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A while back I announced my team of International Ambassadors and since then they have been working very hard to spread the Fallen and Teardrop love around the world. I’m happy to share their amazing efforts with all of you. As always, feel free to show your Fallen spirit and share it with me here.

The first person I heard from was Wan-Yi Chen, who was passing along her passion for my books in Taiwan. She held activities for fans to get together, share books, and talk story. She also shared articles and some of my e-stories online and even had a fan in Hong Kong join her team. It was amazing to learn that she did all this while studying for her college entrance exams!IMG_3650 (511x640)

IMG_3631 (640x480)

Thanks for all your hard work Wan-Yi and congratulations on getting into college!

Next I heard from Anesa Dzafic who was introducing her books to Croatian readers. After she finished dancing for joy in front of what I assume was a very amused mailman, she contacted the library and school she works with in order to share the books and create a new generation of fans in her community.

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Fun Fact: Anesa is our ambassador not only in Croatia but in Sweden as well.

I also heard from Elke Cremers in the Netherlands. Upon receiving her Fallen copies (and a few newly printed Dutch Teardrops) she passed them out to the other students at her school and is currently writing her own stories, too. We wish her much continued inspiration.

Look for more Ambassador updates in the future and don’t worry I’ll be calling for additional International helpers soon!

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  1. It’s amazing to read about all the international fans and ambassadors! It’s a great this the Fallen/Teardrop love is spread around the world!

    the Netherlands

  2. love this book , I could not stop reading it , is one of the best, the interaction between the characters is so intense , interesting, eye-catching.

  3. OMG it is really depressing that there are no such groups here in Lebanon because if there were I would be the first to know about them <3 ! I just absolutely love the Fallen Series and i wish I knew more people who share my feelings and thoughts about it.

    A Book Addict,

  4. My daughter, Nia, is a huge fan of your FALLEN series and she urges all of her friends here in Birmingham, UK to read it.
    We even dressed up as light and dark angels for Halloween in honour of the series.
    Believe me, you’ve got an ambassador in England!

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