1. Good luck to Jason indeed!

    I am not scared away, though. I am jealous. Very jealous. I only wish I had that kind of time to read. Although there are probably books on the list that I wouldn’t want to read. I like to pick my own books completely. But I would gladly read a book a day. And paint a picture a day.

    Then I’d bake cookies and snuggle with the cat. Could life be more perfect?

  2. WOW – that is insanely awesome! I wish I could read that fast. I think I read rather slowly — and I have been trying to read faster (so I can make it through my TBR list this summer). My list is long – but that list……. Wow. *bows down*

    Good luck to Jason!!!

  3. Thats what im doing i started two weeks ago and im on 15 books so far how do you think im doing? I have 85 books to go. Do you think ill make it?

  4. Woah. I read a lot but I’m nothing compared to this guy. How does he remember everything? Good luck and I am jealous of all that time he have to read. But his head must hurt. Just sayin’

  5. I’m a slow reader and time is always an issue with me. A book a week is about all I can manage (plus, if I read for too long, I tend to get drowsy and my retention level drops dramatically).

    All that aside: I collect lists, so how do I get a hold of a copy of that list?


  6. That’s a lot of books. You’re right, till I read this, I thought I read a lot. I try to make the most of the time I have for reading by reading short stories (about thirty a month) and reading two or three novels a month.

    h. R.

  7. WOW!! I am just like Jason! I read a book a night, and on the first day of the month I check out how many days of that month’s worth of books and read them ALL! I just love reading books, and you know what, I just finished Fallen, a few hours ago! HAHA!

  8. wow…wow…absolutely wow…
    i manage to read 3 paperbacks a wk…
    my record…the series of sookie stackhouse (8books) in 14 days…
    and twilights (4book) in 5 days…

  9. Wow…very impressive..I used to read a book a day(speed reader but nth compared to Jason) but now I’m in Uni I cnt..i do that when I’ve no assignments to rush for…i’m a huge and big reader too…but I think Jason is amazing because I’m sure the books he’s reading are definitely heavy books~

  10. I Absolutely ADORE your Fallen Novel books…Luckily i got to read Torment before anyone else in my school YAY!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR PASSION!! Huge thumbs up.

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