Love at First Look

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  1. Anciosa pra ver o filme…Adorei ver os atores presente nos personagens do jeito q eu imaginei!!

  2. looking at this while in school and about to cry! Perfect! I cant believe its already done!!

  3. OMG… I can’t wait to see this!! I’m a huge fun of the book!! And I really adore you Ms. Lauren Kate. I’ve always dreamed to be a writer so I envy you very much.

  4. OMG Ms. Lauren when is the release date of the movie is it in 2015 or 2014? so excited i’m gonna die

  5. OMG puurfect. i cant wait for the movie!! so excited im gonna die. ms lauren when is the release date?

  6. I’ve truely doubted if the actors they’d choose would be close to the book. But I am delighted with the result!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Love it! it looks great! I can’t wait for the movie. They all look wonderful.

  8. I am 12 and I have read the Fallen saga in lees then two weeks I am in LOVE with this book so much I read fallen I’m 4 days torment In 3 days passion in 2 hours fallen in love in 3 hours and rapture in 1 day I can’t wait for the movie!

  9. OMG!! I JUST ADORE THEM!! and the lucinda’s dress is wonderful!! really, I CAN’T WAIT!! <3

  10. I’m so mad, Daniel and Luce are not who I would have chosen, but I feel confident about them, but Cam! Oh my gosh, he looks like a fourteen year old! He looks like Harry styles! I hate that stupid ponytail aswell, he doesn’t look like a cam and I’m so disappointed with him ๐Ÿ™

  11. OMG PERF! WHEN IS FALLEN the movie going to come out! Ahhhh I’m so excited!

  12. I am already in love with DANIEL GRIGORI…that sadness on those beautiful eyes…feelin’ hypnoticed by the violet flame…

  13. i love the casting choice but cam why he is so ugly i didnt pictured him like this :/

  14. I can’t WAIT for this movie! I was so surprised hearing this was turning into a move, all the cast reflect the characters so well. Go Fallen!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. or when is the trailer coming out? i am sorry for the two messages, iยดm just so excited!

  16. cam needs short hair i can live with blue eyes and not bright green but he needs short hair i really hope the movie does well i am exited for it but i just dont want key details to be missed or it to be changed too much from the book

  17. wow i am liking the cast so far and i hope it all comes together nicely and also i loved all the books, when i first read the first one i was hooked and now reading teardrop as that interesting story too and so i cant wait to get get to end and find out that happens

    i cant wait to see this film

    i always wondered then this would get made into a film yay my dream come too

  18. i just don’t really like cam i didnt imagaine him like that but daniel is PERFECT
    and i hope that cam his hair in the movie is black and luce her hair to and short ofcourse but i’m so excited! i like everyone expect Cam i kinda imagaine him like Andy Biersack like he looks now with his short hair but we’ll see can not wait!!!!

  19. Please don’t leave the long hair it might not look that bad but I think everyone agrees that the short hair will look better, more attractive, and an edgy hair cut will complete Cams look with his you know bad boy type attitude.

  20. Cam will look fine with this longer hair as long as its not in a pony tail.. eww.
    And I think that Luce needs longer hair actually.

  21. I’m in the process of reading ‘Rapture’ and have yet to be able to put the books down. It’s the first time I have read your books Lauren but have found them to be very well written with a hint of suspense and of course romance.

    I sincerely hope the producers do not fail in making the movie as you wrote the books. Unlike some who have failed because of timing constraints or changing the story to make it more interesting at the cinema.

    Thankyou Lauren



  23. I feel the exact same way. He’s not “bad boy” enough. He has such a baby face and I don’t think it said anywhere in the books that he had a baby face. I hate the ponytail as well. Again, the books never said he had a ponytail. I feel like they could have picked someone a lot better.
    The actors who play Luce and Daniel aren’t exactly who I would have picked, but I’m actually pretty happy with the actress playing Luce and the guy playing Daniel seems pretty close.

  24. I cant wait to see the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited that im crying omg :””””’D

  25. I’m sorry to say this but I’m a bit disappointed in the cast. They aren’t what I expected. Don’t get me wrong I love this series and can’t wait for the movie. I guess I just wanted to let you know… any ways I love you and can’t wait!

  26. I know I can’t wait, I know she is done or almost done with Unforgiven. I can’t wait to read more!!! I hope there is another book after Unforgiven about Luce and Daniel! They touched my heart in Rapture.

  27. I so agree! Daniel is perfect!! I can’t wait to watch the film!!! I hope she does another book that is about Luce and Daniel!!!

  28. I know that they were mentioned to be like that. Like Daniel: blond hair, etc. But I always just picture Daniel with blonde hair and Cam with black! Is it just me or what?

  29. Just imagine if this whole movie and book series were real. Would you want to be the love story? I would. So stoked.

  30. Please Lauren let us know when is the movie coming out, I’ve been waiting for a long time!!!?

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