Fallen (Fan Art) Thursday…!

Not a single day goes by where I don’t receive a handful of inspirational letters, beautiful pieces of personal artwork, or a soulful song, all created by my passionate and caring fans. 2012 is the year of sharing more with you all, as you’ve shared with me, so prepare yourselves for weekly treats – every Thursday – that will help you get a glimpse of what this Fallen journey has been like on my end!



Hi Lauren!

Carolina, one of the managers of our blog, posts her drawings. Hope you like and you can post them in your blog.

The blog is Saga Oscuros:

Beautiful drawings by Carolina from Colombia 🙂

Hi Lauren! recently I won Passion with this fan art via the Random House company! It was such a treat and I’d love to share my work with you. Here is my inspiration for Luce’s dress. I would love to be a writer someday and follow in your footsteps!

– Beth

Wonderful drawing of Luce by Fallen Fan Beth!

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  1. I love your books!! I am an 11 year old writer, and your books inspired me. Your my top faveorite writers of 2012! (my #1 book of 2011 is the Summer I Turned Pretty series by Jenny Han, you should read ’em!) anyway I think your an awesome writer and I can’t wait for the next book!

  2. i have to say you are also my insperation!!!! i am in the middle of writing my second novel and after reading your books i have not been able to stop writing!!!!!! i am only 14, and i cant wait to read the rest of your books!!!!!

  3. I looooove your books! Your books are my #1 inspiration! I’m only 13, but I am already starting to write a bit. I can’t wait to read rapture, it’s on the top of my to-read list! 🙂

  4. I really love your books and can’t wait to get my hands on Passion. I’m fourteen and I (much like the other people who posted) am beginning to write. I first got the urge to write in 5th grade (when I was 10!) I have a little trouble with my action and the way things fold together but I’m hanging in there and I’m sure I can do it.

  5. these are my most favorite books ever. im 16 & have gotten the most amazing art inspirations from these novels, can’t wait for Rapture & Fallen in Love!

  6. i really love your books. the storyline is very original and intense. i cant wait to read about miles and shelby in fallen in love! and am looking forward to reading the last book Rapture! 🙂

  7. Hi!
    I think you are an amazing writer! I’m totally in love with the “Fallen” saga.

    I’m 14 and I write stories and now i’m writing a novel. You are an inspiration too me!

    Congrats from Chile 😉

  8. Hey!
    I absolutely loved your series Fallen, it really inspired me and helped me believe in true love!
    I am simply 13, but really intelligent and I love to write. You’re one of my favorite authors (also Maggie Steifvater, the woman who wrote the Mercy Falls series) who inspired me to start writing.
    Keep up the phenomenal work, Mrs. Kate!

  9. hello!
    i love your books, you’re the most amazing writer i”ve ever heard of. Im in love with the “fallen” saga , its pretty amazing. Im 14 and your my inspiration i hpe i get to grow up and be like you .
    #1 FAN 😀 XOXOXO

  10. So, is rapture is another series of book right?:) Fallen, Torment and Passion are in set? Am I right?:D

  11. omg i love ur novels and i am currently reading fallen in love its the beast i cant stop reading them all i love the romance and will cry when i finish rapture because i know that their will be no more…..
    thank you for ur books u are a gift to this world and i will treasure the fallen series for ever.
    p.s u inspired me to start writing and am currently 2 chapters away from finishing my first novel 😀

  12. One of my friends is doing a “Fallen” themed portfolio. It looks really good so far, but it isn’t done yet. ^.^

  13. Your books are truly amazing. It holds just the right amount of mystery, action and romance… I’m always at the edge of my seat.

  14. Sou de Sergipe Brasil…. me apaixonei pelos seus romances. Quando começo a lê-los não consigo parar..rsrrsrs…são viciantes, no bom sentido claro…rsrrsrsrs.
    Voce é uma escritora magnifica, sabe como capturar a curiosidade e o interesse do leitor… espero um dia poder criar romances tao explendidos quanto os seus. Te adoro.. de uma grande fã… um grande beijo :*) Sucesso!!!

  15. I LOVE THE FALLEN SERIES!!!!!! its my favorite series of all time 🙂 (i used to be in love with the secret series which u guys should read) im still in the middle of reading passion and i cant wait to read fallen in love and rapture 🙂 i hope the movie comes out soon. im so excited about it!!!!!!! anyway i love fallen books and these drawings are amazing btw 😀 I LOVE THE FALLEN SERIES!!!!!!

  16. I’m gonna repeat what everyone just said in the comments:
    I L o v e Y o u r B o o k s !! <3
    They're just -sigh- Won. Der. Ful !! Amazinnnng Work!
    I'm looking forward to buy Rapture and read it… Thankfully I'm still reading Passion… Or Else I would be craving for Rapture right now!

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