Rapture Day! And a Special Thank You Video from Me

“Daniel would find Lucifer, the angel who lived at the dead end of all ideas. Daniel did not fear the traitor who had been the Morning Star. Wherever, whenever they reached the end of this oblivion, Daniel would take his revenge. But first he would find Lucinda, for without her, nothing mattered. Without her love, nothing was possible.” – Rapture

Enjoy the video:

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  1. I have been waiting all day for my copy of Rapture to grace my doorstep. I pre-ordered it 2 weeks ago. I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Oh Gosh, whyyyyy do we have to wait for shipping here!
    I’m totally freaking out thinking of all the lucky people who can just go to wal-mart and get a pretty copy of Rapture in their hands, ugh.

  3. Just waiting for the UPS delivery guy to get here so I can rip open my package and finally get to reading the final book! Lets go Rapture! 🙂

  4. i got my copy today early n the morning i made sure i pre ordered it long ago and its now resting in my bookshlef because im re-reading all of the books ! i cant wait till i get to rapture! thank you Ms. lauren for writting and taking me to a whole other world i really do feel grateful because these are my favorite books.congratulations 😀

  5. I no how you feel Lineya i have to wait another 2weeks for my copy to arrive in my country then it will need to be sent to my house but the suspence is just part of the excitement!!!

  6. i went and got rapture last night when it came out. and i loved the book it was amazingly good i couldnt put it down so i finsihed it last night to.i love the twist in the book thing that u dont except to happen.i really loved.

  7. OMG ! I cant wait to read Rapture !! over here in New Zealand, its supposed to be coming out on the 15th…. but apparently we have to wait 2 weeks extra to see it in the book shelf’s 🙁 But still ! i cannot wait ! ILoveYou Lauren Kate ! You are amazing <3

  8. Hi Lauren! Your series means so much to me 🙂
    I found your book, when I was on holiday, in a bookstore in the Philippines.
    I had just found out my beautiful cockatiel died at my friend’s house via email and needed to
    find a book to cheer myself up and I chose Fallen.
    Thank you so much for creating this wonderful story.
    I’m halfway through Rapture and I’m loving it so far!
    Hugs from Australia!

  9. I must say Rupture is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finish the book in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi there! Is there any news on the “Fallen” movie? IMDB shows it will be out in 2012, but there is no cast announced yet..

  11. last chapter of rapture!!! dont want to read it because i dont want it to end. ok loging off going to read it!!!

  12. Omg!!! I love the book I’m sad it ended 🙁 but I can’t believe they sold autograph copies of rapture at target!!! Thank you Lauren!!!

  13. I’m so happy it will be realese in a week in the Apple store but i still have to wait Why? I love every books one more than the other. I think i will adore this one..

  14. ok so I finished Rapture in like 6 hours. and my question is………. isn’t Fallen in Love the last book?? and when will it be out??

  15. Wow…. What can I say I just finished reading this book and it was amazing. This book was such a change from the usual books that I read and I could not for the live of me predict the end of this series and I usually can and thats how I know just how well written and great it was. It is a definite must read if you are a sucker for a sweet and fantastic love story:)

  16. OMG, I’m so happy for you, Lauren! I saw my city there, Rio de Janeiro, and I remember every single moment. It was AMAZING!
    I’m crazy to read Rapture, can’t wait to be released here :’)

  17. When is the movie? also, i finish Rapture!! Oh my God!! so many suprises in this book but what a great story from the beggining!! I am sad is over!! Fallen in Love is not the last book. It was a book to talk about the other Angels and Miles and Shelby.

    Rapture is the final book in this series 🙁

  18. Here in Portugal, we are all excited to read Rapture! But we wuld love you to come to our country! The idea is open 🙂

  19. all i have to ask about the ending is what about cam? the ending was great not like i was hoping but i loved it anyway.

  20. Hi Lauren,

    This series is amazing, i haven’t been reading in years and decided one day to go to the book store and notice your books, i read the back and was drawn to it. I started reading the series in september 2011 and got all the fallen series books, been waiting for the rapture and now that is here. I can’t wait to read it.

    Thank you.

  21. I loved the book, but there is so much left off about Cam. I am curious of his future, his secrets and such. I feel like some things were never cleared up about him, don’t want to spoil anything so cant say the specifics I would love to. WIll there be more?

  22. I loved the series and loved the way Rapture ended but I just wanted to know if there is going to be a spin off for Cam and the other angels just don’t feel like Cam’s story is over no closure there.

  23. okay i finish th book in a day,, and this is my question:

    in the end of rapture, WHAT HAPPENED to CAM?!?!?! it said the clouds fell silent… did he die or something? and lucifer’s punishment was to be mortal and watch lucinda and daniel’s love rise? most importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAMBRIEL!!!

  24. I love the series and hope that there’s more for Cam’s sake. Thanks for this Lauren. Just amazing.

  25. Really loved RAPTURE! !!! One of the most amazing and beautiful books I’ve ever read!! The ending is also great, although I do find it sad that it’s not as eternal as I’d expected and hoped for. Still one of the best series EVER.

  26. I’m so excited to read this book! Who is Emma!? I never knew Daniel could have another love before Luce! What about Cam? Does he win Luce? I am terribly impatient. Love this series:)

  27. Rapture has one of the most satisfying ends I have ever read. It really made me think about the nature of love.
    Only real question mark is Cam?
    Also, will the blacked out character text in Miss Sophia’s Archives on the fallen website be revealed?

  28. Amazing book, I felt as if the I was really there though it was a little wordy at times. It seems as if im not the only one wondering what happend to cam?(a million questionevaeva marks.) *Spoiler alert*! Omg I was so shocked when luce found ot there was someone before daniel..the charachter will all stay with me 4eva.*

    Thank you lauren, PLEASE! continue to write more books I can not wait to read whatever you cook up next, hopefully another romance!=)

  29. Well it was AMAZING! See I’m a twihard and no I’m not comparing this to Twilight, because LUCINDA and DANIEL are what I always been searching for in a book. Their love is the most purest and breathtaking, and I won’t ever forget this series, becaue I was truly worried about the ending and the ending was amazing like I said already. You surpassed m expectations, and I thank you for that! It was funny how I discover Fallen, because I was kind of sad, and then I saw the book at Walmart, and Iit drew me to it-you know the kinda emo like cover- and I was like yes! funny moments. Thank you for giving me this awesome series even though I wish you could write a mini book about Daniel and Luce in their umm you know what and i don’t want to be a spoiler. OK then .

  30. well i have read Rapture – not really the ending i was looking for – know happy ever after was not in the cards BUT
    some of the characters deserve MORE

  31. Hey Lauren! You’re really a great author! I just finished Rapture lately and of course it was as beautiful as ever! But somehow, maybe it would be nice if the story won’t just end like that :(( PLEASE pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease write another book! How ’bout writing an alternative ending also? Hehe! Just kidding! But I actually like those ideas! Wait! I’m not saying that I don’t like Rapture, since it was totally and beautifully made, but IDEAS, yeah?

    Again, you are en exceptional author, Ms. Lauren, keep it up!

    P.S. Please think it over (hehe)

  32. Omg omg omg love this book

    And the ending of Luce and Daniel meeting each other , ahh soo cute
    And and the guy sitting on top of the dryer is that lucifer??
    Ughh I want more, it just doesn’t seem complete or finished like
    WHAT HAPPENED TO CAM?!?! Is he dead????
    Do we get more info bout him??
    I waaant moore!!

  33. It was super good, but yeah, i found it gutting when they just became mortals, they’re no longer their true selves. Hopefully you’ll write another in years to come about how their punishment is lifted or something and they’ll relearn everything and become angels again.

  34. Ok, what happened to Cam? It’s 1:30 in the morning, and I just finsished. I feel so cheated! I loved the ending between Luce and Daniel, but what about Cam? Are you doing a spin-off… Please tell me you are. He was my favorite. I secretly wanted him to be with Luce all along..

  35. Best series ever. Thats all there is although i want to know what happened to Cam it’s like he disappeared. The ending was so cute but sad because this will be their last life Forever. AWWW i can’t believe its over.

  36. OMG! I’ve finished Rapture… It was… There are no words for that… When we learn what is Lucinda, I was surprised maybe but I was waiting for!
    And I didn’t understand what happened when she saw the Daniel’s face and the place of their first meet ? One moment before she said she is with the angels and Outcasts and after she said she saw Daniel but him he didn’t,I really didn’t understand…

    In same time it was my first book in english because I’m french,so…
    Someone could explain that to me??
    Thank you!

  37. Finally finished reading the book, with a bitter sweet ending…
    Like everyone else’s comment what happen to CAM??? I hope we get to read the story again but through Cam eyes maybe his story?? hint hint.

  38. I bought all the books, Fallen, Torment, Passion, Falling in Love, and Rapture. I read them all in 10 days! That was truely the best story I’ve ever read. I loved the love story of Luce and Daniel. Everyone in the story had a great part and meaning to making sure that Luce and Daniel would succeed in being together at the end. wow, Lauren Kate is A # I in authors in my opinion. I just hate that the story doesn’t continue in a new book!!

  39. By the way Lauren, What ever happened to Cam? He really was a sexy character. I was hoping that he would be a GOOD part at the end. After all, he was Daniels brother…Still waiting for another book that allows them to redeem themselves and become their true nature..ANGELS!!

  40. I have no words for this book besides breathtaking. I loved ALL of the surprises but I can’t stop thinking about what happened to cam!! I loved him so much!!! It would be the most amazing thing in the world if there could be another book or an alternative ending. I want to know what happened to cam so bad and I wish that Luce and Daniel could remember their true nature. I’m dying this series was the best thing ever!!!

  41. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it!! i cried sooo much!!! it was so cute how daniel and luce found each other and the angles were all watching but there was just one problem.WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X( i don”t what happened to him, When they brought him up all it said was the clouds grew silent sooo i don’t get where my cam is!!! i wish u could write something and tell us what happened to cam!!! And yy is Lucifer still spying over luce and that was a little odd with the coin toss!! But i love it!!! thanks for making cry i love that!!!

  42. Omg! It got done reading rapture! And I’m dying to read fallen in love!! Iove the fallen novel.. But what happend to cam?! I hope it’s in fallen in love.. But why would they choose love over heaven… Why can’t they be together.. In heaven :(… But oh we’ll can’t wait to see what happens in the next book… You should make more fallen book… I absolutly love the !!! Love you Lauren Kate!!
    P.s is there a movie for the any of the fallen books?! I live in Chicago and I’ve been searching everywhere on the internet to find the movie and to find fallen in love.. It’s driving me crazy.. Please help:) <3

  43. i dont know whether this is the last book but if it is i will cry!!!
    i love the fallen series.
    i couldnt put the book down at all

  44. Hi Lauren. The whole series was amazing and I absolutely loved it!!! The only thing bugging me is Cam’s sudden disappearance. Can you please give an explanation or any hint at all as to what happened to him? I feel like I need closure! Pretty please! 🙂

  45. I really loved this series, it was written perfectly! omg i am a sucker for romantic books about fallen angels and this one was freaking awesome. I just finished Rapture and i have to ask!!!! Will there be a spin off book or series about Cam, Roland and the remaining angels? I mean there has to be, he was such a great character and should have his share of the love-life too. Please make a series or book about him!!

    <3 Sally

  46. I had to say Lauren Kate did an amazing job with putting this little twist also. I finished it last night, and I cried on chapter 19!!! It just touched my heart! It was happy and sad tears, but once I got to chapter 20 I was happy! Hope she makes another book about Luce and Daniel!

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