The Only Immortal Boy in New York and My First TV Appearance

I hear it was cold this weekend in New York. Luckily, this guy was there to heat things up.

On Friday, right before Valentines Day, “Daniel” hit Times Square to promote Fallen. People often ask me my favorite part of writing teen novels.  I’m not embarrassed at all to say that promo events like this are dangerously close to the top of the list? Look at this! It’s fantastic!

While Daniel was busy wooing the ladies of New York, I ventured back up to northern California for my first ever TV appearance. I used to watch Good Day Sacramento when I lived in Winters while I was in grad school, so it was a lot of fun (and very nervewracking) to be asked on as a guest. Here’s a shot of me prepping in the Green Room and a link to the clip on Good Day’s website. (It will load, eventually, on the right side of the page.)

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  1. I’ve followed you for a while and finally read Fallen in last month. I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to read your next book!

    Yay for the immortal boy – Daniel – and Yay for your first ever tv appearance!! 🙂

    I can only hope to be in your shoes one day and I have my stuff published. Not there yet, but think its really cool to follow young authors who’ve made it! Congratulations!

  2. I remember when did a similiar promtion in the UK, Is it the same Daniel?
    Regardless, wasn’t he cold? lol

  3. Congratulations Lauren, awesome promo nothing like a hot guy wearing wings to bring attention to an awesome book.

  4. hahah that’s gold! not really how I imgained him.. but still..deosn’t mean this guy isn’t Gorgeous!!! Someone had better make a film of this book. Can they come make it ahh in Australia please lol. 😛 ohh i can dream.. 😀

  5. Nice take on Daniel and it looked so cold!!! yes it would be nice to dream and see someone make it into a movie and in australia would be even better!!!

    Glad ur tv appearance went so well

  6. COOL!!!!!!!! was that really supossed to be Daniel? or some shirtless guy that looked like him?

  7. I just have to say… No offense to blonde hottie boy… But I hope the Daniel they choose for the movie looks nothing like this boy. He was just so… Not Daniel. 🙁

  8. Daniel is super hot and he fits the description perfectly… Was his description based on him or was there a search for a guy who looks like the description?

  9. Well if this book is ever made into a movie, it should be filmed here in Savannah Ga where the book takes place. Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the US and a popular spot to film a movie. It would be so wrong to film it anywhere else.

  10. I love your books and can’t wait for the third in the fallen series. Do you think these could go into a movie? That would be awesome.

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