The Official Australian Rapture Trailer

It must be trailer season.

This one is so powerful, don’t you think?

If you’re like me and love the music, the artist’s name is Zola Jesus and if you live in Australia, you can see her live sometime this month.

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  1. I can´t wait… and it will be release on a perfect date: Valentine´s Day in Brazil! Too bad it won´t be available here on that day too.. it would be awesome!

  2. I absolutely love the music and the way the whole video was put together. The book is coming out on my birthday so I can’t wait.

  3. This makes me want to read Rapture even MORE!!! xD Btw, what the heck was that thing in that rundown church?! Lol if you look at it close enough it looks like a person.

  4. The whispering sound (or beating wings?) at the end makes me shiver…
    God, I wonder how Luce must feel seeing the announcers and hearing them all the time!
    I pity her…

    Can’t wait for passion!

  5. OMG Lauren i can’t wait for rapture and neither for the movies to come out!!! plllleaasee leet alex pettyfer be danielllll please please pllllleeeaaseeee love you! i hope i get rapture soon i miss my fallen fellows :'(

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