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I can’t get enough of this Bridezilla song in the beautiful Fallen trailer from Australia.

I am home at my parents’ house for the holidays and last night, I did a reading and signing at Legacy Books in Plano, TX. It was great to promote Fallen and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove in my home town, in front of so many friends and family members, and at such an amazing bookstore! 

Legacy Books feels more like a university library to me. Check out the fancy monitors behind me. Three stories, so many sections (even a big paranormal section), and a great YA selection. They also have a test kitchen for demonstrations when cookbook authors come to do events. Maybe in my next life I can come back as a cook book author. My reading followed on the heels of Sarah Palin’s deal there last week. I hear there was weeping at hers. No one wept at mine.

Legacy Books 3

Legacy Books 2

Legacy Books 1

I have a nineteen month old neice who is calling my name (or something close enough to my name, La La), so I’m off to play with her. But I will close with the reminder that there are just eight more days left to enter the Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove giveaway contest!

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  1. I almost wept at your reading. But you are no Sarah Palin, my friend! So excited I made a cameo in not 1 but 2 pictures on your blog!!! You did an amazing job and I am starting Natalie Hargrove tonight…I am in the mood for a guilty pleasure of a read! I am so proud of you!

  2. It was great meeting you, and I can’t wait to read your book. I just saw that you’ll be in Orange County next month, so I’ve told my family that they need to attend your events.

  3. i just wanted to tell you that i really enjoyed your book. i was up until 3-4 each night reading. My mom force my eyes closed. I hope you have a great new year

  4. lauren kate, I do not speak English but I will attempt to understand I’m a big fan of your books even when they do not even have read, here in my country and I still do not reach and can reach, I hope and books as much as when I Fasina I think of them and I hear the song of bridezilla, even when they do not even film the books way too late I hope not, greetings. I wish you luck also more than that they’re getting so justly.

  5. Me encantaria to read this book And luck with the cinematographic adjustment Sera a good movie because it is an excellent book

  6. Im only 11 and i got the book for christmas and im realy loving it. Iv read better but your book Fallen is one of my faves. cant wait for the next book!

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