Phoebe is a wish-granting fairy who doesn’t believe in children. Birdie, Gem, and Van are sixth graders who don’t believe in fairies. But deep down, each of them has a wish.

Birdie and Gem have been best friends forever, but now things are changing, and Birdie doesn’t know why. Birdie feels left behind, while Gem feels she’s growing up too fast and no one understands what it’s like. Van is lonely, far from their friends in Ireland who never thought that being nonbinary was such a big deal.

When Phoebe crash-lands in the woods nearby, the three kids must race against the clock to restore the fairy’s powers and get her back home. They’ll have to summon a new kind of magic to save Phoebe and their friendships—the magic of their deepest, truest wishes.


A dash of fairy magic brightens this heartfelt and bittersweet middle grade novel about three friends confronting their deepest wishes from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Kate.

"Told through alternating points of view and swiftly paced, the book homes in on understanding and acknowledging the real reasons why we want things. . . It steers clear of becoming a tired allegory about adolescence, instead thoughtfully focusing on navigating the challenges of changing bodies and relationships. . . A charming and engaging story in which friendship prevails."

– Kirkus Reviews


With a successful career as a romance editor, and an engagement to a man who checks off all ninety-nine boxes on her carefully curated list, Lanie’s more than good. She’s killing it. Then she’s given the opportunity of a lifetime: to work with world-renowned author and her biggest inspiration in love and life—the Noa Callaway. All Lanie has to do is cure Noa’s writer’s block and she’ll get the promotion she’s always dreamed of. Simple, right?

But there’s a reason no one has ever seen or spoken to the mysterious Noa Calloway. And that reason will rock Lanie’s world. It will call into question everything she thought she knew. When she finally tosses her ninety-nine expectations to the wind, Lanie may just discover that love By Any Other Name can still be as sweet.


From # 1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Kate comes an enemies-to-lovers romance about an editor, her bestselling author, and one life-changing secret.

"A delightful rom-com that begs to be devoured in one sitting… smart and adorable." - Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Reading Lauren Kate’s By Any Other Name is like watching a Nora Ephron movie. It makes the day seem brighter, the world seem more hopeful, and happiness seem possible for everyone. This book is a buoyant celebration of love.” –Jill Santopolo, author of The Light We Lost and More Than Words

“I devoured this book in one sitting. Delightful, optimistic and with a perfect dash of bookishness, By Any Other Name is the romcom the world needs right now.” --Julie Buxbaum, author of Tell Me Three Things

"A smart imaginative rom-com that had me turning the pages." –Abby Jimenez, USA Today bestselling author of Life’s Too Short

“An incredibly romantic love story that’s full of surprises, By Any Other Name is perfect for anyone who dreams of happily ever afters.”—Kerry Winfrey, author of Waiting for Tom Hanks 

“By Any Other Name is a beautiful, emotional, slow-burn love story with an ending that will leave you with the biggest smile. Lauren Kate shows she can write heartfelt contemporary romance just as deftly as every other genre she's mastered.” –Sarah Smith, author of Faker 

"By Any Other Name is impossible to put down or to forget. A sharp, moving, and hilarious love story, it feels like being in the company of a close friend." --Maria Kuznetsova, author of Oksana, Behave and Something Unbelievable




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