Last week, Jason and I took an unforgettable trip to Berlin to celebrate the 175th anniversary of my publisher’s parent company, Bertelsmann.

The view from our hotel room
First night at the Brandenburg Gates
I had not lived until I feasted on this hotel brunch
Jason's and my feet straddling the former division between East and West Berlin.

The week was packed with meetings, parties, photo shoots, and one very fancy gala at the Konzerthaus. It was the place to be in Berlin that night and everyone from Chancellor Merkel to Leona Lewis was there.

We are so ready for the red carpet.
Christopher Paolini gets interviewed on the jumbotron and convinces me that he should run for office.
Markus, the head of Random House, bids us farewell after the gala.

It was my first time in Germany, and I loved it–especially getting to hang with my fantastic new writer pals, Christopher Paolini, Markus Zusak, and John Stephens (whose first book The Emerald Atlas is going to rock the world next year).

Me, Christopher Paolini, Markus Dohle of Random House, John Stephens, Markus Zusak
Swanky chauffeur Gordon takes us to a nightclub.
Jason and I get down to some house music at the Felix Club. The DJ was from Atlanta!

And on the way home from Germany, we got to stop in Dallas to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom. If your cake is any indication, it's going to be a sweet year.

It was a great kick off to my season of travel this fall and now I’m so excited to hit the road next week for TOuRMENT.

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  1. hehe, how many wardrobe changes can you work into one post Lauren??
    It looks like you had a lot of fun. wishing you more πŸ™‚
    keep up the good work.
    xoxo nas

  2. OooOo I totally missed that you were in Germany!! Too bad you didn’t visit Munich tough! I hope one day I will get a signed copy from you:-)

    Hope you loved Germany!

  3. WOW….I love ur clothes u r wearing!
    Its rlly pretty! =]
    Waitng 4 Torment!
    Im hoping more Cam is there than Daniel!
    Team Cam 4 ever!

  4. Wow! I live in Berlin! I would’ve loved to be able to meet you! I bought Fallen this summer in my home town Fort Worth, TX & then got Torment as a gift!
    Maybe sometime I can see you and you can clear up some questions I have. You’re dress is lovely by the way. =)

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