1. Hey, Lauren, you will come for Brazil in this year? I really hope see you here in 2014. Maybe soon? After “Teardrop” i’m so excited to see you here. I love you, so much, you know that.
    more one of your much fans in the world.

  2. Hello there Lauren, my name is in the name slot and gave you several of my nicknames. I have a lot of great passion for you fallen series it touch my heart and also I am deaf and from Nashville Tn by birth and am living in a small town of South Carolina the city call belton and I have always want to turn this these books into a movie or animation or live people in the movie… Anyway if you make another book you are welcome to use my nicknames and along with my best friend nickname as jynxie black~cat and Harry the gromic and Sarah the all seeing

  3. Oh Lauren, will you go to Brazil this year? One of my dreams is meet you. I love you very much! Please, come to Brazil 🙂 I need to see you, Fallen is my favorite saga, I hope Teardrop will be an totally amazing saga, I love it! Kisses. Brazil loves you.

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