1. I am such a fan of your work. I love all your books they are amazing in every way. I do hope that one day youll come to boise so i could get the books i have of yours so far signed and hopefully get to see you and chat alittle about your work. And how you came up with the idea of writing these amazing books. Hope you could come visit boise some time its really friendly and all.

    Sarah Kroenecke

  2. I love your books!!!!!! Every time I open one and read it again its like I’m falling in love with the book all over again!!!! It takes me to another world a world of romance, forbidden love, and doing what it takes to get what you want. For Daniel to have Luce I think he would do whatever it takes. You know I sometimes think its sad that i learn that doing what it takes to get what i want most from a fiction book about angels and a never ending war….but right after i think that I’m like wait a minute I’m Ashlei that’s not weird at all!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I love your books and Rapture comes out right after my birthday so I know what I’m getting that day!!!!

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