Waterfall Wednesday

Less than three weeks til I get to share Waterfall with you. Here’s a quote from the book that should get you in the mood.

“What if she could just die kissing him? Then he’d never have to know who she truly was and she would never have to face it.”

Any guesses whom our heroine is referring to here? Respond in the comments section and RT or repost on Facebook for a chance to win your very own signed copy.


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  1. Hi Lauren! Hope that you are keeping well! I think Eureka is talking about Ander! I cannot wait for Waterfall, November 6th can not come quick enough. #WaterfallIsComing

  2. At first I thought Ander but he knows already so maybe Brook? I don’t think I said his name right:p

  3. Brooks, because Ander knows everything about her. But I have a wild guess that you have some suprises in stock.

  4. I was also thinking Brooks the moment I read facing IT xD
    I really can’t wait till this book is out! πŸ˜€

  5. Brooks. You’re very talented with suspense & surprises so I’m keen on finding out when I read the book.

  6. What is the Hard back cover is going to look like there is two images and i have the first teardrop image and DX im just so consuese

  7. I totally hope you can come to Brisbane Australia I know sooooo many people who love your books and I would love to meet you and get a book singed by you you absolutely my one of my top 3 idlols and meeting you would be fantastic and the people here are wonderfull. Cheers Brianna

  8. And to me I think it’s totally Brooke’s cuse Ander has made out with her befor and unless something has changes in this book it’s most probably Brooks.

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