1. or read your article “read like a writer” but if we all take inspiration from the context of another book (not a bad thing) how can we write only helping us with our capabilities, without any help, we should do everything themselves, their imagination and create great stories. I think this is called globalization! take or copy all that to us seems nice, in fact, I have read many writers who were inspired by very famous authors, but not those books that I have read many writers have looked to be inspired but to copy an entire book.

  2. I loved reading this, thank you so much Lauren you are such an inspiration. How you not only produce the marvelous books you have, you have also blessed us with so much advice allowing your readers to grow. Allowing your readers to become to next generation of authors. What you do is beautiful and I thank you for what you are doing, and please please please continue! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next

  3. Thanks for the continued encouragement! I live in Brazil and reading here is still very precarious. Who am I having this good opportunity to be reading something as extraordinary as her books! Thank you very much!

  4. You have great books for Young Adults, how did you become discovered? Do you think self publishing on Amazon is a good start? My writings are mainly with the paranormal romance like vampires and angels, but I am seeking something original too. Haven’t quiet finished my books yet with five kids and a husband at home it gets difficult. Can you offer any tips on how to manage writing time and to get known in the publishing society?

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