A Quick Note on Being Hacked

My email account was hacked on Friday and as a result many of you got a strange email from me saying that I was mugged in London and needed cash. I’m fine! Please don’t send money! This was a false email from the hacker!

I’ve reclaimed my accounts now and everything is back under control. BUT the worst part is that my entire email archive was wiped out. I say this because many of you have written me through this website or through my direct email account and I have lost all record of it. Which means if you have written to me in the past week or two and are waiting on a response from me, please write again! I’m sorry for the confusion and delay but I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for your support (and the very nice outpouring of offers to help in case I really had been in trouble!)

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  1. I thought as much. I too recieved the hacked email, but at my work email address! Glad to know you’re ok. Love your books, just reading Passion now.

  2. I am happy to hear that ya were no mugged in London and everything was false ^_^ *is currently readin’ Passion as I surf the web in the process*

  3. wow, that really sucks. I got one of thos emails and it kinda seemed fake to me

  4. Dear Lauren kate I just finished reading PASSION your third novel and it inspired me that I was near tears when I finished the novel infact all your series FALLEN ,TORMENT AND PASSION have inspired me heaps. I cant wait to read RAPTURE your final novel – it has already started to tease my mind. Do you think that in real life I could dance in the night sky wrapped in an angels arms like Lucinda Price with Daniel Gregory because that is my wish and dream?

  5. omg i actually replied to that email…. i said i’d donate money and vivos
    omg i kinda also gave out some of my details.
    lauren help!

  6. Hey Mrs. Kate! I also got that email….I’m glad I found out soon that it was some hacker..I’m sorry about that …I too was about to reply back …..Glad you got your email & stuff back!

  7. hi lauren

    i was also one of the individuals to recieve the email, i knew it was a fake right away, so i deleted it, but i also came on the site to check & make sure you were alright.

  8. I found mine today. Knew it was bogus. Sorry that someone hacked you. I don’t get why people do stuff like this. I feel awful for any of your fans who may have sent money. Hope they find the culprit. On page 204 of Passion btw, and loving every minute!

  9. I got one of those and I could tell it wasn’t you. That really sucks. Still a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m glad that you really weren’t mugged, but I’m sad that you were hacked.

  11. My email account was hacked in November last year. I can sympathize with you because it is a real pain especially when they take all your contacts information and you are left with nothing. Our local sheriff’s office and Scotland Yard tried to locate them but it is a scam that has been going on for many years. I was supposedly in Glassgow Scotland. Any one that knew me wondered how on earth I got there since I don’t have a passport. :>)

  12. I figured that much. I replied but didn’t send any money. Glad to hear you’re okay and I can’t wait to start reading Passion (:

  13. I got the email too. I recognized it as a scam (I deleted it) and wrote to you on Facebook to let you know, and just checked your blog and saw this. I’m glad everything is okay now. *hugs*

  14. OMG! It took me about 7 days to read Tournament and Passion. THE BEST BOOKS EVER!



  15. Hi! I just went to this webpage today because my aunt gave me the first book of your series to read, I can’t wait to start it. I saw the title of this paragraph and was enraged! I hate hackers! Glad your alright and can’t wait to get started on your books(:

  16. im so sorry to hear about this. You’re an amazing author just to let you know. ~read Passion in 1 day because it was so good.

  17. Got giveen the book TORMENT as a gift 2day. Was just wondering wat order ur books go in? PS. I HATE HACKERS!

  18. im soo srry to hear bout tht lauren i read the fallen book nd im readin passion rite now its awesome nd I HATE HACKERS SERIOUSLY THERYRE ANNOYING

  19. dear lauren kate,
    i have just finished reading passion and it was amazing!
    i am ,however,confused to why bill/satan/lucifer is destroying luce and dan’s love!
    by the way when is the last book coming out.I just cant wait for it!

    question:how can you get your email ?

  20. sorry to hear that, that must have sucked. im glad everything is ok now, i too had recieved this email but deleted bcause it seemed fake.

  21. HI!! One of my friend’s told me to read Fallen so I did and I LOVED IT! I am going to buy the second book when my mom gives me some money I CAN’T WAIT! I liked the first one so much I read it in 2 day’s I would have read it in one but I had school. like I said I can’t wait to read the second book. I’m a really big fan and I hope to meet you one day Miss.Kate

    – Raven .A.

  22. Lauren I’m a 31 year old mom who has a daughter that is near 12. She recently decided that she would like to read the Fallen series. I being a busy single mom get to read about 1-2 books a year. I thought I’d read the first book to make sure it was age appropriate. Little did I know that I was going to fall in love with the series and couldn’t put them down til I read all 3 in a week. Being so busy with work and mom duties I found time at nights and every spare time I had. I want to thank you so much for writing these books and inspiring me to take a moment for me. I can’t wait for the fourth book and all your other books. On one last note if you ever have time to come north, redding ca, please have a signing for our small town I know everyone would come:)


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