The Torment Cover

Stunning, isn’t it?

Also known as “Another dress for us all to covet!”

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  1. I love that this cover kept the same theme from Fallen. A girl in a fabulous dress, with long dark hair. It truly is beautiful.

  2. OMG, its beautiful. I can’t wait for this book to come out, I’ve just re read Fallen for the 18th time haha

  3. I really, really love it! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, so many questions still unanswered in Fallen. May September be here fast!

  4. It’s absolutely beautiful ms. Lauren! Lucky for you that they design such outstanding covers for you!

    I can’t wait for September 28!!!

    Kiss from the Philippines

  5. gorgeus ! I love those dress and books =) I’ve a facebook group for this . Turkish fans loves you !

  6. I love the cover! I was worried that it would be hard to get a cover as good as Fallen but I am completly in love with this cover! Now I am just sad that I have to wait so much longer for it to come out….


  8. I did not think a cover could be better then Fallen, but I literally gasped out loud when i saw this cover, it is gorgeous! Can’t wait until it comes out!

  9. Oh Jesus!! I loved it! Really!! Lauren, please, release it before September, please please, please! I’m Brazilian and here we still don’t have a lot of stuff about Fallen Series, despite of having already a lot of fans…and I badly can wait to read Torment.

  10. Lauren its great! I am so excited i have 6 more months until September! yay The cover looks amazing!

  11. I am such a Fan and so is my daughter,friends,relatives..The Cover of “Torment”is stunning..on Abigails I saw the Front of the dress..Which cover are you going with OR are they the front and Back? You are so talented..Susan ,Vermont..

  12. Jesus! why WHY why WHY why!!! black hair and named lucinda with a taste for black! NOOOOOOO!!

    Love the cover and can’t wait for the book!!!!!

  13. It’s so beautiful. I can’t wait for it to come out and read it. Hearts already beating fast for it

  14. What a stunning cover, it took my breath away. the dress, the backround, the whole atmosphere and the mood of the cover is amazing. truly breath taking. Photography in its best. whoever made it, did a wonderful job.

  15. Oh my gosh it is so gorgeous!!! i picked up fallen because of the cover. they are both just stunning!!

  16. OMG!!! Jaw-droppingly beautiful!!! I LOVE it!!! It looks even better than the first one!!!Can’t wait for the book to come out, this just makes it even better!!! OMG!!!

  17. Wow! That is a beautiful cover. I haven’t read Fallen yet, but I was checking out some other books on Barnes & Noble .com, and practically every book I was looking at on the “Books Customers Also Bought” section, your book was always there. So, I’m going to the bookstore to go buy it. Everyone else here seems to love it. I think I will, too. The cover alone is very eye-catching! πŸ™‚

  18. i absolutly love it!!! i wonder/think they used the same model for the fallen cover too.

  19. OMG! It looks AMAZING!
    I’m almost done with Fallen. So far it’s great. The book really draws you in.
    I’m really excited about the next book.^^

  20. Absolutely stunning cover. I’m in the middle of Fallen and I can’t wait to finish so I can antisipate Torment! Spetember can’t come soon enough.

  21. OMG its so beautiful!!! I will be waiting to get this book! the first was fantastic!!! cant wait to read this!!! πŸ˜€

  22. this cover is soooooooooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder when itll be out???????

  23. omg cant wait for it to come out i just finished readng fallen and i loved it, the cover is amazing like fallen x

  24. OMG! That dress is absoluely incredible!!!!! I am DYING for the book to come out! How old are you going to make us wait????? I can’t take it anymore!!!! I am going crazy!!!! I have already read Fallen 3 timez. Great book! Best of 2009!!!!!!

  25. Just finished ‘Fallen’ – could not put it down! Can’t wait for the next book!!!!

  26. WOW!!!!!!!!! that looks amazing! i hope the book is as great as its cover lol. im a huge fan of fallen and i’ve been waiting for torment to come out. im jus super curious as to what cam and daniel are going to do in this story. cam is my all time favorite character!!! ima get this book as soon as it comes out!

  27. omg. i just finished fallen and i loved it. last night i was trying to save that little bit of book for tommorow but i just couldnt sleep. i had to read MORE. i started with a book and ended with a thrirst for more. cant wait for tormment. the days are passing by so slowly!!!!!

  28. Not only the cover is breath taking but what is inside is just as pleasing! I could not put the book down. The writing is exceptional. PURE BRILLIANCE!

  29. OMG i cant wait fallen was awesome i was strugglein to put it down and now i have to wait for this to come out. the covers are amazing and sooo compelling


    Cam + Lucy = xoxoβ™₯FoReVeRβ™₯xoxo

  31. I just finished reading fallen, the book is amazing i can’t stop reading it.The cover of tormant is amazing, can’t wait for the book, i’m soo excited to know what happened to daniel and luce they’re like the most perfect couple everrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. OMG!! i love fallen!! i can’t wait for torment! do you know when it’s coming out?

  33. the cover is even more beautiful that the one for “fallen”. i’m really looking forward to the new book.

  34. This is amazing. The dress is beautiful. I won’t even lie, its the cover of Fallen that made me pick it up and now I can’t wait to read Torment. There is so much that I’m confused about. Hopefully that will all be cleared up though!

  35. I hear that this is going to be a 4 book series and the third is going to be called Rapture?

  36. OMG i cant wait till i read it. Fallen is my favorite book and the best book ive ever read this next book is gonna be better:)

  37. OMG. Fallen=one of THE best books ever. And I’ve read aloooot of books. And holy crap, Luce and Daniel are PERFECT!!! πŸ˜€

  38. Yay! I can’t wait! I just know this is going to be one of my favoirte series! =D

  39. This cover is absolutely stunning. It portrays ‘Torment’ in a hauntingly beautiful way.

  40. I read fallen in under four hours, and now i’m bored 😐 really REALLY bored.
    i’ve already tried reading it again but i keep skipping to all the best bits πŸ˜›
    it was an absolutely amazing book, love the cover and the cover for torment, i’ve taken to drawing all the characters. espcecially cam <3<3
    what is it about bad boys which is so appealing!!

  41. omg! im in love with Fallen and cant wait till Torment comes out!!!! fav char = cam…even though he acts like a dush(sp?) sometimes….no offense….. but he’s cool! oh me and my friend absolutely love Fallen till death do us part! no lie………..i wish i could just read torment right now but it comes out next school year….waaaa. anyways huge fan of the book! bye!!!!!!!!!

  42. this is awesome, i am soooooooo going to buy this book, i browed fallen off a friend and loved it….. πŸ˜›

  43. omg!!!!! i love it!!!! i love the dress the most!!! i can not wait till it comes out!!!!!

  44. I am sooooo excited about the next book! I bought Fallen and could not put it down! The cover of Torment is beautiful!

  45. I love the cover but what i don’t like is that she looks to skinny but besides that it’s courages πŸ˜€

  46. OMG i cant wait until it comes out…. Fallen was breath taking so this will be the exact same i think, i hope…. you have such a talent and i admire it. There is so much detail in your book and when i read it i can picture everything as if i were a character in it.

  47. i love the book just finished reading it funn enoygh i have a boy friend whos just like danuill in the bbok how luky me lol he keeps laughing at me about it anyway i cnt wait till the next book i fell so sorry 4 penn though. RIP PENN! lol whish that they make it into a film i herd they are go on you tube and c if u can find trailors i keep trying to find out if they are so someone plz help me!

  48. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! β™₯.β™₯ It looks so cool!!! Omgggggggg…. *falls in love with the cover*

    Me faltan los ΓΊltimos capΓ­tulos del libro y aΓΊn no sΓ© como acaba….. ‘‘¿QuΓ© diantes va a suceder con Cam y sus ojos verdes?!! Es la primera vez que me termino de leer un libro en tan solo un dΓ­a (Porque de esta noche no pasa..), Β‘y ya estoy deseando que salga el prΓ³ximo!.



  51. OMG!! is all I can sayy!! seriouslyy fallen wasss awesomee !! I canΒ΄t waittt for torment too come out!!!! ahhhhh!! (biting nails!) I just wanΒ΄t to read it soo badlyy!! how many books are there gonna bee?? just a questionn! anywayss the dress is gorgeouss!! just like the one from fallen!!!

  52. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! That dress is GORGEOUS!!!! I can’t WAIT for this book !!!! AAaahhhh why are torturing us ??!!!!! The ending of fallen was so vague and mysterious so can u like PLEASE hurry up cz its killing me to know what are the secrets. Its the first book that i ever stayed reading until 5 in the morning on a school night!!! your style lauren is so authentic and i adore it !!!

  53. OMG this book will get as big as twilight and even better im so on team daniel hes rly sweet and i rly cant wait 4 torment 2 cme out !!!!!!!!!!! lookin forward 2 it!!!!! eeekkk!xxxxx

  54. OMG!!!! i just finished reading FALLEN and it is absoloutly breathtaking!!!! The beautiful novel grips you right from the start romance, danger and fantasy all rolled into one!! incredible!
    I am waiting in absoloute agony for the next book to come out!! can’t wait πŸ™‚

  55. Oh My Effing God!!!! I loves fallen i just finished reading it and im already anxious for the next instalment! but while i wait my mission is
    to get all my friendes to read this book! i can’t believe i amost missed out on the amazing world of “fallen” for weeks i walked past the book after reading the cover numerous times intrigued immediately but regardles i replaced the book back in its place simply declaring i had no time to read (because im in leaving cert, drag!”) but finaly i said what the heck and bought it anyway and ended up staying up till half four on a school night with my spanish orals looming in the near couple days (without donig any study) completely engrossed in the book utterly incapable of leaving the book down! it was truely amazing and extremely refrehing to read something not vampire related (even though i really do love vampire stories) torment is just that-torment to wait for the promising sequel but im also grateful that my exams will be over and i will have plenty of time to enjoy the sencond instalment. im already iching to reread fallen but im afraid the only material i will be reading from now till the end of june will be school related! πŸ™ also the cover for torment is like its precessor magnificent as it was the cover of fallen that had captured my attention initially and thankfully it did. im extremely excited i do love a supernatural series.

    btw in the meantime while we wait for the release of torment i really recommend if you haven’t already read them to put your hands on a copy of the hunger games and catching fire by suzanne colins. yet another wonderful series not alike other books.

    if anyone has any book suggestions of their own i would really appreciate to hear them!

  56. The cover is awsome, i hope that when i get my books published the covers will be able to live up to it!!!!!sigh!!!!!!

    Elizabeth Victoria (E.V.)

  57. yvonne u should so read HUSH, HUSH, Shiver, the Splender falls and nobodys girl

    p.s. cant wait for mocking jay + torment!!!!!!

  58. This sux, I can’t wait till Torment comes out…. This is torture having to wait……..!!!!! Why are you doing this to us……….??????????lol. P.S Will wait till 28 September.

  59. Friggin hell! Another awesome book cover that makes me want to shout and dance about!
    I can’t wait for this to come out. Fallen wowed me and I’m 100% sure Torment will be just even better…and I can’t wait for some more Cam *swoons*

  60. omg this cover looks amazing and i cant wait to read it!! I uploaded Fallen on my sony book reader and read it in two days!! I cant WAIT!!!! <3

  61. OMG!!! i just finished ‘Fallen’ and was so glad to see there was another book…. until i saw it says ‘Autumn 2010’……this is probally the 10th series i read that i have to wait for the next book but whats diffrent with this one is that im actually gonna wait somewhat patiently… ANYWAY i LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘Fallen’ and cant wait for Torment!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. omg!! cannot wait for it to come out! i love fallen and am dieing to no what will happen with everyone! i would also were that dress. very nice!!

  63. I have just finished reading Fallen and was engrossed the whole way through it. Can’t wait for the next installment :))

  64. Wow! That is a great cover!!!!!

    Even though the fallen cover was good, but this is tremendously better!!

  65. WOW!!! the cover looks amazing, i already can’t wait for the book, and now this makes me even moreee excited!

  66. Nice cover, Ms. Lauren Kate. I can’t wait for September to come…”Torment” is on my waiting list.

  67. OMG i just finished readin fallen last nite n it waz amazin the coverr wat draw me in the cover 4 torment is beautiful i cnt wait for it 2 come out n c wat Daniel does next

    Daniel +Luce= foreva


  69. OMG!!!!! That dress is AWESOME!!! I would soo like to have that dress!
    Can’t wait to read it!

  70. The cover model has beautiful hair, the dress is simply breath taking. I cannot wait for the nxt
    book, the story has swept me away & I keep pimping this book out to anyone who will listen.

  71. I read Fallen in one day i liked it so much i cant wait till i can get torment it looks so good!!!


  73. Oh my goodness, I didn’t think Fallen would be that good at first, but I really got into it. I love it. So pumped for Torment!

  74. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 the cover is amazing i love the dress! and the haiir just jet black falling dwn! its ammmmmaaazzziiinnngg! (: cannot wait!

  75. wow this was stunning. i finished fallen in 9 hours. you’re an amazing author, this is just a beautifully amazing and darkly mysterious. i cannot wait for torment, really i cant, its torment waiting for torment. thank you lauren for your fabulous gift

  76. i love the cover its amazing . when dose the book come out i cant wait to read it !!!!!!

  77. OMG…. looks fab and cant wait to read the second book x LOVE fallen sooooooo much x

  78. OMG! I’m counting down the days til “Torment” is released! Every time I think about the new cover I find myself wondering where I can get one of those dresses! Who wouldn’t want one?

  79. My best friend was totally Twilight gaga, but after watching me swoon over Fallen, she’s decided to read it! I think I plucked her from the vampire saga, and dropped her into the inescapable velvet wings of Fallen!

  80. Cover for Torment is BEAUTIFUL! I have already re-read Fallen at least 4 times, making sure I didnt read too fast, in my excitment, and miss any tiny detail, besides its was just too good to read only once. Come’on Torment we are soo ready.

  81. i love this dress so much i cant wait to read it πŸ™‚ how many books are you gonna make for this series?? is daniel gonna finally get to be with her and they gonna be able to live life together?? is there gonna be a happy ending to this story??

  82. I don’t really read that much, cause I can’t ever find a book I can get into, but I LOVE FALLEN! I got into it right away, but I haven’t finished it just yet cause everytime I started to read my son wanted me, lol. But I love the book I can’t wait for Torment to come out! =)

  83. Hello, Lauren!
    I don’t know if you will read this message, but I really loved to have my art in your book covers! It’s an honouring for me have my body illustrating an artwork as your books!
    Keep up the dark side of the feelings!


  84. i love the book Fallen. when i saw there is going to be a series, i literally freaked out. it’s such an amazing book. i can’t wait to read Tornment! suck on that Twilight! xD haha

  85. Ok I know you know I love your book and can’t wait for torment but is it possible to get your autograph

  86. Omg i just loved fallen!!! i cant wait for torment, the ending of fallen just left me wanting more and fast!! lol I was stuck on the twilight saga for years since the first one came out, im glad fallen happen to pop up on my facebook it got me to read a different book rather then the twilight books lol…
    LOVE IT!!!!

  87. I love it. cant wait until the next book comes out. I want September to come so bad

  88. I love the cover, it’s gorgeous! I would love to see Lauren Kate get a movie deal one of these days! Can’t you just picture it all on the big screen?

  89. i love this book cover,it draws me in
    cant wait for daniel to kick cams butt,sorry cam fans ,but im tired of the teams.with twilight no one needs a “TEAM DANIEL””TEAM CAM” fight to break. i dont think that is what the author honestly wanted when she wrote the book.

  90. Kate Lauren you are an amazing writer. You inspire me to write. I can not wait for your next book to come out in stores. Hope it is as amazing as Fallen

  91. I love this dress gorgeous!!! I first bought fallen for the dress on the cover.. defiantly going to buy this book so excited for the new book fallen was amazing!!!

  92. OMG I WANT THAT DRESS!!!! Seriously, put that up to be bought, and im betting tons of people will buy it! -like me πŸ™‚

  93. I finished Fallen like ten minutes ago, I started it yesterday at school and had so much difficulties putting it down. When I looked it up was the first time I saw the cover. My cousin brought it to me without the cover but I had a friend explain it to me, she had already read it. She would not spill what would happen but she kept asking questions and it made me even more anxious!!! I LOVE *FALLEN*
    Daniels sounds Freakn’ amazzzing!

  94. OMG!!!!!!!! I read fallen and fell head over heels in love with it it was such a great book and its straight up torture to have to wait for torment! And the cover is AWWWWWESOMMMME! Its so unique and somthing fresh!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. it was too good… after i finished reading it i was like wtf… please tell me there is another book… and yes but i have to wait.. in the mean time i guess ill read beautiful creatures and others…

  96. yea i really loved how fallen was written. i could really picture myself there. especially the humidity cuz i live on the gold coast in australia and its humid here as well πŸ™‚ torment should be good! Cant wait to see the story behind the angels and especially cam!! swoon!!! <3

  97. Jeez I just got goose bumps ha the cover is amazing! I seriously can’t wait to fall(en{haha sorry not very good at jokes}) in heart with this sequel!:D

  98. Stunning indeed!! I can’t wait for the next book!! ^_^ *hugs and love to you* Ahh and yes! Another dress to covet! LOL XD

  99. I think the covers are amazing! got all excited when i got to the end of fallen and found out theres a new one coming out soon πŸ˜€

  100. i loved the first book and just cannot wait for torment. the dress is just as beautiful as the 1st book cover. plus, its the front cover that made me buy fallen in the 1st place xx

  101. luved FALLEN
    couldnt stop till the end
    cant wait for TORMENT!!!!<3(:

  102. The more i look at this the more i want to read it!!!!! The dress on the cover is so cute:) i cant wait to read the book

  103. I loved Fallen. I’d have to say, I swoom over Daniel he has this zest that I like. I cried when Penn was murdered, I could’nt help though. I hope they make a movie-version because it seems to be like that type.It makes Twilight Saga look like a Kids Picture book .I can’t wait to read Torment because I will love reading it. My star sign is DESTINED to love Reading & Sport (Aries). Hope your books became a success.

    Alexandra Grace Harker

  104. Hey to all you fabulous readers!! Just looking at all your comments and I’m exactly the same!! Lucky I only finished Fallen yesterday and I don’t need to wait too long!! The only thing with that dress is it makes her shoulders look big with that small waist of hers making her look a bit manly but other than that gorgeous!! Can’t wait love the dark schemes of the characters πŸ™‚

  105. OMG I FREAKIN LOVE THAT DRESS I WANT IT SO SO BAD I CANT WAIT TIL TORMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  106. did some online searching and saw that torment is supoose to come out september 28th

  107. I loved fallen so much…i actually never put the book down…
    I have to say that the cover for torment look really good

  108. omg fallen was one of the best books in the world and i can’t believe the cliffhanger Lauren Kate has left us all on cant wait till september for Torment!! i actually cant wait, me and my friend tasha scream everytime its mentioned πŸ™‚ so excitedddddd πŸ˜€

  109. Fallen is the best book. I read it all the time and can not put it down!!! I cant wait for the next book to come out.

  110. FALLEN is one of the best angel books i’ve i read and we all no TORMENT is goin to be just as good but i want to no how long im goin to have to wait until i get to read it and how many books are there goin to be in to FALLEN series?!?xx

  111. i didn’t really get the big cliff hanger… what? are daniel and cam in truce now?
    if so.. for what?
    anyone wanna explain??

  112. Luv luv luv this Fallen Trilogy. Torment is schedueled to come out September of this year & Rapture is to come out next year.. What a cool dress,ahumm juss another dress tht looks like I hav to buy,haha.

  113. I want the book from the first and the second book soooo bad. I’d die if i ever get one of them, I’m soooo looking forward the next book cause the first one was sooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. I can’t wait!!! πŸ˜€
    I just finished “Fallen”
    Now time for “Torment”
    Screw twiliight……
    This book was a billion times better!!!

  115. Just finished it last night! Why isn’t it out today?!?! LOL I seriously can’t wait though. And dont kill me but……<..>….. I WANT CAM TO WIN! I quite frankly don’t care if it causes hell on earth so….BLEH.LOL give me time I might come to my senses….MIGHT

  116. I fell in love with Fallen. πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see Torment. πŸ™‚ But I sure do hope, that this will be turned into a movie. πŸ™‚

  117. I loved fallen and i cant wait for torment. DISNEY bought the movie rights to all four of the fallen books, even thought she hasnt wrote the last two yet. if they put a disney channel star on their i will be sooo pissed, disney is so preppy and fallen is more dark. it just wouldnt work. urrg. why did lauren sell the rights to Disney???

  118. My god how skinny is she though??? Anyway, awesome cover!!! I hope this is the real deal and not some fake, coz it looks awesome! I can already imagine it sitting on my shelf next to Fallen – they’re gonna look perfect together. I NEED THIS BOOK!!! I am dying to findout what happens, especially with Cam, since Daniel stroke a truce for a while – I wonder what awkward conversations will happen between Luce and Cam??? Gosh, this book is going to be fantastic!!!!!

  119. soooooooooooooooooooooo lov fallen i can’t wait till torment comes out and u know what i think it’s called torment so it torments u to death to wait for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO!! XD

  120. have just finished “Fallen”, what a lovely story I couldn’t put it down. Have told my daughters and niece to read it, I know they will love it as much as I did, do!!!!! Age has no boundries, I am 55, this book is for everyone who loves a love story with an edge.

  121. I LOVE the cover, glad to see that the same feel of Fallen’s cover is in Torment’s. Its sexy and dark yet peaceful and innocent. can’t wait for the book.

  122. i loved the book fallen coolest book EVER!!! waiting for torment is litterarly tormenting x3

  123. omg! i absolutely loved fallen! i was a big fan of the twilight books but the movies ruined it and fallen was exactly what i needed to get into supernatural stuff again. it was absolutely amazing and Daniel Grigori makes me forget entirely about Edward Cullen!

  124. I just finished reading Fallen. Can’t wait for Torment ! Fallen was awesome. Couldn’t stop reading it. =)

  125. Omg i am absolutely obsessed wiv Fallen and cannot wait til Torment comes out!!!!!!!!!:) can someone plz tell me wot time it is due to be released??? I’ve been looking around for the release date but i get all kinds of dates like th 28th of sept the 30th of sept ect ???? I agree wiv Alexandra ( the otha one) stephanie meyer aint no match for Lauren Kate , watch out stephanie theres a new author in town lol hahaha i still love twilight saga though very good. I think im going to kill myself if i Torment doesnt come out soon !!! jks jks xo;;

  126. I absolutly loved Fallen! When I first picked it up I thought, “Oh no, here goes another love tragedy with the perfect sullen love but no. It was so much more than that and focused on darker human issues! Twilight sure has a run for it’s money cause this seris is a million times better! Btw, am I the only one who has a major thing for Cam and not Daniel? Cause there is just something about that boy and his hidden agenda that can’t escape my thought.

  127. hi there…
    i must say that i was and am completely addicted to this book series…
    i can’t wait to read Torment…. but i wish to know if you can tell us the synopsis of this next one…

    Do you know if any Portuguese publisher is interested in publish it in Portuguese from Portugal??

    Thanks… and can’t wait for to read the rest of them….

  128. Holy ba-jesus! That cover is freakin’ awesome! The cover of the original Fallen book was most of why I got it… I was looking online and the title, cover, and half the summary are what made me get it. I have absolutely no idea what the second book will be about, so it will be nice to figure out as I read instead of everyone just telling me what happens. Love the dress. Wish I had it! In fact, I wish I looked just like Luce does. Her entire life is fascinating, alluring, and adorable! My life is kinda crumby, so I would trade lives with her, as long as she didn’t get stuck with mine the way it is now.

  129. fallen was awesome. i actually picked it for the cover lol. those dresses are seriously amazing, i cant wait for torment!!!

  130. hey there, i loved fallen so much better than reading about vampires all the time. This cover looks awesome cant wait to read it. When is it going to be realised in Australia? :):)

  131. OMG ! i loved twilight …………. then i read fallen it was so thrilling the story completely sucked me in and i couldn’t stop reading it i have bought coppies for all my friends and relatives so they can appreciate this amazing book as much as i do soooooooooooooooooo can’t wait for September x

  132. well i would have to say thank you Lauren Kate! until now i have never really found a want to read, but after seeing the cover of FALLEN in my kids scholastic bookclub i now find myself counting down the hours till bed time to read!!! i truely enjoyed ever page of this book and im actually struggeling with the countdown till torment is released.
    you are a great author and i wish you all the luck with your writting. well done πŸ™‚

  133. OMG i cant wait til september. I finisheed reading the book months ago but i was soooo busy i forgot and now im not ndi looked up torment and im even more excited it was awesome. i cryed wen Penn died and was soo happy that she went for Daniel he sounded so coool!!

  134. I LOVED “Fallen” I am reading it for the second time and I am quite anxious about “Torment”! The cover is stunning. However… I think the model is too skinny. It’s actually kind of gross. Her body. Everything else is amazing.

  135. Omg i love this book i cant wait till september i already have it on pre-order why must we wait i bet she has written it and is just trying to build up suspence. Haha im a freak i have made the 2 dresses from the cover though i dont really want them to make it into a movie because i hate it when they make amazing books into really bad movies ie. Eragon, Percy Jackson ect.

    Love Lottie

  136. OMG I can’t wait!! September 28 is the release date for the book. Ive read the first chapter, And it is breath taking! If you go to the fallen books website, you can see that you can read the first chapter of the book “Torment” but i must warne you, once you start you cant stop, Lol it really sucks you into it!

  137. I read fallen 4 times and just started on da fifth i love this book and cant wait for torment 2 come out πŸ™‚

  138. Omg I can’t wait till it comes out! I’ve waited for months for Torment to come out since I’ve finished reading Fallen months ago!

  139. I loved fallen I want the next book to come out i mite just re read fallen so I dont forget anything about does anyone know what date the next book comes out

  140. OMG i loved Fallen!! I totally fell in love with Daniel!! I can’t wait for september 28th!! it seems SOOOOO far away! Depending on how Torment ends I want her to write a third book as well!! The cover for Torment is really pretty! LOVE the dress!!! β™₯

  141. Oh my god! Fallen was amazing! I just keep thinking about what could happen and the characters! I wonder if Luce will ever have to talk to Cam? If she does, I have a feeling it will be a little awkward. Ok, this is really driving me crazy. I have heard a few dates but when does “Torment” come out? I also heard that Disney is making “Fallen” a movie. If they put one of those frilly little Disney stars in, I will die. They really need to find actors and actress’ that are as beautiful and handsome as described in the book! Twilight really failed on that. I almost don’t want to see Eclipse because of how ugly Edward is. Sorry no offense but that’s just how I feel. He wears to much lipstick. And the actress they chose for Bella… just wasn’t right for the part. Please cast “Fallen” better!

  142. fallen was great!i read this book cover to cover. the end shocked me.! i have read tons of great books and this is one of m,y favorites!i have told many freinds to read this book and they all loved it and we all cant wait to read torment!

  143. omg i loved FALLEN so much its such a great story line and i read fallen a while ago and was like i cant wait til september!!!! but its almost here just a lil while longer i will propbaly read fallen again lol!! gahhh its just such a good book!! i cnt wait for torment!!!! the cover looks amazing! i love u lauren kate! haah its so edgy and sexy and cool!! i probaly sound like a very obsessed teen but i rlly love it!! i hope there will be even more books after torment!!! ilyyyyβ™₯ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ -love;; kc!

  144. what i don’t get is why there are trailers for Fallen and not Torment i already read that book i know what happens i want some Torment trailers so we can at least have a glimpse of what we are preparing for.

  145. i want them to come out with a movie for these and i already know who i think should play Daniel, Alex Pettyfer he is hot and the perfect look for Daniel. also BTW i think that the Twilight story line was awful compared to this i don’t know why i just think it is… i think it should be the same species fighting over the girl i guess and the fact that Luce is obviously way prettier than Bella

  146. Love the cover! Its gorgeous and so was the cover for fallen!
    Can’t wait for Torment! September 28th needs to come faster :

    Does anybody know how many books there are in the series?

  147. I loved fallen, and im craving for more!!! i like the cover to torment, but it doesnt seem as dark and mysterious as fallen, and it doesnt draw me in the same way fallen did. But still im pretty sure ill love torment just the same πŸ™‚ (oh and when does it come out in australia??? lol)

  148. Fallen, is my favorite book, I neeedd! the second book.
    I re-read Fallen over & over again, it’s simply genius.

  149. I think the biggest difference between this and the twilight books, is that’s its a repeating romance. The characters have already been there, fallen in love and mourned each other, and that somehow makes their romance deeper. And it also doesn’t make Daniel seem as rude as Edward, because its more of like a ‘bickering old couple’ thing than a ‘being-mean-for-no-reason’ thing.

  150. hey omg i love her dress this cover is so awesome πŸ˜€ i just can’t wait to read this book I read fallen right now and i just got so extremeley excited lol …..
    you are an amazing writer and i hope to read more books from you i loved Fallen….which means i am gonaa especially love Torment even more lol
    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  151. Fallen’s a great book! Someone forgot it where I work so I read it, I think the author is very very gifted. About the movie, if hopefully there is one, may I suggest Kerry James from Heartland as Daniel? Don’t know, thought he would suit very well.
    Love from France.

  152. Hi, loved fallen!!
    And am lucky enough to be holding onto a copy of torment over two months before it’s released I just started reading and am loving it !
    Amazing cover!!!xzx

  153. To Dakota: sounds sad but i researched it and apparently Disney want to make them into films!!! … i dont know when because obviously theres still another 2 books to be written and 3 to actually be published haha but there’s still hope!! haha xD

    But i love this cover!! … and i feel like Torment has captivated me EVENMORE than Fallen! (was that possible? haha) … I’m just sooooo excited for the next book and all these “things” shes going to fiind out about from her “past lives” haha!! ahhh excited much? hahah xD

  154. why does england get it two days after American so not fair i just can’t wait have already pre-order it :-).

  155. I love the covers for both books, but in the actual story, her hair is short. Sucks cause it’s so damn gorgeous! And Daniel is sooooooooo uber hot!

    P.S. I’m Australian and I’m not sure if the release date is different here. Does anyone know?

  156. Love the storyline to twilight (TEAM EDWARD)! so when i read the preview of ‘fallen’ i had to have it! it is such an amazing book! x

  157. I loved the twilight storyline (TEAM EDWARD)! So when i first read the preview to Fallen, i fell in love with it and immediately had to have it! its such an such an amazing book and it covers all the levels in a relationship – love, friendship, protectiveness, happiness – i could go on…

  158. Oh my God! Love, love, love the cover! The cover for Fallen was amazing, dark and mysterious but there’s something about this one….It feels like it’s luring me to it, even darker secrets are hidden. Just love it! I hope it’s the same texture….lol πŸ™‚ But i love the summery! If she’s meant for Cam…Agh! And the first chapter was….different but i did love it! I can’t wait for it to come out! This is my opinion, but it’s sort of a tie between this and Twilight…Bella and Luce kinda remind me of one another. Not so outgoing but willing to do anything for the one they love and fight to save their lives AND the one they love, too…and their lovers for them πŸ™‚ Fallen was fantastic though, i bet this will be even better!!! Can’t wait!!! <3<3

  159. I love the Cover. The dress is wonderful and the way the model’s hair is flowing is lovely. The Fallen series to me is much better than the Twilight saga. I liked the Twilight saga. too but Fallen has a much better Plot. I can’t wait to read Torment, and I hope that this series will become a movie soon. The movie will be a better seller than the Twilight saga.

  160. I heard DIsney bought the rights to make the movie, so i doubt it will be a better sell out than Twilight. Too bad!! I REALLY loved the book, it was amazing i know this one will be better, I’m debating on whether or not it should be Alex Pettyfer who plays Daniel or, Mitch Hewer. Can’t wait for the book though! Loved the first and i adore this cover!


  162. ii luved fallen;
    nd ii kant wait 2 read Torment;
    of course thiz is as qud as the Twilight Saga;

  163. I JUST finished fallen and it was really amazing!!! It’s September soon so i dont even have to wait long for Torment.!!! πŸ™‚ The fallen series was sooooo much better than twilight. More dark and mysterious than all the love triangle crap. The covers on both books are A-mazing i love the flowing hair!!

  164. Hey andy you can read an extract of torment in the back of a Fallen book in stores i think?! thats where i found mine. But if you cant find it look on the amazon shopping website and search the book it will come up with an extract then. Good luck!!

  165. OMG! looove the cover! when i saw Fallen i just took it it was the only copy there i didn’t want to wait i just bought it BEST BOOK I EVER READ!!!! it just left me fliping and fliping through the pages when i saw Tourment on the back i wanted it sooo bad i really wanna know what happened in the past and why Cam wants Luce and why is Roland on the bad side. if the movie comes out i am gonna watch it. i hear Disney got the rights to take over. and if so, they better not leave out the good i mean awsome parts i don’t care if disney’s a childish thing if they didn’t take over, it WOULD KNOK THE CRUD OUT OF TWILIGHT just saying my opinion

  166. Fallen movie is scheduled for a 2012 release. No actors have been cast yet, I’m just hoping they don’t pick another Kristen Stewart and find someone with more facial expressions lol. The past lives theme is in the Immortal series too by Alyson Noel, bit more fluff and nonsense than fallen tho. It’s frustrating they’re making us wait so long!!!! I hope it’s not for the sake of hype

  167. i am so excited for toment! the cover is gorgeous and facinating. The model is simply beautiful,but i keep on wondering why daniel is never in the cover?! anyways this cover catches my eye even more so then the first book i am eager to read it. I hope it turns out how i suspected

  168. OMG CANT WAIT TO READ TORMENT. I’ve just finished Fallen and I love it. I think it is the new phenomenon after Twilight. I am so curious about what happens in Torment. I wish Torment would come out a bit earlier.. πŸ™ πŸ™
    BTW the cover is perfect. πŸ˜‰

  169. I doubt they’ll use Kristin S. as Luce, they said they were debating Miley Cyrus which has to be the most stupid, thoughtless, worst choice ever! Miley is so full of herself and is trying to get attention and if she is playing Luce then the whole movie would be ruined, as if Disney isn’t bad enough! Dinsey is to kiddish for them to make the movie Fallen. If they leave out any bad words, blood and death scenes (like not being able to see it) then i’ll be sooooooooo pissed! They better not have rights for Torment when that comes out -.- And I can’t say which i like better, Twilight or Fallen, they were both actually pretty good, well amazing!!! There’s the love and romance triangle or dark and mysterious! Agh!!! And i can’t wait for Torment! The cover rocks!! It’s beautiful and even more mysterious, to me at least. Love the series and i bet Torment will be even better!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  170. That Miley Cyrus beezy better not play Luce!!! I totally wuldnt watch it if that was the case! She’s so not for that part. Shame on Disney if they actually do contemplate her!
    But yehh Torment’s cover looks so pretty and mythical like.. I can’t wait for it to come out already!!!

  171. hi i would just like to say on thursday thiss week i bought fallen and only to day (saturday) i could put the book down only cus i finished it :L it was amazing i was soo very into the book and i would love to read torment πŸ™‚ i cant wait for it to come out and not sure whats with all the movie ideas but i’m just sayin i would go see the movie if it ever came out πŸ˜‰ <3

  172. I dont think it should be a disney movie.Itd ruin the book.But i do think it should be a movie.And btw, this is my fav book ever!!!!

  173. first thing, books should not be compared to other books. i say this meaning, you cant take a book like twilight and fallen and compare fairly. the two books have different plots with different “beings” involved. totally different worlds and authors, twilight had a good plot more kid friendly to me not so much death but a good solid love story πŸ™ if only the love triangle wasnt so drawn out. fallen on the other hand vists a more dark side of life without making a really bad inmpression. there is more violence and fights in this book and she makes you much more curious about things that luce hasnt discovered yet, it makes you wanting more. couple of years ago the “FAD” was vampires, ive noticed this past year there has been a lot of new book releases for angel stories, so my prediction is more over vampires angels are the new “FAD”. i hate “FAD”, it makes everyone want to like something that they are not even sure if they like. they buy it because its in and everyone has it, not really caring trully about the story. people are all different and i cant see why they idolize people and want to be just like them when no one is the same. sorry such a long blog read all previous blogs on this page and had a lot to discuss, some are kids who have kid answers, some are elder kids but still leave kid responses, some of you need to grow up and some take these YA books way to seriuous, there is a such thing as fiction and non-fiction….next thing you know they will be blaming books for people killing people and then they will ban books from us great!!!!! ok before i keep going on for ever, i will end this saying this was not meant to offend any one so dont think too much into this, the new cover is great and the book will be great almost here cant wait!!! *~Kathrine~*

  174. OMG Daniel!!!! *Swoon*
    i have Fallen in love with FALLEN.
    best book eva.
    Cam is ok but Daniel is hotter.
    need second book feeling deprived of Fallen πŸ™

    Love you Lauren Kate



  175. Life IS full of comparing. Some people compare if they wish, others don’t have to. And from what I have read from not only these comments but others too….that their just saying which book they like better and WHY. But Twilight Saga (more of it in the movies) has more violence than Fallen, this one is just more ‘Let’s bring it’ fights and yeah a death scene, which i thought was sad! Poor Penn!!!!!!! πŸ™ You didn’t even get to hear the fight scene with the angels, not like you heard the vampire army scene with Eclipse either, but in the movie and i bet Fallen, too, they will show it. But the books do have some similarities πŸ™‚ But whatever, we all have our own opinions.

    I loved the book though! It was fantastic, I will admit it wasnt my fav but it was close!!!!! I loved the Fallen cover, the story line and i adore this cover and I bet it will be even better!!!! I just wanna know Luce’s past sooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!! >:o it’s killing me!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. I love fallen much morΓ© than twilight because the plot is way better an exciting i hope Disney makes a god Job turning it into a movie i dont worry because Disney has some real good StuffIt they brought us pirates of the carribbean so i hope they can pull it off with some great cast



  179. i reread fallen over and over and i love it they should make it a movie series it would probably do better than twilight i would pay my money to see it they should make the guy that plays Damon on vampire diaries play Daniel he be good at it so GO TEAM FALLEN

  180. Another lovely cover…jz breathtaking..the cover of fallen captured my eye and behold..i became a fan…

  181. Hey just letting everyone know that there are 4 books altogeather they are: fallen, torment, passion and rapture

  182. I love the book fallen. Fallen is so much better then all the twilight books into 1. I know the whole book by heart. I hope they make movies out of the fallen series.

  183. i think that twilight and fallen are both equally amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for torment to come out ill be the first in line to buy it. (oh and out of a contest daniel is way hotter than cam)

  184. I am addicted to the Twilight Series and I must say I just found another favorite in the Fallen Series!! The story is amazing and addictive, I absolutley love it!! Cant wait for Torment!!

  185. all i have to say is W.O.W. that dress is soo amazing and i totally agree with the previous comment that alex pettefer should play daniel in a possible movie perfect match i know only seven more days till TORMENT but i just simply cant wait!!!!!!!

  186. My friend let me borrow the book fallen. After that I was ADDICTED!!! I am soo excited for torment I wish awesome books like the fallen series never end.
    Does anyone know when torment comes out in Australia???!!!

  187. Oh. My. God. I love Fallen! It was one of the best series I have ever read! The plot was fantastic, the characters are amazing (too bad Penn had to die :'( ) and ah! It was just a fantastic book! Cam though, I liked him in the beginning and didn’t like Daniel so much but then Cam started acting strange and little mean and aggressive-ish and Daniel started to become a bigger character in the story. Because at first i was like come on Daniel you’re so mean!! Would you talk to her?!? And then when they kissed I just got overwhelmed with excitement!! I was like ahhhh, yay!!! And the ending that was a BIG twist, I was like wtf? All of ’em were Fallen Angels? Ms. Sophia? She was actually evil? And killed Penn!! Madness but brilliant! Still, very, very sad that Penn died! The cover for Fallen was fantastic, dark mysterious and, of course, gorgeous!
    Torment, though, looks even better! Even more dark and mysterious and the dress is soooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh!! I bet this book is even better than Fallen!! By far! And what happens if she is meant for cam? I would be PiSsD! <— (weird, right?) I mean it HAS to be Daniel, right? It has to be! Yeah, sure, maybe he's keeping other secrets but she can't be meant for someone else….. O.O!!!!!!!!!! Ah the Twilight series….that was my all time FAV-OR-IT! but then I read other series and i was like oh this book is better but i still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Twilight saga and i can't wait for Breaking Dawn, EEK! (off subject here, hehe) But i find these two books quite similar in ways. (Don't really wanna get through saying all of 'em but i am sure you guys can figure out some of them, at least….well, maybe) But they are both good!!!! Can't wait!!!!! Only four more days!!! Then i got two other books the next month after that!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooop! These months are sooooooooo exciting!!!! And again amazing book, amazing covers and just can't wait for this one, i know you did a FAN-TAS-TIC job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. I LOVE the fallen series. I literally fell in love with Daniel. But i love all the other characters as well. I am so excited to read the next installment of fallen and the others after that. I think she did a fantastic job with the storyline. I think the book covers are really beautiful.

  189. Torment was fantastic!!! What a cliffhanger!!!!! Dying to know what month Passion comes out in?? Only says summer 2011, but is that american summer or australian summer??? I’m Aussie, don’t want to have to wait til nov or dec next year!!!

  190. Thank you Lauren Kate for those two wonderful, wonderful books. I’ve read both the Fallen and Torment. They were both so engaging and addictive. I read each book in one day that’s how compelling they were. I am so looking to your next book PASSION.

  191. I love the book!!! I can’t believe Disney’s making it into a movie!! Ahhh, excited!!

  192. omfg!!!!!! I love love love the fallen series! I so fell in love with daniel! Read both the books in one day thats how much i loved them….on my second time reading them now tryin to take it slow this time around lol….i so can’t wait till passion comes out dying to know what happens but was wondering if it came out in summer american or australian time because i am australian and sooooCANNOT wait untill the end of 2011 for the book to come out! Love the cover work of the books! Lauren kate you are AMAZING!

  193. fallen is one of the best books ever!!!!!:),
    i haven’t read torment yet, can’t wait till i do!!!!!!:)

  194. Got it on sunday, finished it monday night πŸ™‚ absolutley amazing loved the book! Can’t wait for ‘passion’ now.
    Cam and Arriane are my favourtie characters:) , its definetly got to end with daniel and luce together though(:


  195. Loooove the books, love the cover’s! Who is the model for these? Wish I had her hair lol Fantastic books!

  196. I love both books theyr so amazing <3 i hope they make films out of these i'm already waiting for passion big thanks to lauren kate .

  197. Is there anywhere i can get a dress pattern for the dress on the covers. I want to make that dress, maybe a ;little shorter though, cause id be to short. =] i love to sew and that dress looks amazing! Id love to make it if anyone would know where to get a dress patteren for it.

    Thankyou to anyone who can help.

  198. I just got my copy today! and It just made my day an adventure
    (well, imagine a girl walking so fast, making her way to the bookstore
    just to find out that it’s “sold-out”..I don’t want to go home empty-handed,
    of course who would’ve want I went to the other bookstore,sweating..
    and finally found the LAST copy.. “Thank God.” were the words that came out of my
    mouth.)……I’m just so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…can’t even think of a word..or words to
    express it. Thanks Lauren for creating a masterpiece.

  199. OMG! Yes, I got the book when it first came out, of course, but I just finished it (i wanted to take my time for once) and I absolutly LOVED IT! There is always something about the 2nd book I hate though, (Newmoon, Edward left, or this other series i read, someone died) and this one was Miles. I HATE HIM! Like he’s ok but he just annoyed me! I didnt like the fact that Daniel and Luce fought everytime they saw eachother but that made the story obviously but I don’t like how Miles had to kiss her! Or loves her! Or that she felt something for him, something small, but I’m glad that she knows that Daniel is the one for her, and will always be, and that their love is soo and too strong that she couldn’t possibly love anyone else. And vice versa. I love Shelby! And yes, Arriane, so glad she was in the book!!!!!!! But Shelby’s character is soooo awesome! Didn’t like her in the begging but it didnt take long before I did. Eh, Dawn and Jasmine were alright, nothing too great i liked, lol. I wish Arriane was in it more! And Callie, don’t get me started with her! I don’t like her, i don’t think she should even be a character in the book and i don’t like the fact that she knows about angles and demonds now. I don’t know why but she just irritates me so much and in the first book i didnt even like her, don’t know why, just didnt. Over all, i LOVED IT SOOOOO MUCH! I KNEW this book was going to be fantastic, even better than fantastic and i can NOT wait for Passion!! (Hope Daniel is in it more, and a lot more romance between them!! πŸ™‚ ) Still i loved it even though i dissed on some of the things! C’MON SUMMER!!!!! C’MON PASSION!

  200. Fallen was the most amaaziin Book Ever Written i just need to save up more money for the other books that will be coming out cant wait to get the chance to read tormennt πŸ™‚

  201. Okay, Fallen and Torment have captured my heart. A thrilling love story, and the covers are what made me buy the book!!! I may be 14, but I know books and this is the best cover. Kicks Twilight’s butt!

  202. omg….. i loved Fallen. it just kept me reading the whole time….couldnt put it down. my friend is reading torment at the moment and when shes finished i’m gonna borow it. Can’t wait till passion comes out. Fallen was such a cliff hanger. i had no idea some of the characters were fallen angels….some came as such a surprise to me. I hope they make it into a movie it would be awesome. the book covers are amazing, they caught my eye when i saw my friend reading it!!

  203. wow! yeah, I …. LOVE…. fallen. I am fan of that books. first it was the twiligth saga, and now the fallen… oh! gosh… amazing plot, and characters and… everything. the author is amazing .

  204. have read fallen and torment they r 100000 times better then twilight and i cant wait till the next 1 comes out hope its even better then the others. Lauren Kate please dont stop writing cause i never want 2 stop reading ur novels:)

  205. can someone like post it to me or something? im in malaysia and the book’s not here yet. when will it be out here in malaysia!!!! ugh,

  206. waaah i just can’t wait until afternoon!!! I’m going to buy torment. :DDDDD

    super exciteeeed. oh and btw, DANIEL GRIGORI IS MINE. ONLY FOR ME. I DON’T SHARE. =)))))

    hahahahaha obssessed much? πŸ˜› hell yeah! so damn much. hahaha :”>
    i really really love him. i fell in love with an angel. and too bad he is only a fictional character πŸ™
    but still, he is so hot and my gawd i should agree that alex pettyfer is the best one to play the role of daniel if ever they’ll make a movie out of it. i even imagined daniel as alex in the book and i was shocked when i searched about daniel grigori in the internet and i saw alex’s pictures. so cool! he is soooo waaaay perfect for daniel. i totally loved loved loved loved alex and daniel. :”> β™₯ :))

  207. Comment I just finished reading fallen.I’m going out to buy torment.I was frustrated the entire book coz I could never get the real story.WHAT THE HELL happened to Luc and Daniel?What did they do?So I couldn’t put this book down!Gonna go read torment now! πŸ™‚

  208. I found FALLEN at the beginning of this year and read it all in one day – i just couldnt put it down. I pre ordered TORMENT and had that finished in a day too. I am hoplessly addicted and cant believe i have to wait so long for the next installment. This is torture!!!

    Absolutely love these books and now have all of my friends addicted as well

    JC, New Zealand

  209. Wow, just wow. Congratulations Miss Kate! You have managed to write a sensational book(s).
    It was thrilling unputtdownable, and just the right mix of darkness and romance! But ive got too ask Daniel, Cam or Steven which one holds a special place in your heart? xxx

  210. Ive read all of the Harry Potter and Twilight series and I adore both series but then I came aacross The Fallen series and I have to say this maybe better then the Twilight saga and Im a HUGE fan

  211. Reading Torment at the moment loving it.
    Lucinda is really prettyβ™₯
    I love her hair.
    I hope in Passion or the last book that we end up getting to see her face, super eager!
    β™₯ πŸ™‚ Xxx

  212. I am in love with the series. i am a complete Twilight fam, but the series holds it own. I cant wait for the rest of them to come out, I just wish we wouldnt have to wait so long for the rest. Cam is beautiful and my dream guy too bad he is a demon, but throughout Torment you can tell that he really cares about Luce, but in the end I believe true love conquors all, but we will see till Passion.

  213. i loved this book !! i read fallen over my summer break (im only in the 8th grade) but i read this book in one day !!so right now im waiting for my mom to buy me Torment !!! Passion is going to be great ! i can already tell even though i havent even read Torrment !!! i read alot of the comments and i want to know what the HUGE secret is !!! she has to be meant to be with Dainel right !! It can not be Cam !! ( as u can tell i am a fan of dainial in case u didt catch that ) i was Cam all the way in the bigiining !!!Then he started actin strange !! he got mean !! And where did that kiss come from when he gave her the necklace?? I mean that was tottaly unnessisary !! ( and i cant spell so please no making funn of ) and he did it to tease Danial !! i was screaming for dainial when they started fighting !! well my point is im allll for these books !! and i reacomeand the books Vampire Academy to all those out there that like mytholighy and folklore !! they are awesome and th charicter Rose is awesome and i once was a Twilightfan then i started realizing how dumb they were !! well thats it i guess !!

  214. I love the Fallen series so much, i would also recommend the House of night series, there are seven books out at the moment and the eighth i coming soon, and the hush, hush series. The second book, Crescendo has also been realesed recently. Does anyone know the Australian relese date for Passion? i really really want to read it, so excited:)

  215. OMG i love the book fallen it is so exciting n i love books that make me never want to put them doown its so thrilling n i cant waite to get the next book torment aggh so exciting
    they should definitly make a movie out of the books coz i know 4 sure that i would definitly watch the movie…..

  216. i love love love this book just finished torment and i cant wait for passion to come out and if they make a move i hope they pick a good cast. i mean i love the twilight series but im not head over heals for the move . love the books and looking forward to the next one!!! cant wait


  218. i loveeeee the fallen series .ive became addictedd to them i just cant stop reading themm Its one of the first novels that made me so addicted to it-I Loveddd Fallen Now Im READIN TORMENT ITS SOO AMAZING cANT WAIT FOR 2011 WAITING I WANT IT NOWWW

  219. Ohmygoodness!:-) i absolutely love your books!I read fallen in less than a week and torment in like 3 days! Dniel in my mind is soooo hot and so is cam and miles is pretty sweet to. i love the last couple of lines in torment……Would he find her? without question. Would he save her? always…….:-) i love it. The books are so good and at the same time haunted i looooove it so much and cannot wait till next year to get passion!The books are so intense and sexy and scary and i really like the cover..especially the dress..what is the name of the model??
    Cant wait till passion! GREAT job! best book series EVER <3<3

  220. I loved your book Fallen and can’t wait to read Torment. I read Fallen in less than three days and ave read it again and again. I loved the way the book keeps you wanting to know more. I’m so excited to read Torment!!!

  221. i got the book fallen just starting reading it i loVeD IT oh my god cam sounds so Oo and Daniel sounds so kind and so Oo i really love the book it’s sad that penn died oh i hope she comes back………. some how! πŸ˜€ i was reading house of night but i have not got the book hunted so i started reading this book fallen i love ur books and house of night not saying they are the same but they are my BEST books that i have ever seen! Your a Awesome Writer just Starting reading torment <3 it's wicked πŸ™‚

  222. I luuvvv fallen nd torment I spent hours reading themi spent 7 hours reading fallen i n one day I can’t wait for passion

  223. I Think you should defintily make a movie for this! IT WILL BE THE ULTIMATE TEENAGER MOVIE EVER! A nd like 10 times better than twighlight wich sucked. But you shouldnt do it with disney cuz theres intense kissing and touching scenes and us teens want to see that. Lol and it is more intense and just not for disney so pleasseee make a movie!!!!

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    Please Please Please make a movie out of the fallen series… but not with disney….. I don’t think disney would make it as intense and intriguing as it should be. it wont feel right the way the books draw you in……. but please still make movies for all the books with every little detail!!! it makes a difference
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