second i wish like some of the previous comments that you would consider writting another short story of their lives as mortals, we can imagine what would happen but it wouldn’t be the same. And last but no means least please give us another chance to be sent Daniel’s gift, i gota read more but i missed the chance. Please.

  38. I need to find Daniel’s Gift but I still don’t know where to find it so I can read it,

  39. i want to read it sooo bad but i just finished the last book u need to wright about their first date and if they have kids please this was the best it cant end like this i need to kno3w how it ended them

  40. Omg I hope you decide to make a movie for each book! It’s just too great of a series not to!! πŸ˜€

  41. I love all of the books, but I also wonder if the Fallen series are going to become a film series.
    These books have inspired me to write my own.
    By the way, if you all love the previous books, you will Love Rapture.

  42. I found fallen in love at Walmart, it is book 5 in the series n tells of Roland,arriane,miles,luce n daiel.

  43. why did the story have to end i wanna find out what happens to luce and daniel in their life why cant they get to be together and angels ??? will you ever make a sequal ? of their life together

  44. Love these books!! Please oh please don’t say your done.. More books like “Falling in Love” I truly enjoyed the side story to read before Rapture. More please!!

  45. Would some1 pls tell me how I can read Daniel’s short story???? I can’t seem to get it off that scribd website!!!

  46. please make another book so that we can find out who luce and daniel are in their later lives as mortals. i would greatly appriciate it.

  47. If you want to read the short story make sure you clicked the link here to sign up. The facebook page for the books is different. Right now I believe we still need 2000 to sign up.

  48. hello darling Lauren Kate, I loved the spectacular saga that you created, that is the saga of our fallen very good. I was wondering when it will launch fallen on film and will have the three books vain for the big screen movie.
    I’m Lucas Alves and I live in Brazil. thank you.

  49. Hello! Is there going to be a movie?:D how much longer do we have to wait for Daniel’s Gift?! I’m dying to read more!!

  50. I love love love the fallen series! I would love it if there was another book like what happens at Daniel and Luce’s first date and so on πŸ˜€ and what happens to cam?
    Thanks Lauren Kate for the fallen series!!! πŸ˜€

  51. I love the Fallen series!! Thanks alot Kate! I wil never get enough of Luce, Daniel, and Cam!!! I love Cam,, please make a short story about him.

  52. I love your books! Couldnt put them down. Is it possible to get daniel’s gift? I missed the deadline and would really like to read it. Thanks if possible.

  53. I absolutely LOVED the fallen series. it’s the greatest love story ever written (even better than Romeo and Juliette). I think there should be another Fallen book. Keep the story going- cause it will never get old or boring !!

  54. I loved the fallen series couldn’t put the books down till I was done, it would be awesome if there was a following book that lets us know what happens with daniel and lucy πŸ™‚

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  65. Charity, what a wonderful comment. And I agree with you that the poem evoked powerful emotions in me. The conflicts here are just incredible. I appreciate what Joe V is doing, but I am so sad for the kid who is confronting mortality in this incredibly harsh way. But then Joe V’s son needs to confront mortality. Thanks for the comment, Ch(Atiy!arnd I’m really enjoying seeing your art over on L.L.’s site!)

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  67. Nov08thedancingrunner Great tips…I think the instructor’s bike should always be facing the cyclists, I have actually never been to a class that was not! I am new to teaching this format and I have to say that I absolutely love it! I think that over time and with much practice you learn as an instructor what does and does not work for your students. It’s definitely a journey that I am enjoying!

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