Fallen in the Random House Windows

In the Random House windows

I’m a sucker for a good window display. When I lived in New York, I walked past all the big department stores on my way to work and always loved when the holidays rolled around so I could see what Saks, Bendels, and Bergdorf had concocted. Though not quite as elaborate as a Saks display, this one made my week. I’ve been hearing about this poster but haven’t had a chance to see it myself (one of the pitfalls of living across the country). Thanks to my friend Cristin for sending this along!

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  1. hey, i love your book fallen and can’t wait till torment but i have a question about the cover. My friend and I are having this debate about if the cover is animated or not. I believe its animated but my friend thinks its a photoshoped photo, please tell us if its animated or a photo. thankyou

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