New music from Cam and Lilith

It was the reddest sunrise I’d ever seen.

I had just typed the last words of Cam and Lilith’s story and was gazing out my window at the sun’s crimson hands pressing through translucent palm leaves. I heard a soft rap on my front door—and then a girl’s mesmerizing voice.

I opened the door. The voice was nearby yet elsewhere, haunted, alone. It held a high note for a few exquisite moments before bending downward in pitch and vanishing.

I stepped outside, searching for the source of the music. On a bench at the edge of my porch lay something small and square: A CD case, tied with a red bow, with one word scrawled across the disc in black.


origin image 2

Headphones on, I slipped the CD into my computer and pressed Play. A girl inhaled sharply, then began singing . . . a song from the book I had just written. A band rose up around her. Immediately, I knew their names and instruments. The disc had only four tracks. You can get them here, exclusively, for one day.  Tomorrow you can find them on itunes and spotify.

I didn’t write these songs. Lilith did. Well, Cam co-wrote one of them. I’ll let you figure out which one. How they came to be recorded and delivered to me, I’ll never know. I learned long ago not to question Fallen‘s magic, but to accept it with a wink and a whispered, “Thank you.”


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  1. OMG! I just finished reading this book. I loved it. I had ended up staying up until 3:54 in the morning reading it.

  2. This book is written with magic… you can feel the emotions…
    get the tears when there is no hope…
    and feel the love and happiness when it is right…

    Please make this not one book but let it live a while longer

    So beautiful this book, thanks for sharing

  3. At the end of Unforgiven, Roland talks of a revolution! When is the book coming out for it? Is there gonna be a book about what happens? Do Roland and arriane have something going on? Is there a history with them? ??? I love the fallen series but I must have answers! Please! Daniel and Lucy were just the beginning and now with Cam and Lilith something has to happen! Thank you for the wonderful Stories!

  4. Loved Cam’s book and fallen series. Will there be anymore from Cam’s or Daniels point of view? Would love to hear on more from Cam’s past attempts of trying to seduce Luce or Roland and Adriane’s antics . Keep them coming! I am hooked!!!!!!

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