Today’s the Day! Fall in Love.

Today’s the big day! I’m thrilled to share this collection of short stories from the Fallen world with you. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book.

Fallen in Love came along as something of a surprise. I wasn’t expecting to write it. My publisher was waiting on Rapture. You were waiting on Rapture. I was waiting on Rapture….

But I wasn’t ready to write it yet. It made me nervous to think about writing “The End” to a series that has meant so much to me. How would I tie up a story that has covered six millennia of time and space and passion? I really had no idea.

So I did what you do when you’re nervous: I procrastinated. My mind ambled over someplace easier…like Arriane. Had she ever had a love story of her own? And what about Roland? Was there a heartbreak hidden beneath that cool façade? I started jotting down a few notes for side stories about the other characters in the series, but I didn’t know what they were adding up to.

Then one day I got a very moving letter from a reader who was going through a difficult breakup. I searched for a way to respond to this person. Eventually, my response came out in a story—a story that turned into Fallen in Love.

Luce and Daniel’s love story is emblematic for eternal love—but it’s far from the only kind of love. There’s platonic love, love that grows slowly over time, even (unfortunately) unrequited love. Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of interacting with many of you—either in person, over email, or in chats like this. And every time you open up about your own romantic experiences, I come away inspired. Fallen in Love is a tribute to my readers and the many different kinds of love you’ve shared with me.

I’m going to be answering questions all week on Random Buzzers  so I hope you’ll come on over and join the conversation.

Thanks so much for reading and enjoying my books,


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  1. I usually don’t read the spin off’s of book series but I find myself really looking forward to this one:) you’re a literary genius ms. Kate!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!! I love your books and I was thrilled to find out that you were writing Fallen in Love. I just love a story inside a story because it talks about what’s going on in the background. I can’t wait to get this book!!! YOU ROCK LAUREN!!!!!

  3. sooo excited!
    Everyday i go to the fallen bookspage on facebook to read the beautiful quotes…
    I still have to wait until may – (then fallen in love is out in Belgium) … but i’m sure the book is worth the wait.

  4. Dear Lauren!
    I live in Kazakhstan (it’s near Russia).
    I read your book series Fallen. They really liked me. I want to thank you for these wonderful masterpieces. These books have become the most my favorite.
    And I look forward to continuing. I look forward to the fourth book of the series.
    Your reader Anastasia

  5. So excited I’m going to get Fallen in Love today!!!! Can’t wait to read another masterpiece, thanks so much for writing such amazing and meaningful stories for us to read. Thank you Lauren Kate!

  6. Lauren,

    I love your series so much I have all of them. I have saved up my money to by them and I cannot wait to get Fallen in Love and Rapture when it comes out!! 🙂
    You are my favourite author!

  7. I just got it today! 🙂 i’ve been reading the series all over again its a perfect Valentine gift to anybody who loves to read romantic stories. Lauren please don’t stop writing your books inspire me and i love you so much! can’t wait ’till Rapture comes out!

  8. I can’t wait for Fallen in Love to come out, seeing the outcome of your books I know this is going to be great! Good luck writing Rapture, I am definitely looking forward to it!

  9. Lauren !!
    He disfrutado muchísimo tus libros. en verdad fue espectacular el rumbo q tomó la historia y más el darnos tanto a imaginar tiempos q muchos habíamos olvidado o q en mi caso no había pensado como por ejemplo el principio de los tiempos.
    Esperaré ansiosa por este libro pues estoy en España.
    Éxitos !

  10. :):):)) i cant wait for rapture to come out, but reading fallen in love is going to be brilliant way to pass the time. i just pre-ordered it on my amazob kindle, and its cmin on feb 2. YAY 😀

  11. I absolutely love the Fallen books, best books ever written! Reading fallen in love and can’t wait till Rapture comes out. Just like TinnaJP said, its going to be a good way to pass time.

  12. lauren !!,
    okay, where do i begin
    i LOVE your fallen series [:precisely why my name is Lucinda D G :]
    i have read fallen 15 times and torment i just finished reading the 9th time and i only managed to read passion 3 times
    and you won’t believe, i just took fallen out of my school library yesterday, again !!
    for me, there’s nothing in this world that can beat your books and the true love story of luce and daniel (i have an image of him in my mind- but his not in the real world):

  13. Kate….
    Não sei se irá me compreender…. sou brasileira, e desde que encontrei seus livros nao consigo parar de lê-los…. eles são perfeitos, o romance, Daniel…rsrsrs e com certeza Cam…
    Adoro você the best….. minha escritora favorita…..beijos!

  14. Lauren,

    I just finished Fallen in Love and I, just as I did with the other beautiful stories in the series, fell in love with it ( no pun intended). It was amazing and I CAN’T WAIT for Rapture to come out! Keep up the good work!

  15. I’ve read Fallen, Torment and Passion! These books are FANTASTIC!
    I’m looking forward to reading Fallen in love!

    When will it be reliesed to Greece?

  16. another brill read fantastic cant wait for rapture .dont think of it as an end ? it could allways continue luce could bare a child to carry on the gift/curse xxx loveing it large

  17. i’m so happy you weren’t expecting to write falling in love ’cause now we can have a little time before saying goodbye to daniel and luce! i’m still sad that when you came to rio de janeiro, at the biennial book fair, i was with a broken foot, so i couldn’t see you personally. but i really hope you come back to visit us, cariocas, again!

    thanks for sharing your wonderfull stories with us!

  18. I just finished Passion last week, and I am so glad I went and got – IN LOVE. It gives me just that little bit of more of Fallen while I wait for RAPTURE to be released!!!

    These novels are amazing! I dont know what I will do once I have finished Rapture… I guess I will have to re-read them all over again 🙂

  19. Love the books cant wait to read fallen in love or rapture however i am quit sad to think that it is drawing to a end because these books have so deeply touched me think you so much for your literary master pieces.


  20. I just bought passsion laat night and just now finished it i LOVE these books if there was an end i would be deviatated please make more then just rapture be like harry botter or house of night series and make MANY MANY BOOKS pleasse

  21. Im only on passion but I have the the others before and they are the best books ever and i am looking forward to reading the others soon

  22. Wow. You make it all sound so real, like angels walk the streets (we all wish!) 😀 u have gr8 support and the new bk is brill. a nice break up from the rest of the series.

  23. I’ve finished this book yesterday evening and i really love it!!!
    Thanks again for the beautiful stories and now i wait for Rapture.
    Marty from Italy 🙂

  24. OMG!!!! i cant wait to buy the FALLEN IN LOVE !!!!!! i love u LAUREN KATE!!!!!!!

  25. Hi Kate,

    Thank u somemuch for the most romantic book series I’v ever read. Tears rolled down my face three times!!! Rapture was the most emotional book I’v ever red. If I may ask what happend to Lucifer in the book? (was he the guy tossing the coin) and what happended wtih Cam who was the love that he lost?

  26. “I do not know whether you will understand me … . I am Brazilian , and since I found his books can not stop reading them … . they are perfect , the novel , Daniel … lol and certainly Cam …
    I love you the best … .. my favorite writer … ..beijos !”

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