Fallen Thanksgiving Contest

This Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks for you wonderful readers. And in celebration of the season, I’m hosting a very special contest. Want to participate? Just answer this question in the comments section below:

“Why does fiction make you thankful?”

Are your favorite books a means of escape? Are great stories the way you connect with the world? Do books bring you closer to the people in your life? Share your perspective below for a chance to win this gorgeous box set of all four Fallen books. Good luck! Happy Turkey Day! And thank you so much for another wonderful year!

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  1. Because fiction makes me fly to another world and see life through differeny point of views.

  2. I am thankful for fiction because it provides me an opportunity for escape from the every day life. Wonderful stories of the paranormal, romance and exciting worlds or distant locales fill me with excitement every time I pick up a new book or find a new author. I can’t imagine life without fiction or not being able to go bookstores.

  3. Fiction and books in general make me thankful because there places to escape to, to connect with worlds that can for a while be real.

  4. Fiction for me has always been a way to escape my world and, for a while, become a part of another. I’ve always been sickly and books always kept me company while I was ill. With fiction and books, you can never be lonely. There’s always another world just beyond the bindings of good book.

  5. Fiction makes me thankful because it allows me to use my imagination. Sometimes you can also learn at the same time. 🙂

  6. I love fiction because it allows me to visit the most beautiful and remarkable places! When reading a book, I’m allowed to live in this magical world that I never would have been able to otherwise.

  7. Fiction makes me thankful for its existence, for bringing such beautiful worlds full of wondrous people and creatures. I am able to escape my stressful reality because of fiction. I hang on every word, and cannot seem to turn pages from a book fast enough. Fiction is something that most people do not understand, but it is a life-force for us who are not afraid to see or feel something beyond our comfort zone. With fiction, I am able to overcome obstacles, to be open minded and most of all, be appreciative of being able to have an imagination that fuels my drive to keep on going…

  8. Fiction makes me thankful as its my escape. Fiction allows me to slip away from reality in to a appealing world where even the worst scenarios work out for the best. Fiction is creativity, it enables my mind to flourish with excitement & passion. Without fiction the world would lack creativity. Fiction makes me hopeful & happy. It gives me strength when times are tough. It has the ability to make me cry, laugh, worry & rejoice! Fiction provides me with the ability to look at the world differently & appreciate what I have. Most of all fiction is fun.

  9. Fiction makes me thankful because it allows me to escape every day life and become the characters within the books.

  10. I am thankful for being able to escape the hectic
    everyday events. When I read I feel like I’m in the book.
    I use to hate to read until about 2 years ago. 🙂

  11. Fiction makes me thankful for so many reasons. Here are a few:
    I all but forced my mom to read Twilight and after she read it, she loved it. Now we have matched Twihard shirts and we do so many things together. Now she reads books that I read and we’ve become so much closer. My mom and I have even read all the Fallen books! We love them.
    I’m now closer with my sister because 9 of 10 things we talk about is related to Harry Potter. We use to fight all the time now the only thing we fight about is which Harry Potter book is the best.
    I was home schooled so I never had any real friends. But with books, I have dozens of friends!
    My family doesn’t really have to to travel but with books, I’ve been everywhere!
    So with fiction, I have friends, I’ve traveled, I’m closer with my family, and I’m never lonely. When I’m sad, I read my favorite part of one my favorite books and it makes everything better.

  12. fiction books are the best thing that ever happened to me in this life, with them I can dream without being asleep, I can imagine other worlds that are much more interesting than my life in general. They are a way to escape of what makes me sad, of the bad reviews that people make at me daily. I read books, regardless of my parents are in total disagreement with me, they don’t know that what they say will be my downfall, is what drives me to be something more than I am, something that no one imagines that I can get to be.
    I do believe that I’m not dead yet, that there still are things that is worth fighting for, that there is a future that may need me and that I can make a difference on it.
    I don’t know where I would be now if there were no books (probably on the street without a course in my walk).
    I can be sure that my parents and those around me owe my life to books like this.

    Moreover, books have permitted me meet the best friends a person can have, because I can share with them all the emotions that cause me the books and they share theirs with me, now we’re not just school friends only, now we are friends united in soul and spirit.

    I’m happy with me, because I know I’m not wasting my life reading books.

  13. Fiction makes me thankful because it provides me with a world that I may never know in real life. It stretches my imagination. It allows me to study the world and life in a different angle. It makes me feel alive… I travel to places I have never been and know characters who inspire me. Fiction can be both alien and familiar… and I’m thankful that these wonderful things can be experienced within the turning of a book page.

  14. Fiction makes me thankful because I can lose myself in different worlds and I can forget my worries even if just for a little while.

  15. I am thankful for fiction because it allows me to forget everything around me and takes me on an adventure where anything is possible. It helps me feel free!!!

  16. Fiction books makes me thankful because it makes my life much more interesting than it is in real life. It enables me to tap into my deepest darkest wishes in life through their stories. 😀

  17. Fiction makes me thankful because even in the most fantastical, most unrealistic stories, there is something very real about the characters that we grow to love. Characters in fiction books can show us the best and worst in humanity and help us to see those traits in ourselves. A great fiction book can give us a best friend when we feel we have none, find us love in an unloving world, and break our hearts as though it were happening to us. I am thankful for fiction for the days when it gives me hope for a better future, and the days of comfort when hope is nowhere to be found. I am thankful for fiction for keeping me up at night reading and for keeping me impatient as I wait for the next installment of a best-loved series. I am thankful to fiction for the days when I finish a book and simply cannot move from the spot where the story left me, because I am still too invested in this world that I love. I am thankful to fiction for the tears, the talks, the laughter, the smiles, and the fury. But most of all, I am thankful to fiction for taking me to a place outside of myself, but a place that is wholly within myself.

  18. Fiction makes me thankful because my mind turns the books I read into movies inside my head and I can play out every scene as a character from the book.

  19. Fiction makes me thankful for so manu reasons, but probably moat importantly because it gives my brain a break from being me. I don’t mean to say that I don’t like being me, because I do – but sometimes when life gets frustrating or upsetting or overwhelming, or even just boring, there is no possible way to escape your own skin except through fiction. A really good book is magical because it can not only take you to a different world, a different place, it also transports you to a whole new life. A good book is entertaining, but you know you’ve found a FANTASTIC book when you feel like you’ve become a part of the story. And that is true magic and truly something to be thankful for!

  20. Fiction is a way for me to experience the world from the point of view of the characters within the story. To be able to feel their struggles as well as their growth throughout the several stories and learn from their achievement as well as their mistakes makes me feel identified to people who I knew, situations which I experienced and those which I am aware of but have yet to encounter.

  21. I’m thankful for fiction because it allows me the oppurtunity to escape my own reality. That even though I haven’t met him yet, doesn’t meen my Prince Charming doesn’t exist. That even when it seems like everyone is against you in the world, you know that the characters in your favorite book will always be there for you. I’m thankful for fiction because it gives me something to look forward too. It gives me a reason to get excited. I’m thankful for fiction because no matter how bad life gets, there is always another world you can escape into. It gives me hope that nothing it set and stone, because in books everything can flip on a dime in the blink of an eye. I’m thankful for fiction because its helped me get through being bullied my my fellow students because no matter how bad it got, I could always slip into a fantasy world. It gives me the oppurtunity to be someone else, even if its only for a short time. It’s as if I’ve slipped into an acting role of some sort, I’m thankul to fiction because when I go into the fantasy world of books nothing could hurrt me, I was invincible. I’m thankful for fiction because its given me the chance to connect with some amazing people through our love of books. I’m thankful to fiction because it gives me the chance to explore the minds of others through their writing style and the beautiful stories they tell. I’m thankful to fiction for all these reasons and so many other reasons. happy Thanksgiving Lauren Kate!!

  22. Fiction makes me thankful because it gives me a break from being me. I don’t mean that to sound like I don’t like being me – of course I do! But when life gets overwhelming, or frustrating, upsetting or Ben boring, there is no possible way to escape your own skin – except through fiction. A good book is entertaining, but a truly great book is magic. It not only transports you to a different world, it can also transport you to a whole new life. With such a book you feel like you become part of the story – like you get a chance to become a whole new person. It’s true magic and it is truly something to be thankful for.

  23. Fiction makes me thankful because it allows you to travel to other countries and times without ever leaving your couch. Not to mention you can experience the basic girl meets boy story in infinat ways

  24. Fiction makes me thankful because it inspires me, rejuvenates me, provides that needed escape on rough days, takes me new places to meet new people in a ways that many people will never ever experience, and has the ability to make me laugh/think/cry/be angry. Good books are gifts that are underappreciated and more valuable than any jewel on this planet. It is a gift I am thankful for, and one that I am happy to share with my children.

  25. I’m thankful for fiction because it gives me a chance to escape the real world for a while. I’m also thankful because I’m able to in a sense get advice and inspiration from all the different characters. It’s just a great feeling to be able to escape in a book and let your mind run free.

  26. Fiction makes me thankful because it opens my mind and creativity to new unknown worlds and characters that I visualize in my head while reading along. It gives me a creative outlet to continue writing my own fiction stories and delve into my unknown world.

  27. Fiction lets me escape this world when i’m sad, lonely, or just want to. It lets me lose myself in a world that is impossible in real life. Dreams are fiction. Without dreams, where would we be in this world?

  28. I am thankful for fiction because it allows me to escape from this world and explore another fascinating world. I love getting to know all of the characters from books. Starting with getting to know their backgrounds, how they are? What they are like? What they do? How do they feel? And everything else about them. I love seeing what the characters from the books are going to do from the beginning to the end and experiencing, sympathizing what the characters are going through their journeys in their own stories. After reading I share these amazing stories with my family from the books and they get really intrigue, wanting to know more and more about them. Thank you fiction and I am very grateful to have you.

  29. There is no greater joy in life, than being able to sit down with a good book and shut the world out for a few minutes…sometimes hours. This is especially true when that book can also take you away to another place and time, where you can connect with characters whose every emotion make you come alive, and where the impossible becomes possible. I am thankful for fiction, because through it I have been able to live a thousand lives, fallen in love thousands of times and known that there are many more adventures to come.

  30. Good books like yours make me thankful to have me time from my hectic life. It gives me chances to live vigorously through someone else’s eyes.

  31. For me Fiction, I’m just so thankful that writers like you bring stories like these into my life because it makes me a part of it like I’m the character inside of it. I always tell my boyfriend how the books are when Im finishing reading a book. I tell him what part of the story is my favorite because you bring the same stuff I believe in, into beautiful stories and sharing these stories with my boyfriend brings him not only wanting to hear more but it makes me feel good I can be me around him. He just loves to listen what I have to tell him when Im done reading a book. I’m just thankful writers like you encourge me to write my own stories because I have a big imagination, I love telling stories myself to my little sister and she loves it she always asks me to tell her a story. Now I’m just writing what I think of in my journal my diary has become a story book of short stories(^_^) THANK YOU!! Kepp up the beautiful, awesome stories:)

  32. Fiction helps me be thankful for many things manly to give me a chance to leave my suroundings and journey into the un-known a place where my mind is concerned and on the edge of every situation …. I just love fiction <3

  33. Fiction makes me thankful because I’m able to immerse in a world full of possibilities & block out some stress for a while. And also providing entertainment when I’m bored.

  34. i love fiction and am very thankful for having such a genre in books,, as it helps me leave my everyday suroundings and helpme clear my mind and go to an un-known place where i explore and become on of the character either good or bad…
    i enjoy reading lauren’s books and love lucier i dont know why but i do ,,… 🙂

  35. first of all, i’m already thankful for the gift of life that i have but with FICTION, it makes me even more thankful especially to authors who develop such genre of writing. fiction makes me broaden my imagination and see a whole new world, play different characters and experience new things and enjoy new kinds of adventures. reading fiction is a lot more than an escape from reality. it’s entering a different dimension where you have your new second life.

  36. Fiction makes me thankful because it’s my escape from all that haunts my mind and it’s my refuge and fiction somehow someway never fails in giving me solutions to my problems. I am thankful to fiction because it taught me to put LOVE above all.

  37. Stories are everything to me. Yes, I think part of it is escapism, but it’s more than just that. It lets me get into another person’s head an see the world through their eyes. It’s a testimonial to the incredible creativity of people all over the world. I read because I’m curious and because even though I know it’s an impossible task, I want to know everything. I want to read all the stories and see all the movies and hear all the music.
    Stories can help people, and they change people. That’s what I’m thankful for – fiction that changes the way I and other people look at the world, and gives us a way to imagine a different world and a different way of how things could be going.
    This has become quite a lengthy comment ^^’ Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and thanks for a chance to win this beautiful box set!

  38. I am thankful for fiction because it helps me to overcome my social anxiety disorder. I find it very difficult to go outside and socialise without worrying and possibly having a panic attack, and so I am very secluded with no-one to talk to about the things I love.
    Fiction is my everything, especially YA, and so being able to delve into these fantastical worlds that various characters inhabit is a great escape I cherish.
    My local library runs a book group, and my love for fiction helped me to triumph my anxiety a little to attend. Now I speak with fellow book lovers once a month and enjoy their book-loving company because of it.
    Reading and being able to relate to characters makes me wish I could be like them in some aspects; they overcome their obstacles, and the anxiety is mine. So perhaps if I can win against this, I’ll be able to live a somewhat similar life–in terms of success and achievement–to the many amazing characters I read about every day.

  39. I’m thankful to fiction because it brings me to a wonderful world where I can feel magical and forget about the struggles in real life for a while. It allows me to exlore new things that I thought I would never understand, like enlightening my heart emotionally. I am thankful to fiction because it inspires me to continue dreaming even if it seems impossible. Fiction taught me how to dream and make the impossible possible.

  40. I love fiction book because i gives me a chance to escape the real world and forget all the world worries and that makes me thankfull x

  41. How does fiction make me thankful? Fiction helps me escape from the reality of the world. Reality is sometimes too painful to face, so fiction is just another way to help all of us escape from what we know, and step into a new world. Great stories connect ourselves to the real world, by possibly using the same strength and mentality a fictional character used in a certain situation. I honestly don’t know what I would do without fictional stories, or Luce & Daniel. (;

  42. Fiction makes me thankful because it is like a vacation to another place or time. You step into someone else’s life and gain a sometimes unexpected perspective on a situation, participate in dangerous of heart-wrenching events that you would avoid in real life, and reminisce about your own life. A great book can bring you closer to the people in your life, people you have never met but now appreciate, and yourself.

  43. Fiction gives me an escape from the reality. Fiction just makes me immediately happy when I’m sad, Fiction is just perfect.

  44. I thank all the books and fiction because they can make me go to various places without at least I move, make me believe things that, scientifically, are impossible, but not for the reader. Anyway, fiction is my refuge. Is the place where I can escape and be like one of the characters in the book, I can be like Luce, like Cam, as Ariane, like everyone else, and without leaving your seat!

    PS: sorry for my bad english, i’m brazilian and i don’t speak english, hope that you understand

  45. I’m thankful for fiction because it’s a gives the reader a chance to escape their everyday life for a few hours. Especially Young Adult fiction. Through fiction I’ve discovered things about myself that I didn’t know existed, and I’ve seen parts of myself in the characters that I’ve read about. Another thing that makes me thankful for fiction is the friendships that I’ve gained through reading these books. I love being able to connect and talk to someone about a book we’ve both read. It’s probably my favorite thing about reading because you get to see how everyone reacts to different aspects of said book.

  46. I’m going to keep this pretty short and simple. The reason I’m thankful for fiction is because it one of the only escapes I have. I can forget about what’s happening sometimes which feels really good!

  47. Fiction makes me thankful because…let’s face it. Real life can /really/ suck sometimes. We all have bad days, and sometimes those bad days are longer than just days. Reading is escape. I know for me, even if I’m reading something sad and depressing, it’s easier than sometimes having to go back to reality where all my own problems or problems my family is facing are there to loom at me. Reading is a way to jump into someone else’s life, to make mistakes and learn from them without having to really experience any of the consequences. Reading is a way to learn and let those lessons be part of your life. Reading is beautiful, because it can take you far away from the every day troubles you may face. Reading can even save your life, because it gives hope that you might not be able to find anywhere else in your life.

    I’m thankful for reading because it’s hopeful. I’m thankful for reading because it’s beautiful and live-saving.

  48. I’m thankful for fiction because it makes me feel like I’m in another world. A world where anything is possible, and I can be anyone or anything. With fiction, there’s no limits and your imagination (however weird and unusual it may he be) can come to life.

  49. I am thankfull for fiction because it lets me escape reality and it lets me think of all the possibiltys in life. One other way I am thankfull is inspires me to learn more anf think more about my life, howener most of all it inspires my art once i close a book it fills my head with all these possible sketches and paintings that i can’t waite to make happen. So thank you for one of my favorite series.

  50. Fiction make me change everytime i read a new book is a door to something wonderful and inimaginable, makes possible know incredible people and teachme things I never thought learning.
    I am grateful because without fiction I couldn´t be me and like the boz i have faces I want to discover and I can through the fiction.

  51. Fiction makes me thankful because it’s a way of freedom for me and a way for me to live out a world in my imagination. My favorite books are a way of escaping my life for a little while and takes me to a world not of our own, which I am able to create and change when I want. Books do bring me closer to my dad and brother because we all like similar books and are all able to talk about what we like and did not like in a lot of stories. I also like to sometimes act out some of the stories with my brother as a way to play, and sometimes while acting out of the the stories we like to change them to what we think will happen next, or what we wish would have happened in the book. But books do bring me farther away with my teacher sometimes because I would rather read a book than do some of my classwork!

  52. Fiction lets me travel to exciting places and meet interesting people. Stage IV cancer keeps me home most of the time and very isolated.Fiction gets my mind off my problems .

  53. I discovered that fiction was a wonderful way to escape at a very early age and developed an enormous love for reading. Those 2 reasons make me immensely thankful for fiction.

  54. I am thankful for fiction because I believe that it’s my escape from the reality. That’s why everyday for hours because it really helps me deal with life. It makes me feel like I’m living and interacting with the characters in the books. I really don’t know what I would do without it.

  55. In what other world can one live a thousand lives and die a thousand deaths, face evils and herald triumphs and be reborn to do it all anew. No other journey produces such the myriad of emotions in such a span of time, no where will you be so intertwined in the lives of another so deeply, profoundly. Yes, definitely thankful for fiction, for its contributors and their imaginations which serve as both muse and navigator to my own imagination.

  56. I read 24-7, You can call me an addict I love putting myself into the roles that is has gotten out of hand on an everyday bases. My favorites make me thankful for everything, to me its easly escapeful.

  57. Fiction makes me thankful. Because it gives me all these great books
    To relax and enjoy the story. Right now reading the fallen series for
    The second time around. Very thankful them. Love the series.

  58. Fiction allows you to dream big. Can you imagine having nothing to read but non-fiction? It would be a terrible world if that were the case. I am thankful we have the broad fiction genre, for without it, we would lead a dreadfully dull life.

  59. Dear Lauren Kate,
    Fiction isn’t just a genre of books for me, it’s how i get away from all of life’s problems and it’s where I’m able to be myself without being afraid of being judged. Without fiction in my life i would probably lose my mind. I’ve been reading my whole life so if i didn’t have fiction i don’t know what I would do. Well, I hope you pick me as a winner for this contest, because I am truly thankful for the genre of fiction!

    Love one of your biggest fans,
    Samantha Renee

  60. Fiction gives me a new perspective to explore my everyday life and better understanding of what has been, is, and maybe.

  61. I am thankful for fiction because to me fiction has taken me to a different world, a world where I don’t worry about all the mundane problems and instead live in my dreams. I thank fiction for also bringing me closer to reality, where I am able to tell the difference between dream and reality. I thank fiction for the imagination I have that brings a beacon of light into my life every day.

  62. Fiction books make me thankful because it gives me a chance to experience life in a whole new way. I get to escape the worries of my every day life and enjoy a characters life, to become the love interest of a sexy fallen angel or be a part of a battle that can change the world. Fiction books give me a whole new outlook on life, makes me think about what else could be out there and sparks my own creative writing. They give me ideas about telling a story that’s never been told before and makes me want to write something that can make someone feel what I feel about books.

  63. Fiction makes me thankful because it makes me disappear from reality and focus on someone else life, I feel like I’m in the actual book. When I read I can disconnect and connect to reality, it opens my eye’s to imagination. I have such a strong and grand imagination, that when I read my mind creates images of what I read, which makes me really feel like I’m actually there. Most of the fiction books I read makes me connect to reality, I see how important family and friends are, and how you have to be careful who you trust because who ever you think is the good guy can actually be the bad guy.

  64. Thanks to fiction, I realize now what I wanted to do in the near future. That is… to write fiction too. I read fiction not because I want an escape. Rather, I want to know what is author’s perspective of the world. Though it’s fiction, the imaginary world still have some relation with the real one. I read fiction because I like seeing the characters grow as the pages go by. Sometimes I could relate to their feelings & opinions. I like reading fiction because it makes my imagination soar even more. I come to believe that someday, like these authors that I read, that I can write my own imaginings someday. And well, as an aspiring storyteller, I just love to hear other storytellers tell their own tales. 🙂

    p.s. btw… I love Cam’s full name (more than Daniel’s, sorry XD). Just want to let you know 🙂

  65. With Fiction, you can escape reality. Without it, everything would be so much duller, our imaginations crushed. I’m thankful for fictional worlds for making my life more exciting, for allowing me to escape into worlds unknown and giving me the chance to make friends with hundreds of characters I never would have known otherwise. It has given me the ability to understand the world I live in a little better and has helped me pull myself back together when I’m falling apart. Without fiction in my life- be it from a book, a movie, or television show- I don’t know who I would be. fiction connects us even more so than non-fiction I think. It’s easier to relate to in some ways, allowing everyone to put in an opinion and not necessarily be wrong. I’m thankful for fiction because it’s made me who I am today, it’s helped me make life-long friends, and it’s been my rock to hold onto when I feel like everything else is coming unglued. It makes me thankful in more ways than I could ever say.

  66. When I’m reading a book I connect with the main character. I try to feel the way he feels, think the way he thinks. I think if i were him, what would I do?how would I act? I fall in love with books because they make me a whole another person in a whole another world and while I am reading I forget about my own problems. I’m thankful,fiction and especially the fallen series make my day!!!

  67. I enjoy fiction books because authors like you make me know the difference between the awesome life of fiction and the cold hard truth of reality. So i guess you could say fiction books are a escape to enter a world of great stories that come from the minds of great writers.

  68. Fiction makes me thankful because it makes me feel normal knowing my mind is not the only one filled with characters embarking on perilous journeys and solving enigmatic mysteries, and also for the lessons all of the characters I have encountered have taught me. Like Max Malone’s resilience to always keep trying, Alice’s curiosity and understanding that some things are simply incomprehensible, Wendy’s strength to grow up, Arriane’s fierce tenacity to never loose faith in the one’s we love, and the many other characters that are no less important than the ones mentioned. I am eternally thankful for them and their writers.

  69. I’m thankful for fiction books because life without imagination would be plain and dull! In a book everything is possible, there are no limits! You connect with the characters, try to see their point of view, experience their emotions and feelings! As the pages go by, you are imagining vividly all the scenes described, the plot is intriguing you and you suck each word hungrily until you finish it! When I start reading I forget to stop! It’s so easy to sink into a so interesting world so different from reality… You just want to stay there….
    I’m thankful for fiction because it gives me freedom!
    Last but not least, i think fiction gets people come closer. I can’t even describe how much I love the fact that I’m from Greece and I get the chance to read those wonderful books (not translated because I strongly believe they lose some of their magic) and discuss about them with people from all over the world!!! Lauren Kate thank you for all your beautiful novels…..

  70. Fiction reminds me of all the possibilities, even impossible ones, that can be found in life. Fiction gives me the opportunity to be someone else and experience someone else’s troubles and triumphs and helps me to be thankful of my own blessings and miracles. I love fiction writing because it does not have to be put in a little box of realistic, it can be whatever it wants to be and that makes it so beautiful. One never knows what’s going to happen on the next page in a fictional book, there are endless possibilities for how a story could end, and makes it exciting and wonderful at the same time.

  71. Because its just wonderful. The time you read it, it makes me feel engulfed by it and i forget all my pain and also fiction helps you to be good at English by reading it most of the time.
    I read fiction’s to dream about things which aren’t real and it just makes me happy !! 🙂

  72. I’m just very thankful to writers like you for bringing such amazing books into my life, With Fiction I can forget the struggles in my life and I can escape from reality. Stories are everything for me, everyday i just think about how my life would be if i was a fictive character. It would be so much better! Amazing stories of the paranormal, romance and exciting worlds or distant locales fill me with excitement every time I pick up a new book or find a new author. Books like Fallen can make me dream about wonderful things. I think that I would be depressed if there weren’t fiction books. My life would be so depressing haha. Now i can enjoy my life with reading amazing books!

  73. I love fiction, I am grateful to her because when I’m with serious problems (family, work, friends), I picked up a book and travel to another dimension where it exists only to escape or even the solution to my problems. Well that’s it!

  74. I am thankful for fiction literature for many reason. The main reason is to experience something you wouldn’t have the opportunity to in life… as you read, you imagine the world the character lives in and what it would be like if you were living in that world as well. In other words, it is an escape from everyday life and a place where to can forget all the troubles going on in the world today. Fiction also brings me closer to some of my friends and family. We can spend an entire day talking about a single scene in the book, or predict what will happen in the next book of the series. Fiction literature opens up so many possibilities: making new friends, learning about subjects you may never heard of before, and enjoying the little things in life.

  75. I am thankful for fiction because when we’re young we are innocent and have an imagination that can guide you along through anything to make it come true when we’re young. As we grow older we lose our innocence we find out how the world really works. We start to feel real fear, that we have a hard time escaping and it feels like it swallows us whole. When you pick up a book that is fiction you can get out of the world around you and travel somewhere that brings back your imagination and some of your innocence from younger age. This is why am thankful for fiction.

  76. I’m thankful for fiction because of the chance to visit other worlds. Where characters have their own problems, relationships, that are much more interesting than mine. I love to delve into the worlds of my favourite books and get lost in magic, fantasy and love. The characters are real to me, they are my friends (and imaginary boyfriends/crushes ;). Books give me hope and allow me to learn and experience more without actually going anywhere at all. I love books.

  77. I”m thankful for fiction, as it is a way to delve into worlds beyond our own. To be able to read of different styles and perspectives is something that I will always be thankful for. Fiction is more than a means of escape, it is almost like a portal to different dimensions of our own minds, expanding our imagination through the words of others.

  78. Reading fiction books makes me thankful for having them because; they help me to escape to the characters world. When I’m sad or just not in the mood to do anything in particular I get a book, start to read it, and instantly get immersed into their world. I get so involved in reading my book that I feel what the character feel’s, I see what the character see’s, and usually when someone starts talking to me, I won’t even know until they take the book away from me! My friends’ say I should go out more, and I do, but I ALWAYS take my books with me!
    I always think about my books after I am done reading them, trying to create my own magnificent ending that the author wants you to create! I always think to myself, “I wish I could be in this book so that I could live a life like my characters’”, until I realize I am in a book. My life is my own book, and even though it may not be a fairytale, I can still relate some things in my life to the life of my characters’. These books also make me think that I’ve been watching a movie the whole time because, most of the time, when I put down my book to get a drink, I go to the TV thinking I was watching a movie, until I realize that the books project an image, so surreal, in my head that it made me think I was watching a movie.
    P.S.-Sorry if it’s a lot but this is what I think about fiction books and more! 🙂 Also, thank you for doing this contest and may the best commentator win! Good luck! 🙂

  79. I’m so very thankful for books, especially fiction. I can live into a world entirely different from my own at least for a few hours. It’s an escape for me. I’d say more, but I could go on for days. I’m so very glad that my mother had me reading from a young age, and that imagination was always welcomed. I read because I love to.

  80. Fiction makes me thankful because it takes me to other worlds. It was my only friend when I was in a deep, dark place. When there’s nobody to comfort me, I know I will always find a friend in my favorite books, inspiring me, making me laugh, making me cry. There is nothing I love more in this world than books and if they ever went completely digital–I’m talking e-books–then I think I’d die, not being able to hold the lovely weight of a book in my hands, feel the texture of the cover, turn the pages, take it everywhere with me, watch the corners get dog earred the older it gets…
    Fiction takes me to other worlds I never knew I had within myself, makes me dream of concepts I never would have thought of. The imagination weaved into every word of a book takes my breath away and if there was one thing I could be locked in a room with for a year and never grow tired of are books. Just give me one, one of my favorites, and I’ll last. A book is my escape to my own freedom, to run alongside a character in a foreign new world, to do things I’d never dream of doing in real life. There are so many reasons why fiction makes me thankful!
    Fiction is so powerful. I don’t think I’d ever know the true meaning of living without it. I have to read every day or I feel deprived of a part of myself. I cry when I read, I laugh, I smile, I ache. Everything on the pages is real to me. My best friend and I were discussing a book and I said, “Just don’t tell him about that,” about a fictional character in the story. She raised an eyebrow, but I didn’t mind. For all I know, he could exist somewhere in this world.
    The most beautiful books, like Rapture get me so compelled, I read them all in one day, unable to put them down. And I’m crying at the end, even though I know what I’m reading is not real. It’s real to me, and it left a hole in my heart for nearly a week. The best kinds of books are the ones that leave me laying awake at night, haunted, replaying their words, learning a lesson. I love reading, and that is why I’m thankful for fiction. Because it brought life into my light when I had no one to turn to.

  81. Fiction makes me thankful for numerous reasons. For the most part, fiction makes me escape reality and instead live in a world where the main character lives in which is by far interesting than my own. It’s another form of entertainment and art (the author has to come up with their own original characters and storyline). Giving me a better insight of human behavior, what ticks us off, what makes us fall in love and what motivates us humans. The authors who make these stories have to think of all of this and it helps me as a person know more about people opinions and whatnot.
    When I’m reading fiction, it makes me feel as if I’m friends with the characters, feeling their pains, stress and struggles as I read further-I love that part of a story-where I could make ‘friends’ with them whether they’re vampires, fallen angels (Daniel FTW), immortals, werewolves, or at the very least humans! This makes me feel a bond to a world where those creatures live in!
    Fiction in a way, also makes me learn about things I am not aware of. The authors build a world so intriguing and so realistic, in the back of my head I’m thinking “What if there’s a world out there, that I’m aware of as well? Should I keep my mind open to all these possibilities?” It also teaches me things that are in your everyday life, such as love and friendship. For example, while reading the Fallen Series I learned that love can conquer all and love is all worth the struggles and pain you face. You will have friends who will back you up when you feel like all hope is lost.
    Last but not least, fiction makes me have the urge to write my own stories that hopefully one day will captivate people all over the world!
    These are the reasons as to why I’m thankful for fiction and the authors who do their best in making them. 🙂

  82. I am thankful for fiction because without it, life would be dull. A world without fiction would mean that there would be no adriniline pumping through our veins while we are in the comfort of our home. Fiction is a place where everyone can go, they can let o of reality for a short period of time and watch it slowly creep on without them. It is our means of escape, our affordable all-day spa day; our rejuvenating sauna; the place where we can get tat extra burst of energy to get us through even the toughest of days. That energy is what gets us motivated to keep going on a day to day basis. Without fiction, there would be no fun. It is as simple as that. The greatest novels in the world would never have been written, or even thought of, if people hadn’t use their imagination; fiction! The more we use our imagination, the more possibility. Not probability. Fiction is the reason that so much more is available to us today, than it was years ago. Fiction has surrounded us everyday of our lives. Some have chosen to pass it up on its offer of comfort; yet more have taken hold of it with both hands. Fiction is in our lives; but it is up to us what we do with it. I choice to embrace it and be thankful, but that’s not how others will always see it. I am thankful that fiction is a choice rather than a fact.

  83. Fiction is like an escape from the rest of the world, it gives you freedom and a sense of perspective! Fiction can make you imagine the most craziest of places and the most wonderful people! I am thankful for fiction because it makes me happy, it makes me intrugued and curious about the world, it makes me question stuff, “are there really angels like Luce and Daniel?”, “Are there devils and angels anywhere?”! It also makes me wish, wish that I could be like the people I read in books like fallen, especially fallen! I’m not just thankful for fiction, I’m thankful for imagination and I’m thankful for fallen!

  84. dear lauren
    i am thenkful for fiction books because its a way for me to escape the real world.
    as soon as i start reading i feel like i am in the book with the characters experiencing everything adventure they have.
    i am thenkful because i am living a life i wouldnt live in the real world.
    i am thenkfu because if i didnt start reading fiction books i wouldnt have leant that i love reading angel, vampire books. i wouldnt have leant that i wont to write my very own fiction book.
    by reading fiction books i have leant that they are many different personality of characters not just in books but in the world.
    reading fiction books have brought me and my older sister together we talk about our favorite book and what we thought of a book.
    i am thenkful because when i read a book my imagination gose wild. i start to think “whats going to happen”,”is she going to die”,”are they going to make it”. i feel excited and i think to my self that, i cant wait to finish the book.
    i am thenkful for ficton books because it make you think if there really are things like vampire, monsters, angel etc etc.
    i am most thenkful for fiction books because when i finish a book it allows me to go find another book to read and start another adventure and meet new character.

    and that is why i am thenkful for fiction books

  85. Fiction books, like these books, take me to a different world. They help me get away from the real world and troubles. Books are also great to me because they help widen my imagination and make life so much better. Thnk u for writing such great books and helping my imagination and luv of books grow more. Fallen is my book.

  86. I am thankful for fiction because its an escape from reality. I could imagine all sorts of things like how would daniel cam roland arriane or gabbe or any other charecter looks like.
    Wish they were real or maybe they are. Well i probably dont have a chance at winning because i read the other comments but its eorth a try. I love these books. And im a 14 year old fan that wants all the books but…nevermind.

  87. I’m thankful for fiction because its a great way to escape in your mind and book with different people and their lives. I have a vivid imagination where I can actually see the whole story being played out as I read and love to imagine what the characters sound like. Thank you for bringing all these great stories into my daughter and my life!! Keep them coming and HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. All books I read are fiction. Fiction makes it possible for me to crawl in the minds of hundreds of characters which have amazing stories and live in worlds where possibilities are way more extended than in the one I currently know. Fiction makes me think about a lot of things and always make me keep thinking of all kind of things. My mind is never without a story.

    My favorite books are able to move my heart and not only to touch but really manage to capture and make me wander through those worlds endlessly. It could be seen as a way of escaping real life but I personalaly don’t really think of it that way. I have favorites in stories and those stories actually blossom and broaden my way of thinking. Great stories are an enlightmant for the people who read it and love it.

    I often recognise scenes, sentences or behaviour which make me think back of scenes that made my memory. The same is with characters I see back in friends, family or some stranger on the road. So if you ask me, great stories really do connect the real world and all those other worlds together for me.

    I love reading books but while I’m reading they don’t bring me closer to my family or friends, I am always too absorbed and totally occupied in the stories.
    But books do make me appriciate and value my family and friends even more. Life and stories have to go through many difficulties, trials and things maybe unexpected which you wish will not happen, every story has an ending so I will treasure every page and character even minor in the story called my life. Maybe one day I can give people joy to their story as they did to mine. Doris

  89. fiction make me thankful for its originality. It can be anything, anywhere, who ever we wanted to be. It deviate from normal life and it only take our imagination and book as source of inspiration. It make you wonder what if you are a part of those character and how will they character and the places describe looks like. There no limitation of what could and could not be created byfiction alone.

  90. Well. I am thankful because fiction is the place where I can lose myself. The place where everything and anything is possible. It’s the place where I am with the characters, I fight with them, I laugh with them, and I feel with them. I can’t feel what other people feel in real life, so I am definitely thankful for fiction and for every author out there that made me feel special!

  91. Fiction makes me thankful because it’s an escape from reality. Sometimes my life is so uneventful and boring that I feel like I have no life. Then I open a book and read, and I feel like I’m suddenly filled with life again. It takes me to places I’ve never been and I meet new people. I’m alone but I connect with all of the world. 🙂 I guess the opposite of living is reading. :p

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  92. I’m thankful for fiction because it brings so much imagination and it doesn’t only inspire me but it inspires others as well. My favorite books are a means of escape because i’m able to just forget the rest of the world, forget that i have homework to finish, that i have to take out the trash; it’s a safe haven for me to go to when I feel gloomy. Great stories are a way i connect with the world because if it weren’t for stories I would not know detailed descriptions of other places in the world and it gives me more of a push to go out and explore. Books do bring me closer to others because it’s a common thing we can all share and talk about, it just creates a room for common ground and you can talk about books as long as you’d like and never get bored of it. Happy early turkey day!

  93. I am thankful for fiction because it’s the only way that I can escape reality and become one with the book i’m reading.And fiction really leaves a good image of what is happening in the book.
    My favorite books are a mean to escape because each book takes you to another place and another world.It has characters that you wouldn’t normally see out in the real world.

    Yes,great stories are the way I get to connect with the world especially if it has something to do with my life. I believe that books bring me closer to the characters in the book and they sometimes do make me connect to other people especially if we happen to love the same book and it opens my eyes to the world because books leave messages and wonderful and meaningful quotes that we are unique,wonderful,and we all see the world differently.

  94. I am thankful for fiction because the people in the books I read are my only friends at the moment. I’ve been struggling with depression, anxiety, and addiction since I was 14. A few months ago I over dosed and found myself in a hospital. My friends had left me for dead. Pushing them away I turned to books, they really saved my life. Whenever I feel alone, mad, upset about anything I pick up a book and slip into another world where I can be anyone I want to be, like Luce. Anstacia Grey, Alice Cullen, Scarlet O’hara. I can’t explain how much joy I get with a new book in my hand.

  95. I am thankful for my fiction books, because they give me a chance to escape from the stress of school and work for a while, into worlds filled with different possibilities. I fall in love with characters who have struggles similar to mine, and I don’t feel alone in the world, since someone’s feelings match my own. My favorite books have made me laugh, cry, scream with excitement, leave me in shock, and I always end up staying awake until five in the morning, swearing that I’ll on read one more chapter. Most of all, I love my books, because they give me hope that, whatever bad things are going on and it seems like they’ll never get better, that I just need to keep going. I actually keep a book full of quotes from all my favorites for the rough days. I hope to become an author to bring this same enjoyment to more people, with lessons that make them reflect on life, and appreciate those around them.

  96. Fiction makes me thankful because it helps me get away from my life for a few hours and escape into someone else’s. Throughout my childhood, there was so much pain, neglect, abuse, and very little love. I use to lock myself in my room even as a toddler and read books to try and ignore the screaming coming from outside my door. To be able to have a means of escape from THAT horror was amazing for me and, looking back on it, probably saved my life. My sister didn’t read and she ended up in so much trouble through interfering in my parents’ fighting. Many people said I was the good kid. Others say I was so strong for being so little and going through what I did. But I know the truth: books were my escape. My literary getaway.

  97. Hello, a fan from Holland here!

    Fiction is amazing, I just love how my mind can make a beautiful movie in my head, while reading the words someone wrote. I love to be dragged into to story and feel so much with all the characters. It is an escape, perhaps to a better world, then the one we live in. I also write myself, I’m thankful for just all the inspiration, reading different ways, point of views, learning words. Books are just all amazing, fiction is just, the world someone created for you to come and explore.
    I recently started reading this serious, waiting for book number 2, to be in my mailbox. I really, really love this serious. I love all the romance and the strong emotions between the two people. I really didn’t expect to like this book so much. Thanks a lot for writing this, and greetings from Holland!

  98. I usually say that reading is to travel, because that’s how it works for me. Each book is a door to a new place. Inside or outside this planet, known or not, and we never have certainty that we find to open them. A sort of Pandora’s box, I’d say. Anyway, reading is much more than just read the words printed on paper, is to see the world through the eyes of others and often feel the same as the character. Reading is living. Find loves, battles, adventures, do good things (and err on occasion) and this is something that no cinema screen can bring us, at least not with such vividness and intimacy, because no one will ever be able to see a book and his characters the same way as you. Maybe like, but never 100%. Let me quote the beloved John Green: “Books belong to their readers” and that is why (for me) reading is more than a simple addiction; Fiction is the manifestation of love that all writers have and share with us. Is our love to read and this is something that is priceless.

  99. I’m thankful for fiction because it’s a escape. A place to let your mind wander and try new things that the real world just can’t offer you. A place were anything can and will happen and will lead you on a rollercoaster of emotion and feeling and thoughts. Anything is possible in A fictional book because they know no boundaries. Unlike in a non-fiction book that must stay true to the facts. For me, when I find a really good fiction story, I want to be apart of the characters world. I also find myself wanting more and more of the series or type of book. Fiction books allow me to escape to another reality other than my own. I’m also thankful for fiction books because there are an endless supply of them. In every city of every state of every country there are different types of Fictions and they all pull at our emotions differently.
    I also love fanfictions. They let you feel like you know that celebrity and give you a sense of closeness that you may not otherwise have. Fan-fictions let you imagine what those celebrities are really like, how they act, and what they might do at any given time.

    In the end i’m just plain ol’ thankful for Fiction book.. Not for A particular reason but because they allow me to escape everyday life at any given time or at any given place. Oh and A thank you to Lauren Kate who writes beautiful book that I read in a day because they’re so intriguing and lovely and I can’t get enough of them. I can’t wait to read Rapture

  100. I’m thankful for fiction because it keeps my mind open like a child often does. It exercises my imagination and brings me to places that only the mind can go…

  101. I already posted on goodreads but i didn’t know if i should post on here sooo…..
    Fiction makes me thankful because it allows me to relieve myself the troubles of reality, it allows me to imagine a world without boundaries, a world that which contains more joy and excitement than the one in which we live. Fiction has also taught me life lessons, and how to be a tougher person both physically and mentally. As a teenager who has a lot on their plate, fiction has also taught me to keep my head up during the most stressful times, and reminded me that i must focus on achieving my dreams no matter the obstacles that may appear. Fiction also is amazing because it makes you truly think, a good author may have you think “Well who’s to say this creature doesn’t exist” because of how well their story is thought out. Along with making you actually think, fiction can give you HOPE. Whether it’s a character overcoming a bad situation similar to yours, or if it’s something as simple as making you feel grateful for what you have, fiction can truly be a good thing for everyone.

  102. I am thankful for fiction because without it I don’t think I would be alive. It helped me to get through a dark period of my life. It was my escape from a world that was unfair and cruel. When people say YA saves, they are so right. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope you were able to spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. 🙂

  103. Dear Lauren Kate,

    Fiction makes me thankful for all the things it could be. When I read a Fiction story my mind can always drift away. Fiction is the only genre i can read and be excited about. To me when I open a new book, It is has that journey to a distant planet vibe. You never know what you are going to find. But it’s not just about what you will find, but how you found it. If it took the death of those close or the discovery form one’s far, Fiction could lead you blindly towards each. Thankful does not even begin to cover how much i appreciate Fiction. I am a 13 year old girl and absolutely admire the Fiction genre, I am so thankful not only to the books, but the one’s creating the outstanding tales behind them. Authors like yourself make the stories worth reading, without you there would be no Fiction. So this it to you Mrs.Kate thank you so much for being an author, you and your youthful meathod of writing make people like me enjoy reading. I hope you have a wonderful Thanks Giving and I am thankful for Fiction because of you.


    Savana Rolle

  104. I love fiction and im very thankful for it. Its a great way to escape from reality, its a great company. I can play with my imagination and the author’s imagination even at all hours of the night, staying up and just reading, going with the story’s flow and letting it take me to different places. When reading fiction (Fallen series as my favorite although I read some series too) its like Im in my own fantasy world and leaving the world behind even just for a moment. It makes me love and more amaze with this world for producing great stories from great authors like Ms Lauren Kate. It also helps us get connected with people specially when I share the book with my friends and we talk ’bout the best parts of the books! Specially teen fiction love stories! 🙂

  105. Fiction makes me thankful because it allows me to imagine and escape to another world. Fiction allows me to open my mind and believe in things or contemplate things that others would right away deem as untrue. Without fiction, I would not have the imagination I do today. I am thankful for fiction because without it, I would not love books as much as I do now.

  106. Fiction make me thankful because in this harsh and stressful lifestyle we now all have, reading or watching fiction stories makes me fell like i’ve escaped reality, i’m in an another world where i want to be. It is where you can find your other selves. Some authors even used fictions as the most superficial states of their current situation. Fictions can also give you life lessons . I’m really thankful for fiction for inspiring many people and making their lives better.

  107. fiction makes me thankful because it transports you to another world, makes you forget everything, and just can make you very happy 🙂 books are the best!!

  108. I really love your books so far I’ve read Fallen and Torment and I’m in the middle of reading Passion but what book comes next because theres Fallen in Love and Rapture and Im just confused what comes next.

  109. I am thankful for fiction books because they inspire me to think beyond what the world has created me to think. It makes me think out of the box and experience out of this world thoughts. The books make me feel like there is more to everything that is around us and it broadens my mind to realize these things even though they may not be real, the possibility is still there along with the thrill of curiosity.

  110. “Why does fiction make you thankful?”
    Fiction makes me thankful because it allows me to relax and get away. Some days are too heckit and the only way for me to relax is to go to another world. It gives me a peace at mind and I enjoy reading anywhere any any time of day.
    Are your favorite books a means of escape?
    Yes!! They are the ones that are nice and worn and they make me escape from real life. They show me that life can be what we make of it and to never give up. My friends and family know when I go back to my favorites that I need alone time.
    Are great stories the way you connect with the world?
    Kinda.. reading great stories can show me another way of life. I just finished the book: Sarah’s Key and it showed me that I should never take what I have for granted. The main character was a little girl in the 1940’s in Paris, France. She was Jewish and ended up in the “round up”… she was the only survivor from her whole family. This little girl showed me that I will charish every day and too love to the fullest.
    Do books bring you closer to the people in your life?
    Yes, they can give me advice or just show me what could happen if I did that.

  111. I’m thankful for fiction because it saved my life. It’s not a figure of speech, it literally saved my life. At first I wouldn’t see as that. But I was sure I wanted to read the end of Harry Potter saga. And when it ended, I wanted to read the end of Princess Diaries. And then I saw that marvelous little book about fallen angels with a girl in a black dress in the cover and I had to read it.
    I guess it sounds pretentious, but I can never thank authors enough, for putting up with your own dreams, for taking the time to write, for you perseverance on publishing. Because during the worst times of my depression, one thing got me through: I HAD to read. I couldn’t let go of my last string of life before I read those amazing books screaming my name on library shelves. And word by word, page by page, I saw it. The world – my world – was getting brighter. Each time I would open a new – or old – book, I felt my worries going away. I had to know if Blanche was crazy, if the Salesman was going to manage, if Luce would survive the curse, if Harry would win over the war. And my world that was feeling so empty and dark and cold wouldn’t be anymore – I would feel and cheer and cry for those people that, though mere words printed for everyone else were real, more than anything that I would feel. And books made me connect. Page by page, I saw people in there. How books were a part of their authors. A part of their readers. Fiction holds reality. Fiction is not figment, it shows parts of ourselves through allegories. And so, the whole humanity connects through our minds, when we share those stories. I’m thankful for fiction because it made my life more than bearable, made my life worth it when I though I had nowhere to go, and connected with the few friends I have until today, those who love books as much as I do (like Caleb up here!). And I can only hope that I can, someday, be one of those people who share stories and help someone else.

  112. I’m thankful to fiction for the gift it brings- It brings vividness to my reality and breathes new life into me. When I first begin a book, each turn of it’s pages envelop me, I become intertwined with the story, the characters and even the writer. Reading each word and allowing my imagination to roam the pages, being able to escape from my own reality where I feel trapped and instead, immersing myself in a whole other realm, where there aren’t any demands or limitations, where every whim and idea can flourish and be brought to life and where always having to be realistic, isn’t necessary, brings me a sense of solace and lets me reconnect with parts of myself that I’ve lost along my journey through life. Even at the end of a book or conclusion of a story, It’s messages still live on.
    The strength, knowledge and enlightenment that I find in the story or in the characters, allows me to find and reveal new layers and dimensions of myself- and to get back ones that I’ve lost.
    Fiction encompasses everything and I know that every book I open will challenge me, When I plunge into the fictional realm, I experience it through it’s writer, and it’s characters vantage points.

    Authors like you may not even realize it, but you don’t just write a novel- You breathe life into every character and story that you create. You allow your readers – People like me – to open our hearts and our lives to your stories. Your writing promotes change in each of us and it lets me recognize new sides of myself, or sides that may just lie dormant within me- If it wasn’t for you and your books.

    Fiction awakens the essence of who I am, Freeing me from my stressful, painful and stagnant reality, and awakening my imagination and my strength, So that when I close the book of fiction and return to reality, That facet of myself that lives in the fictional world, Can survive in the real world.
    That’s what fiction is to me, and what makes me thankful for it.

  113. I just love how someone can still have hope and dreams of a better and magical life.
    Just to wonder how luce’s life is so romanticly complicated and wonderfully scary it makes every girl to want a life like hers; I know I do, if it would to be real.

  114. Dear Lauren kate,
    Why does fiction make me thankful?
    Fiction has a world of its own.
    it introduces me to my own world of imagination giving me the chance to relaxe and escape from the different concepts in life. It makes me develope as a human making me thankful as I grow in personality making me a better person. I know, no one is perfect however it gives me the oppurtunity to think how I could become a better person.Furthermore,i know no one is perfect.Fiction has a different prospective in things even though it may not be true :It’s creative and original especially how the collection fallen has a original impact to readers as it is not a book that you would be bored of or guess what may happen.
    Are you favourite books a mean of esape?
    Yes however it does depend on the view point of the character and the dialogue that is taking place throughout the book because without tension and the book drawing you in its not interesting or captivating to read.my other favourite is also crime and based on real life stories that people go through because I like to go through what they have been through It’s like I’m in there shoes.
    Are great stories the way you connect with the world?
    Yes ,it really gives me the chance to experiance their emotions and actions .It
    connects me with the world because i experiance other characters therefore it gives me the opportunity to
    understand different people as everyone is not the same
    (sorry if it is too long or boring thankyou for giving up your time to read this)

  115. Dear Lauran Kate
    Your are amysing!
    I love your books!
    Your book are something there always dó mé happy again. Your books i one off The Best things ever!!
    Please write more books!!
    I Will dó everthing for you make just one more book!
    I love your books!! Please write more books!!

  116. Fiction has always held a special place in my heart, I have lived a life that has been filled with memories, some that are beautiful and cannot be darkened and some that are already dark, Opening a book and beginning to read a story that someone dreamed up, having it so opposite of my reality, so many things to picture and imagine, never knowing what will happen next but being open to the many possibilities that come with starting a new book- a new story.
    I often imagine myself as the main character in the book, I try to place myself in that alternate dimension, where nothing relates to my own reality, Where the world is so different in comparison to my own and that I can visit whenever I desire. I love fiction for the depths that it creates, the way each word paints a vivid picture in my mind and it feels so real.
    It amazes me that writers like you begin with an idea and end up with something that can transport people like me, who are searching for an escape from their life, for a way to connect to different parts of myself, to reconnect with my emotions, some that I’ve pushed so deep within myself that I never thought I could feel them again.

    That’s what makes me so thankful for fiction. I can change my own persona in reality just by being able to take a break from it and read about the journey and conquest of a fictional character, brave enough to be who she/he is, to do what she/he does. Fiction or not- The words still transpire into reality and can bring greatness to it.

  117. I am very grateful because thanks to these books and had time to think that love is one of the greatest things in the world, because I feel that one is there in history as one of the characters and left me to dream in large suseder things in one’s life … Thanks for writing this great saga that left me to step my imaguinasion Buele …. Thanks … Now I believe more in love … <3

  118. Im thankful for fiction because it takes you to a whole other place and lets you feel like theres a whole other world out there. It lets us get away from all of the depression and anger we were just in and turns it into a feeling of never wanting the story to end and wanting to just be left alone for the first time. Especially magical scary romance like Fallen makes you see things as if they were real, as if you can see it as a movie and fall in love with the characters

  119. I very thankful for fiction because they help me escape this world, escape from stress of school from stress of studying from everything!
    fiction is a whole new world for me without worries or anything sometimes i cry,laugh, and get mad because i really get attached to the charachters and i see part of me in them, it help escape reality and it help think about what is importent in life, it bring me alot closer to the people around me it taught me not judge someone without seeing the story from their side Thank you!

  120. Why i am thankful for fiction?
    Because it gives me a reason to take the troubles I have in my life and make me escape from my life. It keeps my imagination going and I love the fact of angels, demons etc. cause it’s exciting. It makes you feel like your in a whole other world and make you feel like you wanna live in and think like that’s the kind of love I would love to have. To have some guy sweep you off your feet and be an angel or anything. Honestly it makes you think and get away from troubles and stresses

  121. I never stop thinking about these books. I couldnt choose between this or Twilight sagas

  122. I love reading these kinds books because I feel like Im travelling to different worlds that I didnt know it exist (well they really dont exist but, who knows).I love to imagine being with these characters and solve mysteries with them.Reading feels like flying.
    So thank you!

  123. adoro o livro fallen
    pode-se dizer que sou a fallenática numero 1
    ate agora já li fallen e tormenta ,mas falta ainda falta paixão , apaixonados e extase
    serei a primeira a compra o ingrsso do filme
    estarei na primeira fila
    laurem muito obrigada voce me ajudou a ficar mais por dentro da literatura estrangeira

  124. quando leio um livro me transporto para um mundo mágico em que só eu estou
    eu crio os meus proprios personagens
    me teletransporto para uma sala de cinema
    ler um livro é com um filme que passa na sua propria cabeça
    eu amo livro
    livro é como uma droga na primeira provada já vicio

  125. I am Brazilian and I’m not very good at English, but as I am a fan of the saga’ll take my chances. Thanks for the opportunity, I’ll write in Portuguese. 🙂
    A ficção me leva aos meus pensamentos mais profundos, aos pensamentos que eu nunca imaginei ter. A ficção é como se fosse um refúgio, você tem um problema na sua vida e você acaba se cansando de tudo e todos e então resolve pegar um livro e ele acaba sugando todos os seus problemas pra ele, te deixando apta pra seguir a vida novamente.
    Para mim o trabalho da ficção, é fazer você deixar os seus problemas de lado e vivenciar a ficção e vivenciar aquilo que não existe, você só precisa entrar na história e imaginar e não importa como seja essa sua imaginação. A única preocupação que você vai ter quando abrir um livro é de interpretar e imaginar porque o resto o livro faz por você. O livro é uma das melhores drogas já existentes.
    Na ficção você cria seu própio mundo e imagina seus própios personagens. Você sente o que os personagens sentem e você vive o que eles vivem, é uma coisa muito perfeita. Se os personagens estão felizes você fica feliz também e se eles estão triste você também fica. Uma coisa que eu acho impressionante, era quando Daniel Grigori falava coisas lindas para Lucinda, eu me arrepiava toda, eu ficava feliz e era como se aquilo estivesse acontecendo comigo.
    E o fato de você ler uma história de amor que envolve religião, é surpreendente. Você ler uma história na qual, lúcifer não é tão ruim quanto parece, anjos e demônios aparentemente se dão bem, e não importa o que aconteça você sempre terá o amor da sua vida perto de você, não importa quantas vezes você vai precisar morrer, é perfeito.
    Fallen é perfeito. Daniel, Luce, Arianne, Cam, Gabbe, Roland, Molly, Anabelle, são totalmente Perfeitos Estranhos 🙂
    Obrigada Lauren Kate, por fazer todas as leitoras e leitores de Fallen ser FALLENÁTICS com muito orgulho e obrigada também por nos fazer acreditar que The Love Never Die 🙂

    I am very proud Fallenátics, that I speak on behalf of all the Brazilian fans of fallen <3 <3 <3

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  132. George made the right move by hiring Ms. Kennedy to run the show. She is not only a prolific producer, a smart business women but a wonderful human being. She inspired all of us in the PGA New Media Council. As our president she brought the membership together and was instrumental in moving the guild forward.May the force be with you Disney.

  133. is the second young adult paranormal romance novel from the Fallen series written by Lauren Kate, and it’s the sequel of

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