Tell me your Passion Tour story!

These last few months, I’ve lived in airports – hopped and skipped all the way around the world so that I could meet you: my amazing and dedicated fans.

We’ve had wonderful discussions about about love and fate, about how to write and what fuels my own imagination as an author. And of course, we’ve gone back and forth between Cam and Daniel, over and over again… (it’s a tough decision!)

Unfortunately, I can’t visit every city, every bookstore, and talk with every passionate reader.

So I ask those of you who have participated in the Passion tour this summer to share your stories with the rest of us!

Please send any tour stories (under 200 words), photographs, or videos to – I’ll then select a handful of submissions to go up on the site so that everyone can experience a little bit of the excitement for themselves!

Happy emailing,

Lauren Kate

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  1. Laureeeeen,
    I love so much your books.
    Well, I’m from Brasil and I’m waiting for you!!
    I’m so so so so excited , you don’t have idea.
    Anyway, day 12 you’ll be welcome to Brasil.
    I love Fallen serie. Kisses (so happy, happy, happy, happy)
    PS.: I’ll tell my Passion tour on day 12 ;D

  2. hey, i love your books. You have an amazing talent for writting and so many must envy you. I was wondering what the meaning behind the symbol on the front of all the books and at the top left hand corner of the website is. I have tried to find out but cant find it anywere and i am so curious. Let me know

    cheers 🙂

  3. That´s such a great idea! I´ll be in september 12th at São Paulo to write my very own Passion Tour story! So excited!

    We are soooo wainting for you here, Lauren!


  4. Hey, I LOVE the Fallen books. I was wondering if you’ll ever come to Taiwan, southern Taiwan that is.

  5. Lauren,
    I sent you an email: ( and I need you to answer me, I would like to see you in Rio de Janeiro without being at the Biennale, because I can not go, answer my email, pleeeaase (
    Kisseees fan of his, Milena!


  7. Hi Lauren!
    Actually you made ​​my mind buzzes with imagination!
    Mega-mind I’m in love with his books, the love that has always sought but never found. You have the gift!
    Congratulations on the success and when it comes to São Paulo again surely will do my best to be able to see it!
    Thanks for writing such wonderful books!
    With love, Letícia

  8. I love your books lauren cant wait for rapture and you were so sweet it was totally worth waiting 2hrs to be first in line at the book signing at Chermside Brisbane Australia come back soon

  9. I guess I could write how much I love your books like the rest of your fans have written on your comments, or have talked to you about. or whatever.
    But your books gives me hope that somewhere out there, there is somebody for somebody else. That there is such thing as soulmates, and it makes me happy!
    I love how you’ve gotten the connection between Luce and Daniel just right, Their love is just.. amazing. fantastic. beautiful. magnificent. heart-breaking.. want me to carry on going down the list?
    I would absolutely adore it if you came to Visit United Kingdom, England.
    I would ask you to come visit my small town, but sadly im the only person in this town (I think!) that adores your books. And that would be a tad awkward.
    Anyway, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the work you put it into your books, and I wish that the series could just go on and on and on and Luce&Daniels Love story was never ending!
    But sadly, you have a life that shouldnt be hogged by all your fans, haha:-)
    Oh by the way, I forgot to say that Im 12.
    Crazy, Is’nt it?
    Anyway. Im moving on!
    Just saying, if you come to Gloucestershire, or Wales, I’ll be first in line!
    -your number one fan, Abi:’) xx

  10. Oh. and by the way, I forgot to add, Team Daniel all the way! Soul mates all the way! Cam and Luce just don’t have that connection that Luce and Daniel have!
    WOO HOO! 🙂

  11. Hi Lauren,
    Was very happy I met you in dublin Ireland hopefully you will be back so. Glad you liked the t-shirts.
    Niamh. 🙂

  12. I am soooo annoyed I missed your Guildford visit in the UK as it is only 10 minutes drive from me! 🙁 Hope you had fun in Surrey. Shame you are not here this week as we are having a heat wave! x

  13. Lauren Kate u r truly a great author! In fact, u and, meg Cabot r my favorites! I read fallen within 3 days, torment and passion in 2! I’m dying for Rapture to come out next year! Ur details r astonishing (especially the ones about Daniel) and I cannot get ur books out of my mind! Its killing me to know what happens next! And I am possibly ur BIGGEST FAN!

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