A Whole Week of Fallen in Love Promotion

Hello my fantastic Fallen readers!

In keeping with my New Years resolution to update and involve you in my adventures in “Authorland,” I’d like to share with you an amazing trip I made at the end of last month. So let’s start with…

Arkansas. Birthplace of former President Bill Clinton, the #1 producer of rice and poultry in the continental United States, and most importantly? Home to AMAZING Fallen Fans!

My journey started off with a bang and a very warm welcome with a great event at National Park Community College. Thanks to my mother in law, Jill, for setting that up!

Then I got to talk to three fabulous groups of students at Lake Hamilton Junior High and High School in Hot Springs. Everyone was so bright and engaging, it really made my day.

Meredith and me at the sigining. It was great to meet her and we'll see some of her art later in the week, so stay tuned...
Talking to students!

Thanks so much to the students and the staff, especially Jil’lana Heard!

Next up was a a signing in Little Rock – hosted by the excellent independent bookstore Wordsworths. I got to meet readers from all over Arkansas, and it was especially great to have my family there.

Me and my little Nephew at Wordsworths

The next day Random House hosted my first video chat. It was so cool getting to talk to readers from all over the world. If you missed the chat, you can see watch it here for answers on all things Fallen:

Random House Video Chat

Lastly, back home in Los Angeles – the land of sun and sound stages – I joined Blake Nelson, Carol Tanzman, Abby McDonald, and Kathy McCullough for the Los Angeles Public Library’s first Teen Read Night. Cecil Castellucci hosted our panel and the room was packed–a great sign for the program, which will host five teen authors on the fourth Thursday of each month. If you missed us last time, please come out to the next event on March 22!

Thank you again to the Los Angeles Public Library!

I know I’ve said this a million times, but how blessed am I for getting to meet so many f my wonderful fans?! As always, I had a great time connecting with you all. And I hope you enjoyed this little taste of what’s to come with my Rapture tour this summer. Stay tuned for details and get excited for the final chapter in Luce’s centuries long journey for love!

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