A Quick Note on Being Hacked

My email account was hacked on Friday and as a result many of you got a strange email from me saying that I was mugged in London and needed cash. I’m fine! Please don’t send money! This was a false email from the hacker!

I’ve reclaimed my accounts now and everything is back under control. BUT the worst part is that my entire email archive was wiped out. I say this because many of you have written me through this website or through my direct email account and I have lost all record of it. Which means if you have written to me in the past week or two and are waiting on a response from me, please write again! I’m sorry for the confusion and delay but I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for your support (and the very nice outpouring of offers to help in case I really had been in trouble!)

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  1. I thought as much. I too recieved the hacked email, but at my work email address! Glad to know you’re ok. Love your books, just reading Passion now.

  2. I am happy to hear that ya were no mugged in London and everything was false ^_^ *is currently readin’ Passion as I surf the web in the process*

  3. Dear Lauren kate I just finished reading PASSION your third novel and it inspired me that I was near tears when I finished the novel infact all your series FALLEN ,TORMENT AND PASSION have inspired me heaps. I cant wait to read RAPTURE your final novel – it has already started to tease my mind. Do you think that in real life I could dance in the night sky wrapped in an angels arms like Lucinda Price with Daniel Gregory because that is my wish and dream?

  4. omg i actually replied to that email…. i said i’d donate money and vivos
    omg i kinda also gave out some of my details.
    lauren help!

  5. Hey Mrs. Kate! I also got that email….I’m glad I found out soon that it was some hacker..I’m sorry about that …I too was about to reply back …..Glad you got your email & stuff back!

  6. hi lauren

    i was also one of the individuals to recieve the email, i knew it was a fake right away, so i deleted it, but i also came on the site to check & make sure you were alright.

  7. I found mine today. Knew it was bogus. Sorry that someone hacked you. I don’t get why people do stuff like this. I feel awful for any of your fans who may have sent money. Hope they find the culprit. On page 204 of Passion btw, and loving every minute!

  8. My email account was hacked in November last year. I can sympathize with you because it is a real pain especially when they take all your contacts information and you are left with nothing. Our local sheriff’s office and Scotland Yard tried to locate them but it is a scam that has been going on for many years. I was supposedly in Glassgow Scotland. Any one that knew me wondered how on earth I got there since I don’t have a passport. :>)

  9. I figured that much. I replied but didn’t send any money. Glad to hear you’re okay and I can’t wait to start reading Passion (:

  10. I got the email too. I recognized it as a scam (I deleted it) and wrote to you on Facebook to let you know, and just checked your blog and saw this. I’m glad everything is okay now. *hugs*

  11. OMG! It took me about 7 days to read Tournament and Passion. THE BEST BOOKS EVER!



  12. Hi! I just went to this webpage today because my aunt gave me the first book of your series to read, I can’t wait to start it. I saw the title of this paragraph and was enraged! I hate hackers! Glad your alright and can’t wait to get started on your books(:

  13. im so sorry to hear about this. You’re an amazing author just to let you know. ~read Passion in 1 day because it was so good.

  14. im soo srry to hear bout tht lauren i read the fallen book nd im readin passion rite now its awesome nd I HATE HACKERS SERIOUSLY THERYRE ANNOYING

  15. dear lauren kate,
    i have just finished reading passion and it was amazing!
    i am ,however,confused to why bill/satan/lucifer is destroying luce and dan’s love!
    by the way when is the last book coming out.I just cant wait for it!

    question:how can you get your email ?

  16. sorry to hear that, that must have sucked. im glad everything is ok now, i too had recieved this email but deleted bcause it seemed fake.

  17. HI!! One of my friend’s told me to read Fallen so I did and I LOVED IT! I am going to buy the second book when my mom gives me some money I CAN’T WAIT! I liked the first one so much I read it in 2 day’s I would have read it in one but I had school. like I said I can’t wait to read the second book. I’m a really big fan and I hope to meet you one day Miss.Kate

    – Raven .A.

  18. Lauren I’m a 31 year old mom who has a daughter that is near 12. She recently decided that she would like to read the Fallen series. I being a busy single mom get to read about 1-2 books a year. I thought I’d read the first book to make sure it was age appropriate. Little did I know that I was going to fall in love with the series and couldn’t put them down til I read all 3 in a week. Being so busy with work and mom duties I found time at nights and every spare time I had. I want to thank you so much for writing these books and inspiring me to take a moment for me. I can’t wait for the fourth book and all your other books. On one last note if you ever have time to come north, redding ca, please have a signing for our small town I know everyone would come:)


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